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ESSR Sol Operations

27-02-2005, 21:47
(Right. Generic "For Posterity" thread for my actions and a-goings on in the Sol system. Yeeee-up.)
RNS Changer's Way, Holding Pattern, RSN Sol Station, Sol.

Daniel Cook relaxed in his command chair, sipping his coffee. He turned his eyes over to look at Celina MacIntyre, his Chief of Staff. He smiled just slightly, and rolled his eyes.

"Alright, Cel, regale me with tales of current events. I'm all ears."

She nodded primly and peered down at her clipboard, "Well, Boss, we've got four of Frigate Up Ltd's new Iron Duke AETs that popped in early this morning. Licensed to SDSQ."

Cook raised one eyebrow, "SDSQ, you say?"

Celina nodded, "Yessir. SDSQ. The SO says that he's bringing them in with minimum crews for transfer to SDSQ-Sol after he trains their boys in the use."

Daniel blinked, "SDSQ-Sol? Since when has there been an SDSQ-Sol. Can't be based here. 'n this Senior Officer, he got a name?"

MacIntyre shrugged, "I presume that there is one. Certainly wasn't enough people on those AETs to start one. Cargo had all the right seals, though, including a handwritten note from Brendan."

Cook bit his lip thoughtfully, then nodded. Brendan Wilson was CO of Customs in Nexus. Things accompanied with notes from Brendan Wilson usually meant "We don't want you touching these, okay?"

Celina checked her clipboard, "Says here that the SO is a guy named Victor Fitzkayde. I took the liberty of looking him up..."

Daniel cut her off. "I know who he is." He shook his head, like a prizefighter recovering from a blow to the solar plexus. "Victor. Somebody is serious. Damn serious."

Celina looked closely at her Admiral, "Boss, Victor's files scared me. 'n I've seen the stats on those AETs he has. SDSQ hasn't done 'Death or Glory' stuff before, but..."

Daniel shook his head. "No. I know Victor. I was his XO for almost half of the Reclamation Wars. One of the best combat skippers I've ever met. He was in Fourth Fleet while I was in Third Fleet. About the time I became a Shipwright, he mustered out. He did some design work for Frigate Up, I think, but I hadn't heard anything about him, really..."

He shrugged.

Celina nodded, "You want me to extend a dinner invitation?"

Daniel nodded, "Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you."

(OOC: Late, yes. But they came. Details, details...hree-yawr.)