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Expedition sent to Tau Ceti (Announcement)

14-03-2005, 22:23
The Tau Ceti system soared through space, nearly an abandoned husk. Gunayu, the nation which had leased it from Klonor, had abandoned it long before and, except for the sporadic military patrols and rare mining missions, it was almost empty of any indicators of civilisation. The Peoples Assembly had decided to change this.

Aware that Klonor had long receded from the scene of international affairs, and that it had only recently returned to that same scene, the Assembly felt it was necessary to place a more permanent settlement in the Tau Ceti system to make sure it stayed a Klonor system. Already there were reports of seperate governments laying claim to Tau Ceti, but fortunately they had all been claims of coincidentally-named systems so far(OOC: That'd be The Fedral Union who has Tau Ceti makred on his map, we spoke about it over TG). The Klonor Space Corps planned to put a stop to that.

The Trans-Light Molecular Deconstruction Gate on the edge of the system glowed slightly, then emitted a bright flash of light as it disgorged the massive collection of ships traveling instantaneously from Gamma Draconis. They all moved in-system, a Fleet composed of nearly every class of ship in the Klonor Fleet. Behind, tugged by a several dozen corvettes, was an Arcadia class Installation flanked by a pair of Ganymede class Mobile Docks. Within minutes the massive stations were all in orbit over the former Guanyu colony. A few hours after that and they were crewed and fully operational. A few hours after that and Tau Ceti had become another system occupied by the Klonor Space Corps.

Stay Out.

OOC: I've owned Tau Ceti for close to (or over) a year but never did anything with it except lease it to Guanyu (which I mentioned earlier). So, I figured it's time to put something in the system so that on all my system maps it is identified as belonging to Klonor.

The New Map:

14-03-2005, 23:57
OOC: I had a puppet called Tau Ceti/New Tau Ceti once.. lol
The Fedral Union
15-03-2005, 00:07
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