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Nationstates Forumla 3000 - OOC Thread

14-03-2005, 23:09
Hey again guys.

After the success, or at least partial sucess of NSF1, I would liek to introduce NS F3000, which should be very interesting!

I know of several people who would like to take part (Imitora, Hockey Canada and others), and invite you all to take part.

there are only 12 team places, mind, and I would prefer people who RP a lot!

Just post if you are interested.

Edit: Sorry for the MASSIVE typo...Mod please!
14-03-2005, 23:38
Forumla!!!!! If you want great RP then you may want to count Hockey Canada out. Well, unless you think one liners and size 7 headlines are good RP's. Anyway, I'll apply, and if i'm accepted, great!
Liverpool England
15-03-2005, 00:34
I totally agree with Vil on HC. And I'll be in.
Fimble loving peoples
15-03-2005, 09:58
I might join.............It would depend on when this starts and some of the details.
15-03-2005, 19:00
It will start as soon as I can start it, after I have all the applications and so on. If I have to, ill do minimum of 9 teams.
15-03-2005, 19:05
I'm very interested. :)
15-03-2005, 19:19
If you are willing to allow half-orcs, then Muktar can easily participate.
15-03-2005, 19:23
Muchos intrested, keep me updated
15-03-2005, 19:44
Muktar, thats fine, as long as you don't go on and on about their orcness :P

Thats seven tams, hurrah!
15-03-2005, 21:08
Muktar, thats fine, as long as you don't go on and on about their orcness :P

Thats seven tams, hurrah!

Seven teams too! :p
16-03-2005, 02:41
Count me in
Hockey Canada
16-03-2005, 04:12
I'm in... since missing out from last season
16-03-2005, 16:44


Thats 9 teams, but you must RP. I know I cant force you, but for every decent RP you are going to get your team a decent speed advantage.

I will work out the forms later, so be on the look out!
18-03-2005, 20:53

Form's will be up tommorow, feel free to join now! 3 more places.