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"Human" Rights

Ninja Zombie Dinosaurs
15-03-2005, 00:25
The citizens of the strife-friendly realm of the Ninja Zombie Dinosaurs hereby lodge their disdain at the use of the term "human" rights.

Many nations in this world of endlessly varied nation-states possess citizenry that is anything but human, and our own animated, fossilized corpses are no exception. Just as easily seen are the lethal android soldiery, docile clone populations, invading alien denizens, ethereal spirit forms and countless other forms of citizen amongst the many nations gathered in this place.

Are we not worthy of rights simply because we fail to breathe air or lack flesh or other such idiosyncrasy? Hardly. And yet we are saddled with the inherently partisan name, "human" rights.

Pfaugh! It is to laugh, if we could laugh, if we had lungs.
15-03-2005, 00:28
*shrugs, hands over rights*
15-03-2005, 01:02
Chuckles...meh, rights is rights, just they yelled the loudest and the longest...primates are always noisy, you should know that by now...oh wait y'all've been dead and fossilized since that meteor hit and wiped y'alls behemoth butts...

Yeah primates are noisy, always screeetching and racketing about something. You learn to ignore most of the yammering after awhile...

Welcome back to the 'world' NZD

{ Posted on behalf of the Questing Cat, who is having log in problems }
15-03-2005, 01:06
Being a nation of half-orcs, both those born free and immigrants who have suffered prejudice all their lives, we have this to say on the matter:

You have no room to complain.