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AV4 Trailer

13-03-2005, 13:00
For hundreds of years, vampires have plagued the streets of Assington. For thousands of years, one vampire has existed within Assington, one older than all the rest.

Skadi walks through the deserted streets of Emerald as younger vampires watch from the shadows.

The ancient Skadi has been a dominant force in Assington since before anyone can remember. Yet this was not always so. There are other ancients of Assington. Three of the original five still live today.

Skadi, Idun and Svartel stand in a circle, all silent as the size up eachother. Rage burns within Skadi's eyes as she looks upon Svartel. Idun remains expressionless and Svartel produces a sadistic grin.

Well established locals of of Emerald will learn the wrath of the most fearsome ancient.

Svartel stands over a blood soaked Hondur, looking down upon the broken body of the second generation of Assingtonian vampire.

New faces emerge upon the scene of Emerald. Some old, another new.

The faces of Dark Elves gleam in the moonlight as they pass through the grasslands and back into their ancient home of Emerald Forest. Ivan Kulstolv stands before Stephen, pistol held to the young vampire's head.

With three ancients residing in Emerald, it becomes obvious the city isn't big enough for all of them.

Skadi draws her diamond blade katana and stands before Svartel. Idun draws his similar blade but steps back in a defensive position and Svartel holds a large metallic stave, a scythe blade on one end, a silver chain and mace head on the other.

A triple threat match already underway, what effect will this fourth party have?

Ivan and one hundred VP officers all bearing automatic weapons stand before the three ancients, all trained upon them. Skadi and Svartel reply with viscious snarls whilst Idun scowls. The VP fire...

A conflict of cultures arises as the vampire/human feud just took on another party.

Stunned vampires and VP officers look on has heavily armed and armoured elves emerge from the shadows.

Only time can tell what will result of Ancients Reunited

Skadi stands at an intersection, Hondur and their well armed coven standing behind her, prepared for battle. The street to her left is filled with sombre looking elves, Idun at the head of them. To the left of Idun, Svartel stands ready, a collection of rag-tag vampires behind him. And finally to the left of Svartel, Ivan stands, hundreds of VP officers sprawled across the street behind him. After moments of silence... all four parties charge.