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A phonecall to hell [OPEN: ATTN Austar Union & co]

12-03-2005, 16:05
OOC: Story is semi-fantasy, in a modern setting. There's no real "obvious" magic here, more like subtle ripples in reality.

Ministry of Internal Affairs, the United Reich of Guffingford

Mr Moorehouse was walking on the black and white tiles, like a chessboard, through the halls of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The dim silver glow of the iron doors shone on the tiles, cleaned by the staff like meat eaten off bones by vultures. The unnatural light, hellish almost, created by the quite old fashioned cast iron lampposts embedded in the sealing - must have been made before 1920. This corridor always gave Mr Moorehouse the shivers, the only people who are there, and those are there sporadical, are workers of the cleaning staff. Mopping up the already spotless floor. The refraction in this corridor is terrible, whenever you put a single shoe on the floor the noise of your step echoes up to the ceiling, and down.

The last couple of days were strange, very strange. Our beloved F├╝hrer has changed to something less human and more... demonic. Though no one has seen in Moorehouse is sure he caught a glimpse of something unnatural. Everybody who has heard this fable laughed in my face, telling me to stop drinking so much. I rarely drink for heaven's sake! I am sure, and I swear something is wrong. This whole group of men is wrong. The baron of Holy Panooly, this Dominic Templeton guy or Solan Rixx. I still refuse to take the unification as an excuse not to kill him for treason. After all, he ordered to kill Adolph Leighmar and Klaus Schilling! Yet, some say this was a really odd assassination. Not by a gun or a knife, but by an antique dagger blessed by Holy Water done by High Cardinal Cather himself. I also do not understands Solan Rixx' obsession with holy artefacts. He wants them so badly, he gives away fortunes to people he doesn't know - just to have as many people looking for them as possible. And the rumours of this pirate lord, the ringleader of the piracy in the Straits of Lapincuta... Gerard Fishkill. While pondering about these mysterious events he always bumped into Master Goodsell, the chief of this department.
"Mr Moorehouse, please! This is the fourth time today we almost walk into each other. Mind your step, sooner or later an accident will occur."
"Yes Master Goodsell, I shall henceforth watch my step. My apologies for my lax behavior..."
"You have been forgiven, proceed with your works."
Mr Moorehouse walked on, this Goodsell fella really is... different than other people.


Axal-Norgahmbubb Temple, Holy Panooly

The moist jungle air penetrated every inch of the massive room, carved out of the black volcanic rock. The nearby volcano has died approximately two hundred years ago and no seismological activity has been measured since. In the middle of the room, a small black box was standing on a large chunk of volcanic glass, illuminated by the small rays of sunlight. Solan Rixx and Blair Munroe stood in the same room, obsering the whole process. It seemed nothing was happening, but the eyes of demons see much more. Solan Rixx turned the black box on, and it began to radiate the energy - a beacon, a message to dimensions who had been denied by the modern world.

"Holy shit it's hot!" Making his way through the dense vegetation the renowned Swiss hunter Blair Munroe was having a hard time of getting to new hunting grounds until he felt and smelled something he never encountered before. The soft tinglings of rain - the sky was clear blue. He could hear the sea, but he was miles inland, at the foot of the Cimmerian mountains. Slowly walking on the illusionary world he felt so shortly came to him again. A nether dark world, a bottomless pit. A soft rain of filth and grease, and the stench of fresh blood. He couldn't believe his eyes, rubbed his eyes and the jungle was around him again. The sun was shining, the birds singing while monkeys are screeching and playing in the canopy. Afraid, but still moving forward a thunderflash ripped the sky in two and inbetween the ripple in time space he saw a crimson world, rivers of blood and seven men dancing and leaping in a circle around a massive bonfire. A fire? No, instead of flames tortured ghosts from a hell-like dimension escaped and vaporized while the sky was laughing. He could see the bleeding eyes of the sky, black and hollow. The ground beneath him crumbled, and the trees burned, but nothing happened to Munroe. The seven shady figures were still dancing, he was floating through this dimension, while he saw an unwritten history, a world neglected by science, disappeared from all written and oral accounts. Vanished from the acknowledged reality. A searing hot wind eroded the ancient buildings, old temples of lost civilizations, while the hieroglyphs were burning and whispering old wisdom into this... World. A flickering light overtook this strange place and Munroe was back in the jungle.

The message of this awakening has been sent to Austar Union, the realm of vampires.
Austar Union
14-03-2005, 02:52
Insanity. Absolute Insanity.

These were the thoughts of Indigo the night previous. He had of course been told in a dream, by the underworld, his mind carlessly link to its halls and tireless desires. Perhaps this was something new which Hades had taken upon himself, or perhaps this was some form of, humanly paganism. And despite it was a nightmare of both day and night, it seemed so far it was rediculous. He couldnt comment of course, for it seemed far too unbelievable to fathom or remember. Dreams had been obscure, but this was one to remember. Yes, this would be considered a troubling night, but one he would have to take into caution. If it was real, well, that would change quite a lot.

Maybe this was the way of which Hades was trying to pull him. And yet despite Indigo's own desire and heart to seek freedom from the chains he initially had accepted, it seemed that the Lord of the underworld did rather have some power over his heart, soul, and mind. A controlling existance he was, built for one purpose but for the spread of fire and blood. Indigo was probably someone of a focus for now, for he did show the piece of resistance even Hades would fear. Perhaps this was a price to pay for his crime against God, torment for an eternity. Or perhaps he would be shown Mercy.

Nevertheless, he would stay far far away from the place of which he dreamed of. It was one which made his soul quiver, in pain and agony, and pity of one who had made the fatal mistake he had made himself. Back to sleep.
17-03-2005, 19:16
"Master, are you really sure you have to enter that forsaken realm?"
"Yes good Karras, I must go into the underworld. A land of the dead awaits there, where the damned feast upon the chosen. I will go through the portal created by this stygian contraption, to the land of the vampires."
"Master please, you don't have to do this!"
"I must Karras, I must. We have called their spirits, we cannot stay behind, they will await us when we are asleep."
Solan Rixx looked at the watery ripples in the air, invisible water floating through the air. Solan Rixx looked like any normal human, a perfect crimson coloured suit, a black tie, his hair combed, a clean shaven face. He moved his fingers in air like he was typing something, he closed his eyes and began to repeat the sermon from one of the forbidden tomes of wisdom found in these temples.
"Oh Gods of the Underworld, harken! It is I who has unlocked the gate to the world beneath. Grant me the passage through this gate, across the river Styx, ferryman Charon, I ask you, grant me passage! Open for me, open the gates, open."
The insivible water waved, shadows appeared and disappeared and the heavy air of misery and agony filled the moist hall. Karras was - hiding - behind a crumbled wall, looking down while his master was performing the ritual. The portal opened as Solan Rixx expected, while slowly being sucked into this unexplored world. Karras got up the nerve and ran to the portal, the moment Solan Rixx was accepted by the vampiric realm. Karras jumped in too, to aid his master in this quest.

Both have made it to the other side, but how long will they last?

OOC: Please dont kill these two characters, thanks.
Austar Union
18-03-2005, 14:06
OOC: Im sorry, but im finding it a bit hard to understand fully whats happening. Not your roleplaying as such, but I think you may have a different picture of the Austar Union than what I have. We dont really inhabit any different realm, but the one alongside humans, elves, dwarves, etc. Since most of our friends arent exactly of the underworld, we have formed a kind of different lifestyle than one might expect of the underworld, one that could be described as, normal and human-like? Anyhow, ill just reply in the best way I know possible :) And dont worry, im not into murdering other peoples characters lol.

Quite stange events indeed had occured. First, it were the troubling dreams of which Indigo himself seemed to be suffering, and finally something for the entire nation, or perhaps just the capital to see and hear. And although it wasnt exactly anything particular freaky, as it were like the insanity within the night-terrors of children, but it was rather, different. Still, it was enough for the people here to notice, and to raise an eyebrow at the very least. Certainly, the news found in interesting enough...

... And in other news, two men have randomly appeared in the middle of Anatoba City, startling passing commuters enough to create a small moment of havoc in the nation's capital. It seems as if some kind of mysterious force had transported them, perhaps via an alchemist's curse, completely into a place they described as 'another dimension'. Needless to say, the local mental staff have been called and are watching the patients closely. If they have been transported, at least into these borders via 'alternative means', police have said they would investigate the situation fully before releasing full documentation.

[Chuckling in the Background]....

In the meantime, in one of the nation's leading hospitals, the two strange men are locked in a room, seperated, yet under the influence of a type of surpressant. Police are investigating in the background, and while the clock ticks, the cameras keep rolling.
18-03-2005, 14:16
OOC: Solan Rixx is a demon who lives in several dimensions at the same time, he's present as a human in the temple in Holy Panooly, but as a spirit in the realm Blair Munroe saw. In both dimensions the portal opened to let the human Solan pass, and the spiritual form too, that gives him greater power. Humans can only see his human form, but non-humans like elves, dwarves and such can see his demonic spirit as well as the realm beyond. Even though he went through the portal, he continues to live in seperate dimensions.

Some humans can see this borderworld when a great amount of energy is used to open up a portal. I'll write something IC later.
26-03-2005, 15:47
"Master, why are we here in this forsaken land? All the magical beings can sense our presence."
"Trust me, good Karras." Solan Rixx raised his hands to chest-level and began to sniff the fresh spring air. He closed his eyes, his nostrils widened a bit and he let go of the air. Rixx was searching for the mind of Indigo, he had been in contact with this person before. On the coronation day, months ago. Indigo knows so little of demons, once Solan Rixx has been welcomed in he can always get inside. As he walked through the lush gass of a small park men and women looked surprised at the welldressed gentleman. Upon approaching a cafe, he noticed the presence of a magical specie. An elf, a dwarf? The stench came from the local inn, and the closer he got the foul smell became worse. When he pushed the double doors open, the piano stopped playing, and everybody was looking at him. The humans looked around and saw the elves and other unearthly creatures looking. The fear was dripping from their faces, pale and paralyzed. The hands were shaking and Solan Rixx felt all of these feelings and emotions.

"This thing thrives on the seven sins." Someone whispered. Immediately Solan Rixx turned his attention to the bar where he saw a few dwarves choking on their glas of beer. The humans couldn't see his real face nor could they know what he really was. Solan stood still, smiling at the dwarves, one couldn't help it but soiled his pants. Humans laughed, took another sip of beer and continued playing their game of poker or whatever they did. Some of these creatures ran out in a hurry, others backed down or crawled under tables. He was here, and news would hit the streets soon.

For the first time in thousands of years a beast from hell had been unleashed in Austar Union.
Austar Union
27-03-2005, 09:11
Dimly lit, some of the people whom sat near the rear couldnt exactly see the strange creature which had entered. Yes, perhaps this beast would be bad for business, especially when many were trying to humbly leave this place. But still, some stayed, having being exposed to such an amount of different races and beings. Most certainly, this was indeed something from hell itself, but even Hades couldnt make these men quiver, for they would most probably welcome him just as another of themselves. Fortunatley though, the man behind the counter was a retired diplomat, and had been specially trained in the area of hiding his fears and emotions. He simply smiled, even though the beast could probably see clearly though thin veils of reality.

Welcome Sir. You come from a strange and far land. Let me be one of the first to welcome you to my homeland. I am Jonathon Grove and I own and operate this bar. Can I get you anything to drink or eat? he asked humbly.