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Foe Hammer Opens Datacenter to International Governments

Foe Hammer
28-02-2005, 01:08
The FibreNet Communications Corporation, in conjunction with the Foe Hammer government, has opened up one of it's largest datacenters to international governments to provide servers on which the government can place informational websites.

(OOC: This means I'm giving away webspace on my server. But it IS partially IC, so if Foe Hammer is currently ignoring you, don't bother.)

The foreign governments can choose to use their own domain names, or FibreNet can allocate a subdomain to the web server.

(OOC: I have two domains that I will allow you to use. They are and The latter is more IC than OOC, the former being more OOC than IC.)

If your government is eligible and would like to apply, or if you would like more information on this program offered by FibreNet Communications and the Foe Hammer government, please contact the Datacenter administrator at and we will respond promptly.

(OOC: And I know I'll have to clarify this point, so here goes: This is not OOC advertising. It is an IC international program which also has OOC uses.)