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Child Warfare Inc.

12-03-2005, 07:43
No one's here, good.

She was a genius among engineers, but she had a very weird hobby that went with it. In her days off work she still went to the laboratory carrying her own materials to work on small miniature models of tanks, aircraft, and ships both wet and space from the local military to all the militaries in the world. (At least, whose designs were made public.) The models were brilliantly crafted, down to the most minute detail, by her delicate touch. The paint job was done using a minute airbrush which made the process painstakingly slow but the outcome incredibly realistic. They were a good source of second income, she'd always say, but everyone knows she keeps some for herself. Always was a kid at heart, they'd say behind her back. Sneaking into the laboratory and especially a military one, however, was an infraction. She'd never been caught before, at least, not until now. With a quick, reactive Oops., she dropped her model of the Ground Battleship Doramascher as she suddenly saw a man clad in a black and blue uniform armed with an assault rifle.

Yes, a guard.

The guard tapped his foot and crossed his arms. His eyes seemed experienced. She assumed that he was one of the veterans from the first insurrection. It seemed nothing escapes his glance, not even the fly that he deftly swatted by swinging his baton. "Yomiko Kolomian'ka, half citizen, huh? You know the rules, we can't have you sneaking around the laboratory off working hours now can we?"

She picked up the model and adjusted her eyeglasses, embarassed. She was encumbered by the load of non-toxic models she was clutching. "I'm busted, huh?"

"No, but the government turned their attention to you, in particular." he said, smiling.

Her eyes turned wide. "The Council? Great Maker, I'm not doing anything that serious, am I?"

"Yes, you are. You sell those miniatures to the public for a lot of cash, they keep everyone happy and they keep you happy. We all know that due to morale concerns arising from the two insurrections, when everyone is happy, the government is happy too. Still, they won't allow you to sneak around a military laboratory like this."

She looked at him quizically "I don't understand?"

"They're asking you if you'd mind being the head design technician of the new semi-private 'war' toys manufacturing firm they're setting up capital for."
16-03-2005, 07:42
Assembly Building of The Council, Valkonezh;
Novaya Zemlya, Zvarinograd

"I'm telling you, some of these proposals for a political drive are fucking nuts. This one strikes of the desire for world domination." Stanislav Tarnovskoi, Third of the Council, said. "I mean, just look at this."

"If we can't get them out, we'll breed them out", the nasty King Longsharks elegantly put it in Braveheart, which has been showing in metrotheatres for over a month. Senator Georgii Tarogovich, chair of the Senate Commitee on Women and Family Relations, would most certainly approve of this method, which would necessitate doing away with all forms of population control. On our shores, we shall encourage everyone to produce as many offspring as they can; these offspring shall become the soldiers of our motherland. We wouldn't even have to arm them, because with sufficient numbers we could simply overwhelm foreign lands with the mass of bodies. On foreign shores, we order expatriate male citizens to impregnate as many foreign women as they are able (and the average Zvarinograd man does take exceptional pride in his being manly); their half-citizen children will support our valiant cause. I am not sure, though, if the good senator and his supports will approve of the, uh, how shall I put it, procedure leading to the mass production of humans. To produce humans in earth-swamping numbers, there would have to be a frenzy of fornication in our land. True, artificial insemination is an alternative, but I do not think the majority would welcome it. Macchiavelli declared that the ends justifies the means, but in this instance I think the means might justify the ends.

"That's fucking crazy!" Stanislav Tarnovskoi then laughed at his own statement.