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Vilita-Legalese Bid to Host World Cup 22

15-03-2005, 00:08
Vilita-Legalese Hosting Bid for World Cup 22

Scorination: A modified form of Leagion will be used.

Format: Flexible. We'll take all main nations, and any active puppets. Qualifying will be group play, as has been the norm, with the group setup depending on the number of teams participating.

RP Bonus: The RP Bonus in this cup will best reflect the ideas of compromising between Large RP Bonus's and Small RP Bonuses, by allowing a multiplier to your RP depending on your rank. So, yes, a lower ranked team will be able to improve their rank by more numerical positions than a higher ranked team would for a similar RP. However, High Ranked teams will not be punished for their high ranking. Instead of using a "Base Zero" System, like other cups have used. To allay some of your fears, the "Randomized" RP bonus will not be implemented at this time, as It is still an experimental idea and would be better served being tested in smaller competitions such as the CoH or the AOCAF before being thrust into World Cup limelight.

What will be counted?
Roster: Rosters Will be counted, and quality of the roster will count.
If you post a detailed roster with player profiles, history, coaching staff and uniform images, you will get more of a bonus than if you post 11 last names with a one letter abbreviation, without numbers or positions. The Roster can be a very good RP if you put some time into, and we will recognize when people do put time into it.
Quality, Quantity, Consistency, Originality: All will be taken into account. Are you going to be penalized for doing an RP that the hosts don't like, or if it is not in the hosts preferred style? No! Of course not. Are you going to get a bonus for posting Large Headlines and no text? no. If you take the time to RP something, then you'll probably get a bonus for it. There won't be too much disparity, and RP Bonus is not terribly important, so theres no reason to fuss over it. If you want to RP your match, someone elses match, or something entirely different, but Related, then by all means please do. The hosts will peruse the thread prior to each scorination and give bonus's to the posts that are deserving of them.

Why Vilita and Legalese?

This bid is the combination of experience and enthusiasm. Vilita is a nation well known throughout the NS Football circles for their involvement in the community. Vil has hosted one cup, while their puppet colony, Turori, also hosted a cup; In addtion, Vilita is the permanent co-host of the Baptism of Fire. Their experience in hosting will be an asset to running a smooth World Cup.

Meanwhile, Legalese is a relative newcomer to the NS Football world. This will be Legalese's fifth World Cup. Legalese has hosted the eleventh (and now the thirteenth, as a replacement host) Cup of Harmony, as well as the fifth AOCAF, and will co-host the upcoming Baptism of Fire with Vilita. This experience with smaller tournaments, as well as Legalese's excitement to be involved with the community, will also prove an asset to running a fun World Cup.

Proposed playing sites in both Legalese and Vilita will be posted shortly. Please let us know if you have any questions.
15-03-2005, 04:03
World Cup 19 champions Crystilakere would like to support this Atlantian Oceania bid.

We always play better in our own region.
15-03-2005, 04:09
Thanks Crys, any questions please post them here and they will be addressed immediately, or as soon as possible.
South Osettia
15-03-2005, 17:27
Are you at all worried that the amount of negativity surrounding you at the moment could harm your chances?
15-03-2005, 17:49
I'll field that one.

It's clearly no secret that Vilita can be quite outspoken, and has people not too pleased with some of the things that he has to say. While I won't personally comment on any incident specifically, I will comment on the point in general:

I think, in some ways, that his outspokenness is actually a good thing. While he does have the tendency to piss people off, it shows his desire to continuously make the cup better. He wants to put on a great World Cup, as do I, and I stand behind anything that goes towards those efforts.

There, that's all I have to say on that issue. I hope that the WCC, in considering their vote, will look beyond their own personal issues regarding the bids, and select what they think is the best bid.
Hockey Canada
15-03-2005, 18:19
I'll support this bid too. Not a friend of Vil's but I can't deny a good bid when I see one.
15-03-2005, 20:29
The playing sites in Vilita and Legalese for World Cup 22!

The Shultis is the Likely site of the World Cup Championship Match.


Legalese National Stadium
Francis Town, Legalese
Capacity: 84,239
Legalese National is the home park of the Legalese National Team, as you may have guessed. It is a rectangular park, with stands on three sides, and the Legalese Soccer House (headquarters of the LAFC/Soccer Legalese) completing the south end of the enclosure.

Gavelton Terrace
Gavelton, Legalese
Capacity: 51,246
Gavelton Terrace was built before the Great Storm (circa CoH XI) to house Gavelton Royal FC. While Royal did not return after the Storm ended the Legalese Soccer Championships, the Terrace now is the home park for Big Hammer SC, which plays in the (semi-pro) Eastern Soccer Alliance, with rumors of BH going Div I professional as soon as a new league starts.

Binchensburg Coliseum
Binchensburg, Legalese
Capacity: 75,000
Also built for the professional team, Binchensburg Coliseum is the host to FC Binchensburg, formerly of the LSC, but still playing semi-pro. The Coliseum will see, in addition to group play, a quarterfinal match.

John Murphy Field (fmr. Legalese Cricket Ground)
Sagdineo, Legalese
Capacity: 70,000
Formerly the home of Legalese Cricket, John Murphy Field has been the sole home of soccer since the Great Storm. Overlooking the beautiful Bekk Lake, the "Big Murph" is a beautiful place to play, and will host the other quarterfinal in Legalese.

Nicholson Memorial Pitch
Nadiaville, Leglaese
Capacity: 76,000
Named after Ben Nicholson, the founder and chairman of Nadiaville Athletic, Nicholson Memorial is the home of Nadiaville's major club, which is a sure bet to return to full professional status, once a new league begins. Nicholson is also a sure bet to see a few games, with both group matches, as well as a round of 16 match to be played there.

Okerson Park
Okerson, Legalese
Capacity: 66,573
The home of Orange United, Okerson Park is a nice round facility, ready to serve fans a healthy menu of group play and knockout matches.

The Castle
Legalese City, Legalese (South Side)
Capacity: 95,000
The largest, and most advanced, stadium in Legalese. The Castle features a retractable roof, as well as a plate-structure, allowing the natural grass pitch to be moved to a nearby parking lot for growth. Will host the semi-final match in Legalese

Robinson Field
Numalia, Legalese
Capacity: 83,000
Named after the founder of Numalia, Major Kit Robinson, the newly built Robinson Field will, in addition to group play, host the third-place match.
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22-03-2005, 04:08
Any questions can be directed to me or Legal on AOL, IRC or via Telegram.