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Everything you never really wanted know about Gutax

14-03-2005, 20:15
What is Gutax? Gutax is the home of the Gutaxians. Gutax refers to the few, but heavy populated, cities in the Pacific Ocean. One might argue that they have never seen a Gutax city on a map. But Gutaxians do not live on the land. The live in the ocean. In their underwater cities they have lived for thousands of years, living unnoticed by the land folk.

What is a Gutaxian? A Gutaxian is a humanoid species standing about 6 ft. They are amphibious creatures that prefer to live underwater. They are hairless and are covered in a slimily goo, and teal in color with dark blue spots on their backs.

What kind of technology do they have? While they do not view them selves as high-tech, as they have had the same technology for a little over 100 years, they are much more advanced then there human counter-parts on land.

A Gutaxian (


One of The Holy Cities (

Government Type:Theocracy
National Motto:Convert Or Die
Region:The Pacific Ocean
Official language:Gutaxny
Largest Religion:Christianity
Tech Level:Future Tech
Leader:The Great One
Currency:The Corin
National Animal:Sea Cow

Vital Statistics
Population: 56,000,000
Civil Rights: Average
Economy: Strong
Political Freedoms: Outlawed
Tax Rate: 32%
Government Budget: $238,708,850,526
Administration: $5,729,012,413
Welfare Spending: $0
Healthcare: $0
Education: $1,909,670,804
Spirituality: $49,651,440,909
Defence: $22,916,049,650
Law and Order: $57,290,124,126
Commerce: $22,916,049,650
Public Transport: $19,096,708,042
Envirnment: $11,458,024,825
Social Equality: $1,909,670,804
Government Waste: $47,741,770,105

Economy Statistics
GDP Per Capita: $11,115
Total Output: $622,412,217,895
Private Consumption: $431,445,137,474
Black Market Economy (Estimated): 0%
Black Market Product (Estimated): $0
Black Market Breakdown:
Basic Necessities: 0%
Healthcare: 0%
Education: 0%
Transportation: 0%
Luxuries: 0%
Recovered: $0
Worker Enthusiasm: 70%
Government Efficiency: 80%
Consumer Confidence: 72%
Unemployment: 6.82%
Exchange Rate: 1 Corin = $0.61

more coming soon.........

Help, hints, tips, insults? How can I improve this? Be kind!
14-03-2005, 20:39
You're in the right place. I suggest you specify if you are future tech or modern tech. Also, be sure to have a well defined culture, political system, economic system, and so on. There's more to making a nation than taking pics from mediocre movies.
14-03-2005, 20:49
Gotcha, As i said i'll have more soon, but I suppose i should have finsihed it first. Thanks for the advice i'll have some more soon!
14-03-2005, 21:20
just added some stats, hope to have the timeline up soon!
14-03-2005, 22:00
ok thier is the timeline. I know its not very good. With a little(or alot) help I think it could be good. look for more soon