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Joyous Occasion: Part 1

24-02-2005, 03:44
Prologue – Preparation of the Occasion.

Time had come to pass and the carefully planned preparations were now well underway, the date was set and it would only be a matter of time before the lovely Liessa Valleron and James deGritz were properly wed and the nation would celebrate their fairy tale relationship… the bonding of both man and woman, dictator and loyal subject, human and elf.

Several years prior to the announcement of their wedding plans, speculation in the Iuthian media had reached peak at such a relationship, the first of its kind in Iuthian history given that the elven population had only just gotten up to 3% of the nation at the start of the deGritz family era. For many generations now Iuthian metahumans have equal rights and respect in comparison to their human counterparts as they all go through the same social engineering system and come out as Iuthian citizens, regardless of race, gender or colour.

From the word go the couple had a magical quality to their relationship, the Lord General was in his mid-forties when he first met Liessa Valleron, who herself was a young elven woman at the age of one hundred and ten. Liessa was, and still is, a very successful elven celebrity in Iuthia, hosting programs such as “Iuthian Holidays” and prior to that she had acted in drama’s across Iuthian television networks… she herself had a small fortune (at least by Iuthia’s standards) so money was never an issue. Still, the circumstances of their first love were still unknown to many, despite the publicity the pair received in the years running up to this momentous event in Iuthia.

Now the atmosphere in Iuthia was positively buzzing with anticipation, an official celebration was planned for after the wedding itself which and it would be a nationwide tourist attraction as the entire population of Iuthia is encouraged to get out and enjoy the party… of course, dedicated security and organisers were being paid highly for working during this period as not everyone could party all night.

Soon it would be the day of the wedding, Iuthia Prima, the city in which the wedding will take place and perhaps the biggest celebrations in all the nation, was getting to an almost euphoric state of readiness, dancers for the parades were rehearsing their moves, bars and clubs were stocking up on more drugs, drinks and oddly enough, foam for the nights up ahead and Callisham Castle, the place the magical event would take place, was making double checking it’s rigged security systems.

While the castle itself was an archaic relic of Iuthia’s past, kept only as a reminder of military pasts long gone, it’s security system was pretty much state of the art and very discreet. Without a trained eye it would be impossible to notice the magnetic anomaly detection systems built into doorways, chem sniffers breathing in the air for traces of explosives, well hidden security cameras linked into the rigged security system which was ultimately controlled by a staff of Riggers, hooked up into the building systems with each sensor and system as their eyes and ears. These were all just the beginnings, as soldiers from the Black Viper corps themselves would be providing physical security, perhaps some of Iuthia’s most elite soldiers, and many more precautions and systems were present, all working towards the single goal of keeping the most important man alive in Iuthia safe.

Paranoia aside, the moral was good across the nation as everyone looked forward to the event, regardless of their opinions on the dictatorship which was Iuthia. Soon the celebrations would begin and the festivities would run wild…

Chapter 1 - Invitations

Running a little late, but still well before the event would take place, Iuthian diplomats from their respective embassies sought to meet important diplomatic figures from around the world, each one from nations considered to be amongst some of Iuthia’s most respected friends and allies, with pretty much every nation from the NDA and VERITAS getting an visit, to individual nations which were considered to have strong diplomatic relations with the Benevolent Dictatorship.

Each Iuthian diplomat simply greeted these important figures in the normal manner expected of them exchanging the standard pleasantries, talking about how things were going locally and how they had enjoyed their stay, before long they would then hand over a very high quality plain white letter, addressed to them specifically.
Inside these envelops was a carefully hand written wedding invitation… not so much addressed to the same person, but more openly addressed to the nation. They were rather plain as one would expect from the simple people of Iuthia, though high quality was a running theme and stereotypical golden borders were standard.

Dear respected friends of the Benevolent Dictatorship of Iuthia,

Lord General James deGritz and beloved Liessa Valleron on the first day of March do request your company at Callisham castle, Iuthia Prime. It would be a great honour if your noble nation would attend a surely historical event with a representative of your choosing.


Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps,


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

With that the diplomat would answer any questions which may be asked of him and politely be on his way to continue his job in the local Embassy. Many issues would no doubt be dealt with through diplomatic channels as security would be confirmed and matters brought up and resolved before the event itself, but the main deed was done.

Of course, the celebrations themselves would be open to almost any nation, providing that they inquired in advance if their people were anything more important then just tourists.

OOC: Here is the basic deal for now, here is the original OOC Thread (, I would prefer that most OOC issues go through that thread however given that this isn't the thread I'll be RPing the actual wedding on I don't mind a few quick queries.

The nations which recieved invitations are: Iraqstan, Treznor, Dread Lady Nathicana, Kelanthia, Tsaraine, Gehenna Tartarus, Lavenrunz, GMC Military Arms, The Most Glorious Hack, Kaenei, Britmattia, Menelmacar, C'tan, New York and Jersey, Northwestern Liang, Sakkra, Bajon, Knootoss, Etaros, Kajal, Scolopendra, Taurenor, Aelosia, Austar Union, TRD , Edolia, Hattia, _Taiwan, The Island States, Freethinkers, Zvarinograd, New Genoa, Hamptonshire, Goobergunchia, Eredron, Euroslavia, East Islandia, Aztec National League, Artitsa, Vrak, Kain Shentavo (under whatever alias he has now)

If your not on this list but feel you should be you can ask about it in the OOC thread ( and make your point, however I should point out that the wedding isn't really going to be the biggest part of the thread... afterall, there isn't actually much which can be done at a wedding, the reception may have some conversations but it won't be too long. The biggest aspects of RP in this thread for everyone will hopefully be the celebrations which will be pretty much all across Iuthia and are open to most nations with acception to those which I really have a bad reputation, which again you can ask about in the OOC thread (

Also note that these nations are mainly those from alliances I've had or once had... some aren't on it for simple reasons, like we haven't really done much for a long time, or we don't know you. So generally the list represents nations we know well.

Don't feel rushed into anything either guys... I'll probably be taking this slow all the way, so feel free to post and don't worry if you can't post or don't want to get involved, the chances are that I may be over worked with writing up the wedding anyways and ulimately I'll be happy with even just a couple nations attending... I'll give everyone the opportunity to RP whatever stages they want... you don't have to RP every step of getting to Iuthia, it can be assumed in most cases, telegram me, IM me or post in the OOC thread ( if you need to know more.

This thread is mostly for the following:

> Replies to invitations from nations attending the wedding.

> IC Queries from nations attending the wedding or attending celebrations with VIPs.

> Travelling to Iuthia

> Related IC roleplay (for example, talking about the event in your own nation or something similar).

> Quick OOC queries, preferably with IC roleplay.
24-02-2005, 17:58
A short, indefinably ugly man reads the gold-embossed invitation and smiles. Good man. But damn if he's not gonna end up stealing some of my fire. Oh well, it's my own fault for putting it off so long.

He reaches for his keyboard to conduct a reply, then stops himself. A personal invitation requires a more personal response than an email, however secure. He'll just have to make sure it goes by diplomatic courier. He thinks he knows just the woman for it.

Congratulations, James! You can rest assured that I will be there with bells on. I haven't met the lady in question, but I trust that the two of you will be very happy together. I'll leave the security negotiations to our subordinates.

DevonHe folds the paper and slips it into an envelope before addressing it with a flourish. Then he taps a button on his desk. "Alec, please inform Mark I have a special job for one of his people. Then come in here; we need to juggle my schedule for a special event."
Gehenna Tartarus
24-02-2005, 19:55
The two women sat either side of the large mahogany desk, one slipping a card from an already opened envelope, as the other signed the previous document that they had been discussing. The silence of the room was broken only by the sound of pen of paper, and the removal of the not.

Finishing with a flourish, Gehenna looked up from her last task. “Is that everything?” She asked her Foreign Minister, as she lowered the pen.

“Last bit, and I kept the best for last.” Emma Sarie smiled, watching the Empress’ face ease into a smile, following the several hours of business discussion they had just completed. “Invitation to a wedding, in Iuthia.” As she spoke, she handed the card across the desk to Gehenna.

Taking it, and running her eyes quickly over it, she looked up at Emma and smiled. “First and foremost we must send our congratulations and then we must arrange for and attendee. I will get my schedule checked, and if I am free I shall attend personally.” She looked up at Emma. “Liaise with Alex, and make all necessary arrangements. I certainly do not wish us to miss attending such a joyous event, especially one in the nation of an ally.”

Emma nodded, taking down a few notes as they came to mind. “I’ll get onto it straight away.”

The meeting continued for only a few minutes more, before they concluded their business. Once Emma had left, Gehenna picked up her pen again, and taking a sheet of her personalised notepaper, she began to write.

Lord General James deGritz,

First let me congratulate you on your engagement and forthcoming wedding. I wish both you and your future wife every happiness. A union of two people in love is the most special of occasions, and I am honoured that the Empire of Tartarus has been given the opportunity to share with you this glorious event.

It is therefore with the greatest of pleasure, that I accept, on behalf of the Empire of Tartarus, your invitation.


Empress of Tartarus
24-02-2005, 21:18
Golan Belik, the President of Goobergunchia, looked through the latest Daily Mail, his briefing on world affairs. He flipped through the reports and sighed. "Nuclear war between Bumpivania and Eureka, invasions in Liechtenstein, UN fights in the North Pacific. What a messed-up world we live in."

Belik started typing up foreign-aid instructions to Ambassador Nimemar, but was interrupted by Foreign Minister Emil Farvus, who had just walked in. "Golan, I was just chatting with the Iuthian ambassador and he handed me this." Farvus indicated the golden-bordered sheet of paper that he was holding.

Belik grinned. "Finally, some good news in this benighted planet." He stepped away from his computer and pulled out the official stationery he used for events like these.

Goobergunch City, Goobergunchia

To Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people:

On behalf of the Liberal Unitary Republic, I am greatly honored to accept the invitation to your wedding, which we expect will be a very glad occurence. We congratulate you and your betrothed and look forward to the many years of happiness that you two will be having together.

SIGNED, Lord Golan Quendas Belik
President of the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia
Founder ex officio of the Democratic Underground region

He placed the message in an official envelope, sealed it, and handed it to Farvus. "Emil, make sure this gets back to the Iuthians safely and speedily."
The Freethinkers
25-02-2005, 00:15
The office of Sir Theodore Barham was a grand but spartan affair, high ceilings and classical pillars provided a refined backdrop for the minimalist furnishings. The man himself, Prime Minister of The Freethinker Commonwealth, sat back in the reclining chair reading the note from the Iuthian ambassador, pleased that his nation was regarded highly enough to be invited and of course for the opportunity to mingle with the more well-known members of the world community.

Of course, the problem was who to send. The holographic display in front of him was filled with schedules of various dignitaries, both from the government and the Royal Family, along with prominent members of the vampire community too. Lists of dates, appointments, and meetings filled the screen. In one window sat the half typed reply to the invitation, the small cursor icon flashing away in the middle of an unfinished sentence. The storm outside pounded the walls and windows, although Barham himself barely noticed, his mind working on the correct reply he himself had taken the responsibility to make.

Not too formal, not too casual, short, sweet, congratulatory but succinct. A thesaurus and word finder, old but constant companions sat opened on the desk, pages turned to column long descriptive and alternatives. Putting the note back down, smudged fingers returned to the keyboard, little more than suspended photons but reactive all the same. Slowly the message came together.

To the Lord General James deGritz

On behalf of the peoples of the Freethinker Commonwealth and its protectorates, I wish to convey my congratulations and best wishes for you and your betrothed and hope the future yields many joyous and bountiful years for you both. I am honoured by your invitation and will of course be sending my most esteemed representatives on behalf of my nation to this most glorious event.

Strength, Courage, Honour and Unity

Yours in deepest and sincere admiration,
Sir Theodore J Barham,
Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor of His Majesty’s Government

Reasonably satisfied, he sent off a copy to the Foreign ministry with the relative instructions for the replies safe arrival with the Iuthian ambassador.
The Resurgent Dream
25-02-2005, 00:41
Thomas Jansen stood in front of the large desks, facing his queen. His hands were crossed behind his back and his face wore an affectionate smile. "It's a wedding invitation, Your High Majesty, from Iuthia."

Agwene nodded. "Allies...allies with whom we have no direct contact no less."

"Yes, Majesty." Jansen said swiftly. "I would advise that you send a ranking noble or even myself or Prime Minister Lacau. It will be rather..."

"I'll go myself." Agwene cut him off. "Duke Connor will be my escort, as is protocol."

Jansen bowed. "Of course, Your Majesty. I'll go send word to the Iuthians." He turned and walked out of the room, grinning ear to ear.

Your Lordship,
I intend to personally attend your wedding along with my betrothed, Diuc Connor ap Daireann. We send you our fondest wishes on this joyous occasion and hope for your future happiness and wedded bliss.

Agwene ni Gwydion
High Queen of the Resurgent Dream, Vicar of Dana, et al

Along with the missive, James and Liessa received a shining, solid silver statue of the goddess Brigidh portrayed as a radiant young maiden.
The Most Glorious Hack
25-02-2005, 11:55
Josef read over the invitation again, tapping his chin and checking his schedule before frowning and shaking his head, "How the Hell can I be busy?" He sighed and forwarded the invitation to Elisa. Besides, the Speaker had had more dealings with Iuthia anyway. She'd be less likely to mess something up.


Lord General James deGritz,

I regret to inform you that Dr. Specter will be unable to attend your wedding due to previous commitments. However, I am honored attend in his place. My wife and my bodyguard will be coming with me. We look forward to visiting your country.

- Elisa Day, Speaker for the Oligarchy
The Semi-Autonomous Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack
26-02-2005, 06:56
Resting in the warmth of the suns gaze, Kayla Harmone sat in her office reading some of the latest reports coming in from an Iuthian Embassy down in Wyattland, apparently things were looking a little grim down there as the nation wrestled with some minor terrorist issue and already some of the diplomats had recieved bomb threats. Thankfully this report confirmed that the threat was minimal and well under control... just another lazy day in Central Command.

She was expecting Mick to come into the room any moment now to hand her an update on the Weddings Guest List, updated since last she checked she wanted to make sure that she had a good idea on who would be attending so she could do a little research before the event, it always proved useful to have such a smal edge like that.

Mick Lakely knocked on the door to her office, she knew it would be him as Mick was the only man she was expecting to see at this time. "Come on in Mick" she called out to him.

A tall slender man entered through the doorway, Mick's suit was a missing the jacket as it was a warm day, but the rest of him wore the standard Iuthian Diplomatic Corps grey suit, only much better tailored then most as he could afford the luxury. With him he carried a light brown folder which Kayla knew would contain the list along with various references to the confirmations made by the guests so far. Mick was smirking as he entered, something which suggested to Kayla that there were going to be some very interesting people at this wedding, though she doubted much could top Devon Treznor at this point.

"I think you'll find many of these to be very interesting, Kayla. Looks like we've got some very high profile guests interested in attending. I look forward to meeting the Empress of Tartarus myself of course, we've not really had much of a chance to really ask about Tartarus much..."

Kayla gave Mick a quick smile as she imagined James's 'Best Man' for a moment, though she knew better then to think he would hit on the Empress, like her Mick was very professional, even if it was a wedding. Not that Mick was an unattractive man, like he was a little younger then the Lord General and tended to work out just as much, often with James himself.

"Just leave it on the desk and I'll have a flick through it in a moment." Kayla replied, getting up to make herself a glass of water from the drinker cabinate. "So, you planned James's Stag Night yet then?" she asked, now smirking herself.

Mick poked his head out of the door for a moment to look around, and then turned back to Kayla with a conspiritors tone of voice. "Well, we're planning on having a bit of fun with some of his old military mates he's not seen for a while, I think General Turgidson has some interesting ideas, though yet to come up with anything on the scale we're looking for... probably best if I get back to you on that one."

Kayla nodded her head in recognition and simply let the conversation end there so they could both continue on with their work. It certain sounded like this would be an occasion to remember for the entire nation.

Taking her seat again, sipping a glass of cool water, Kayla opened the file and started to read down the list, first skim reading the names to get an idea of those she may reckognise. Already she could see some pretty important names, the President of Goobergunch, Empress Gehenna, an unknown name from the Freethinkers and the High Queen of the Resurgent Dream, an interesting bunch, but then Kayla reached the end on a name she definately recognised. Automatically emotioned raged in her chest as she let it's impact sink in.

Elisa Day

Wow... Kayla thought, stuggling to come to terms with it. Elisa day was perhaps Kayla first in many respects, of course, she had rather extensive relationships prior to Elisa, however Elisa was the first woman who had caught Kayla's eye and had fully shared herself with Kayla... at the time it was like being 17 again, giddy with anticipation and a little frightened. It was probably the most strangly intimate one night stand Kayla had enjoyed, and not just with Elisa, though Elisa was probably the strongest character and most comforting of the three.

What had really nailed it though, was that Elisa Day died. On the night she was officially declared dead, part of the mess which had thrown the protectorate of GMC into chaos and more importantly to Kayla, had confirmed her feelings for her. After that day Kayla mourned her death for a short period, followed with Kayla's rebirth as she met the lovely Atheril, her Aelosian sweetheart.

Many months later Elisa day attended a press confirence which confirmed she had not died at all, in itself it was a little much for Kayla as she once again had to confront feeling she had turned her back on for what she had hoped would be the last time.

And now I'll have to confront her... in the flesh. Kayla hadn't noticed that she had been sitting still for almost quarter of an hour now, lost in her contemplation. How could she face her again after all she had put her through? She would have to of course, it was the wedding of the Lord General and Elisa would be an honored guest, paying her respects to the Lord General in place of her nation. The fact this was a wedding further brought Kayla to concider how she would react to her presence, perhaps if Atheril were to attend...

Kalya shrugged, wiping a single tear from one of her eyes before getting up to wash her face in bathroom next room.

Elisa Day...

(Sorry about the lack of replies to letters so far, I've been having trouble getting my head in order and I'll reply later this weekend when I can. For those who are just finding this thread or whatever, I think it's time to remind people that you don't need to reply to our letters if you don't want to, a OOC post or telegram stating that you'll come will suffice for those who would rather keep this simple and to the point... I don't mind eitherway.

For those looking to come to the celebrations (basically anyone who doesn't have a invitation) feel free to contact my government if you would like an official envoy to attend the celebrations, or RP tourists entering the nation, it's up to you. Thanks for being interested in this little thread of mine.)
26-02-2005, 11:52
Offices of the Arkhora, Deep Tsarai, Tsaraine

It was late at night in the Greater Ascendancy, and Rene yawned into her lukewarm cup of coffee.

So much work, so little time ... I've got to see about getting Kasene or Ksravi or Kjathen-Yseult to deal with more of this. I need a break.


"Yes?" It was Ktoriach ralVenadt, still looking smart in his grey suit despite the hour.

"A message, hand-delivered by the Iuthian ambassador."

"Is it urgent?"

Ktoriach waved his hand to indicate a maybe. "Well, if you want to attend you'll have to start organising things soon ..."

"Attend? Attend what, Ktoriach? It's late, just give me the message."

Her aide handed it over, and Rene skimmed it quickly. "A wedding? Ktoriach, you're a wonder!"

Message To: Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps, Iuthia Prima, Iuthia
Message Fr: Arkhora Rene Seingult I, Offices of the Arkhora, Deep Tsarai, Tsaraine
Message Re: A Joyous Occasion

Esar Lakely,

Please convey to the Lord General my most sincere congratulations at this happy occasion. I hope to attend myself to better tender them in person.

~ Arkhora Rene Seingult I
Abnatr A'abnatratj e Anlabjatj

OOC: Argh, I fear 'tis ungood. Fie upon ye, O fickle muse!
Austar Union
26-02-2005, 12:55
Finally! thought Indigo to himself as he reclined back into the comfy chair in which he sat, The old General has found love!

It had been proabably a lifetime since Indigo had been invited to a wedding of this exposure. Certainly, deGritz was an older leader, and being such a man as he, he deserved to settle with a woman, one whom he loved. It seemed now that such things were becoming true, everything happened in due time. Yes, time was probably the one thing Indigo didnt quite master. It was not a weakness however, Immortality had its quirks. Anyhow, left to consider his own loneliness, he began to ponder his own future with a woman, a vampiress. Still, now was a time not for dwelling, but for celebration. It was time to pack the bags, on to Iuthia.

TO: Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps
FROM: Indigo Blue, Lord of the Blood Dynasty

Well I can only reply with but one answer friend, and that would be a congratulations to the lovely couple. Please, pass my regard unto him for me. in the meantime, you may consider this message a sort of RSVP to let you know that I will be attending personally. Being such a respectable nation, I trust you have everything under control, and are able to cater for a crowd of internationals quite well. I doubt I have to arrange security or anything else myself. Still, you may as well know that I am probably already on my way to your fine nation, not just for the ceremony, but for a nice visit anyway.

I hope you dont mind, im sure its all fine.

Yours In Excellence

Indigo Blue
Lord of the Blood Dynasty

In the meantime, when the message was sent in reply, it could be safely claimed that Indigo was already indeed on his way. It didnt take long at all for the preparations to be made, and he didnt really have to organise much at all. He was afterall, Lord of the Blood Dynasty, all powerful, and all absolute.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-02-2005, 22:44
So little time ... so much to do ... And this means going out.

Nathicana's fingers twitched as she stopped herself from tapping them nervously against the desktop. She used to look for excuses to take a quick trip, to just hop in the Tempest and make a beeline for god knows where, just for the joy of getting out, meeting new people, getting a taste of freedom.

Now, she preferred to conduct most of her business from the secure office in the villa, conducting staff meetings in the comfort of her own sitting room or around the dining table on the main floor. So far, she hadn't heard a word of complaint, in spite of some of the curious looks she had caught glimpses of now and then. Of course, there were more than enough reasons for it - at least that's what she claimed. It didn't change the fact that she had withdrawn and gone into hiding, as best she could while still running the nation.

Oddly enough, Calabrese had become an indespensable asset through it all, shouldering whatever responsibilities he could with little complaint, all under the watchful eye of Pellegrino's people, and further behind the scenes, Jas' Black Company. So far, there were no signs of duplicity, though she could not deny his more public face and direct involvement were winning him more support. Two things at least that needed some remedy and continued close monitoring.

She reached for her usual glass of ice water, curling up in her leather chair and sipping it quietly as she went over her options. Devon was planning on attending, or she likely wouldn't have been considering this at all to begin with. The fact that he would be there gave her a great measure of comfort, in addition to how their two security teams had been able to work together seamlessly. Mas insisted it would be good for her. Several of the Ministers had carefully voiced their opinions that it was important she went, even the usually protective Pellegrino. They were right, of course. And James had been such a gracious and dependable ally, always so supportive.

It will be fine. Iuthia is likely more safe than the Dominion right now in any case.

Taking up a clean sheet of personal stationery and her good fountain pen, she set aside her drink and began penning a response. She ended up scrunching up the page and starting over no less than three times before being satisfied with the results, sealing it in the old style with her personal seal, and directing that it be sent by courier to the Lord General with a bottle of Delacourt from her private collection, in addition to a brief note to Mick Lakely.

To Foreign Minister Mick Lakely,

My sincere thanks for the invitation - it would be my honor to attend. I plan on arriving in the company of Emperor Devon Treznor. My security will be coordinating with his, as we have done in the past.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto, Imperatrice

- * - - * - - * -

Dear James,

I would be honored to attend. Please accept my congratulations to you and your beloved bride - may you enjoy many blissful years together. Best of luck with your continued preparations. I look forward to the celebration, and couldn't be more happy for the two of you.

There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two
people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife,
confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto
27-02-2005, 07:50
Reaching out for a cool ice cold glass of water, the spent Lord General of Iuthia sat sprawled out on his comfortable leather chair, relaxing almost completely in its supporting cushions. It had been a pretty busy day for James as had he somehow found the time to attend the wedding rehearsal for the up coming big day ahead. Only six more days… he thought, taking a refreshing sip. I don’t know if I can survive another six days of this. They’ll be attending a funeral at this rate.

In front him the luxurious oak desk, several letters lay on the table many of them had been written personally by the leaders of nations he had made a point of inviting to his proudest moment, it warmed his heart that these fine figures would do him the honour of attending personally as it spoke words for the respect he and his people had gathered in recent times. Of course the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps were liaising with pretty much all the diplomats from these nations to completely organise all the little details, but even the IDC lacked the personal touch in their efforts… it would only be right that James reply to these letters personally, if only to return the gesture and show his thanks for their interest.

Opening one of the drawers to his desk, James pulled out some of his personal stationary and with traditional ink and paper he penned down his replies to each one, first off the Devon Treznor, a simple reply would suffice:

My dear ally,

Thanks for doing me the honour of attending our wedding; I look forward to meeting you in person for the first time as Kayla assures me that you’re quite the charmer, in any case I hope you enjoy your time in our humble nation and enjoy our hospitality.


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Next was the dear Empress of Tartarus, Gehenna. They hadn’t really gotten much information on the Empress as the nation mostly kept out of international affairs; however they are still Iuthia’s allies and on the whole the few people they had met from the nation seemed very respectable.

Empress Gehenna of Tartarus,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your kind blessings, we have been looking forward to this day ourselves for some time and I would like to assure you that the pleasure is all ours to be honoured in this fashion by our dear allies. We both look forward to meeting you in person at the wedding so you may witness our affection and that we may enjoy your presence at our special occasion.


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Shuffling through the letters a little, James came to look at the envelope from Goobergunch, James didn’t know much about the President of Goobergunch, but he remembered that the nation had been a good enough ally during Iuthia’s membership in UnAPS, he imagined they hadn’t changed and generally the nation seemed to have a very reasonable reputation.

Lord Golan Quendas Belik,

On behalf of myself and my fiancée, Liessa, I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to our wedding and for honouring us with your presence on this joyous occasion. We have long seen Goobergunch as an old friendly nation we’ve never really had the chance to do much business with, though we find your reputation most agreeable. In any case I look forward to seeing you in person at the wedding and hope you enjoy our hospitality.

Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Moving on to the next letter, the Freethinker Commonwealth had already gained a fair bit of respect as during Iuthia’s time with UnAPS, though it was a shame that their talents were wasted on the likes of Doujin. Still they were good friends with Iuthia at this time.

Sir Theodore J Barham,

I would like to thank your nation for accepting our invitation and I look forward to meeting your esteemed representatives at the reception, it is my hope that they enjoy Iuthian hospitality during their stay in our humble nation and we wish them a safe journey,


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Next was the Resurgent Dream, relatively new members of the VERITAS alliance and invited to the wedding simply because of those connections and an excellent reputation for the same love of diplomacy as Iuthia, it was James’s hope that an this would seal the deal with the nation and further bring them closer to the benevolent dictatorship of Iuthia.

High Queen Agwene ni Gwydion of the Resurgent Dream,

We feel honoured that your majesty would attend our humble wedding with your own fiancé, it would be interesting to meet you both as we have little experience with the people of the Resurgent Dream, you seem like a very interesting people and we would love the opportunity to learn more.

In any case thanks for your swift confirmation, see you at the wedding.

Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Taking another sip of cool water, James considered the next letter, working out what he would write, so far he had mostly rehashed the same words, though he tried to be as personal as he could with these things, the Semi-Autonomous Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack had seen many troubles as of late, though it seemed to be showing some signs of maybe settling down a little… in any case he wasn’t sure what to expect, it was a very different nation to Iuthia.

Dear Elisa Day,

While it is unfortunate that Dr. Specter will not be able to attend the wedding himself, we are still honoured to hear that you and your wife will be attending our celebrations in his place. Kayla has spoken many good things about you and I’m glad to hear that you are safe after all this time… I shall look forward to meeting you and your wife at the reception, as will Kayla, I’m sure,


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Following that letter was the confirmation from Tsaraine, Iuthia hadn’t had much contact with these allies as of late, though Kayla had travelled with some of their people at the Volksraad. It was comforting to think they were interested.

Arkhora Rene Seingult I

After receiving this letter from my Foreign Minister, Mick Lakely, I felt it would be best to reply myself in order to completely thank you for your speedy reply to our invitation, it’s an honour to have you attend this joyous event for both myself and my fiancée, we’ll look forward to talking in person, I hope you will enjoy the wedding and celebrations as much we will.


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

Moving on to the penultimate letter, the Austar Union were next… it was good to see a letter from Indigo Blue, the dictator in control of the reformed nation as James and Liessa had attended his coronation earlier this year. There was something funny about the man, but then again it he seemed like a solid bloke with similar views to himself, however, given that he was on his way already it would be pointless to reply at this time. He’ll just have to meet the man himself and tell him.

The final letter put a smile on his face, The Dread Lady Nathicana from the Dominion… Nathicana D'Aquisto and her people had impressed James on many occasions, often seeing eye-to-eye with Iuthian policies regarding other nations… it warmed his heart to think she would be attending his wedding personally as James hadn’t really had a proper chance to meet her, better yet she would be with the Devon Treznor, a perfect couple it seemed.

Dear Nathicana,

I’m more then glad that you will be attending the wedding personally, I have thus so far missed many opportunities to meet you in person, simply because of preparations for this wedding in many cases. I’m honoured by your blessings and it is my hope that you will enjoy our hospitality while in Iuthia,


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

And with that James finally relaxed completely… taking his time to enjoy the moment of peace which he could afford, if only for today. Still, it was done and out of the way… only six more days now.
Austar Union
27-02-2005, 08:08
Indigo smiled as finally his craft came to be below the clouds. For several hours he had been flying, somewhat abnormal for the trip could have taken somewhat longer. It was a matter of respect of course, considering the technology level of the Iuthians, and he didnt have any clue on how its citizens would react to a series of booms over their heads, in the sky above. This was general procedure of course for such a diplomatic arrival, he didnt like to make such a bold and intrusive entrance; he was of course, the guest. Taking a book from the chapters of history, he lived basically by the unwritten law; When you visit the Jones', do as the Jones' do...

Yes, it was a matter of respect. And as such he hardly expected any kind of media team of welcoming party when his craft had landed where most of the diplomatic kind did. Perhaps there would be, and perhaps there wouldnt, but still it didnt really matter, in the scheme of things. Indigo was sure that the Lord General had better and more important things to organise than a welcoming party. Anyhow, he was here not just for the wedding, but it was rather an excuse to get out to the fresh air, rather than the stagnent ones he was used to, deep inside the chambers of his palace at home. Iuthia was fabled to be somewhat of a paradise, kept that way by the James' strict, but fair hand. And watching the ground below, it seemed that the stories were true, for the most part.

Soon, I will be enjoying Iuthia to the fullest extent, and perhaps even living a life, really as an Iuthian...
27-02-2005, 08:56
Above Iuthian Waters

The temptation to call back to Deep Tsarai, see if there was anything needing her attention, was difficult for Rene to resist - it was difficult to actually stop working, to relax. Hence why she'd taken the slower Kash'ha, the "official" transport, rather than a more standard jet or exoatmospheric shuttle; the pair of days it took to go halfway around the world would be time enough to wind down, and get the niggling feeling that something, somewhere, required her attention out of her mind.

Kasene and Ksravi and Schaden, as the Arkhreifani and Arkhreif of the Interior, Exterior, and Security, could handle anything which came up perfectly well while she was away, after all. And Kjathen-Yseult (currently sitting near the bow, with her legs hanging over the side of the ship) was a member of the Ea, who were always doing their part in running the nation.

So; Tsaraine would manage fine without her for a week or so, and it wasn't like she was absolutely incommunicado if anything horrible did come up.

And here was the Benevolent Dictatorship ahead of them, as yet nothing more than a thick green bar on the horizon. Time to relax.
27-02-2005, 10:07
Spring was approaching. As yet, there were no buds on the trees in southern and central Lavenrunz, but the birds were flying south, now that the ground was thawing.
There was that bleak look that early Spring could have...the ground showing through patches of dwindling snow, the trees still barren, and the sunshine still pale, the wind still chilly. Empress Aurora was berating herself for feeling sorry for herself as she made her way along a cobbled pathway, flanked by crypts and mausoleums and ancient trees, towards the tomb of her mother and father.
Behind her, attendants were respectfully silent. Thirty Camelias flicked her tail and flattened her ears at the cold wind.
How can I feel sorry for myself now...everyone needs me. But Oh, Mother, Father...if only you were still here. I don't think I can do this. I don't think I'm strong enough. I'm barely sixteen...and everything seems so desperate...
But she had to admit to herself that part of what filled her with sadness was the wedding invitation itself. How could she ever bear to trust anyone enough to marry? How could she do it without her mother's guiding hand, her father's strength behind her?
Oh, Mother, I miss you so much. And that was also true. She wept, her back to her courtiers. Knowing that she must appear to be unbelievably strong, wise and able for her age, the very symbol of her country when she went abroad.

To Lord General James de Gritz

Many congratulations on the occasion of your wedding! I hope that this will be a chance for us all to come together, the alliances we belong to, and become closer as people. I will attend myself, and will be very glad to meet you in person at last.

in all friendship
Aurora von Sachshausen
Empress of Lavenrunz
27-02-2005, 23:42
Unity Island, Naval Operations Center. 0732 hours.

Rear Admiral Gregory Graham, on loan to the Non-Democratic Alliance Joint Forces from the Republic of Kelanthia, saluted Field Marshall Talyeh Chrei'gahn and the assembled chiefs already in the room.

"Please sit, Admiral," Talyeh said in her distinct Tsarainese accent. Graham obeyed.

A half dozen men and women watched him, their faces inscrutable. Field Marshall Chrei'gahn didn't look at him, but leafed through a folder. Graham assumed it was his dossier.

"How do you feel about Iuthia, Admiral Graham?" The word came out "Yuthya," which took a second to translate.

Graham blinked as he considered his response. So that's what this is about. "I think they make a fine addition to the Alliance, Ma'am. Iuthian troops are still being integrated into the Joint Forces, but I've had no cause for complaint so far."

General al-Hasib, liaison from the Iraqstani government, chuckled. "I should say not! Iuthians do an excellent job of socialising their citizens into submitting to authority. We could all learn from their example."

"Admiral, you are currently in charge of Task Force Charlie, Second Fleet under Admiral Nagira," said a tall Treznor General by the name of Hayes. "You presently oversee a pocket carrier, a battleship, two cruisers and a handful of destroyers. How do you feel about your present assignment?"

"Admiral Nagira is an excellent officer and a credit to GMC Military Arms," Graham said carefully. "The ships and their crews are equal to anything else the Joint Forces have to offer. I'd bet them against anyone."

Talyeh smiled and leaned back in her chair. "How would you feel about an independent command, Admiral?"

Graham stiffened. "I look forward to the opportunity, Field Marshall."

"I'm glad to hear it, Admiral. We have a time critical mission to Iuthia to patrol the international waters beyond their boundaries during the wedding of Lord General James deGritz. There will be a plethora of national leaders, including five more from the NDA, so we need to make sure there are no surprises. The Joint Forces have been tasked with security concerns. Six days is not enough time to move an entire fleet into position, but it is enough time to get advance screening elements into the area to patrol. You will take your carrier and eight destroyers, along with a flotilla of smaller intercept craft to Iuthia and make sure no surprises get within two hundred miles of the shore."

Graham accepted the mission briefing folder that was passed to him and looked it over. "Ma'am, if I may...that's an awful lot of space for one undersized carrier and eight destroyers. It's also not enough firepower to handle a real threat. Surely the Iuthian forces can handle anything that small."

"Your mission is to patrol, Admiral. If a real threat comes along, your job is to report it, keep an eye on it and if possible, harrass it until proper reinforcements can arrive. Until then, the carrier's job is to keep our birds in the air for reconnaissance. The destroyers should have enough speed to intercept anything they find. If they don't, the smaller PT-class boats will. We don't expect you to fight a war, but we do want more advance warning if someone chooses to bring one to Iuthia. If we had more time we would have sent the entire Second Fleet. Since we don't, you'll have to make do."

"Understood, Ma'am."

"Very good, Admiral. Your folder contains the names of the ships and their captains who will be serving under you. For your carrier to reach Iuthian waters in time, you'll have to leave by 1300 hours. You'd better get busy."

"Aye-aye, Ma'am!" Graham stood and saluted. The rest of the officers stood and saluted him in return, and he didn't quite dash from the room.

"Enthusiastic fellow," General Hayes chuckled.

"Admiral Nagira said he was chafing at the bit for an independent command," observed al-Hasib. "Let's hope he's not too enthusiastic."

"His performance has been excellent thus far," Talyeh reminded him. "I think he'll do fine. I just wish we had more notice. His comment was entirely appropriate; if something does come along looking for trouble, we're going to look very bad."

"Admiral Nagira will be sailing for Iuthia this evening with the rest of the Second Fleet," Hayes reassured her. "It'll take those battleships and carriers longer to get there, but they'll show up. Anyone who decides to make trouble will find themselves caught between the hammer and the anvil. He also observed that the Iuthian forces are up to handling any problem he can't. This is just a precaution, as well as a little PR. Short notice or no, our job is to protect our members."
Northwestern Liang
28-02-2005, 00:40
A rough-looking, heavily scarred dwarf (souvenir of enough battles for seven lifetimes) was draining what could only be described as a flagon of ale, while giving out what could only be described as verbal abuse to a group of lounging young'uns. The dwarf could only be Azemilcar, and if there was a dwarven stereotype, on the surface Barazun's military commander fit it to the bill. On the surface, though. Appearances were, indeed, skin-deep, and underneath the ale-drinking, gold-song-singing, loud, bearded, rough exterior there was an adept tactical and strategic mind that noticed everything others did and quite a bit more. And there was ambition. Oh, not the nasty sort of ambition that one got with that sort of people who knew exactly where a well-placed dagger in the back might raise them up a few rungs on the ladder, but the type of ambition that was useful to a general of a large colony. The ambition that made Barazun great, despite its weaknesses of population. It also made sure that Andvari, the Uzbad (Lord) of Barazun, was doing things exactly his way. He didn't mean to be manipulative, and in fact was quite a benevolent person. He just posed suggestions and Andvari went along with them.

This, then was Azemilcar, commander of the military on dwarven Mars. Azaghal, the resident Great Lord of the Dwarves, had offered him the position of commander of all dwarven military forces, but he had turned it down as 'not being close enough to the action'. He had talked with James DeGritz before, where he had accompanied Andvari and Dao Yorinaga to the meeting at the VERITAS party, and already he had liked the Iuthian leader. And his wife? Well, he hadn't really spoke with her, but from what he had heard, she was definitely not the high-and-mighty, we-put-someone-else's-jewel-in-your-necklace-so-now-its-ours type of elf that Azemilcar tended have a slight annoyance with*. All in all, he decided that he liked James DeGritz, and was sure that his wife was pleasant, as well. Iuthia was...different from Liang, quite a bit more...liberal (not to mention some of the things he heard about Iuthian dwarves, though he didn't really object to such things as merely write them down as misguided), but their Lord-General was someone Azemilcar could, and did, have a lot of respect for. As he sent off a heavily embroided letter in sharp, concise handwriting that characterized dwarven handwriting (they still tended to view the pencil as a chisel for writing runes, unfortunately), he was already looking forward to it.

In Khuzdul, this phrase and 'pillage their kingdom' come from the same root word.
The Freethinkers
28-02-2005, 04:49
Palace of Navarre, The Freethinkers

The Lion Gallery was one of those rooms set aside for informal meetings such as this. A circle of plush upholstery and furniture in an otherwise uncluttered room, richly decorated and yet elegantly functional, tall stained windows leading out onto a stone balcony now shut-off because of the still raging storm. The dull orange glow of the fire was interspersed by the twinkling of lights coming in through the glass from the stars above and the ships on the water below, and the only sound for the moment being the roar of thunder rolling through the Basin and the soft crackle of the flaming logs as the timbers burned away in the fireplace.

The occupants were the main decision makers of the Freethinkers. The Prime Minister, Barham, seated in a comfortable, high-backed armchair, King George and Queen Alexia, the ceremonial Heads of State, seated together on a plush Louis XVth sofa, their two daughters, Beatrice and Rebecca, along with their respective aides sat lounging on modern recliners. Sir Clodius Maxilimus, Lord of Navarok and the ranking Vampire in the Commonwealth looking mildly perplexed as he rested, upright, against the marble mantelpiece above the fire. A motley collection of cabinet members, royal aides and Vampire Blood Guards stood to attention around the room even though the flickering warmth of the fire made everyone a little sleepy. Lashings of tea, coffee and biscuits worked their way around the room and lubricated the flow and ebb of the conversation.

The discussion was, of course, who to send. This decision was perhaps more important than that of simply picking a few representatives to sit happy at a wedding and do a fine waltz. Contacts were to be made, and when most of the other attending nations could easily annex you at a snap of the fingers made the choice a little harder than was to be expected. When you go into a formal occasion where you are, basically, an outsider, and a technologically and economically inferior outsider at that, meant that these rare occasions to be introduced meant creating the best first impression. No one cocky, no one arrogant, no one who would come back with several armies at his or her heels baying for blood.

So how Clodius himself ended up being accepted as one of the representatives was something no one ever understood. Although reasonably well mannered and behaved, he had a habit of ending up, to put it bluntly, making an ass of himself, either through an inappropriate remark, transforming in front of and therefore scaring the hell out of people he was talking to, or engaging in macho shows of strength with other ex-soldiers and usually injuring them severely in the process. Official ceremonies were okay, informal gatherings less so.

However, there were advantageous to sending him as well. Being an ex-Pathfinder (although technically he remained one, this was more of a ceremonial position at its head rather than any actual fighting) he was pretty much able to handle himself if worse came to worse, and could take care of anyone with him too, meaning less intimidating batches of bodyguards which lead to easier introductions and conversations. He was also important enough to make decisions there and then and could talk as an equal with other Heads of State, and he was jovial enough to get on well with others, especially military types. Perhaps going into a highly militarised society was perhaps the clincher for him.

And who to send with him was the next question. Discussion reigned back and forth. Female, obviously, for the official dances, was the first consensus, which left the net sum two basic candidates free, Rebecca and Beatrice. Beatrice was older, wiser, more experienced, but Rebecca herself was coming into her own and seemed much more enthusiastic about going than her older sister. So Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Trabasale, second in line to the throne, would be escorted by Sir Clodius Maxilimus, Lord of Navarok as the official representatives of The Freethinker Commonwealth at the wedding.

And so orders were issued, a private jet sorted out, correspondence flashed between embassies and foreign ministries, and with as much speed and efficiency as possible two very important (relatively) people from The Freethinkers were ready and waiting for the off.
The Island States
28-02-2005, 05:03
"President Newman, we've received a message from Iuthia," the President's aide, Lieutenant Becker, called in over the intercom. The President, looking over the plans for Project Hermes, switched the window over to the text of the message:

Dear respected friends of the Benevolent Dictatorship of Iuthia,

Lord General James deGritz and beloved Liessa Valleron on the first day of March do request your company at Callisham castle, Iuthia Prime. It would be a great honour if your noble nation would attend a surely historical event with a representative of your choosing.


Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps,


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

The President looked at the plans and the stack of paperwork for the creation of the Concordat. He flicked the intercom back on.

"Send a reply notifying the Iuthians that we will be sending General Thompson to attend the ceremony. Check ahead to make sure the General can wear his ceremonial pistol and sword, the Iuthians have a habit of making a big deal out of weaponry."


TO: Benevolent Dictatorship of Iuthia
FROM: The Office of the President of New Haven

We will be sending our General Thompson to attend the wedding, as our President is busy with work concerning a massive project for a new agreement between several nations. We would like to know if ceremonial weaponry will be permitted, and if so, if any limitations will be placed on them.


James Newman
President of New Haven

Austar Union
28-02-2005, 06:54
Iuthia, heart of diplomats, and a city most fabled...

These were the only comments Indigo could make about the nation he was now wandering. Fully booked and checked into local and national authorities, he had notified them of his intention to laze about. And although he was of the status a national representative, he was sure that the nation's own secret service were watching, at the very least for his very protection. He was sure, the Lord General was weary, especially since the ancient bananza with Credonia, Austar Union, and the terrorists. And although that was quite a long time ago, it never hurt to be cautious. Iuthians, for one thing though, were far more than respectable both on the professional, and unprofessional playing field, and so Indigo really didnt mind. Being watched and monitered only secured his own safety. This, was just one positive aspect.

Dressed rather vaugley, he did his best to blend into the Iuthian background and surroundings, whilst still keeping his identity rather secret if anything. Sure, there were probably some, if looking hard enough would recognise him as the Lord, and Ruling Power over the Blood Dynasty of Austar Union. But for the natural man or elf (of whom seemed to be the predominant species here), he was but a dark stranger wandering through the streets, admiring the landscape around him, as if it was but an artwork. Only thing different to the artworks he was used to, was this time he was immersed in the colors, the brushstrokes, the lines. And yet, it was still beautiful.

With friends he walked, toward a particular address. It had been outlined as a representation of the Yut alliance. There, he could talk with someone unofficial about the structure, members, and representatives of the alliance. Business could be done here, but not during the wedding.
01-03-2005, 04:58
Iuthia Prima, capitol of the benevolent dictatorship of Iuthia and home to millions; all humans, elves, dwarves and clangers alike. It was the centre of Iuthian business, as well as the cultural centre of the nation, the front of the line in Iuthian fashion (often simple at the best of times) and had probably the most tourism throughout the nation, and why not? Unlike other Iuthian cities it had made efforts to make the place a little less authoritarian to the outside world, a little more cheerful in a sense. Iuthian architects were still rather fond of solid structures build to withstand a lot of punishment, many important buildings may as well be considered bunkers for all the reinforced concrete used in their structures and where possible it wasn’t uncommon for them to build down as well as up… never the less efforts had been made to do more then simply strengthen structures as more aesthetically pleasing architecture had been used in recent times, though it took a back seat to the normal requirements of defence capabilities.

On the whole, Iuthia Prima was a mostly grey city teeming with life, from the hours of eight till five people could be seen going to work in their suits and uniforms with the rush hour taking place as normal with reasonable traffic, it was occasionally crowded but the cities designs towards accessibility and the fact that cars were a luxury for many helped to make it fairly efficient. During the later hours, however, the city centre opened up to a different type of Iuthian. After spending all day working a wage slave job… many Iuthians simply went out to enjoy themselves. Clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, gyms, shops and brothels, all of which catering for the need to wind down and relax, and they had gotten good at it over the years.

Given that tourism was a rather large industry in Iuthia thanks in part to liberal laws legalising drugs and prostitution, Iuthia Prima caters for a very wide spectrum of interests, from virtually any form of dance club imaginable to more quiet memorial parks and relaxing beaches and massage parlours. Meta-human bars and clubs were not uncommon, though they served anyone regardless of race, it wasn’t uncommon to get humans in dwarven pubs, trying out the stronger ales and being the men they thought they were, conversely it wasn’t too strange to see a dwarf in a suit drinking in a elven bar… these bars weren’t meant to be cater for a single race as they often evolved that way as they found more and more of their clientele were of one race which enjoys the set up more then others…

One of the more beautiful parts of the city was the Embassy District, though security is higher then normal the fact that these building were influenced by foreign arts had made many of the building much more attractive then your standard grey concrete block. Much attention went into keeping the district good for both diplomats and tourists alike with many cafés (many of which double as recreational drug cafés) as well as memorial parks with statues of famous and often foreign leaders, one including a Zvarinograd premier.

Now that the wedding was nearing, preparations were underway and hotels were quickly being booked up by tourists and Iuthian well-wishers alike, many of the higher quality hotels had been hired by the IDC to house foreign diplomats attending the wedding and/or the celebrations, though some had opted to stay in their nations embassies for further security (not that these hotels weren’t secure) and cultural preference.

The atmosphere in the city was pretty good at the moment; there were many tourists in town for the celebrations, which in turn were spending a lot of money and mixing in with the locals, who were used to it by now. Even though tourists weren’t trusted as much as a citizen, Iuthia Prima had gotten used to foreigners for some time now thanks to the diplomatic district… of course, there were still areas on the outskirts where outsiders got funny looks, but given the almost nil rate of crime in Iuthia it never got out of hand, in any case the Peacekeepers were very efficient with their job.

Many of the tourists were from Knootoss, as the two cultures were relatively close to one another on many levels, though it wasn’t surprising to find tourists from allied nations or even neutral nations. It was a time to celebration and people were coming into the nation preparing for the big party which was getting ready to start after the wedding… security had increased a substantial amount, but it was friendly enough as the Iuthian people were disciplined at the best of times.

Having received the latest batch of transmissions, Mick Lakely, Iuthia’s foreign minister started to answer the letters which he could in order to confirm matters to those who asked. In front of him was the message from James Newman, President of New Haven.

Dear President Newman,

We our happy you have honoured our Lord General with the presence of General Thompson, I will look forward to meeting him at the wedding, we can understand that your schedule is busy at this time and accept this as James deGritz himself has missed much as part of the organisation for this event.

To answer your question, we feel that any ceremonial weapon should be partial disabled and without munitions and that your blade should be peace bonded in order to make it harder to draw. During your time outside of secure areas you will be permitted to have functional weapons like everyone else for your security, when your men enter secure areas we will require that these weapons be turned into Iuthian security to be returned to you upon exit, of course ceremonial weapons can be taken everywhere, providing they are dealt with in the manner described above.

Thanks for your interest,

Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps

Meanwhile James himself answered the Lavenrunz letter personally, as he was interested in learning more about the nation and more importantly wanted to give them a good impression.

Dear Empress von Sachshausen

Thank you for your blessing of this joyous occasion, I’m honoured to think that you will be attending my wedding personally and I look forward to meeting you in person as I believe we have much to discuss, we have never really gotten a chance to learn much about Lavenrunz, though we understand these are hard times which we would like to help you through, we ourselves have had turmoil in the past without other to help…

In anycase I’m pleased you will attend personally and I hope you enjoy the hospitality of our humble nation,


Lord General deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.
05-03-2005, 03:23
Inside the Royal Palace of the Sindarin Craftworld of Aelosia...

"So, finally they are going to marry eh?. Well, after all I have been always a heavy and active supporter of the interracial marriages, haven't I?", said the Everqueen with a mischievous expression reflected on a wry grin across the croner of her mouth. In the huge yet empty looking hall that she used as her "duty office", only another being heard her words, a thin and strangely small elf, standing at twenty feet of the Empress of the Aelosian people. The grin in the mouth of the otherwise sinister vizier of the Phaelos House wasn't as visible as the one in Elurín face, thanks to the elongated hood that, coupled with the long, black robe over the elf's body, helped him to remain hidden under the carefully crafted elven silk fabric.

"You being a hybrid between three different races...Uhm...I'm sure it isn't strange you support them. And if we take a look to your descendence, well...But the main affair here, that I do not understand, is why you called me to just inform me about that, of course with you already knowing that I consider all non-elves as inferiors. And that, unlike you, I do despise such unions", answered the other man, visibly disturbed by a mixture of fear, terror and hatred.

"Because, as you might guess, I'm going to send someone to that party, just because, unlike you, I do regard good humans, like those Iuthians, in high esteem. And that, because they are better than leeches and scumbags like yourself, even with your proud and high ancient lineage. but, then why I do called you?. Because from my part, Princess Aliria nos Elurín already offered herself to go to the party, but I want you to choose her companion. I would had chosen you to go, but Aliria asked me to have mercy of herself and not stuck her with such undesirable company. So I am waiting for you to choose the other envoy to write the letter. You have two minutes to ponder about this issue", was the fiery words of the Everqueen, pronounced under the light of a pair of flaming eyes.

A long silence followed her words, the other elf remaning quiet, not daring to answer to the supreme ruler in a way contrary to her wishes. Finally he spoke, more a group of hisses than words, raising his head so his long chin showed a bit under the shadow of his hood. "So be it, Everqueen, but in my words a hidden doom will be written. You are my queen and the queen of my people, and you have the power to command me, but not to humiliate me. As far as I know, young Prince Kithail Hyral, the chief of the Hyral House, is a close friend of Princess Aliria after they spent their chilhood together. and as far as I recall, he was elected ShadowPrince in your absence. so I choose as her companion. Yet, my beloved and hated Everqueen, I also recall that the chief of the D'nan House, the Viceroy of Mars, had a little cappricchio regarding a human woman, a little weakness towards an Iuthian, to be more precise. Then why not send him?. He seems to be perfect for the task".

"He's independent enough to go by himself, he doesn't need my leave for such a small issue. But I like your choice, Wretched Prophet, if still Mandos dare to speak through your rotten mouth. I'll send the Hyral Prince with Aliria. Now you may leave and tell him of my orders, tell him that the Simbelmynë will fly again, and that I want him on board. I have a letter to write", were the last words of the Everqueen before the black dressed man left her chambers.

To: Foreign Minister Mick Lakely, Iuthian Diplomatic Corps
From: Aelosia Elurín nos Dior, Everqueen of the Sindarin Elves.

We received your letter with both curiosity and joy, knowing that each day the friendship between our peoples grows and grows. However, every joy is accompanied by a grief, and so the grief in this case is that I must refuse your invitation due to unavoidable political internal compromises, one of the responsabilities of absolute rulership.

Yet, I want to send my heir and next Everqueen of our people, Princess Aliria nos Elurín, to your marvelous country to share the joy of such moment as the wedding of your apprecciated ruler, James De Gritz. she will be arriving as soon as possible, the pending details being right now being fixed by our diplomatic envoy in your country. without anything else to say and thanking you for your invitation...
The Most Glorious Hack
05-03-2005, 06:57
The jet from the Hack landed on a lesser used landing strip, prefering to avoid the hub-bub that usually follows dignataries everywhere. Elisa had been in the spotlight quite enough lately, thankyouverymuch, and was more than willing to let someone else be the center of attention. Elisa, her wife Sarah, and her bodyguard Kara quietly got into a rented car for the ride to the Hack's nominal embassy. On the ride, Elisa gave Sarah and Kara a little bit of information on Iuthia.

The Hack's embassy wasn't a very impressive affair. The Hack had never had much of a relation with Iuthia before Iuthia joined the NDA, and after they joined, an embassy wasn't especially necessary. It was a rather small building with a minimal staff, but it was a nicer, and more private, place to stay than a hotel. They settled in, relaxing before the big event.
07-03-2005, 03:03
Finishing up with the last set of letters for the night, James sighed happily, was it warmed his heart to see his allies interested in this special occasion, of course the wedding had been a long time coming with many complications, but it didn't matter now, it would only be a matter of time before he would be wed to his beloved...

Liessa deGritz... of course, the pair had been an item for a long time now and they didn't feel that marriage was required to confirm their love, it was merely an exclamation of their feelings, and a good way to give the nation a boost in moral as a large amount of the nation looked towards the Lord General for strength.

Looking back to the complete letter on the table, James concidered his reply to the Everqueen of Aelosia...

Dear Aelosia Elurín nos Dior, Everqueen of the Sindarin Elves,

Firstly I would like to offer my condolence at your situation, as the Lord General of Iuthia I have myself had to miss many celebrations in other nations because of the heavy burdon of absolute rulership, such as the celebrations at the Dominion follow the Dread Lady Nathicana's coronation. It is because of these duties to my nation I completely understand your situation, perhaps better then most others. Such is the price of devotion to ones nation.

Never-the-less I'm more then pleased to be honored by the presence of your heir at this joyous occasion, it is my hope that Princess Aliria nos Elurín enjoys her stay in our humble nation, I will look forward to meeting her after the ceremony.


Lord General James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people.

It seemed appropriate, though James was never really a master with words he hoped that this would be balanced with the fact he wrote it personally in reply to the Everqueen.

Setting it down on the table, James retired to his bedroom where Liessa would likely already be fast asleep.

Upon landing in Iuthia, many of the foriegn diplomats may have noticed the lack of public interest in their arrival, occasionally the press was interested enough to take pictures, though it this was more for a basic new broadcast on the arrival of guests for the wedding itself.

The welcoming party which greeted each arrival was composed of one or more of Iuthia's high ranking diplomats along with a small security detail which occasionally included a security liaison for co-ordinating security matters with those capable of doing so. The diplomats made a point of using all the proper forms to introduce themselves, welcome the guests and then finally politely asking for permission to register all weapons to be used for security in Iuthia, it was relatively standard proceedure to many of them and was conducted in as polite (but firm) manner as possible.

Time came to pass quickly over the next few days as everyone was busy preparing the biggest party in Iuthia since the New Year's Eve in the year two thousand. Already the cities hotels were pretty heavily booked with well wishers, party loving tourists and foriegn diplomats, the latter were provided for by the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps with several 5-star hotels set aside for many of them, in itself it was a small accomplishment as Iuthia Prima simply didn't have many 5-star hotels... some were built for the express perpose of tending to visiting diplomats, others were actually built for the growing tourism industry in the capitol city.

Eitherway they IDC had made a point of providing luxury care for these VIPs, even going as far as to make sure that each group were carefully positioned so that those whom didn't get on with others attending the wedding wouldn't be near other party... those from the Non-Democratic Alliance were given the same hotel as it was well known that the leaders of these nations got on very well with one another. Of course, they still had space to themselves should there be any issues.

Security was high of course, each hotel was equipped with rigged security especially for the occasion; for purposes of security classifications the hotels weren't concidered "Secure" despite this high level of security, the idea being to give the diplomats attending the freedom to keep their security armed while at hotels as "Secure" areas demanded that weapons be handed in with the exception of cultural weapons which were disabled in anycase.

Transport for each group was provided should it have been required, though many had brought their own vehicles, in many cases they were from their embassies vechicles though some were brought in for the event itself. With any luck things would be smooth...

The Big Day...

Dawn broke on the city of Iuthia Prima as the warm orange sky oozed out to surround the grey and white concrete skyline, a cool spring breeze keeping the temperature down to a suitable relaxing climate... any other day this would have been a lazy start, a perfect morning for a stroll around the central park or perhaps a leisurely mornings job. However, this was the day the big man himself would be married to the wonderful Liessa Valleron, a holiday for many and a good work opportunity for those who didn't care much about the union. Some simply lay in bed in preparation for upcoming evening celebrations, others made their final checks or head out for work in order to assure that everything continued to operate despite the national holiday.

In the Bolivar Memorial Park, the trees blossomed in beautiful pink, orange colour. Gardeners had to clear the paths of the bloom as it fell to the ground in the breeze, spring was such a nice time of the year in Iuthia, even if there weren't many places to really enjoy it in the concrete jungle, the symbolism was very suitable for a wedding as it was expected that James and Liessa would have a heir in the future... of course, anyone who knew anything about elves would automatically be able to see the problem with this as their long lives resulted in a low birth rate as a natural balance preventing over population, nature possibly being the Lord Generals biggest opponent asside from time.

Regardless of these shadows, the sun rose on Iuthia Prima and the city begun to awaken to the soft sunlight beating through their blinds... the wedding would take place late in the morning, allowing the guests time to prepare and arrive at their leisure, Callisham Castle had already been prepared expecially for the occasion, it was just as much a fortress as when it had originally been built, perhaps a little modernised of course.

The large arched stone enterances to the caste grounds had their security measures double checked again and the castle interior and exterior were sweeped again to cover every angle imaginable. Outside the large dominating structure Black Vipers wore relatively light armour to accomadate the warm weather expected, though heavier carapaced armour soldiers were only a moments call from their position at all times. Inside the structure the Black Vipers wore armour modified suits for the occasion, each looking very smart while incorperating reasonable proction. Guards are the enterances wore the same gear, wearing the standard Gauss Rifle and light pistol sidearm for quick draw situations.

The castle itself had an old English feel, the old stone had mostly been left alone to keep a romantic feel, though many modifications had been made to the structure to make sure it was reinforced and air conditioned while retaining it's aged apperances. Electronical security was subtle but ever present, many of the coridors were decorated to give a almost authentic feel about the place, tapestries and drapes were used more or less to make sure the place wasn't bare, lighting wasn't torch or candle lit of course, but electric lights had been fitted and given filters so it wasn't bright like a mall, but it was well lit.

The throne room itself was a very large affair as the Dictator who had lived here a long time ago when Iuthia was pretty different had gone in for a throne room which belittled men as they entered the large double doors, now it had been kitted out with many luxury seats for the attending guests, the throne itself would be behind the man wedding the Lord General and Liessa, though it hadn't been removed, the isle had been given a royal red carpetting and more tapestries and drapes decorated the room with a grand chandelier lighting the room.

Finally, the Grand Hall was prepared for the weddings reception after the ceremony had taken place, large tables had been prepared with snow white cloths, the food wasn't served yet and would be served after the ceremony for the guests. Most of the hall had been set aside for the dance floor as a bride and the groom would have the first dance after the ceremony had taken place, followed with the normal wedding traditions of speaches and dancing.

To be fair, alot of it was quite simple in comparison to many royal affairs, but James and his bride weren't complex people... many of the complex parts of the wedding had been added by advisors who had a little background knowledge, still much of it had been played down as James still viewed Iuthia as a humble nation.

So as Iuthia's guests stirred in their beds, final checks were made and the stars of the event woke up... where ever they were...
07-03-2005, 03:04
Urggg... The Lord General deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people and ruler of the Benevolent Dictatorship of Iuthia, stirred in his resting warm and somewhat dank resting place. At the present moment in time his memory wasn't giving him any hints to exactly what he was resting in, but at least it didn't smell like anything too bad...What the hell was I doing last night?

Getting up slowly revealed to him that he was in a dark area probably outside was he was sitting on something green, perhaps finely cut grass because it was damp, however there was a clean black ouline to the area he was in... looking up he was blinded by the light, What the...?

It suddenly dawned on the man that this wasn't grass, and as quickly as his senses were coming back to him he guess that he was actually on something like pool table covered in what he sincerly hoped was beer... the shape of the table itself was large and round, a shape which rang alarm bells in his head but he couldn't quite figure out why as his brain was still getting accustomed to the painful ringing which followed.

More senses started to come back to James as he could now take the beer from the night before layed thick on his tongue... Damn, I need some water. He figured out to himself. Reaching the edge of the table he automatically started to work out his position.

"Fuck... not the War Room, why did we have to hold it in the War Room." It all came back to him at once as his memory flooded back. Automatically he started to realise a simple fact about his old army buddies... "So, the lazy bastards couldn't think of anything better then poker, beer and girls then huh? I was hoping for something a little more imaginative..."

With that he stumbled his way out to get himself cleanen up, it was still early in the morning so he should be ok, but he was a feeling a little rough... nothing a strong cup of coffee couldn't fix though, and perhaps a couple pills while he was at it...


OOC: Ok, here it is... I've done my best to get things moving, I'm sorry if it seems a little drab, I've tried my best but I guess my inspiration has been running a little low recently.

In anycase, the wedding is now pretty much on and you can RP your guests arriving into the nation, or arriving at the wedding or anything in between, even if you can't post now remember that fluid time is perfectly acceptable during this thread so you can catch up with anything you missed. Feel free to take liberties with descriptions and proceedures, just remember that security is pretty much at a OMG level and if you aren't sure read the OOC thread for guidelines on rules, if you do better then me with description then I'll be happy as I'm having trouble visualising the location... feel free to RP amongst yourselves to your suiting, I'll RP the actual ceremony when I'm ready and fluid times means you will be able to carry anything on even if I start the wedding.

Have fun, I'll try my best and like I said, you can take some liberties so long as you don't take the piss, I'll give ample warning if I think there is a problem.
07-03-2005, 08:41
Hotel, Iuthia

It was nice to be able to spend one's time waking up in the morning, Rene thought, as she poked her head around the door.

Ktoriach and Kjathen-Yseult didn't seem to understand that fact, however; both were already wide awake and waiting for her. In Ktoriach's case, that was his job; in Kjathen's, well ... nobody but the Ea Communion understood the workings of the Ea Communion, really.

"Good morning," she said. "Would someone care to help me with these boots? They're real bastards to put on. I should change the design."

The boots in question were part of her official dress uniform, itself based upon that of the Commonwealth Space Command fifty years ago (although she didn't recall them being so difficult then).

"Certainly," Ktoriach replied, and bent to help her with them. "There. You really need a shoehorn, I think."

"I suppose I do," she agreed. "How do I look?"

"Very sharp," Ktoriach said, but Kjathen-Yseult replied; "We find "clothed" to be acceptable in most nations."

Rene laughed. "I think we all qualify, thank you!"

Sans Vlrsiradt, Rene's dress uniform was a good deal lighter, and a good deal cooler in Iuthia's tropical climate, despite being almost entirely unrelieved black - her rank braids, the only splash of colour in the thing, were on the coat.

Ktoriach wore a similar monotone, in the form of his usual subdued grey suit, with the rank braids picked out discreetly in silver.

Kjathen-Yseult bore no braids whatsoever - the Ea, practical to a fault (There were computer programs more human than the Ea), did not believe in such things. Her light silk robes - likely the most practical of all of them, of course - were an autumnal red to match her hair.

"Shall we go, then? Wouldn't want to be late."

OOC: Argh argh argh, crappy post - I got interrupted a few paragraphs in and had to resume writing several hours later. Probably taking advantage of fluid time there too.
09-03-2005, 03:02
Morning of Wedding Day, a hotel in Iuthia Prima, Iuthia

President Golan Belik rose from his jet-lag induced sleep. It had been a fairly long flight from the Darrellian airport and he had fallen asleep almost immediately upon getting to his hotel room. He thought back on the trip and his arrival into Iuthia, but all he could get were faint memories of the Ambassador and the Iuthian security officials working out all of the arrangements. He felt well-rested now, though. He was looking forward to the day's big festivities.

The phone rang, and Belik answered it. It was the Goobergunchian Ambassador to Iuthia, James Carenthas. The Dean of the Goobergunchian Diplomatic Corps, Carenthas had once been the UnAPS Ambassador before Goobergunchia withdrew from that body. Although the Iuthian embassy is considered to be one of the best diplomatic posts that Goobergunchia has, Belik was secretly glad that he had appointed a career diplomat and not a political friend to the post.

"Hey James. What's new?"
"Good morning, Golan. You getting up?"
"Actually, I just woke up. I should be ready within the hour, though."
"Excellent. I'll have our limo in front of your hotel by then, and if you give me fifteen minutes' notice I'll have it ready just as you're walking out."
"Not a problem."

Belik hung up. It seemed ready to be an excellent day.
The Island States
09-03-2005, 05:22
A special VIP dropship took off from a military base north of Freeport of the former TIS. Painted white with the joint red flag of the USR/NHSR on the wings, the dropship climbed skyward as it sped off to Iuthia.

General Thompson wore his ceremonial white with red trim uniform, the ceremonial pistol and sword ready to be properly inspected and dealt with by Iuthian customs. He knew his weapons were going to be rendered useless, and couldn't care. There were no bullets in his gun, making the sword the most lethal armament on his body (and that would be 'peace bonded'). He took out a crossword from the Freeport Times and began to solve it. Five-letter sword for a sharp weapon...
The Freethinkers
09-03-2005, 22:58
The Freethinker Commonwealth Embassy, Iuthia Prime

The Freethinker embassy in Iuthia was a testament to Freestian design, a representative piece of architecture to show visitors the nation’s view of taste and style. A large, somewhat overtly decorated dark granite piece of gothic art, the embassy looked almost like a stereotypical over-the-top English-style country house, looking extremely out of place in the concrete-happy Iuthian surroundings and open plan green parkland. Nonetheless, it did its job very nicely and when used for entertaining never failed to impress…

Clodius had chosen the embassy for two very simple reasons over the offer of a five star Iuthian hotel. Firstly, he felt that eyebrows would be raised by his somewhat unorthodox eating habits, even for a vampire, eating the best part of a dead bull raw tended to be unsettling, and Clodius really couldn’t be bothered fasting, and secondly, his sheer bodyweight, five hundred odd pounds fleshed out into a very small, although extremely compact and muscular, frame by Freestian standards meant most furniture tended to do a very embarrassing breaking and splitting thing beneath him. Hence, the generous kitchens and reinforced seating of the Freethinker embassy suited him immensely, and Rebecca ended up finding herself with little say in the matter, although at the end of the day she didn’t mind too much.

The night before the wedding was spent by the pair of representatives acquainting themselves to the uniqueness and attitude of Iuthian culture by going out and getting as rat-arsed as possible, although this goal had somehow evolved from the original ‘going out for a quiet drink’ that was communicated to embassy staff. Whereas drinking an eight pint pitcher without stopping even for breathe was impressive in itself, it left even Clodius somewhere over the rainbow on the fourth or fifth time of asking, and he had been glad to return home to a well made bed and few questions being asked. It had been hell getting up though.

So now the vampire stood in his specially prepared chambers, the clothing selected being the official ceremonial uniform of the Pathfinder Corp, considering the heavier blood guard honour armour was probably going way too far. A ten foot winged demon was probably going to be a too attention seeking, so Clodius was happy to slip into human form for the event, as he had for the night before, and was now in the process of getting ready for the wedding itself.

The vampire ran a finger over the neatly pressed uniform sitting on the table in front of him, checking it carefully for dust or creases. Retracting his hand over the garment, he was happy enough, making a note to compliment the cleaners when he returned. Rubbing his eyes slowly, still somewhat glazed from the heavy drinking the night before, he proceeded to recite the day’s itinerary in his mind as he moved around to the sword resting above the uniform on the table. A heavily decorated, hardened sheath covered in Celtic patterns protected a shiny silver blade with an engraved, gold lined handle, reflecting brightly in the morning sun ebbing in through the partially open curtains. Locking pins, a result of the Iuthian request for peace-bonding of ceremonial weapons, had been slotted in along the length of the blade, and it would be impossible to remove the sword from its sheath without a set of tools handy.

Dressing was slow and cumbersome, care having to be taken to ensure none of the lines of the smooth materials creased or dirtied. Straightening out the line of medals and flicking a bit of fluff from one shoulder, Clodius stood in front of a full length mirror, tampering with the cuffs and neckline in a fruitless attempt to get the look right. Much preferring the rough, coarse beauty of Pathfinder battle armour, the refined, symmetrical look of the dress uniform was almost, well, fake, in what it represented. Whereas he wore any uniform of the Pathfinder Corp with pride, Clodius perhaps perceived the fact this uniform didn’t see the action that the bright polished medals on its chest had been fought and won for made it somehow unworthy of bearing the medals itself. Quite strange really, he thought.

Once dressed and having eaten a light breakfast, he met up with Rebecca, in a plain but none the less elegant pale blue dress, and the Freethinker ambassador to Iuthia, Sir Roger Bearing, a white haired, somewhat eccentric looking old man who passed on the official letter of congratulation and the wedding gift from the Freethinker government, a finely crafted, platinum lined bejewelled broadsword that would be passed onto the respective Iuthian officials as necessary. With barely a word he nonetheless wished them both luck and with that Clodius and Rebecca departed the embassy for the wedding ceremony itself….
The Most Glorious Hack
12-03-2005, 09:43
Elisa smiled as she got out of the limo, helping Sarah and Kara out after her. The castle was truly beautiful, and Elisa was thrilled to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the Federation. She wore a long dress that clung to her nicely, but couldn't be decribed as 'slutty' except by the most fevered mind from Iesus Christi.

She looked forward to meeting Kayla Harmon, she hadn't seen the woman since the conferency in Feminary, and was concerned that Kayla might have been upset over Elisa's faked death. She'd apologised profusely to most of her friends and family since coming back from hiding in Barensburg, but never had a chance to apologise to Kayla; a letter seemed too impersonal.

She ran her fingers through her hair, and walked in with Sarah and Kara. No sense in worry about that eventual meeting. Time to simply enjoy the festivities.

[No offence to Matty, etc. Just the first fundie nation that popped into mind.]
12-03-2005, 11:46
Callisham Castle, Iuthia Prima, Iuthia

Despite the fact that it wasn't all that late in the day, and the fact that the Castle's shadow was falling over the cobblestones in front of the entrance, Iuthia's tropical heat hit Rene almost the moment she emerged from the limo.

I really should have worn something different, she realised. Even sans Vlrsiradt, her dress uniform was designed of heavier cloth intended to stand up to the Tsarainese winter, and Rene herself wasn't used to the equatorial heat.

Nodding politely to the Hacker delegation, she entered the Castle itself. It was much cooler inside the building, testament to it's construction and more modern ventilation.

Tsaraine had nothing like this; on the steppes, where one location was much the same as any others under the bowl of the sky, there was no point, and in the irrigated, fertile lowlands they'd been destroyed in the Kymnari Wars, or the Revolution, or the Obsidian Event, which left the entire nation as blackened glass.

To be sure, she'd seen such things before - Samarkant had examples, as did Szekedan and, to a lesser extent, Ekatori - but the idea that people could build such a thing, without industrial machinery and an industrial economy, still amazed her.
12-03-2005, 21:49
Thirty Camelias lay on the floor near Empress Aurora's feet in the dressing room in her apartments. The young Empress was still rather jetlagged, and the country was so strange she felt somewhat emotionally overwhelmed. It was interesting, to be sure, and she was looking forward to learning more about it but at the moment...
Also, she was somewhat irritated and embarassed by a minor but slightly disturbing problem. Aurora was used to dressing modestly and simply at the palace, but she found to her dismay that she had...grown...since the last time she'd worn a formal gown. In a sense she had noticed her breasts being rather in the way, but she realized she was going to end up as buxom as her mother had been at this rate, as she stared into the mirror watching herself spilling out of her gown.
"Not to worry Majesty." said her handmaiden with quiet efficiency. "We can just alter it."
"Please do." said Aurora; she felt awfully embarassed and wanted to rip the dress to shreds and pretend it had never existed. However, she just stood there, let herself be undressed to her slip, and then held out her arms to put on the robe that the young woman was offering her.
This is ridiculous she thought; I feel like I'm all wrongly proportioned; I keep feeling like I'm going to topple over, like my hands can't hold onto anything, and my boobs are always in the way. This was not how she wanted to feel when meeting some of her most important allies. Fleeing with as much dignity as she could to her bedroom, she began to pour over the report that Baron Shein had prepared for her on Iuthia. She envied the creators of Thirty Camelias; the people of The Territory always seemed so...primal, unstirred by the concerns of polite society. Or better still to be Thirty Camelias herself, embodying wild grace and ferocious strength.
The Island States
13-03-2005, 04:32
Diplomatic Dropship

"Standby, Emergency Alert Message coming through!" The copilot called out.

"General Thompson, we got an EAM, standby," The pilot called back. General Thompson put his crossword away and listened closely.

"Message authenticated!" The copilot called out. "To all New Haven Military Forces, go to Condition Red immediately and reach full military preparedness in the next 72 hours. This is not a drill... Its from the President himself, this is the real deal! We gotta turn around!"

"Heading back to base," The Pilot called out. "General, we're going to drop you off at your respective base so you can be there when the troops arrive for mobilization."

"Damnit," Thompson said. "I really wanted to go to the wedding too." The dropship turned around as General Thompson prepared and sent a message to the Iuthians.

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that I cannot attend your leader's wedding, as I am being recalled to mobilize my division for a possible attack against my country. I send my best wishes and I hope your great leader's marriage is a happy and fruitful one.

General Thompson
New Haven Socialist Republic
The Resurgent Dream
13-03-2005, 04:43
Agwene settled into her chambers in Iuthia, struggling to think of something to do with her day that would free her from the loathsome company of Connor, or at least ameliorate it with more pleasant companionship. There probably wasn't. Not this close to the wedding, anyway. Still, she shuddered when her fiance sat down beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. "We should be getting ready." She said simply.

Connor shrugged. "We basically are. We're dressed in appropriate finery. Our present is wrapped."

"So we are." Agwene admitted grudgingly. "We have...what?...another hour or so."

"Around that." He answered.

13-03-2005, 23:15
Approaching the main gates of the castle compound, both NDA limousines were passively scanned as they passed the smartly dressed security at the check point. The gates themselves were simple in design, relatively sturdy and clearly more built towards their purpose then as an art piece. By the gates the Black Vipers did their job, checking each vehicle briefly and generally following procedure, each Black Viper was lightly armoured, though as expected they each had their Gauss Rifles strapped on… it was a warm day so would be rather silly to have each man suited out with heavier carapace armour.

With a polite nod, each limousine was waved into the compound to make their way down the road to the main entrance. On the whole the grounds around the castle weren’t as decorative as others historical sites may have been. There were a few obvious defences noticeable along the road, anti-aircraft weapons and the like, though it was likely that other defences existed which were kept out of sight for more for appearances then anything. The castle itself could be seen from outside the parameter as the grounds weren’t that large, however it was still a five minute slow drive to the main entrance from the gates. Occasionally lightly armoured patrols could be seen following their routes.

At the end of the path the road turned into a round about with a fountain in the middle, the monument depicted General Bolivar deGritz (before his successful historic military coup to take control of Iuthia) holding a rifle proudly, remembered as possibly one of the most brilliant generals in Iuthian history and the father of James deGritz. From the offloading point the path was laid out with a red carpet, not traditional in Iuthia as it was a mostly humble nation, but more for the foreign guests as the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps liked the Hollywood feel of it and the Lord General and his fiancée weren’t against the idea.

Like the gates at the front of the compound, the main entrance to Callisham Castle was kitted out with the latest in weapon detection systems and other measures, however unlike the main gates they were much more discreet, it was a wedding after all. Unlike the guards at the gates, these Black Viper wore suits which only the most clued up security experts could notice the armour discreetly built into each suit. These guards didn’t wear Gauss Rifles, but instead concealed side arms.

As each group of guests arrived, a guide would approach them, most likely a more senior representative of the Diplomatic Corps, who would politely introduce himself and then proceed to take them into the castle towards the throne room. The passive security systems would detect the presence of weapons and should weapons be present the guide would politely ask for them to be removed to be returned later, of course, cultural weapons weren’t to be taken, though they were checked accordingly by the guide.

The halls of the castle were cool thanks to the latest modifications to the historical fortress, air conditioning was a blessing to both the guests and guards alike as it was a warm day outside, thankfully the spring time rain had cleared up earlier in the week, so the sky was mostly clear of clouds and a light breeze did what little it could to help the men on the outside. The decorations inside the castle were rather simple, drapes, banners and tapestries typically decorated the usually bare walls with the nation’s colours.

Finally, both the Hacker delegation and Rene where taken to the throne room by Iuthia’s foreign minister, Mick Lakely. The man was wearing a very smart black tuxedo as the Best Man to Lord General James deGritz, he was perhaps a little younger then James as he was just entering his forties and his hair only had a few hints of aging, still he had certainly made an effort. Escorting the two parties he couldn’t help looking occasionally towards the Hacker Delegation… all attractive females who all seemed to be rather close to one another, as part of his training he was taught to pick up on such things, however with this group he was having trouble pin pointing exactly what was so odd…

The group arrived at the throne room without incident, already a fair amount of the guests had arrived, at the moment it was clear that the majority of the hall was filled Iuthian guests such as Liessa’s family and friends, many of which were elves (Iuthian elves, meaning a large amount of them were around five foot tall) and some Iuthian celebrities. The other half of the Iuthian guests were friend of the Lord Generals from both his government and his military friends… he didn’t so much have a family anymore though many of his senior government were close. James himself was present as would be expected, as was Kayla Harmone… obviously the bride herself wasn’t present yet and it would a little while before she would attend.

The Lord General deGritz wore a semi-traditional uniform for the occasion, a cross between the standard black suit expected of the groom and the more traditional dress uniform of the Lord General. It mostly came off as a darker military suit with full rank. James himself was now in his late forties, his hair getting more grey with age however he was lucky that he wasn't losing any hair... growing old with dignity in many respects. He was relatively fit for a man of his age, it made sense as he needed to stay sharp in his position.

Also in the throne room was Ambassador Kayla Harmone, talking some of the brides family as more guests arrived... for the moment it was a rather informal affair as there was still a fair bit of time before Liessa would be expected to show up. Kayla went for a simplistic purple gown for the occasion, she wasn't looking to be the centre of attention today, though she had made sure to look happy for her Lord General despite her mixed feelings...

As Rene and the Elisa Day entered the room with Mick Lakely, Kayla took notice, glancing for a moment at the latest addition to the guests... she glared a little a Elisa, her emotions somewhat confused and her look perhaps a little painful if one were watching it close enough and had the training to spot it. It was only a momentary lapse in her posture, one of the skills Kayla had mastered early was being able to control her body language to present herself exactly how she wanted to be seen.
Austar Union
14-03-2005, 02:24
Callisham Castle
Iuthia Prima, Iuthia

Remaining rather silent so far, Indigo had already arrived at the castle. And it was amazing. The day previous had been also interesting for the most part, yet not quite as informing as first thought. The meeting had been cancelled at the last minute, with the informant calling in regarding a personal emergency. And Indigo was forgiving naturally, so it really wasnt such a problem. Besides, he had already figured that he couldnt really learn as much information as his assistants already knew. It wasnt needed. And this trip was for a much more important occasion anyway. Bonding between two peoples, man and woman was somewhat pleasing to the souls of men, and creature alike. Yes, this was truly a joyous occasion.

With him he carried a large box, well, rather his assistants did. Inside he had notified the Black Viper Corps the contents of this box, the gift to celebrate the wedding held today, to both the future husband and wife of the castle. Swords, were not only a symbol of war, but could also serve as a symbol of peace between friends. And this was, symbolising the union of two. Written on each side of the blade, made from pure silver element, was the names of the two to be wedded. On the handle, made from a mix of pearl, jewel, and gold was written, Beauty of Love. And if it wasnt enough, it was encased in a beautiful protective box, its hide made of oak, and its glass as crystal as could be. It was a splendour, and furthermore represented probably one of the only weapons which could take the life of Indigo. As such, he could only be killed with a silver blade, and was handing the proverbial pullstring to the couple, as a sign of friendship, dignity, and trust.

He had been promised that the gift would be given in perfect order, for Indigo wasnt too sure how they would be presented. This was a personal gift, not one from the nation, not one from the staff of this government, but rather from the heart of Indigo himself. Perhaps God would look down upon his blackened heart and cure him of his eternal deeds and links to the underworld. It was his final desire, afterall. This deal with Hades, was hardly worth the eternal life it gave. So with angel's wings spread, he hoped an act of Mercy would be shown to him, taking his spirit's scream of anguish away. In the meantime.

He stood proud and tall amongst leaders alike. Iuthia had always been a friend of the Union, and this was a time to be happy. Emotions would run high today, and as a result peace, love, and justice would prevail the test of existance.
The Resurgent Dream
14-03-2005, 05:41
Agwene, followed by an attendant carrying a large, wrapped gift, allowed Connor to escort her down to her own limousine. They started towards the wedding itself, pulling up before the palace.
The Freethinkers
14-03-2005, 08:31
Callisham Castle, Iuthia

The Limousine pulled up after waiting for its turn, its engine ticking over and it occupants cooling themselves down in the luxurious innards of the vehicle. Even though they came from a country that was ninety-five percent deserts and with the car’s AC on full blast, the heat inside the idling car was enough to be noticeable to the point of annoyance to the Freethinker attendees. Clodius was glad he had been able to requisition an environment suit from the guards at the embassy, a self contained body-hugging light fibrous armour with an inbuilt temperature regulator, allowing the vampire to cool himself off even underneath the boiling hot black uniform he was wearing. Rebecca had been less fortunate, her dress did not allow for such an item, and she was left with a cheap plastic battery powered fan that worked wonders in dislodging strays from the elegant bun she had worked her brown hair into.

The Limousine pulled up, and when the door opened, a gentlemen in the distinct attire of the Iuthian Diplomatic Corp greeted them warmly, handshakes and etiquette stretching as it should, though all with the distinct utilitarian air that Clodius himself has begun to associate with the place, a sort of quiet but determined drive to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It contrasted greatly with Freethinker society, which tended to go to more elaborate extremes, whether it be ceremonies or architecture or whatever you happen to think of. Not that Clodius or Rebecca minded, of course, and they certainly couldn’t fault the hospitality of Iuthia or the time they had spent here so far.

The castle was an elegant creation, a superb piece of form and function, somehow out of place with the pure-utility style of most of Iuthian construction. The tall walls and towers, the intricate yet somehow primitive stonework gleaming in the sun, seemed at odds with the modern, grey city Clodius had just been in. A perfect setting for a wedding, he thought to himself, disguising a smile that had begun to form, as he glanced over the building, a hand shielding his eyes from the sun. He felt the heat prickling the relatively pale skin, and cursed himself for forgetting the sunscreen he usually applied back home. Though not going to melt as per the legends of vampires, they didn’t react to burning too well, and they burnt easily in human form, which incidentally made life in the Sahara-like Freethinker Mainland somewhat awkward unless you happen to live in one of the big metropolises.

“Erm, Clo? Forgotten something?” Clodius looked back, slightly surprised, to see the wedding gift, sheathed and wrapped in a fine silk covering, sitting in Rebecca’s outstretched hands. Clodius grunted and took the blade, reminding himself again not to be an idiot at this particular point in time. Taking the present under one arm, he extended an elbow for Rebecca to latch onto and proceeded into the castle.
The Most Glorious Hack
15-03-2005, 07:34
Elisa smiled at Rene as they walked in, making a note to try and talk to the Tsarainese leader once there was some freetime, probably at the reception. She felt her heart sink as she saw the glare from Kayla and picked up on the woman's emotions. She whispered to Sarah and Kara, telling them she'd be right back, and walked over to Kayla alone.

The Hack's Speaker did her best to keep her composure, but she clearly was upset with how events had played out, and that she had hurt Kayla (even if it wasn't strictly her fault). She smiled weakly at Kayla, "Suppose I have some explaining to do..."
Gehenna Tartarus
16-03-2005, 14:40
Callisham Castle, Iuthia Prima, Iuthia

The limousine pulled up outside the castle, following a procession of other similar vehicles. Each one emptied of its passengers before moving on; instantly replaced by another then another car. Finally reaching the entrance, the door swung open, the security officer from the front seat stood nearby, watching proceedings. Stepping out, the occupant emerged into the hot Iuthian climate.

Lord Nefarious, heir to the Empire of Tartarus, stood for a moment, just looking at the building before him, before moving slightly to allow his companion to emerge from the car. He offered her his hand, as she stepped out into the open air, her blonde hair catching a few of the sun’s rays. Without saying a word, but with a smile placed firmly on his lips, he made his way up to the entrance, as behind him the car pulled away.

Saying a few words to the official that greeted them, the party made their way into the cool interior of the building, feeling instantly more at ease with the temperature. Moving swiftly through the castle, following their guide, asking the odd question of interest, the couple finally made it into the main audience room, where most of the guests were waiting for proceedings to start.

Stepping into the room, both Nefarious and his companion, Lady Darcy Alexander moved away from the door, mingling in the crowds. As they made their way, their gaze flicked over the other guests, smiling and nodding in greeting.
16-03-2005, 17:14
Baron Ehrfurt stepped out of Empress Aurora's limousine along with the Imperial Jaeger who was her driver, who stiffly saluted as he opened the door. Aurora nervously put her hand to the bosom of her gown as she stepped out, and moved to join the others. Baroness Toll followed her, and Thirty Camelias flowed as a muscular movement of gold and black, tail twitching, as close to Aurora as possible.
She could see people that she knew at least by sight and reputation, the heir of Tartarus and Elisa Day, whom she smiled warmly at in greeting.
The Resurgent Dream
16-03-2005, 19:52
Agwene and Connor stepped out of their limousine, glancing about. Agwene smiled warmly to Aurora, the only person she recognized, before taking Connor's arm. Connor seemed oblivious to everyone. Agwene was wearing her usual gown of green gossamer in dancing whisps and with dancing patterns of light. Connor was dressed more mundanely in real cloth. He wore black leggings, a black tunic, and a light black cape clasped over his heart by a Daireann House Crest on a silver buckle.

The couple glided inside, Agwene inclining her head politely to each of the other guests she passed.
Gehenna Tartarus
17-03-2005, 12:17
As the party from Lavenrunz entered the room, Lord Nefarious turned his attention towards the group, catching the smile of the Empress and bowing his head respectfully in greeting. Although he had never met the Empress in person, he was more than familiar with her face, especially as her nation was allied to Tartarus.

Watching for a moment as they moved through the room, his attention was returned to his companion. “I think her Majesty is going to regret not attending personally.” He let this eyes rest on the incoming guests from the door. “It would appear a lot of head of states are attending this function.” He smiled to himself. “Weddings are always so very interesting; they bring out the best guests.”
The Most Glorious Hack
18-03-2005, 10:01
Elisa noticed Aurora's entrance and turned from Kayla slightly waving and smiling before turning back to the Iuthian woman with another quiet apology. She added Aurora and Lord Nefarious to her mental list of people she needed to talk to. She didn't like blowing them off, but she really wanted to clear the air with Kayla.
18-03-2005, 19:45
As Elisa approached, Kayla started to finish up the conversation with Liessa’s grandmother, glancing over at the Hacker Speaker from the central isle. She wasn’t really sure how to react to Elisa even though she knew she was coming, hell she had personally gone over the entire list several times to get accustomed to it. Emotions welled up inside her as she relived her feelings from the past couple months, on the inside Kayla wasn’t sure what she felt as so much had changed now, on the outside however, Kayla was probably one of Iuthia’s best diplomats who was currently wearing a deep purple gown for the occasion and a calm expression, she had a lot of practice at hiding her true feeling.

Elisa stopped in front of Kayla, avoiding eye contact at first then looking directly at her, smiling weakly. “Suppose I have some explaining to do...”. While Kayla wasn’t at all psychic like Elisa was, she was an expert in body language; and Elisa looked to be as uncomfortable as she was…

Words simply weren’t good enough to see Elisa alive, nor were they good enough to properly scold her for the tough time she had getting used to her loss. Kayla simply embraced Elisa, you didn’t need to be psychic or an expert in body language to see the relief. Her voice weak, Kayla said her first words to Elisa ever since her death and re-birth…

“Damn you, bitch… don’t ever worry me like that again.”

Meanwhile, Clodius’s gift would likely have been checked briefly by security and then left in the Grand Hall for the reception, providing the man (if such a word could be used for the vampire, the Iuthians didn’t really know any better) was happy enough to allow it to leave his side.

In Iuthia it wasn’t customary to give gifts at the wedding as the custom was dropped over the many years as the culture in Iuthia grew to fit its more utilitarian life style, frankly many Iuthians couldn’t afford as many luxuries and it was considered enough of an honour to be blessed by the guests presence (as attending a Iuthian wedding is seen as a personal blessing/approval of the ceremony.

Mark Jameson, one of Iuthia’s upcoming diplomats and most likely to become the Ambassador to Lavenrunz in the near future had taken Clodius and Rebecca into the throne room were the ceremony would take place, engaging in small talk along the way, mostly detailing the history of the Castle itself.

Callisham Castle started its life in the ages of feudal Iuthia, a completely different nation back then really it was more akin to a monarchy then the strange military dictatorship which was in power today. Back then it was built to protect the current monarch at the time, King James Callisham, this Castle is the only physical history which has survived to this day simply because it was a reminder to many of the Lord Generals that things weren’t always this way. The castle was the very stronghold the King lived in and relied upon and had been through a lot. Its construction was probably the one of the best in it’s time, remembered for its excellent defensive value. Briefly Mark commented on its updated defences to help assure the vampire and his lady friend that this was probably one of the safest locations in Iuthia at this time.

The group then arrived at the throne room, which was filling up rather nicely at this point.

Many of the same procedures were followed for Indigo’s present as well, as would be expected in such circumstances such as a high profile wedding, all of which was conducted professionally and politely so not to offend the man. Having informed the security of the contents before hand, it was simply a matter of making sure using passive scanning techniques, after that it was just a matter of either leaving the man with his gift or taking it through to the Grand Hall for the reception later, a matter of personal preference really.

Like the others, Lord Blue was escorted by one of Iuthia’s higher level IDC diplomats; in this case it was the lovely Ambassador Jennifer Mchail who usually played representative to the Knootian International Stability Treaty, she wore a simple yet elegant black dress for the occasion. “Would you mind at all Lord Blue if I asked you how your trip to Iuthia was?” she asked politely.

Outside, both the Empress Aurora and High Queen Agwene were greeted by Ambassador Helena Fie'lorn, a representative to the VERITAS alliance, as the two groups were passing through security. Like many elves in Iuthia she was only a petit 5’2” and unlike many elves in Iuthia her long hair was dyed blue with her pointy ears just poking out a little.

She then escorted the two groups to the throne room where the ceremony would be taking place, taking her time to generally cover the history of the castle and that the two guests were a little early as the bride wasn’t expected for a little while yet.

When they finally entered the main room, the Lord General took notice and approached the group himself… he had always wanted to meet the young Empress of Lavenrunz of which he had heard so much about. She reminded him of his own early days in power, both pleasant and painful memories. Her presence here honoured him as he knew Lavenrunz was going through tough times, in many respects he sympathised with her as he imagined she would probably be going through worse herself.

Thirty Camelias had an interesting time as the entrance as the cyberware was checked off from the information given prior to the event

Helena had already picked up on James’s intentions as she glanced at his body language and prepared to introduce the man herself. A short elf in a beautifully simply white dress, she started the introduction.

“Here we are, Your Majesty. May I introduce you to the Groom, our Lord General James deGritz” and with that, James himself gave a short bow to Aurora and continued himself.

“Glad you could make it into our humble nation at this time, Empress.”
19-03-2005, 02:13
The Symbelmynë, the personal transport of the Princess Aliria, left the military escort accompanying her just before entering the Iuthian air space. The butterfly like design of the dropship, crafted of the purest wraithbone, shaped by the most talented minstrels of the Daeros Noble House, raced through the outer atmosphere, announcing its presence by all the respective channels, following the directions of the Iuthian authorities about the place of the landing.

Finally finding the place, the colorful and wondrous vessel, moving their butterfly wings like some kind of mythological mirage came down to the ground, and opened its hatches to let its passengers leave its belly. Moments later the passengers came out, just three elven women dressed in carefully crafted and delicate elven formal dresses.

The first one was a tall, mature woman, that although her elven traits of inmortality was reflecting the marks of a difficult life and a deep and extended experience. Her raven black hair was entwined with entirely silver locks, that decorated the frame of her well marked, strong features. Her dress was not exactly colorful, because the color was just a gray, although you could bet that every shade of grey or mixture betweeen black and white that could ever be placed on a fabric was there, from the pitch black around the neck to the perfect white around her feet.

The second one was a formal, almost martial, mannered woman, sporting a long and loose black hair that fell over her shoulders like a tide of darkness over her milky skin. She walked around with an authoritarian look, sporting several military conderation as brooches over the deep, almost fluorescent green of her dress.

Finally, the third woman, Princess Aliria, dressed in a silvery outfit with gleaming detail of gold sewed into the almost traslucent fabric of her dress. It was a dress that many in her homeland would consider "agressive", or even the most traditional people would call..."indecent". The cut of the dress was very open, letting both her entire back and half her chest uncovered, and although the outfit went down to the floor, it had a large opening from the waist to her ankle, showing her hip and her leg entirely. Even the parts that the dress was covering could be seen, as the fabric was translucent enough to leave a glimpse of Aliria's skin in each part of her juvenile looking and well honed body. The Princess however, was looking radiant and really happy, smiling in every direction available, maybe searching for known faces or possible old friends.

Just a minute after the women came out of the transport, a man clad in the traditionally crafted armor of wraithbone of the officers of the Aelosian Navy, a white full body suit with a red trim that remarked his muscular, yet slim, athetlic silouette, with a floating navy blue cloak over his shoulders that gave him a regal and noble appearance. He looked around and stayed several feet behind the women, with an unaware and cold expression in his face.
The Resurgent Dream
19-03-2005, 02:35
((OOC: Aelosia, telegrams, hun))

Agwene and Connor followed Helena Fie'lorn, listening politely to the explanations of the castle's history. When Lord James singled Aurora out of the group for conversation, Agwene allowed herself to fall back politely, waiting quietly about five feet behind the Lavenrunzian Empress. She smiled politely and patiently at James before disengaging her arm from Connor and folding her hands in front of her lap demurely.

Connor didn't seem to share his fiance's contentment and serenity, but then, he never did. He looked around at the other guests with a small frown on his face. His eyes lit up as they alighted on Aliria, the Aelosian Princess. He started to move that way, pausing just off to the side to let the Elf be ushered in by the Iuthians before he approached her.

Agwene gave no visible sign of minding her fiance's move away from her or of finding it improper. She would, however, make a point of speaking to him later.
Northwestern Liang
19-03-2005, 02:41
No one knew when the dwarf had arrived. He was one of those kind of people that no one takes seriously until they've just been hoodwinked. But he was there.

The bearded dwarf sauntered in, laughing jovially to, quite frankly, be laughing jovially. He was a firm proponent of the theory that laughter, and drinking, in several combinations and preferably done as much as possible, were the spice of life.

He was, somewhat comically, clad in a dark red tuxedo that contrasted horribly with his black beard. What he had wanted to bring was a two-handed axe about the same size as him. He had argued back and forth with himself. After all, what was more cultural than a dwarf with an axe? Alas, he doubted that's what Iuthia meant when they allowed cultural weapons, and so he had left Ol' Faithful at home in favor of a comb that, unfortunately, wasn't working. The dwarf's beard and overgrown hair seemed to rear like a giant Eocene mammoth on his head, and the frequent application of comb didn't seem to be working.

For all that, he really liked Iuthia. He had met Lord DeGritz before and he was a man after a dwarf's heart. Or, atleast, Azemilcar's heart, and was getting married to an elf that a dwarf could respect. He liked the military culture, and Azaghal himself had commented on the ingenious social engineering system. He had, also, heard tell that the dwarves here were somewhat more...liberal. They didn't even know Khuzdul. He chalked it down to separation for so long and possibly some kind of catastrophe involving loss of literacy. He wasn't a judgemental dwarf, oh no. Whatever dwarves lived in Iuthia, he was sure they were as nice as the Lord himself. And, hopefully, as bearded as himself.

As he entered the castle, marveling at it inwardly, the dwarf took a roundabout trip involving looking inconspicuous (which wasn't working too well, being a Liangite dwarf clad in a red tuxedo with a wooly rhino for hair) and simultaneously getting a hold of some of the...heavier stuff Iuthia had to offer. Dwarven ale was good...but he always liked to sample the locals, if only to comment on its clear inferiority to Barak-dum's breweries.
19-03-2005, 05:27
It wasn't hard for Azemilcar to find beer in the castle even though what was being served to the main crowd in the throne room was mostly a very light elven wines (afterall, just under half the guests were Iuthian elves who were notorious for being light wieght drinkers) and non-alcoholic beverages as the organisers of the wedding felt that serving anything strong before the wedding would be a recipe for disaster.

However, the stronger stuff was ready for the reception later and it didn't take Azemilcar long to get hold of a pint of some of the dwarven ale from around the Grand Hall area. One sip was enough to confirm his suspicion, Iuthian Dwarven ale was clearly inferior to Barak-dum's breweries. It wasn't bad as such, but fairly weak in comparison to the good stuff brewed at home. Perhaps Iuthian dwarves had never tasted the good stuff?

Meanwhile, in the throne room, it had occured to James, as Connor left to speak to others, that with all his interest in meeting the Empress Aurora he had neglected to notice that the High Queen Agwene was with her and that his underling hadn't introduced him, a minor slight which had probably slipped her mind in all the chaos of trying to play good host and attending the wedding herself personally.

James decided to retify this problem himself, bowing also to the High Queen politely and introducing himself.

"Ah, High Queen, it's good to see you could make it to my wedding, I trust you're travels to Iuthia were pleasant?" It was generally Iuthian custom to bow when showing their respect instead of kissing a ladies hand and other such nonesense... it was concidered to be a little more safe anyways as it avoided the posibility that the lady didn't want her hand kissed and Iuthia wasn't really the kind of society which treated women any differently from men, the curtsy was eliminated completely in Iuthia.

"I'm sorry Helena didn't introduce us striaght away, we're all a little rushed off our feet at the moment trying to make everything perfect and unfortunately it seems like we're missing out on the little things like proper courtesy... please accept my apologies." He then sighed a little to himself, the Lord General's attire was of mild interest to some as it wasn't entirely traditional of a Groom to attempt to have a suit which both played down the uniform of the Iuthian military while making a point not to completely ignore the Lord General's rank.

"At this rate I think I'll make a point of telling my people to calm down a little and worry less about formality and go for a more traditional Iuthian approach."
The Resurgent Dream
19-03-2005, 05:45
Agwene had to think a little to decide the best way to return the greeting. Danaan protocol was fairly strict on the fact that the High Queen did not bow or curtsy before anyone but God, yet local custom seemed to dictate it as the polite greeting. Agwene bowed her head and lowered her eyes to James for much longer than she ordinary would have done, smiling politely. Inwardly, she hoped that the lack of a perfectly reciprical greeting had not offended him. "My travels were very present, Your Lordship. I am terribly sorry my affianced, Diuc Connor ap Daireann..." she glanced towards the other Sidhe "...seems to have wandered off. You must excuse him. He is a man of action at not used to standing still."

Agwene shrugged at the apology. "If you must apologize, then it is accepted. But I see no need. You have dozens of guests here and it would hardly be reasonable for one to expect you to greet them all at once. Besides, a lady the likes of Her Imperial Majesty..." she glanced to Aurora "...can quite justifiably consume one's attentions." She smiled warmly at the Lavenrunzian Empress.

The High Queen tilted her head slightly. "Oh? What would a more traditional Iuthian approach involve?"
19-03-2005, 06:10
James smiled, feeling a little better to know that Agwene wasn't oftened. Poor Helena was a little red in the face, or at least as pink as the pale Iuthian elf could get, still no harm was done.

"Please, feel free to call me James." he started in reply, Helena was now recovering from her embarrassment. James continued. "In Iuthia, many of our people aren't very accustomed the etiquette often found in other more traditional countries, few nations tend to notice this because they only deal with our diplomats who are trained to know the ins and outs of foriegn cultural practices... our 'traditional approach' is more like a reunion of friends and family without too much concern over titles. Technically weddings are still formal affairs in Iuthia, but ranks are played down or even ignored as it's also a time of joy."

James sighed a little. "Of course, those are normal weddings... we've made an effort to try and keep that environment, but its something of a challenge when we have such high profile guests such as yourself in attendance. It's an honour to have you here, High Queen."
The Most Glorious Hack
19-03-2005, 10:01
Elisa hugged Kayla tightly, managing to keep tears under control. She held Kayla for a few moments before giving her a kiss on the cheek and smiling a little, "It really wasn't my idea..." She sighed and gave Kayla a hug again, "I'm really, horribly sorry, Kayla. I never meant to hurt you." She smiled, "Glad you don't hate me."

She turned and waved Sarah and Kara over, "If you don't mind, I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Sarah."
19-03-2005, 10:44
"Stop fiddling with your collar."
Owen's hand froze, mid-tug. He looked down at the raven-haired elf woman at his side, his right arm looped round her waist, and quirked a smile.
"Alright, but next time I'll wear the dress and you can stifle in a dress uniform."
"Oh but you look ever so sharp Majesty."
Owen ignored the laughter and looked back over his shoulder to eye the grinning speaker, an human female, dressed in a uniform identical to his own except for insignia and colour, the gleaming white of the Queen's Own in contrast to his own blue and black House Warwick Dress uniform.
"I'm surrounded by insolent wenches. Was there ever a King so beset by the impudence of his subjects?"
Laughter rippled among the three as they continued the slow walk that Arwen's light (but still slightly formal) gown required towards Security.
Checking Arwen's attention was elsewhere this time, Owen tugged at the collar of his uniform again, heavy cloth was all very well when you live bordering the Arctic but in the heat of an Iuthian spring it was decidedly uncomfortable.
Still, he was glad to be here, especially to celebrate a interspecies wedding, the concept being something close to his heart.
A smiled darted across his lips and he looked at Arwen, her green eyes alight as she drank in the opulent architecture of the Iuthian castle.
Very close to my heart.
The trio reached Security and Owen waited patiently while the heavy wooden box the blonde Queen's Own member, one Trisha Goodweather, was lugging was examined thoroughly, and the contents passed.
"Righto Trisha, you've got the rest of the day to yourself, I'll buzz you when we're returning to the embassy."
"Sire." The young woman snapped a salute and began making her way out.
Owen nodded, then draped his arm around Arwen's waist, stroking the green silk lightly.
"Alright love, let's go see what we can see."
The Resurgent Dream
19-03-2005, 18:25
"The honor is all mine." Agwene responded. "We are allies now, after all, and I like to be able to meet the leaders with whom I work, especially when they are so respected throughout the globe as yourself. Iuthia's diplomatic prestige is certainly a considerable power in this world."

"I am certainly finding my stay in Iuthia rather interesting. It is hard to imagine a culture more different than that which prevails at home. But it is our differences which make us strong, no?" She smiled.

Taking a glance around, noticing all the other guests for seemingly the first time. "Your party is certainly well attended. I wouldn't want to monopolize too much of your conversation with so many guests to greet."

She smiled pleasantly, lifting the box up. "Where would you like us to put the gift?"

Connor looked about the room as he walked, wearing his usual frown. He looked everyone else over briefly, though not rudely, noting who was here and who was absent.
Austar Union
20-03-2005, 07:39

Actually, replied Indigo, smiling warmly, I am enjoying my stay here in Iuthia. You have a beatiful country here, something Im sure most people wish, and hope to achieve.

He was, rather glad to be escorted by one of Iuthia's finest. Jennifer was indeed someone of whom he respected greatly, being famous for her representation of Iuthia to the well-known, multinational treaty known as the Knootian International Stablisation Treaty, or KIST for short. The Republican State was also a member of such a treaty, but this nation's role was passive, rather than taking a leading stand in its closest matters. Perhaps, if something major, the Austar Union would honor further commitments to such a treaty, but for now, all which was required, and known to be of the treaty, were a series of economical laws passed, so that this nation was well within the bounding laws of KIST.

Iuthia, another member of the Knootian Treaty, was well respected across the board, and Indigo rather envied their ways. Only recently, had he realised that the Iron Grip he had formed over the Austarian populous, was quite the uneffective way to govern, nor fair. He took pity upon those whom obviously suffered under his careless rule, and had decided to relax his grasp. To become somewhat like, Iuthia for example, would be but a dream, and yet perhaps it was something possible. He didnt know, yet. Anyhow, all this consideration showed one thing, obvious and true. Indigo had much to learn, and he wasnt afraid to admit such a fact. In the meantime.

You know Jennifer, I do admire your people and government for all of what it has achieved. I hope that I too can learn off your ways; and the ways of the Lord General of course. He has conquered much, not in the literal sense of nations, but of the social barriers which hold most back. He is a great man, and I am happy for him to find someone to love.
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-03-2005, 20:54
The acommodations had been exquisite, every effort had been made to assure her comfort and safety. Indeed, she was quite grateful for it. Still, as she reached out to take Treznor's hand as she stepped out of the vehicle, she felt a shiver run through her.

So many people ... so many chances for ...

"Everything alright?" came the expected question, the Emperor's voice low and concerned, though his expression was one of comfortable ease.

Nathicana nodded imperceptibly, looping her arm through his, her other hand grasping his forearm perhaps a bit more tightly than the situation demanded as they walked. "Of course."

Their security force took up their usual positions, three each from both Treznor and the Dominion, their dress uniforms showing a keen attention to detail and neatness appropriate to the occasion. Even Jas, though he had grumbled mightily at her insistence he blend in with the others, looked unusually sharp - the only thing setting him apart being the telltale bulge in his front shirt pocket containing his cigarettes which he had grudgingly agreed not to smoke during the ceremony. True to their host's wishes, firearms had not been included, which worried her to some extent, even knowing just how effective one could be without them.

We're in good hands. The security here couldn't possibly be better. Nothing is going to happen that shouldn't.

She continued to reassure herself as they made their way into the castle to join the many guests already assembled, nodding and offering a pleasant if somewhat less assured smile than she was accustomed to to those she knew.

"If we could perhaps find the refreshments," Nathi says quietly, glancing around. "I could really use something to calm my nerves."
The Freethinkers
23-03-2005, 04:32
Callisham Castle, Iuthia

Clodius spoke infrequently, preferring to limit his words as he recounted the nations and their representatives he was about to meet, leaving the making of polite small-talk to the princess at his side. Mark Jameson, the Iuthian who accompanied them, spoke a good deal on the history of the castle and gave some reassuring points on the security aspects of the event. Picking up on his words and the occasional glint of metal in the stonework betraying a sensor or two hidden away, Clodius found he was somewhat impressed by the measures taken. With the safety of the princess beside him a priority he was glad he was surrounded by competents, though it was noticeable that whenever outside of The Freethinker Commonwealth he missed the comfort of fellow Pathfinders at his side.

Of course, looking at the nation and looking at the guestlist he knew nothing was going to happen, too much time and investment had been made by too many large and paranoid powers to believe otherwise. This at least allowed Clodius to relax a little, allowing the vampire to properly enjoy and appreciate the event. The present he had left with the officials when asked, in all honesty relieved to be unburdened of the gift, as, although sincere in the thought of giving a token of appreciation, he found it cumbersome and unsightly to haul the blade around, especially when the other guests he had seen arriving had opted to forgo the idea itself.

Arriving in the throne room, the pair found themselves in company of faces known in the Freethinkers only on news screens, and who in themselves, in all honesty, were probably completely unknown entities to most of their fellow guests despite the fame and prestige they enjoyed back in the Commonwealth. It was one of those moments where the limited, modest exposition onto the international scene of the Commonwealth was exposed, and it made them both nervous and anxious to a degree, though as Clodius pointed out as they entered into the chamber that all relations (and reputations) began somewhere like this. The fact they had been invited at all spoke at least some measure of prestige and good regard.

Having entered the throne room, Clodius took the opportunity to size up the guests who had arrived and who were now arriving after them too. Settling into one corner for the moment, a glass of elven wine in their hands that tasted sweet to Rebecca and like lukewarm water to Clodius’s dull palette, the vampire took note of the calibre and disposition of his fellow attendees. He noted with a inward smile the high number (and quality) of female delegates, his eyes darting from one representative to another, Rebecca catching on but giving no more indication than a quick roll of the eyes, an act which Clodius missed entirely as he compared and contrasted. Introductions would soon have to be made, however.
23-03-2005, 04:58
“Symbelmynë, You have permission to land in Iuthian Airspace, send Princess Aliria my regards and welcome to Iuthia Prima.” replied the Air Traffic Control in Iuthia Prima International Airport. The Aelosian craft was a wonder to behold as it made it’s way down on to the landing space reserved for the alien ship… the craft clearly wasn’t allowed to land near the Castle itself due to hefty security concerns, however arrangements had been made to make sure things would be comfortable for the Aelosian princess and her entourage.

The strange craft was like nothing the airport had ever seen, and with the Benevolent Dictatorship of Iuthia joining the Non-Democratic Alliance recently there had been many an interesting craft landing in Iuthia’s busiest airport, but this was something completely different, after all, it was reputed that the Aesolians grew their ships from an organic substance they called “Wraithbone” which was supposed to be far superior to the Plasteel alloys Iuthia was using in some of it’s more advanced inventions. The best description which could be given by anyone witnessing the craft as it was landing was that is resembled something like an Earth Butterfly in its shape and elegance. Many experienced Air traffic controllers were amazed at its unorthodox shape and were somewhat sceptical of its efficiency despite the way it outmanoeuvred anything Iuthia currently had.

When it finally landed with a smooth fluid movement, limousines were already waiting to take the Princess and her group to the castle with both diplomatic corps and Black Vipers present to greet the Aelosians as they disembarked from their craft. The party which came out of the ship were very well dressed as the diplomats considered them. While some in Aelosia may have viewed Aliria’s dress as being a little indecent, here it was regarded simply as a magnificent item of clothing, how much it revealed was of little importance to many Iuthians given that they had gotten used to naked bodies all their lives. When they looked at the princess many of the men would be more likely to regard her in totality and could fill in the blanks where clothing stood in the way.

Politely the present diplomats welcomed the Princess into Iuthia personally and invited her to take a lift to the wedding courtesy of the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps. Minor security checks were made and passives scans made to work out what weapons were present and then register them as per Iuthian law. Afterwards they would be taken to the castle.

The limousines themselves where top of the range imports from other nations bought for the sole purpose of escorting foreign guests to make important trips around Iuthia, unlike many Iuthian designs they had aesthetics taken into account for the benefit of their guests. They were very well stocked and impeccably clean. Along the way to Callisham Castle each diplomat would engage in a little bit of small talk, answering any questions they could and generally remarking on any sights the limousines passed on the way.

At the castle itself further security checks took place, though they were very brief because of checks already made at the airport. Awaiting them was one of Iuthia’s latest generation diplomats, Katarina Tzing, she was a fairly short human who was only about 5’4 herself of Asian decadence, anyone with extensive knowledge of Iuthia’s diplomats would recognise her as the ex-Ambassador to Decisive Action, a woman who served her time in a nation which hated her purely because of her race and had turned out to have conquered the racism against her colour in a nation which would normally spit at her for it. She had gotten a lot of respect for her work there and was now awaiting a new Ambassador position in a much quieter nation as reward.

As per Iuthian custom, she bowed to the Princess and introduced herself upon meeting her at the checkpoint. Then after meeting the group she escorted them into the main throne room where the ceremony was to take place, already it was getting rather full as more and more guests arrived for the wedding.

“Here we are, Princess. The throne room.” the room was already splitting into two vague crowds who were mingling a little but still fairly clear at this stage. To the right were a large number of elven men and women, very few of which were aging, clearly the elders from Liessa Valleron’s family. As one would expect of Iuthian elves, many of them were around five foot tall in size and where generally rather slim with delicate features and pointy ears. One or two of the younger ones sported strange colours of hair such as red, blue and purple as it was a small fad which was growing in popularity among Iuthia’s youths these days. Many of the male guests were wearing suits and smart clothing; some of them from the left side (clearly the side which James’s friends sat) were even wearing military dress uniform. Women both young and old were wearing relatively simple (though relatively attractive and very well made) dresses and gowns. Some of them would be considered indecent by other nations standards, but in Iuthia they weren’t uncommon and many guests were lucky (or unlucky depending on your view of things) that there weren’t naked men and women present as it wasn’t uncommon.

There was still a fair bit of time left to mingle before the wedding would get started as the bride wasn’t expected for a little while longer yet.
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Somewhere in Vrak…

Translated from Vrakian.

-Would this not be a good opportunity to establish closer ties to Iuthia? After all, they weighed in on the side of the FKC during that OMP fiasco. And we enjoy good trade relations with them through KIST and that other…er…what’s the name of that new trade alliance?
-Trade Network Association.
-Right. The one founded by the Dominion.
-May I ask why, sir?
-It is sending out the wrong signals here. We ought to be cultivating closer relations with our allies in the Seraphim and other Klatchian states.
-I respectfully disagree. Our international reputation is quite good, despite some…hiccups. We…

[a third voice interrupted. A deeper voice]

-And these “events”, Sub-Director? And what have they garnered for us? Iuthia is in the NDA, which has extensive ties with the Triumvirate. And we don’t want to be seen in close association with…them.
-Er…ummmm…Intelligence Director…ah…well, you have a good point. But a chance to obtain some intel…
-Trade is fine, Sub-Director. But attending these events add a certain political significance that Vrak doesn’t need right now. Nothing came out of us attending the wedding of the Dread Lady. Except our ambassador getting drunk. No, bilateral ties are the best. And there are more pressing matters. And how much intel can be gathered? Past events have shown that such persons attending are quite careful in their speech. And it would be difficult to glean information via mind sweeps. Our reports from the last major international event indicated that our empaths met with little success.

[The walrus looked at the other two. Both the Minister of External Affairs and the Intelligence Director himself made their positions quite clear. It would be…unwise…to press the issue.]

-You may take your leave, Sub-Director.
-As you command.

[The walrus turned and left. The Minister looked at the Director and sighed.]

-Shame we couldn’t send someone. We don’t even know whom might be on the guest list.
-You know as well as I do that we can make some educated guesses in that area. Still, we will send an ambassador. Perhaps Ujuy will do. He was sent with the Ilek-Vaad reps during that Menelmacar stand off if I recall. Yes…he will do. And it will be quick.


Ujuy Hagwonak soon found himself on a plane to Iuthia. After obtaining the necessary clearances and following the usual landing procedures, he disembarked with his entourage. But not the usual lone bodyguard and two King’s Own. This time, three massive bodyguards dressed in tuxedos along with six King’s Own in Royal Dress accompanied Ujuy. And, more striking, was a SOAT bot on all fours led by the seventh special ops wearing a black motorcycle helmet. Ujuy himself heaved his massive walrus frame along and while he was richly dressed, he wore a grim expression.
Austar Union
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Anyone, Particularly Dread Lady Nathicana.

Eyes wandering amongst the larger gathering of guests, and growing, Indigo couldnt help but ponder the possibilities of talking with each and every one of them. Of course, to expect the opportunity to talk to everyone here would be too high an expectation by far, but of course if he could, he would, and there would most definatly be something to make light conversation, at the very least. This was hardly a place for silence, the echo of voices filled the hall. Soon the wedding would begin, but for now it was time to mingle.

In particulance, Indigo noticed the arrival of Nathicana, on the arm of Devon Treznor. Those who, were people of prominance, and respected by far the people of many nations abroad. If Iuthians were respected, these people, were demi-gods. Laughing to himself, Indigo found such thoughts amusing. He always had an imagination. In the meantime, he would wait, just a bit before approaching. He didnt want to flood them both as soon as they arrived. Not such a great welcome to an event like this.
24-03-2005, 16:07
Helena had already picked up on James’s intentions as she glanced at his body language and prepared to introduce the man herself. A short elf in a beautifully simply white dress, she started the introduction.

“Here we are, Your Majesty. May I introduce you to the Groom, our Lord General James deGritz” and with that, James himself gave a short bow to Aurora and continued himself.

“Glad you could make it into our humble nation at this time, Empress.”
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Aurora returned Agwene's smile, flushing as she went by and went to the reception area. It was nice to see someone she knew

"At last, it is such a pleasure to meet you Lord General." said Aurora, her smile glorious. "And on such a wonderful occasion! My congratulations." She felt a bit shy actually and made herself not smooth her dress in nervous reaction.
25-03-2005, 03:24
Holding Elisa in her arms, Kayla felt a wave of relief wash through her as the apparent vitality of her companion was now reinforced and without a doubt Kayla knew that Elisa Day, her first female love, was alive and well. It was a touching moment for the two of them as their embrace lasted for a moment as Kayla found solid ground to stand on, she had an overwhelming sense of comfort in Elisa’s arms… however, things were different now as Atheril, her elven lover came to mind; Kayla knew Elisa was a free spirit so she would likely understand, in any case it seemed like it would probably be for the better in the long run as Elisa was often in a dangerous position.

The couple pulled out from one another’s warm embrace and Elisa lightly pecked Kayla on the cheek before returning for another hug, this time more brief and friendly, like one would expect from an old mate whom you hadn’t seen for a while. The chances were that Elisa understood exactly how Kayla felt up until now, what with her abilities and all; Kayla’s normal mental defences were simply not working in her presence as would be expected. Not that Kayla was really clued up on the woman’s powers, but she could read body language like an expert.

In reply to Elisa’s comforting words, Kayla simply nodded weakly, still getting to grasp with the situation. “I couldn’t possibly hate you Elisa… not then, not now and not ever.” Then Elisa called over one of the attractive women who had escorted her to the castle, she seemed a little older then Elisa though it was hard to tell exactly as she hide it well, no longer patiently watching from a distance, Elisa introduced her wife.

At first Kayla was visibly a little surprised, ironically if she were more Iuthian it wouldn’t have caught her out, after while it wasn’t common for married men and women had relations outside of their marriage it wasn’t unheard of or particularly looked down upon by many (after all, people like to make the most of their lives) however Kayla spent most of her time dealing with nations which would find Iuthian practices lewd or even sinful, it didn’t occur to her that such a free spirit would have a wife.

With a little luck Kayla recovered very quickly and offered her hand sincerely to the woman. “Nice to meet you, Sarah, I hope you don’t mind me embracing your wife in such a manner, it’s just been a little hard for me over the past couple months to cope with the lose…” Kayla sighed. “Sorry, don’t mind my ramblings, please, if you may I would like to know more about the woman Elisa holds in such a special place.”
25-03-2005, 04:09
Empress Aurora replied to James's introduction in a manner very befitting of her status, James wasn't anywhere near as talented at reading body language as many of his diplomats and the Empress was making a point of concealing her shy nature. James had made a point of not talking down to the young woman despite her age; she was, in his opinion, an equal just like High Queen Agwene and many of the other leaders present. He had been impressed so far with her leadership over Lavenrunz.

"Oh but the pleasure is all mine, Empress. It's good to see you here and well at such a critical time in Lavenrunz, I hope you enjoy your stay in my humble country and have a good time."

James nodded at Agwene as she explained herself further to him, little Aurora listening beside the High Queen as she then moved on to Iuthia’s culture. Even James could understand that others may find Iuthia interesting if not a little simple in it's ways.

“I find that having a different culture from many other nations gives us a sense of how things may have turned out, examining another nations culture can to understand how our own people may improve and grow, difference in that respect is good, or at least so long as nations understand that they should respect one another’s culture, which I’m sure isn't a problem among friends here today.” he smiled, looking over to the young Aurora before continuing on to Agwene's next point regarding the attendance.

"It seems my allies wish to do my a great honour by turning up personally to this important event in my life... it does me proud to think we're made such an impression on the world." James sighed happily. He then turned to Aurora, who had been quite so far.

"Speaking of which, Empress, I hear things are a little rough in Lavenrunz at the moment... I don't suppose we could be of assistance at all?"

After addressing this the High Queen finally brought up the present she had thoughtfully brought to the wedding.

"Oh, a wedding gift?" James blushed a little, an odd sight when you considered his importance to so many people in Iuthia. "Heh, I didn't expect so many people to bring gifts to the wedding, many of my people forgo the tradition in light of the blessing attendance itself brings... Oh, don't get me wrong, it's very thoughtful, I suppose my people will have reserved a spot for them in the Grand Hall, if you would like I could have one of my men take it off you."

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Jennifer simply nodded as Indigo replied to her query. It seemed that many of the guests were rather pleased with her nation so far, which was kind of the point really, as the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps wanted to make sure that this was more then just a wedding for their leader, but also a good chance to make an impression with nations Iuthia genuinely liked being close to.

Lord Blue continued on to further complement Iuthia and the Lord General, it was a sign of a job well done to her, the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps worked towards this goal of impressing other nations with the benefits of Iuthia’s system while hiding the less glorious negative sides to the social engineering… it was unlikely that anyone here would really get a chance to see such problems anyways though much of the more normal problems nations had simply weren’t hidden as part of Iuthia’s supposed transparency. To be fair, they didn’t hide any of their problems, they just made them irrelevant to visitors.

Indigo was an interesting man, he was very much like the Lord General in many respected, he had age to experience him, a strong willpower and excellent leadership skills one would expect from such a man, he also seemed to carry the same attitudes that James did, which made him fairly intriguing to Jennifer as he also seemed a little impressionable, which may allow them to mould the man a little for the benefit of Iuthia.

“You honour us if your kind words, Lord Blue, we’ve worked hard to build a safe environment for our children and later generations, as I’m sure you understand yourself Iuthia hasn’t always been this stable. I’m sure the Lord General would be proud to think he has done so much to impress you.”

They had now fully entered the room and now it had turned more from a escorting to a conversation between the two, Jennifer was a relatively attractive woman though she didn’t compare to the likes of the High Queen and she was a fair bit older then the young wonderful Empress Aurora, Jennifer was close to the same age as the Dread Lady Nathicana though she wasn’t quite as elegant as the Dread Lady which was to be expected really. She didn’t want to dominate Lord Blue as she was sure he would like to speak to others in the crowd, however she felt it would only be polite to continue the conversation a little more.

“So I understand that the Austar Union has itself become much more stable these days?” she blushed a little for asking when she should have been introducing him to others. “Oh… I’m sorry, I would hate to monopolise on your time Lord Blue, I’m just a little interested as I’ve not been keeping up, if you would like I could introduce you to other guests present?”
Austar Union
25-03-2005, 06:13

Indigo couldnt help himself, but chuckle heartily. This woman was most interesting and inquisitive. He would of course, answer any questions to come along. Iuthians had been friends of the Austar Union for over a hundred years now, and although both nations had indeed made it through almost an era of changes and adjustments, both still managed to keep contact in such a large and distracting world. Yes, she was right to say that the Austar Union was somewhat different, to the nation it had once been under former rulers of James Madison, and even Richard Hoffman which had aligned the nation with the United States of Credonia so many years ago.

No no, he replied smiling at Jennifer, I know it would be expected that I would want to talk with other guests, but then I suppose company is still company, and why would I want to change the person I converse with, when I am still enjoying the conversation...

He winked at Jennifer as he left his last words hanging. Yes, he was a charming man, and quite famous and popular with the ladies of the Austar Union. Besides, Jennifer was more than anything, cute.

Anyhow, in relation to what we were talking about, the Lord General ought to be proud, to have built such a legacy as this nation you live within. My nation, like you said has only begun the stabilisation process. my people, historically as you may know are so used to a system of democracy, and lately I worry that my hand has been too heavy, and that I am actually forming an Iron Grasp around my own throat as leader over the nation. At this very moment however, I am now giving back their freedoms, not nessasarily the so called, rights to vote, but rather their civil freedoms. I suppose, I had to form a grasp of steel for them to simply accept this new system I call Absolution.

At the moment, I have found my ways quite successful, and the people are accepting this new system in the Austar Union, and even welcoming it on their own ambition. You could say that I am rather happy that the processes are running quite smoothly. The people are growing happier, I am growing as a greater leader unto my people, and the nation is prospering in ways more than I can imagine. This is not to say though, that I am not open and do not have a learner's spirit. I live by a famous proverb, Ms McHail, if you dont mind me sharing.

"The greatest leader one nation can gain, is one who is willing to test the gods and learn all there is to learn, and to serve all whom there is, to serve. Knowledge gained is helpful, but without Wisdom, is lost. Wisdom gained, is eternally changing, and can assist generations to come, within your lifetime and beyond."
The Most Glorious Hack
25-03-2005, 08:51
Elisa smiled a little at the vague thoughts she picked up from Kayla, whispering as they walked over, "Oh, I'm not that much of a free spirit." She winked, "Take that as a compliment." She laughed a little as Kayla tried to cover for an awkward situation that didn't really exist. She smiled at Kayla, "Don't worry, Sarah's very understanding as long as I don't talk about economics."

Sarah was actually a few years younger than Elisa, but she was noticably taller. Her size and military training giving her an air of confidence that likely made her seem like she was Elisa's senior. She was quite attractive, and seemed very relaxed, despite (or perhaps because) of her lack of formal training for situations like this.

Elisa smiled, "I'd also like to introduce you to my bodyguard, Kara. Unfortunately, she can't speak," she tapped her temple, "but we communicate just fine." Kara was shorter than most anybody at the wedding; she made for a rather unimposing bodyguard, enough to make one think she was simply a lost young woman who couldn't hurt a fly. She was a textbook example of not judging by looks.
Gehenna Tartarus
25-03-2005, 16:05
Watching for a moment as the room filled with more and more dignitaries, Lord Nefarious noted a few familiar faces that he would like the opportunity to meet sometime during the day, if nothing more than to pass on the greetings of the Empress. He watched the arrival of some very familiar faces, Imperatrice Nathicana and Emperor Treznor, two of the three heads of the nations responsible for the alliance that the Empire found itself in. He continued to gaze at the new arrivals, greeting those he knew of with a nod and smile.

Knowing that the beginning of the ceremony was only moments ago, he turned to his companion. “Shall we take our seats? We do not want to hold up the proceedings, do we?” He indicated their general direction then presented his arm for Lady Alexander, who held on to him. Slowly they made their way through the throng of people, continuing their habit of pleasant nods and greetings.

Finding their seats, they made themselves comfortable, talking between themselves as they waiting for the ceremony to start. Lord Nefarious pulled picked up the order of service and flicked through the events to take place, as Lady Alexander let her gaze continue to flick amongst the other guests as they moved about the room.
26-03-2005, 00:48
Aliria nodded, always flanked by her three companions, and smiled cheerfully at the Iuthian diplomat, placing a slight kiss on his cheek as a way to thank his attentions, in a strange familiar, casual, way.

Like a dove through the open sky, Aliria steps through the hall flowed natural with the grace of a swan, like someone who was accustomed to court in such a strict sense that wasn't capable to live and behave in a different ambient. Her companions, however, didn't look that comfortable, and in comparison with the Princess, their movements looked like a bunch of fishes flopping out of the water. Aliria first directed her attention to the group of elves standing in the corner of the room, and deeply bowed to them all. Due to the "special" nature of the dress the movement revealed a lot more than it should according aelosian standards, drawing an uncomfortable and barely heard "Uhmph" from the male companion of the Princess, who turned his eyes in another direction as Aliria's body bent forward.

"My respect goes with my kin, wherever I may find it, and may the valar shower their grace upon you", were the gentle and soft words of the Princess as she stood again in front of the elves, clearly the family of the bride. As quickly as she arrived she moved on, saluting with careful and elegant nods of her head to everyone she encountered, even as most of them she never had met before.

As her companions tried to follow her, and salute everyone with the same grace and quickness, Aliria finally stopped and turned to Lady Nathicana, staring at her and finally giving her a long and mischievous wink, with a wry smile in the corner of her lips. Raising a hand right above her shoulder, she moved her fingers in a both sensual and casual way, switching her stare to the Emperor Treznor right next to the Dread Lady.

She was interrumpted by one of her companions, the armor clad man, who directed a few whispers to the Princess' ears and moved to a corner in the room, looking with no doubt someone in particular. Finally she turned around and asked to the elven woman at his left. "I think it is time to greet the happy couple, don't you think?"
The Resurgent Dream
26-03-2005, 03:24
Agwene nodded to James's words. "It does not do to have allies one does not know in person. It does not do at all." Her gaze moved across the room at that, taking in certain people, Indigo, Aliria, people she planned to make a point of speaking to before she left. Her gaze returned to James. "But, yes, Iuthia is reknowned throughout the world for the many admirable traits of yourself and your people."

Connor frowned slightly as Aliria started past him. Connor's tall, elegantly muscular body tenses slightly beneath his finery as he pushed golden-brown hair behind his tapered, elegantly pointed ears. "Hello, Your Highness." he said as he bowed with a flawless, preternaturally graceful movement.
26-03-2005, 04:13
Aliria turned to Connor, watching his slithe yet wonderfully muscular figure from head to toe, and for the first time in years the sindarin princess felt a burning flame slowly getting alight inside her chest, a flame that she was almost afraid was gone forever.

Aliria opened her eyes wide, fixing her deep and big eyes on his own at last, and shifted the weight of her body to her left foot, resalting the round, delicate form of her hip just beneath the soft curve of her waist, that could be seen through the translucent fabric of her provocative gown. Of course, to her eyes, instead of a sidhe, Connor was the best looking elf she had ever seen, even after watching and spending time with several of the best subjects elvenkin had to offer in that department.

"Hello, stranger", she said, in her heavenly and wondrous voice, in Sindarin her native language, hoping the other elf was capable of understanding it. She took a step towards him, although her eyes didn't flinched a bit, still fixed in his own. Bowing her head in a slight way, to show respect as she did with everyone else, she continued to speak, a little hint of fascination under her delicate and magical voice. "What brings you here tonight?".
The Resurgent Dream
26-03-2005, 04:53
Connor looked at Aliria as though she'd just spoken to him in a language he didn't understand. Of course, that was exactly what had happened. Still, he liked the way she was looking at him and her tone of voice. That, he liked a lot, though even he didn't exactly want to embarass his fiance that much. He repeated his greeting again in English, Irish, Welsh, French, and Spanish, hoping to hit upon a language they shared.

In whatever language she showed understanding of, he continued. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Princess Aliria. I'm Diuc Connor ap Daireann. I understand our nations are recently allied through the VERITAS treaty as well as through common interests and through the friendship which we bare to all free people."
26-03-2005, 06:37
Ujuy, along with his retinue, made their way to the place where all the dignitaries were. He casually glanced about the room but, unless he was approached by someone, he kept to himself. The bodyguards kept a tight guard around the ambassador while the King's Own formed a looser perimeter. The SOAT-bot itself was on all fours to the right of the walrus along with its handler.

They were looking to find an important Iuthian dignitary, drop off the gift, and then if time permitted, make some small chit chat with familiar guests.
26-03-2005, 13:58
Aurora smiled up at James de Gritz and said, "Lavenrunz is not so much troubled my Lord General as it is experiencing some growing pains. But in fact thanks to the efforts of my new Government taxes are down, while our defense situation continues to improve. Our foreign relations are better than they have been for some time. But of course the strengthening of ties with other NDA countries would be wonderful."
She felt her heart racing however as she sensed another worthy arriving and let him interject before de Gritz could reply to her, petting Thirty Camelias as she watched one of the most attractive men in the her...approach: Lord Indigo of the Austar Union.
26-03-2005, 15:06
Jennifer nodded in agreement as Indigo continued on about his reign in Austar Union, it was interesting to here him talk about it in such a manner, he was more modest then she had realised, the he was also clearly quite the charmer… it wouldn’t be surprising if his “Iron Grip” wasn’t all that hated for all the words he could spin to charm the nation into thinking it was for the better, though she didn’t say this, instead Jennifer simply brushed back her hair and continued to reply to the mans point.

“Those are good words to live by Lord Blue, history has shown us that leaders don’t always have to be ‘benevolent’ to be remembered as great leaders. Great leaders in Iuthian history are the strongest, the most confident and in many cases, the most devious… the methods our Lord General uses is only one way out of a thousand, he will likely be remembered for his wisdom and his generosity to the Iuthian people. His father before him wasn’t quite as kind with civil freedoms, but he was a strong, stern man who is remembered for his military genius and his relatively bloodless coup which placed the deGritz family in power. I wish you the best in the years to come.” and with that she noticed the Empress of Lavenrunz walking in their direction, Jennifer recognised the look on her face and turned back to Indigo.

“Ah, it looks at though I won’t be needing to introduce you to the other guests.” turning to face the Empress, Jennifer bowed to greet her and turned to Lord Blue again. “I’ll see you after the wedding, Lord Blue, until then please enjoy the ceremony.” and with that she left Indigo and Aurora to one another’s company.
26-03-2005, 23:07
Aliria nodded as soon as he spoke in english, and continued to nod like enchanted as soon as he started to speak in French and Spanish, although she arched an eyebrow with the Irish and the Welsh dialects, because she didn't understand it at all.

"Oh!, Are you a Bajoni?, or where are you from?. You display a really exotic name, and your features are also exotic and appealing for a kinsman", said Aliria, smiling broadly to the man infront of her, in her cheeks appearing a slight sign of blush produced by both excitement and guilt.
The Resurgent Dream
26-03-2005, 23:19
Connor laughed slightly at her apparent confusion. "That's Irish and Welsh, Your Highness. Very common second languages back home."

He arched a brow at her further questions. It was clear Connor had expected her to know exactly who he was. "A Bajoni? I'm from the Resurgent Dream and to my knowledge, lady, we are not kin. However, I must say your own features certainly go far beyond merely beautiful and that I do rather enjoy being your companion for the moment."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-03-2005, 08:29
"Well then, lets get you settled comfortably," Treznor said, leading Nathicana to a comfortable seat and helping her sit down as he nods in the direction of some refreshments. He offered her a reassuring smile, then squeezed her hand gently. "I won't be long, Red."

She nodded quietly, smiling back to let him know everything was fine, even if it wasn't, which her expression showed clearly enough as she watched him walk off. Too many eyes. Like that man there. Why is he looking at me like that? she thinks nervously, catching sight of Indigo for a moment. Catching her nervous glance, Jas cleared his throat as both Massetti and Pascali formed up around the Lady. "Got it covered, Nath."

Meanwhile, Agwene inclined her head politely to James. "Though, if Your Majesty would excuse me, I'll leave you to converse more thoroughly with the Empress." She then turned to Aurora and gave her a similar nod with a bright smile. "Excuse me a moment, Your Majesty, though I would speak with you again before we depart." She glided over towards Nathi, unable to hide a truly glad smile at seeing her out and about again. She inclined her head. "Your Majesty," she said as she tried to suppress her grin in the interest of propriety but just smiled widely at her friend.

The lady in question was biting her lip nervously, glancing again at where Treznor had walked a short ways off to retrieve the drink she had requested. Massetti and Pascali subtly stepped forward as Agwene approached, while Jas kept protectively close to the Imperatrice. At the sound of the other woman's voice, Nathi started, turning around quickly and rising to her feet. "Agwene," she managed in the moment it took for her face to register, her startled expression replaced almost too rapidly with a smile. "It's good to see you again."

"You as well, Nathi. You as well." Normally, she wasn't informal even with friends at such events, but she decided to follow Nathicana's lead. She briefly squeezed the other woman's hand before whispering almost under her breath, trying to prevent even security from hearing it. "I prayed for you."

"I ... thank you, Agwene," Nathi said quietly, making an effort to mask the varied emotions that ran through her at the memories the Sidhe Queen's reference brought to the forefront. Even so, as she squeezed back haltingly, she shivered. "I was relieved to hear no harm had come to you. I would not have been able to forgive myself."

Agwene continued to speak in hushed tones. "I do not know if I can forgive myself for having failed to stop what happened."

Nathi's eyes flickered briefly in the direction Treznor had gone as she whet her lips before replying. "There is nothing you could have done. And no real harm came of it, mi amica. As you can see, all is well.."

Agwene nodded and began speaking in a conversational tone once more. "So how do you find the wedding so far?"

"James has outdone himself, I'd say," she replied, letting out a soft sigh of relief at the change in topic. "It's all been simply beautiful. And it is good to see so many have come to wish the happy couple well, yes?"

"It is lovely. Speaking of happy couples..." she glances after Treznor "Is there a date?"

"Well, I ah ..." Nathi said, glancing again in the Emperor's direction. "Soon. Dates had to be adjusted for several reasons, but yes, soon."

Agwene glanced at Connor. "I'm engaged as well, now. He's the one trying to get into Princess Aliria's pants." She spoke the last quietly as well, though more discrete than actually secret so the whisper wasn't quite as low.

Nathi's brows shot up at that, then followed Agwene's look to locate the man in question. Her brows went up just a bit higher when she noted what Aliria was wearing. "Even at my most daring, I'm not sure I could pull that one off," she murmured, then looked back to Agwene. "Is all well, or ..." Nathi quietly left the question open.

"It's a political affair. You know the..." She blushed a bit, looking for a tactful term. "You know that he's not the kind of person I'm normally attracted to in any event."

Nathicana nods, reaching out gingerly to give Agwene's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "In which case, so long as he does not treat you poorly, you put on the public face needed, carry out your duties where they need be seen, and do what you like in private. If he does treat you poorly, there are options." The last sentence was delivered more quietly, and with a definite edge as the raven-haired woman glanced again in Connor's direction.

Agwene laughed slightly. "You know, you're not the first person to tell me that in private."

"Perhaps not, but you know damn well I'm more than prepared to follow up on it all the same," Nathi said quietly, the corners of her eyes tightening for no discernable reason.

Agwene nodded. "You are a good friend, Nathicana d'Aquisto. I'm lucky to have friends like you."

"Bah. I'm honored to be named a friend," Nathi replied, shaking her head and smiling wryly. "I have always believed I have gained more from my friendships than I have offered. After all these years, I'm afraid I'm still learning how to do it properly."

Agwene nodded. "How are things in Devras?"

"The usual, of course. The novitas - that is, the new nobles, are still jockeying for position, though they seem to have been 'convinced' to keep to more subtle measures. We have had blessed few incidents, thankfully, but they are just one of many problems that need dealing with day to day," Nathi said, seeming to find some comfort in a bit of shop talk. "And your own charges and lands?"

"Dealing with some terrorist problems, unfortunately. Our embassy in Pantocratoria..." She shook her head a little.

Nathicana frowned at that, tilting her head slightly. "Not a nation I'm terribly familiar with, that. I wish you success in finding the perpetrators, and eliminating them quickly."

"I hope I can. I hope I can."

"Be strong. Stay your course. And," Nathi said, her expression hardening as she looked at the other woman. "Make sure that those responsible pay. No matter how long it takes." She stopped then, glancing around, then clearing her throat quietly. "This however, is neither the time nor place for talk of vendetta. My apologies."

Agwene nodded. "This is a time to talk of family and lovers and dear, dear friends." She smiled gently at Nathi.

"Then I should free you to continue doing so. I hope to see you after the ceremony, Agwene," the Imperatrice said, returning the smile, though her eyes again flickered towards Treznor briefly.

"I was referring to you, Nathi." Agwene inclined her head. "But we will speak more later." She smiled a friendly smile as she turned.

"Until later then. Congratulations on the engagement, all the same. And best of luck with keeping the boy in line," Nathi said, working up another smile, then settling back into her seat, watching anxiously as Treznor came back, the promised drinks in hand.

"There you go, Red. See, that wasn't so bad," he said with a reassuring smile. "Enjoy your conversation with the High Queen?"

"Grazie, mi amore," she replied, accepting the offered glass perhaps a little too eagerly, sipping slowly before going on. "I am glad she's doing as well as she is. I only wish such talk did not bring up memories I'd just as soon not think about."
Austar Union
27-03-2005, 08:45
“Ah, it looks at though I won’t be needing to introduce you to the other guests.” turning to face the Empress, Jennifer bowed to greet her and turned to Lord Blue again. “I’ll see you after the wedding, Lord Blue, until then please enjoy the ceremony.”

Indigo couldnt help but frown just a little at the news of Jennifer's departure. He was, of course so far, interested in such a lady, and did enjoy her company greatly. She was though, but his escort, and it seemed that she did it well. Roles such as those were never meant to intefere with the personal affairs of their companion, and right now she would be in such a position that it could make conversation difficult between the newer woman approaching him, and Indigo himself. Jennifer was charming, but supposidly, it was for the best. He couldnt really be distracted at a time where he ought to be forging other, more important relations, least to his nationhood.

Turning to face the Empress of Lavenrunz, he smiled and respectfully bowed just a little. Treating himself somewhat of a servant unto others had gotten him this far, and hopefully it would get him beyond. Everyone loved a servant, and right now Indigo would treat this beautiful gem as his own Queen, high and mighty.

Ah, Your Highness. You grace me with your presense, and I am humbly grateful. Please let me introduce myself; I am Lord Indigo Blue of the Austar Union. I have heard much about you and your nation, and may I be so rude to comment, you look so gorgeous on such a fine day as this. The Lord General ought to be proud and thankful for such a guest as you to bless this event of bonding, love, and eternity.
27-03-2005, 10:06
Defying the urge to blush was impossible; she felt a heat wash her from her cheeks to her decolletage. "Guten tag...thank you very much, Lord Indigo. I am very glad to see you also." she fought the urge to say and do really stupid things, and instead said, "Isn't this a lovely occasion? I'm very happy for Lord General de Gritz. I hope things have gone well since your coronation--you know I was saying to the Council of Ministers, in my country that is, that it would be fun, I mean interesting to visit your country sometime, learn about it and so on." For God's sake, shut up, Aurora! she thought desperately, clamping her mouth tight.
Austar Union
27-03-2005, 10:45
Indigo watched rather amused at the Empress' response to his greeting. She seemed somewhat taken aback by his pleasant attitude. Still, most people generally were indeed shocked at how he was. Indigo was a man to represent the older standards which had long died. He was a gentleman, respectful and honest. He lived by those standards, for it was the way he ruled. He needed no army to keep the peace, for back home no man wanted to challenge his right and privillage to rule. No, his first and utmost policy was one of respect. As he always said, 'Of All Things, Respect Is the Greatest General Of All, Commander Of Armies...'

He chuckled, when she had finished, and like the gentleman he was, he gingerly touched her on the shoulder.

I suppose I am not the only one here who is lost for words. You are quite alright Your Highness. Indeed, the room and architecture here is of the most exquisite, and I am so happy for the Lord General. I look forward to the day that I too meet someone to love, cherish, and life in unity with., he smiled and looked right at Aurora. Or perhaps, the Gods have already allowed me to meet her beauty. Either way, I am content, and thankful for any opportunity which comes upon my travel. This wedding was most certainly an opportunity which may never come again. Frankly, one never knows how long he has on this earth, and so I stay thankful for every day, every breath of which the Gods give me.
27-03-2005, 10:52
Aurora nearly gasped when he put his hand on her shoulder--she was shocked as much as overwhelmed, since no one ever touched her without permission except those whose office permitted it--her personal body servants for instance. Looking up, listening to him, she felt like his words were some kind of magical spell. Flustered, she looked up, blue eyes wide, her strawberry blonde hair falling away from her face, making a focus of her slightly parted lips.
"Well...Lord Indigo...thank you very much." she could not resist saying, "This is the first time I've worn a woman's ball gown in public..." this was a simple affair of a grecian style, popular still in Lavenrunz, that bared the shoulder and had a delicate decolletage, a natural but elegant look. "...and thank you for saying that I am beautiful."
Austar Union
27-03-2005, 11:08
Indigo was quite shocked at how much the Emprss was overwhelmed by his kindness. It was a bit, unusual, to say the least. Yet he remained unassuming. Assuming never did do nations justice, nor did it do anything for personal relations either. In the meantime, he didnt flinch when Aurora was taken aback, or surprised that he touched her. Hesitation, was a sign of a weak leader, and had been removed from his pattern of behaviour for quite some time, since he was just a small boy. Still, he was a gentleman, and respected the Empress greatly. He smiled.

Ah, Empress. I hope I have not been rude. I forget my manners sometimes, especially, yet embaressingly in the presense of royalty. Please, accept my forgiveness for being so brash. he spoke humbly while bowing his head just slightly. He lifted his chin. In the meantime, may I ask you about your own nation? I know only what has been told in children's stories, of what my father used to share when I was just a boy. It sounds, that Lavenrunz is a beautiful nation. Would you care to enlighten me? Or perhaps even, about yourself? You certainly do intrigue me Your Highness.
27-03-2005, 11:39
Aurora took a deep breath, and said, "Well, Lord Indigo...Lavenrunz is beautiful in some ways. In the north, it is generally warm, and the beaches can be quite beautiful in some parts. There are sweeping prairies and fields, and great mountains in the south. Mostly the places where people live are very tame, and are full of gardens and hedges. Some complain though that we are too industrialized, and that mining and oil exploration and factories are ruining our skies.
In the far south, we are near Antarctica, which we have sovereignty over some parts of, and so we have all manner of creatures, from the Lesser Hairy Rhinoceros to the Adelie Penguin." she was smiling now, warming to her favourite subject: her country. "My people are living a bit better since my new Government came into power: taxes are lower and there are fewer intereferences in day to day life apart from those necessary for security. But there is a lot of racial anger in my country, mostly by native Lavenrunzians towards immigrants. But we needed to bring in immigrants with skills we lacked during my grandfather and my mother's reigns in order to advance..."
Austar Union
27-03-2005, 12:14
Indigo was obviously dazzled with such a beautiful description, of her country. It was rather easy to see that she held a deep fire within, a passion, for her eyes burned at the mention of her nation, Lavenrunz. And this made Indigo smile, quite pleasantly. Within him something stirred, something, as beautiful as the nation she had described. Within, he began to soften, and before he got to realise...

You have such a beautiful nation, Empress. I would absolutely love to visit it sometime. By the sounds of it, the people are prospering under your rulingship, and for that I am thankful for leaders, for people such as yourself. Your Highness, I do apoligise if I am becoming too personal, but can I thank you for this opportunity? This opportunity to meet such a wonderful person? Lavenrunz, is truly a better nation because of you, and it seems that its countryside that you described just then, lives within your heart. Its like the lands themselves, the hills, the plains, they have reached out and touched me in a way I could never think possible.

There was something about this woman. Empress Aurora was someone special, and she most certainly interesting to talk with. He wanted to visit Lavenrunz so much, as if it were meant to be. Within him, ignited a passion. They say passion is very easy to pass unto others, and like a torch, Aurora had passed a baton of passion for her own nation, to himself. Now it seemed, Indigo was not just filled with a fire for the Austar Union, but for the overall development for Lavenrunz also. And this was strange, considering all he came for, was to celebrate love, for others...
27-03-2005, 13:23
OOC: I'll need to talk to you on IRC about the robot given that it would require extensive security checks, but besides that I'm assuming everything else is perfectly fine.

Along with every other guest to have arrived at the castle, the nine men escorting Ambassador Ujuy Hagwonak were checked for weapons and greeted by Mark Jameson, an upcoming Iuthian diplomat who had previously attended the last Haven confirence and had shown much potential in these last few years.

Upon meeting the Walrus, Mark bowed to the ambassador as a sign of respect.

"Welcome to Callisham Castle, Ambassador Hagwonak, it's good that you could make it to our Lord General's wedding in person. Now, if you would follow me I will escort you to the throne room where the wedding ceremony will be held shortly." He then looked down to the present being held and then added. "If it suits you I can have one of our men take your gift down to the Grand Hall for the reception later, or if you would prefer, we can take a detour ourselves."
27-03-2005, 23:24
Treznor sips his scotch slowly while he scans the room for threats and friends alike. His eyes settle on Aurora and he spends a moment reading her body language, along with that of the individual speaking to her.

<LOS Communications - Nathicana> {
>> Nine o'clock. Our adolescent Empress is looking a bit harried. Feel like coming to the rescue?

Nathicana glances briefly in the direction he indicates and her eyes narrow.

<< What is that bastardo doing touching her? Yes, yes I think a little intervention is in order.

>> Mmm...we don't really want to disrupt James' special day, right? Got a plan beyond ripping the guy's arms off and feeding them to him?

<< ... I hadn't really thought that far ahead. I'm open to suggestions.

>> I say divide and conquer. You take Aurora, I'll take her alleged seducer.

<< I don't want you to leave.

>> I promise I won't go far. You'll have Jas and Aurora with you. No one could be safer.

Nathicana steels herself, her chin tilting up slightly in her usual imperious manner, though her jaw is clenched.

<< Not far, then. Lead on, mi amore.

Treznor winds his way through the crowd until he comes up beside Aurora, squeezing Nathicana's hand before he speaks. "Aurora, you're looking lovely today. Your mother couldn't have represented Lavenrunz better."

Nathicana squeezes his hand in turn, perhaps a bit more firmly than she needs to. "She would be proud, Aurora. I know I am," she says with a warm smile at the girl, trying not to look at Indigo, knowing she'd only glare. "Buon Compleanno, my dear."

>> You know, it occurs to me that I really need to stop comparing her to her mother.

<< You know, I think you're right. It's hard enough that she has had to come into her reign under the circumstances she has. She already lives in her mother's shadow without added pressure from friends. I know you mean well, Dev, and I'm sure she does as well, still ...

>> We'll have to remember it for next time.

Treznor smiles brightly at Aurora. "Won't you introduce me to your young friend, here?"
28-03-2005, 01:02
Aliria's cheeks reddened even more, marking even more her cute and flwless features. "Oh, then you're a Sidhe, one of those fabled beings of the Dream Lands", she said trying to occult her embarrasment. "Sorry about that silly mistake, you could pass for a handsome member of the elvenkin easily", she continued, managing to smile at the beautiful male sidhe.

"You compliment is well taken, my Sidhe Lord, and I must thank you for that. All I can offer in return is to remain in your company for the rest of the night, if you don't care. I'm needing some company, and I find you a delighting prospect. I hope you don't find my offer improper, although right now I must present myself to Lord DeGritz and to his with no doubt lovely bride. Could you accompany me?"
The Resurgent Dream
28-03-2005, 01:24
Connor laughed. "No insult is taken, Your Highness. But I can hardly promise you my company for the whole night. I am here as the escort of the High Queen." He smiled dashingly.

Connor looked around for a moment, thoughtful. "However, I can certainly walk with you to go greet our hosts." He offered a strong arm gracefully to Aliria. "After all, we are allies now."
28-03-2005, 02:54
Kayla offered her hand to Kara in the same way she had done with Sarah in order to shake hands, the short woman was around about the same height as many of the elven guests (or at least the ones from Iuthia as they tended to be a little shorter then humans), she was, like the married couple she was guarding, relatively attractive but overall she seemed a little petit for a bodyguard… however even Kayla knew better then to let size and appearance fool her, she was a bodyguard for a reason after all.

“Good to meet you Kara, I hope our security is to your liking, we’re being as careful as we reasonably can with all the high profile guests present, with any luck this should be a good occasion for all of us without incident.” Kayla then looked towards Elisa finding herself ensnared by her eyes for a moment as she spoke. “In any case, it’s good to see you again Elisa, perhaps later when he arrives I can introduce you to someone I hold dear as you have introduced me to your wife, I’m sure you will like him… he’s a little shy but I see a lot of potential in him.”

With that, Kayla sighed happily, the tension had passed and now she was happy that Elisa was alive and that Elisa’s introduction of a life long partner had helped her make her mind. Though if Elisa could play while still being married… no, it wasn’t worth thinking about and Atheril wouldn’t think about it in the same manner as any Hacker would.
28-03-2005, 03:14
Aliria took Connor's arm without a single doubt, and began to walk alongside him, her figure resalting even more at the side of such a masterwork of male anatomy. She approached James DeGritz using a sure pace, walking in such a way that her revealing dress showed enough hints about what it was containing but not showing enough to make the eyes looking at her lose all interest in revealing more.

Smiling, she looked at DeGritz again, and after holding her free hand over right over her shoulder in the traditional elven salute, she gave James DeGritz a really graceful and short bow, to show him how much respect she held for him. It wasn't the first time Aliria met DeGritz, having him as a guest in the Craftworld once before. She remembered the man as being really nice and courteous, a true gentleman with a pair of interesting and attent eyes, who were regarded in Aelosia as a friend of the elves.

"Again our fates make us to cross our roads, Lord DeGritz, Sire. Should I congratulate you due to this indeed joyous occassion?", she said, keeping her smile bright and her voice soft, with a tone that recalled the purr of a cat being stroked.
The Resurgent Dream
28-03-2005, 04:20
Connor didn't allow himself to be quite so openly flirtatious as Aliria. He was, after all, a politician, and as such he realized that publically scorning Agwene for the perfect embodiment of Elven beauty on his arm would be political suicide. Still, his muscled arm tensed slightly at the touch of the fair hand and he was mindnumbingly conscious of the extreme beauty hanging off his arm and seeming so evidently attracted to him.

When they arrived at Lord James, Connor gave a deep and courtly bow. It was not an especial gesture of respect but merely a polite one. For all his engagement to the High Throne, Connor was currently still a Duke and no sovereign. He smiled pleasantly to his host. "It is an honor to meet you, m'lord. I am sorry that I left Her Majesty's company but it seemed...diplomatic to speak for some time with our esteemed Aelosian allies."
28-03-2005, 04:24
Taking care to help his guest make new friends at this occasion, Mark decided link up Clodius and his lady friend to meet Arkhora Rene Seingult I of Tsaraine with her entourage and introduce one another. Both groups of guests were respected in Iuthia as both Tsaraine and Freethinkers had proven to be respectable people in the functions they were present at (at least functions in which Iuthians were present at least) so he was fairly certain the two wouldn’t have any trouble with one another.

It was hard not to notice the presence of various other world leaders and diplomats present at the function now as the room slowly became filled with people of many different cultures of at least a dozen nationalities present so far… it was a little daunting to some when you took into account who was present. In a sense it wouldn’t be surprising to Mark that others had trouble picking who to introduce themselves to first given they were so spoiled for choice.

As they approached the Tsarainese delegation it was easy to make out the Best Man at this wedding, Mick Lakely, talking to Rene and the two others, Ktoriach and Kjathen-Yseult, the Arkhora’s personal secretary and high level official. Finally they arrived as Mick turned to greet them; he had just finished a little bit of small talk on the history of the nation before they had arrived.

Mark bowed momentarily to the Tsarainese group and politely commented. “I’m sorry to interrupt this conversation, but I thought it would be polite to introduce our Tsarainese allies to some of our other esteemed guests.” He then rose again and politely motioned towards Rebecca and Clodius.

“You’re Majesty..” he started, referring to the Arkhora of Tsaraine, not entirely sure how to address her. “To my right I have the Sir Clodius Maxilimus, Lord of Navarok of the commonwealth of the Freethinkers”

“and to my right, Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Trabasale and second in line to the throne.”

(Sorry if it's a little dry, I've tried to be formal about it but I think I'm better just trying to be polite... if you have trouble I'll continue from here.)
28-03-2005, 04:57
Had James been a little younger when he wasn’t happily engaged to the lovely Liessa he may considered Aliria’s approach as a little suggestive, however now such thoughts were well at the back of his mind and he saw a nothing more then friend walking towards him in an beautiful dress. The fact it revealed a lot and promised onlookers of even more simply didn’t occur to him and many others in the room simply considered it as the Princess getting into the spirit of Iuthia, a good sign of relations to come with the reserved elven nation. Besides the lovely Aliria was Duke Connor ap Daireann, a stout looking man who was following the Princess with a glazed look in his eyes, though the Lord General didn’t read much into it.

Both Aliria and the Duke bowed to show their respect to the groom, something James made a point of returning in a similar manner as he felt the fact both of them had found time to attend to be a similar honour. Other men may have taken advantage of the opportunity arisen from the Princess bowing before them, showing more cleavage as she did so; however the Lord General had his mind elsewhere… in any case on a warm day you could go to the park and seen no less then a dozen naked men and women of all colours and creeds, it was nothing new regardless of how regal the Princess was.

First he spoke to Aliria, whom got the first words in. “As much as I would like to think of it as Fate which has brought us together again, Princess, I would like to think it’s more a choice of free will on both our behalves. It’s good to see you could make it to my wedding, though if I may I would ask you to reserve judgement until after the wedding, then you may congratulate me if you enjoyed the ceremony… though it wouldn’t be the same without you and the others. Again, I thank you for finding time to attend my wedding.”

He then turned to the Duke, who came after her. “Thank you, and I would like to say that it’s also an honour for me that you and the High Queen could make time to attend my wedding. You do not need to apologise, I can understand that these functions are perfect opportunities to improve relations, it’s part of the reason my Diplomatic Corps are working so hard to impress the guests, though personally I find the whole formality thing a little daunting… I’m a simple man by nature. Please, do try to enjoy yourself, the both of you.”
28-03-2005, 06:38
Aurora was appalled, at first just embarassed enough to want to flee to Lavenrunzian Ceres and live there as a miner. But then suddenly her Von Sachshausen blood came to the fore, and she said, smiling, blue eyes glittering, "Why, Emperor Devon Treznor--and the Imperatrice Nathicana! How nice to see you both! This is Lord Indigo Blue--you might remembering his coronation recently?"
28-03-2005, 08:04
"Just "Rene" will be fine, thank you," Rene replied, "I'm no Queen. How do you do, Sir Maxilimus, Your Highness?"

She extended her hand to Clodius for him to shake.

"Allow me to introduce you to Ktoriach ralVenadt, my Operations Commandant, and to Kjathen-Yseult ea Seingult, Communion Representative."

Ktoriach bowed, but Kjathen-Yseult merely nodded regally. The Ea either put little stock in class distinctions, or considered themselves above them; it was hard to tell.

OOC: Argh, short and crappy. Many apologies.
Austar Union
28-03-2005, 09:29
Indigo was hardly unaware of the attitudes of both Devon Treznor, and Lady Nathicana. Being trained since birth as a wealthy individual, he soon learned much earlier in life that one key to success is to first acknowledge your surroundings, and the people around you. It may have been one of which most overlook, but as the old proverb does state, Its not what you know, but who you know... Indigo knew too well the meaning of this, for it had contributed much to his own success. Yes, he understood there was some tension, and hopefully without letting on, had noticed the wrestling of hands between Nathicana, and Devon Treznor. Still, he smiled, and would try his greatest to leave a more positive impression. It seemed, that they may have seen across the room and mistaken his intentions.

Please, I am most certainly honored to meet you both. Actually, I was eager to approach you sometime myself, but it seems you beat me to it. he introduced himself, bowing just slightly in respect. The Empress and I were just discussing how beautiful it sounds her nation is. I have never visited myself, but I would like to, if given the opportunity of course.

Indigo smiled and paused, allowing them to react. He hoped, they would at least react with decency, which of course he was sure they would. Now in a group of four, he turned himself so that nobody was left from the conversation.

Sir Treznor, and Lady Nathicana, I was actually wanting to talk with you both in the meantime. I was aware that you were attending, and when I researched a small bit of history, I was appauled at how my nation's previous representatives have treated you both. May I apoligiese, on their behalf, and on mine, for any mis-understandings which may have occured. I actually wanted to host some kind of a peaceful meeting between the Non-Democratic Alliance, the Absolutionist Republic, and also the Trium sometime very soon, in hopes that we could understand each other on a more realistic scale. I feel that perhaps, previous misconceptions, could get in the way of future, positive relations, and I just wanted to set things straight. I already respect you both, and I would be honored if you would accept such a meeting, or to even sort something similar out that suits you and the alliances better. I had in mind something along the lines of just a friendly dinner-party?
The Freethinkers
28-03-2005, 20:47
Callisham Castle, Iuthia
Clodius accepted the handshake with a bemused smile. The title of ‘your highness’ was conferred on only person in his nation and that would not be him. Though he escorted royalty here in the form of Rebecca, who stood at his side smiling politely, he was not of that breed himself, even though he carried the title, and found being addressed as such was somewhat disorientating to say the least. Nonetheless he made sure to take the proffered hand and shook lightly but firmly, trying his best to smile as graciously as possible.

“It is an honour to meet you, ma’am, and your companions as well.” He offered his hand to each of the party in turn. “I must say I have been looking forward to meeting such esteemed persons as yourselves at this celebration. I must insist though that you call me ‘Clodius’ only, I have but little time for the titles of my own.” He smiled, genuinely, though his face had been marred several years ago by a bullet wound that had never truly healed. He moved to the side slightly, letting Rebecca come forward to shake hands and bow respectively.

“So,” the Freestian princess began, “I must enquire as to how you are finding your stay here, I must admit I find the very relaxed attitudes here extremely liberating, I have to admit to enjoying the visit immensely.”

OOC: Argh, short, sorry.
28-03-2005, 23:35
Watching for a moment as the room filled with more and more dignitaries, Lord Nefarious noted a few familiar faces that he would like the opportunity to meet sometime during the day, if nothing more than to pass on the greetings of the Empress. He watched the arrival of some very familiar faces, Imperatrice Nathicana and Emperor Treznor, two of the three heads of the nations responsible for the alliance that the Empire found itself in. He continued to gaze at the new arrivals, greeting those he knew of with a nod and smile.

Knowing that the beginning of the ceremony was only moments ago, he turned to his companion. “Shall we take our seats? We do not want to hold up the proceedings, do we?” He indicated their general direction then presented his arm for Lady Alexander, who held on to him. Slowly they made their way through the throng of people, continuing their habit of pleasant nods and greetings.

Finding their seats, they made themselves comfortable, talking between themselves as they waiting for the ceremony to start. Lord Nefarious pulled picked up the order of service and flicked through the events to take place, as Lady Alexander let her gaze continue to flick amongst the other guests as they moved about the room.

Waiting calmly at the back, Ujuy scanned the crowd again. Although he recognized many of the dignitaries, mostly through intelligence files and second hand accounts from other more senior Vrakian diplomats, he didn’t meet many personally. He shifted his great head and then spied someone from a land that Vrak had little to no contact with.

Gehenna Tartarus.

A bark to his detail and then they edged their way to their space. Four of the King’s Own plus the SOAT-bot hung back near the exit while the other three managed to find seats flanking the ambassador near the Tartarians. The huge bodyguards, although nicely dressed, stepped closer to Ujuy. One of them fixed his gaze upon Lord Nefarious while the other two scanned the nearby guests. While the King’s Own were a bit bigger than an average Vrakian, the bodyguards were at least six foot six with long, black hair done up in a ponytail and having Inuit complexion. A good eye would see strange tattoos on the back of each bodyguard – depicting either an octopus, clam, or walrus.

The walrus bowed and introduced himself.

“Good day, Lord Nefarious and Lady Alexander of Gehenna Tartarus. I am Ujuy Hagwonak, Ambassdasor of Vrak. May I sit next to you?”
Gehenna Tartarus
28-03-2005, 23:49
Standing as the group neared them, Lord Nefarious smiled as the Vrak Ambassador made his way to his seat and spoke. His Lordship bowed his head slightly in return, and indicated the chairs around him. “We would be most honoured.” Nefarious then retook his seat, straightening his jacket as he sat. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ambassador Hagwonak. We have been unfortunate not to have had the privilege of meeting someone from Vrak, a misfortune now rectified.”

As Lord Nefarious finished speaking, Lady Alexander bowed her head and smiled, echoing, in less words, the Heir to Tartarus’ sentiments. Falling silent again, Lady Alexander kept her gaze on the new arrivals, ready to fill in any information that her companion may not recall.

The dark haired Lord waited for his companion to stop before returning his attention to the Ambassador, remaining silent until the party had settled in their seats. He liked weddings, they always gave nations the chance of making new acquaintances, something the Empire was very keen to do.
28-03-2005, 23:56
Earlier today at the deGritz Mansion, Liessa sat on the large poster bed which she and James had been sharing for over a year now, thinking about the day which lay ahead of her as a one of the bride’s maids brought her a warm cup of tea to calm her nerves. Preparations for the wedding were already starting as many of James’s friends were already at the Castle making sure things were going smoothly; she trusted Mick would make sure that James was at the wedding and presentable, no matter how they had spent the night before, but still Liessa couldn’t get past the fact that it was finally happening… she was about to marry the most powerful man in Iuthia (to be honest, she didn’t know anyone powerful from outside of Iuthia as the Iuthian media was very insular in it’s coverage) and many foreign guests would be present to honour her and the Lord General with their presence and already Liessa had forgotten many of their names, a slight worry in a sea of concerns.

Never the less Liessa couldn’t help but feel excited as well, like many others she had dreamt of his day ever since she was a child, dreaming of the beautiful dress she would wear, the romantic settings of a castle and the finest guests to celebrate her love for another… now it was a reality and it seemed almost like a fairy tale, even though she had helped to organise a lot of it. Now she sat in there bed, drinking her tea and looking at the dress which had been carefully hung in the corner…

It was a magnificent piece of work for what she wouldn't normally expect from Iuthian tailors; as usual the designer had gone for a simplistic yet beautiful look, the concept was more or less to be as stunning as possible while remaining somewhat humble… there wasn’t really anything about the dress which could be considered excessive, it was basically just a very well made white separate bodice with a matching skirt. The bodice was shaped and boned with a laced back for both comfort and a perfect fit, a lot of attention had gone into subtle embroidery and beading. Meanwhile the skirt of the bridal gown was full without being gathered, ending with a wonderful train of white cloth. It was, as far as Liessa was concerned, perfect.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be perfect” Karen, one of Liessa’s brides maids commented, understanding her long look at the dress. “Even the weather is agreeing with us.”

Liessa sighed lightly, turning to her long time friend. “I’ll be fine Karen, I just needed a moment to take it all in…” to this Karen nodded, it was rather daunting to think that this wasn’t just any wedding, much of the nation would be looking up to this occasion as their Lord General was finally getting married to the woman he loved. Leaders from other counties would be present, all looking to make a good impression and learn what they could about the influence she would represent to the Iuthian leadership, meanwhile the Iuthian government were looking to make this wedding a political event to boost the moral of the nation and improve relations with their allies… it was so much more then a simple wedding.

“Well, I’ll give you a few moments to think it over before we try and get you into that dress, ok?” Karen offered, her voice sincere. Liessa looked up from her tea, her face seeming a little more determined now she had made her mind.

“No, it’s quite alright Karen, I’ll manage…” she smiled lightly and looked over to her friend, Karen was her Maid of Honour, her closest friend who’s responsibility was to help the bride dress and prepare for the ceremony and to carry the ring which would be presented to the Groom. “Come on, lets get this dress on, I’ve got a wedding to go to.”
29-03-2005, 00:42
OOC: Not a problem. Can it wait at our plane by the airport with its handler?

edit: all figured out. I should also mention that Vrak's SOAT-bots don't have laser guns. It's more akin to MT weapons placed on an early post modern or FT framework. Hope that makes sense.


The SOAT-bot, along with its handler, waited patiently in the hypersonic transport. Although it was at "low power", it could be activated into "active" mode if case anything went south. The chances were remote, given the high security presence of the Iuthians.
Dread Lady Nathicana
29-03-2005, 00:55
Merda. I think we've taken a wrong step ... now was it Dev's comment, or the fact she'd rather we not have stepped in? Il dio, she's only fifteen. He ought to bloody well know better. Perhaps this was a mistake, even coming at all. I'm still not ready for this, in spite of what Dev thinks. Too soon.

"Mi scusi, Aurora. If we have interrupted ..." she says, trying to somehow let the young Empress know by her expression that no offense was meant, and that she had only been concerned. Second-guessing herself as she had been doing ever since the 'incident' was just another irritation, weakness in her mind, that she needed to work past. Again, she was grateful for Treznor's reassuring presence. She was convinced she couldn't have done this without him. The Imperatrice affects a pleasant smile as she turns then to Indigo, after a quick glance in the Emperor's direction, and extends her hand in greeting.

"Lord Indigo," she says softly, nodding her head in recognition of his position. "I had heard, yes, but I'm afraid I did not recognize you. Congratulations on your coronation."

There was no denying his admission that thus far, his nation had not been in good standing, at least with the Dominion. Such things as open mockery were, after all, noted and remembered. The fact that they, and their alliance, had since more than proved themselves, no doubt much to the dismay of their critics and detractors, was a point of pride. The fact that Indigo was making an attempt to remedy past 'sins' gave her pause, her initial impressions beginning to be re-examined, though she was by no means prepared to make any promises so soon.

"Such ... misunderstandings can occasionally crop up," she says, studying the man carefully. "Meetings, you say? All things are possible, one would think. Depending on the location, I suppose a dinner party may be something that would appeal to some, yes, though truth, I cannot speak for any of the rest. I would expect that for the Trium, contacting the First Among Equals would be an appropriate beginning, unless you wish this to be more informal and have us pass the word along? For the NDA, it seems you already have two of the three Council members here."
Austar Union
29-03-2005, 02:04
A broad smile grew across Indigo's face as he realised that Lady Nathicana, was for now stepping back from such a hostile atmosphere. Although once, past leaders had mocked their Dominion, and more-so the Non-Democratic Alliance, they had been considered as friends of this nation. If something was to happen, it was sure that depending on the political situation, the Austar Union would forge a way which would be positive in the eyes of the woman, so strong and proud standing before him. She was a woman he most certainly feared, and respected. She was mighty. He chuckled.

Yes, Yes I suppose they do. At least though, unlike my ansestors, I live by a code of morale and practice. One of them, would be one you may be familiar with, 'One cannot change past demeanor, but one may influence the direction of his future, so that he can prevent it's eventual occurance...' I live with that every day, and being human, make mistakes. I think whats most important, is that we laugh at our own mistakes, but move on, and pave the way for a better, brighter future. Thankyou, for understanding my position.

In the meantime, as for the meeting, I cant say exactly what I had in mind, any plans were still on the drawing board. Thankyou for the information on who to contact though, I do appreciate any assistance I can get on this. Being such a small power, I cannot vouch for my intelligence organisations when they claim to know everything. In my experience as leader of the Austar Union, there is an eternity of which one could learn, and we are here for just a short time. To call one's self 'intelligent', is blasphemy, and nothing but a belated ego. I like to think of myself as an eternal student, one whom never ceases to learn of the world around him. I like this existance...

Indigo paused, to catch his breath. He continued, with absolutely no hint of sarcasm, since it was never in existance to even begin.

Im so sorry, I lead a conversation far too astray. Bad habits, hey? Anyhow, if you wanted to pass on any general knowledge that I will be hosting a party, I would appreciate it. I dont expect it though, of course. How can I expect anything at all from such a great leader as yourself? I ought to be the one who serves you...
29-03-2005, 07:50
Aurora softened at Nathicana's words. "My dear Nathicana, I'm glad to see you." she said, firmly ending the matter, taking her hand briefly. (Nathicana would notice how much she had grown; how much on the edge of womanhood she was, her coltishness gone, curves blooming, her air one of authority, however callow) "I heard about some of the recent things you have been doing. As always, you are the bravest of the brave." she half listened to Lord Indigo, but she was feeling a bit calmer now; his own unease had made her realize that however attractive he was he was just human after all.
Easy enough to say.
Austar Union
29-03-2005, 10:31
OOC: Edited this message out. No point.
29-03-2005, 19:59
I don't think I read her wrong. Or maybe she just doesn't like being rescued. Bah, serves me right. Now, Indigo...oh hell. Shivans.

Treznor bows slightly to Indigo. "I'm afraid I was never Knighted, and I never cared to bestow the title on myself. I find it important to remember my humble beginnings, you see.

"Your suggestion of a dinner is intriguing. I promise to discuss it with my allies and see what my schedule will allow. You can be certain that the NDA and the Triumvirate will be informed of the opportunity."

<LOS Communications - Nathicana> {
>> Heads up. I'm going to attempt a little damage control.

He turns back to Aurora. "I'm very sorry for interrupting you. We've had so little time to meet except through intermediaries, and this is too important to leave to lackeys. Nathicana and I have an important event coming up, and we wanted a private word with you to discuss the possibility of your participation."
The Ctan
29-03-2005, 23:05
Though Mephet'ran was, once more, delayed, the first C’tani guest for the wedding managed to find it in himself to be somewhat less late in arriving than his 'brother.' Asirnoth was once more dressed in an 'oriental' style, in white crimson and gold, the latter two forming a cloak over relatively simple, if unnaturally crisp and clean, robes, a golden dragon curling its way around the edges of the crimson outer cloak.

Though far from being one for social events, generally considering such nicities 'beneath' him, he was forced to attend simply be the apparent lack of anyone else turning up. He made his way in as quietly as was possible and watched the group, one could perhaps call him somewhat amused, though his unsettling gaze showed nothing but calm.
30-03-2005, 01:01
[OOC: Ctan, if you want to have Mephet'ran with Siri right now that'd be fine, if you want him to arrive separately, that's fine too.]

The Menelmacari destroyer Gilthoniel descended towards Iuthia Prima, her sleek and elegant lines looking a little out of place over the stark, bunker-like architecture of the city. The Elentári always being one to make an entrance, the ship passed over the city - or at least as close to such as air traffic control would allow - before landing at the spaceport.

Sirithil nos Fëanor was aboard, having of course been invited, and arriving a little later than she'd hoped; her previous engagement had been on one of Menelmacar's more distant colonies and had run long. She was dressed in formal robes of shining white silk, with golden trim, and a flowing white cloak that billowed out behind her as she walked. Her jewelry matched, crafted of mithril and set with diamonds, save for a ruby brooch in the shape of the daggerstar that served as the symbol of her House. At her belt was her sword Dant'harthad, which she took with her everywhere, though tonight Hope's Descent was peace-bonded for the benefit of the security-conscious Iuthians. With her was her son and heir Maglor, wearing robes of black but likewise with gold trim, and a similar House brooch, a golden circlet set in his raven-black hair.
Austar Union
30-03-2005, 05:57
Indigo smiled at the comment made by Treznor. It had seemed that they were for now, quite willing to attend his function, even though it may seem insignifant to them. And yet, when he thought about it deeper, there was not much difference between all members of this conversation. Lady Nathicana, nor Lord Treznor, were better, or greater than he, but it was rather a case of which he simply respected their position in society. This was in no way a time to appear like he was 'sucking up' to them, but rather he was sure they would probably want to see Indigo appear as a respectable, yet equal man. Truly, they ought to be commended for such justice. Still, he remained silent until Treznor had finished talking to Empress Aurora.

Well then. I can only thank you both for considering my ideas. I will most definatly contact you both a a later point of when I can officially sort out my plans and all the details related. To be honest, I was looking forward to such a meeting with the NDA and the Trium. I respect both organisations as a pinnicale of today's world, amongst some others of course. Until then, I ought to leave you all to discuss whatever it was you wanted, for I have so much to do here at the wedding. And here I thought I was simply attending a wedding, rather than also enjoying the company of others! In the meantime, please excuse me, friends

Indigo winked and nodded his head in politeness and respect. And with that, he turned and dissapeared into the crowd, hoping to perhaps talk with another hopeful friendly.
30-03-2005, 10:40
"What important occasion is that?" Aurora asked Devon curiously. She smiled at Indigo as he was beginning to leave, to suggest that she had enjoyed his company, and then gave her full attention to the Emperor. Thirty Camelias, nearby, yawned cavernously, revealing great curving teeth and black gums.
30-03-2005, 19:50
Treznor grins and winks at Nathicana before bowing slightly to Aurora. "You've probably heard rumours of our impending marriage. I finally talked the lady into becoming an honest woman, and we'd both love it if you could be there. As for the rest, well, it's not my place to ask. She gets to pick her own companions for the event."
30-03-2005, 21:57
Aurora exclaimed, "Oh wow, congratulations!" her blue eyes lighting up. "Oh, I'm so happy for both of you. When is the wedding? Oh..." she hugged them both in turn, for a moment completely forgetting her regal dignity and just being an excited teenaged girl. "Oh my friends, this is wonderful, and yes, yes, I'd love to come!"
Dread Lady Nathicana
31-03-2005, 05:43
Nathicana nodded in response to Indigo's breathless monologue, one brow arching up ever so slightly. She murmured a quiet thanks in turn, and an assurance that no 'service' would be needed, all the while silently wondering what in hell a leader in his own right was doing demeaning himself so with such talk and behaviour. Such was not the Dominion way, after all. This was viewed as a sign of weakness - and weakness in the Dominion was meant to be exploited, then removed. Having mutual respect for other leaders, and showing proper ettiquite was one thing. Making an ass of oneself in fawning over another leader and placing yourself beneath them was simply unheard of.

She was grateful when Aurora spoke, shaking her head slightly and looking away for a moment when the young woman spoke of bravery. "I assure you, Aurora - there has been nothing going on of late that would warrant such kind flattery," she quietly lied. Well, perhaps not in totality, in any case. She didn't see much of anything brave about having had to be bodily carried out from that pit of hell, after all. Nor was it a topic she wished to discuss with anyone. There were some things she had sworn she would never reveal, not even to Devon.

Nathi tensed at Treznor's quick message, her eyes widening slightly til she realized what it was he was getting at. As Indigo made his farewells, she offered him a respectable enough nod in return, watching him melt into the crowd of people distractedly before coming back to the conversation at hand - just in time to catch the 'honest woman' comment, which earned the Emperor a subtle yet pointed jab in the side.

<LOS Communcations - Devon>
<< I'll give you 'honest woman' you son of a bitch. Honest woman indeed. As if. [wink analog]

<< Of course, you remind me that I need to speak with Shodey. I can't think of anyone but mia sorella that I would have for my matron of honor. After all, she's family. Speaking of family and Shodey, I'm sure the introduction of the little ones so soon after will cause a stir. Our own fault for delaying, I know. Alas for the need for all the fuss, no?

Turning to Aurora with a warm smile, she hugged back affectionately. "Grazie, Aurora. It would mean a lot to me if you would consider being a bridesmaid? Even if not, we would both love for you to be there."
31-03-2005, 16:03
Aurora sighed and said, "I'd love to, but you know...there is a lot going on. And..." she paused and then whispered, "Among other things we are going to bring Mirbach to trial at last. I didn't want a lot of hype, but now I think people are sufficiently distracted with other things, and the Reich is nearly defunct, like a caged tiger." her eyes gleamed. "And some things will be revealed that will make my position very clear."
Dread Lady Nathicana
31-03-2005, 20:40
Nathicana smiled at that. Perhaps a bit too much in thinking of that bastard being brought to trial finally, and in wondering just how much of what Joanna had secreted away in that pendant for Aurora would be part of this 'revealing' she spoke of.

"You do what needs to be done, Aurora - as you always have, as your mother god rest her soul and good advisors have taught you. I wouldn't expect anything less of the Empress of Lavenrunz." She leaned in slightly, her voice dropping to a whisper. "Best of luck with it all. You remind him, and the rest, just what it means to trifle with the von Sachshausens, and you in particular, yes?"

The Imperatrice straightens and glances around at the others then, observing then getting settled in. "It seems about to start. Perhaps it's best if we find our seats?"
01-04-2005, 02:24
As Asirnoth made his way in through the security checkpoint at the entrance of the castle, he was greeted by Joanna Torvek, a senior diplomat for Iuthia with a reasonable amount of respect behind her name for all the times she had represented Iuthia abroad. Today things were different from what she was used to; while the IDC were making an effort to impress foreign dignitaries as they would abroad, they were also hear because many of them were friends with the Lord General and he wanted them present so that they may witness his wedding and enjoy the ceremonies. A few of them had made points of inviting their partners, including Joanna.

“Welcome to Iuthia, Prince Asirnoth. I’m Ambassador Torvek of the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps.” she started, introducing herself briefly, following it up with a bow. Joanna was a little older then the other diplomats attending, looking to be in her early forties she wore a relatively simple purple gown for the wedding which wasn’t nearly as revealing as the dress Princess Aliria wore. She wasn’t doing too bad for her age and like many Iuthians she had made an effort to stay in shape over the years, which was proving to have been a good investment. Motioning her hand towards the corridor, she continued on to ask him to come with her. “Now, if you would just follow me Sire, and I’ll take you to the throne room in which the ceremony will take place...”

By now the throne room was getting rather packed with guests as it was getting close to the time when the wedding itself was due to start, several groups from the brides family had already sat down in their places, still talking among themselves as they did so. Meanwhile many other guests standing around the groom’s side were still in their conversations getting introduced before the main event started. Looking around it wasn’t hard to notice relatively famous leaders and representatives from various nations around the world; many of them associated with the Non-Democratic Alliance of which Iuthia had recently joined, a small few linked to the same treaties as the C’tan were such as VERITAS and finally there were individual representatives from nations which simply had very good relations with Iuthia. There were also a large number of the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps milling around, talking to some of the guests, others sitting in waiting. And finally there was the Lord General himself, the groom to be married who was talking to Princess Aliria and Duke Connor at the time.

The Iuthians didn’t know much about the C’tan in general and it was likely that they would take the Chief Lieutenant Asirnoth at face value, considering him to be either an elf or a human depending on the form he had chosen for the occasion. When they arrived, Joanna simply stated the obvious. “Here we are Sire, the throne room. I imagine the ceremony will be starting shortly as we’re expecting the bride to arrive any minute now, is there anything I can help you with?”
01-04-2005, 03:27
While several of Iuthia’s military generals weren’t entirely pleased with the idea of a Menelmacari destroyer flying near Iuthia’s capitol city, it was checked long ago beforehand with both the Lord General and the various concerns of Air Traffic Control before it was given the all clear… of course, pretty much every potentially offensive system was required to be powered down while near the city and it was a small nightmare watching the thing just in case, as one could expect from the paranoid Iuthian military.

So, without too much trouble the Gilthoniel landed in Iuthia Prima’s one and only spaceport to be greeted by Iuthian limousines which were already waiting to take the Elentári and her group to the castle. Standing just in front of these cars were both diplomatic corps and Black Vipers who then went to greet their Menelmacari guests as they disembarked from their craft. As expected, when Lady Sirithil came out of the ship it was automatically clear they were exceptionally dressed for the wedding. Both the Elentári and her son wore robes of contrasting colours, Lady Sirithil wore white robes which were as pure as fresh, thick snow, where as her son, the Prince Maglor, wore black robes with a similar quality about them as his mother’s robes. Both robes were trimmed in magnificent gold and each wore the brooch of their House name, only slightly different from one another. Standing next to Lady Sirithil was the Imperator of the Eternal Necrontyr Empire of The C'tan, Emperor Mephet'ran. Like the others he was exceptionally well dressed for the occasion (by Iuthian standards at least) and like his brother his form was taken at face value... as far as the Iuthian were concerned, the Ctan was an elf.

Politely the Iuthian diplomats welcomed Lady Sirithil and Emperor Mephet'ran into Iuthia personally and invited her to take a lift to the wedding courtesy of the Iuthian Diplomatic Corps. Minor security checks were made and passives scans made to work out what weapons were present and then register them as per Iuthian law. Afterwards they would be taken to the castle. Though the only weapons worn by the Elentári was a single cultural sword which had already been peace bonded for the wedding and of course, Emperor Mephet'ran didn't need any weapons...

The limousines themselves where top of the range imports from other nations bought for the sole purpose of escorting foreign guests to make important trips around Iuthia, unlike many Iuthian designs they had aesthetics taken into account for the benefit of their guests. They were very well stocked and impeccably clean. Along the way to Callisham Castle each diplomat would engage in a little bit of small talk, answering any questions they could and generally remarking on any sights the limousines passed on the way. In a sense it didn’t seem enough for their guests, as proud as they were, however Iuthia was a humble nation.

At the castle itself further security checks took place, though they were very brief because of checks already made at the airport. Awaiting them was a woman whom had gotten to know Lady Sirithil over time as she had worked in Menelmacar for some time now as Ambassador to their nation, Ambassador Helena Fie’lorn. She was fairly short in comparison to the pair as Iuthian elves were generally just shy of five foot tall on average, Helena herself stood at a short 4’11” with her stark blue hair and pointy ears sticking out. Helena was also know for representing Iuthia’s interests during the signing of the VERITAS treaties and had gained a certain degree of seniority for her work with the alliance.

As per Iuthian custom, she bowed to both Lady Sirithil, Emperor Mephet'ran and Prince Maglor and introduced herself upon meeting them at the checkpoint. Then after meeting the group she escorted them into the main throne room where the ceremony was to take place, where they had only just missed Prince Asirnoth at the checkpoint, he was now standing nearby in the room with Joanna whom had escorted him there.

"It looks like we're just in time, Lady Sirithil. Is there anything else I could do for you?"
01-04-2005, 12:14
OOC: Apologies for the lateness and crappiness of this; unfortunately I had a great deal of trouble banging it out. Fie upon ye, O fickle muse!

"Iuthia is ... certainly an experience," Rene replied. "In some ways they're quite similar to Tsaraine, but in other ways they're almost as far from it as is possible.

"They certainly know how to have fun, though, and when in Rome, one should do as the Romans do - I've been trying, but their attitudes are perhaps a little too liberal in some respects for my tastes."
Austar Union
01-04-2005, 16:18
Looking from across the hall, which was quite obviously filling, Indigo noted the arrival of Lady Sirithil from Menelmacar. She had, for the most part remained silent lately in international politics, and while he had not been too involved himself prior to the wedding, he would have expected more from someone most regarded as the 'Elven Queen'. Still, it was easy to see that she would have been distracted by the simple business of life, with the later developments with friendly nations such as the C'tan. Still, it was no real excuse for the entire of Menelmacar to remain silent, and cut itself off from the outside world. Holding such respect as it did, the nation's governing powers did have a responsibility to current followers. It did seem however, that such people had remained as silent as their Queen. It seemed, that now, the arrival of Sirithil, for the most part, was no more significant than himself.

Pulling back from his lost world of thoughts and consideration, Indigo snapped back into the reality of this place. Leaders and diplomats alike, they had been there for some time already, and it seemed as if the wedding was showing to begin at any moment. Kept company by his original companions now, it seemed as if he would enjoy the ceremony with his own personal assistants, and perhaps even Jennifer from Iuthia if she was willing to join him of course. In the meantime, he rolled back his sleeve gently, revealing a golden, yet highly fashionable Rolex watch. Studded with real diamonds and golden pieces, it was most certainly a masterpiece if he ever saw one. And so he guided his friends, to a nice seat. Not too close to the front so it interrupted Iuthian friends and officials, but close enough to signify that he was a great friend of the deGritz line of Generals. It would be anyone's choice to approach him.
The Freethinkers
02-04-2005, 00:26
Clodius nodded and flexed his shoulders slightly, the corners of his mouth moving upwards for a small smile at the comments regarding Iuthia’s surprisingly permissive society. It was, however, the eager Rebecca who responded first vocally, her shallow voice quavering with a little anticipation as, visible over the shoulder of their companions, more guests arrived.

“Well, I must say,” her words came out slowly and relaxed, as though measured somewhat to ensure their meaning, “that it has been a lot of fun for ourselves too. I must admit in terms of liberties we are similar to the locals, though I must say the weather is somewhat more comfortable than back home. The Commonwealth is pretty much a desert, beautiful without exception but my, you do get tired of it. That and the local wildlife is somewhat…distracting. Anyway, mustn’t bore you with tales of home, I assume your nation is very good allies with Iuthia? I must say I don’t really keep track of foreign relations anyway near as much as I should.”
The Most Glorious Hack
02-04-2005, 10:13
Kara smiled at Kayla, nodding a little. Elisa smiled as well, "She'd like you to know that she's pleased to meet you, and she hopes her presence isn't viewed as an insult to your security forces." Elisa smiled weakly, "It's more a case of being a little over-cautious after recent... ah... events."

She closed her eyes a moment before smiling at Kayla again, shoving the unpleasant memories aside, "I look forward to meeting him." She laughed a little at the 'potential' comment, "See, that's why I stuck with females... don't have to worry about molding Sarah-chan into the perfect mate." She hugged Sarah happily, making her blush slightly, "She's perfect already."
02-04-2005, 11:51
“Liessa, my dear… you look absolutely stunning.” a voice called out to her as she came down the stairs. It had taken a little while to get it perfect, but now she was dressed completely in her formal white wedding gown, complete with elbow length white gloves, platinum earrings and a light wedding veil which was currently lifted over her head so she could see perfectly. At the bottom of the stairwell a slightly older elven man awaited her, like most of the male guests he wore a tuxedo with a black bow tie and all. His eyes were the same colour as Liessa’s and his facial features were similar…

“Thanks, Dad” she replied sincerely before walking up to him and giving the man a hug. “Are we all ready to get this thing started?”.

“Sure, thing, we’ve all been ready for a while now… you feeling better now? Karen was a little worried?”

“Don’t worry about me Dad, everything will be fine. Now come on, I would hate for James to start worrying about me.” finally Liessa let go of her dad and straightened his jacket out a little before walking towards the double doors of the mansion, outside awaited a white limousine which was actually fairly bare considering it was transportation for the wedding… still, it was an excellent car of it’s type and while it wasn’t decorated specifically for the occasion, it was still a magnificent vehicle. Still, it took a moment to get in properly as the dress was fairly long, with a little help from her relatives she got it all in without making a mess.
02-04-2005, 12:23
Kayla smiled and chuckled a little as Elisa was being cute with her wife. She nodded at Kara's responce, even though Elisa did relay it to her... it was odd how they did that but Kayla had seen much more odd things in her travels.

"We're not offended at all, we can understand that even at an event as important to us as this that others still feel safer with thier own." Kayla grinned as she continued. "Still, at least you didn't bring nine men with you like our Walrus friend has... "

Happily, Kayla sighed, moving on to more important matters, such as her current lover, Atheril. She hadn't seen him around so far and the Aelosian group had already arrived, Aliria making herself very much at home. Perhaps he was coming in a little later or maybe weddings we're his thing... after all, not everyone enjoyed such occasions as they had ways of reminding you of past romances which never were.

"I don't know... men have their advantages, Elisa. Even if they don't always know what they are doing." Kayla remarked, almost snickering about it. "I think Atheril is a darling, he's polite, conciderate and hansome... I can't tell you how many men like him can't help but be complete and utter jerks, but Atheril is a nice man..."

With that, Kayla sighed. "Sometimes I don't know where I stand with him... he treats me with such respect as one would expect from an Aesolian, however it can hard to tell if he's trying to be romantic or just polite. Once in a while I would just like him stop dancing around the issue and take me where he stands..."

Kayla stopped for a moment, realising she hadn't stopped talking quite when she would have prefered. Then, with the realisation hitting her fully, she felt an involuntary blush come along.

"Ahem... so yeah, anyways, I imagine the wedding will likely to be starting soon."
02-04-2005, 13:24
"Similar to the locals?" Rene thought, Fate be kind! I am surrounded by flagrant libertines. Tsaraine could seem - was - very puritanical at times. It was not an attitude Rene had seen any reason to change.

"I am not at all bored," she replied, "And you are certainly forgiven for not following the ins and outs of the diplomatic world - it is a confusing thing to understand, let alone control.

"As for Tsaraine, we are allied through the Non-Democratic Alliance (, and Iuthia has shown themselves to be a sterling member - although the Alliance is usually peaceably quiet."

Best not to mention the tense matter of Iraqstan at present.
The Most Glorious Hack
02-04-2005, 13:49
Kara grinned a little, allowing Alysa to vocalize her thoughts, "There is something to be said for efficiency." Alysa smiled, adding her own thoughts, "Personally, I'd trust Kara more than those nine men. But I may be a lil' biased."

"Oh, I'm not saying they're worthless, I'm not Ienotheisan, after all." She grinned playfully, "I'm sure he'll set up your stereo... or change the oil in your car." She hugged Kayla, smiling happily, "Teasing, of course. I'm glad you've found someone, and I'm sure he'll come around to telling you his feelings." She smiled guiltily, "Can't say as I'm familiar with the feeling though... being psychic, I get a pretty good idea of where I stand right away."

She smiled warmly at Kayla, responding more to what wasn't said than what was, "Oh, don't worry, hon. No need to be embarassed." She smiled, "But I think I've monopolized your time long enough, I don't want to tie you up." She winked, "Go find your Atheril. Maybe the atmosphere will... inspire him."
The Ctan
02-04-2005, 21:44
Asirnoth nodded curtly to the Iuthian, "The correct term of address is in fact, 'Your Royal Highness'" he said, in response to being called Sire, "but Your Highness is more convinient." He paused as the Menelmacari and their pet came into the room, "I don't think I shall be requiring anything, no. Are you assigned to me all evening, or will you be leaving me to my own devices?" he said, and made something of a bee line toward them through the room.

Mephet'ran himself was dressed even more impressively than his 'brother,' in three layers of flowing white robes, wrapped over one another and clasped in the Menelmacari fashion. The material they were made of was hard to identify, but it shone like thousands of strands of silver, with gold in the weave, shimmering with every move and apparently set with bejwelled clasps of copper and rubies. Around his neck he wore a small pendant on a silver chain, showing a crescent moon above a star with lines radiating out from it. The symbol of the necrontyr empire, and of himself.

While he didn't need weapons, Mephet did occasionally have a sword with his outfits, but in this case there was no such thing. He smiled at the Iuthian elf, and bowed politely in return, following her to the throne room and watching as Asirnoth looked with curiosity at Maglor.
03-04-2005, 00:07
"Please accept my apology, your Highness. I won't make the mistake again." she replied, trying to make up for her mistake. The concept of a monarchy was still a little odd to most Iuthians, even though it wasn't too different from the Iuthian dictatorship, titles in Iuthia were much more simplistic.

"No, your Highness, it's only my duty to escort you here and offer any assistance you may require. Seeing as that isn't the case I shall leave you to you're business. Sorry again for my mistake." and with that she bowed and let the man take off to greet his brother.
The Freethinkers
03-04-2005, 04:10
Rebecca nodded, her right hand having recovered her drink during Rene's words, which now sat in her open hand in front of her. Clodius had looked at her for a moment, as though wanting to speak, though when the time came for a response he was silent, merely smiling politely, his unoccupied hand discretely tracing a line over his peace-bonded sword's hilt decoration.

"Of course, the NDA," she said, taking a quick sip, "I must say, we are probably the only democracy here, by the look of things, I have to admit to having never seen such a gathering of powerful individuals before, though I assume the relationships your nations all hold means that such gatherings are commonplace. Anyway, you should tell me a little of yourself. I am afraid the introduction left a lot to figure out. I thought I heard you were involved with your nation's military, or?"
03-04-2005, 04:59
"Myself? Very well." Small talk, Rene, small talk. "I started out as an officer in the Commonwealth Air Command, and later became Division Commandant of the Commonwealth Space Command.

"After my uncle's death I became Lady Protector of the Commonwealth, then Domina of the Second Dominion, and I am now Arkhora of the Greater Ascendancy.

"As such, I'm the overall commander of the armed forces, although most of the time that doesn't entail to much. Most of my time is taken up with administrating the civilian sector, which is a great deal larger and more complex."
The Freethinkers
03-04-2005, 06:18
"Well, thats pretty impressive," the response this time came from Clodius himself, his eyes lighting up slightly at the talk of military service. "I must admit to being a little ignorant, I hope you pardon my lack of awareness. So, I should ask after our dear Princess went on for a bit, for a little brief of your country, I've heard some, interesting stories of the place, nothing bad, of course, but it sounds so different to what we're used to."

Small talk wasn't Clodiu's favourite pastime. He tried not to let it show.
03-04-2005, 08:01
Standing as the group neared them, Lord Nefarious smiled as the Vrak Ambassador made his way to his seat and spoke. His Lordship bowed his head slightly in return, and indicated the chairs around him. “We would be most honoured.” Nefarious then retook his seat, straightening his jacket as he sat. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ambassador Hagwonak. We have been unfortunate not to have had the privilege of meeting someone from Vrak, a misfortune now rectified.”

As Lord Nefarious finished speaking, Lady Alexander bowed her head and smiled, echoing, in less words, the Heir to Tartarus’ sentiments. Falling silent again, Lady Alexander kept her gaze on the new arrivals, ready to fill in any information that her companion may not recall.

The dark haired Lord waited for his companion to stop before returning his attention to the Ambassador, remaining silent until the party had settled in their seats. He liked weddings, they always gave nations the chance of making new acquaintances, something the Empire was very keen to do.

The massive walrus chuckled and then replied,

“Ahhhh, yes. We have been most…ah…preoccupied with internal affairs as of late and haven’t been able to devote much time to exploring new contacts. My apologies in advance.”

He shifts his bulk to a more comfortable position, taking care not to alarm the Tartarians. Experience has shown in the past that some sentients are a bit afraid of a two ton talking walrus so Ujuy took care in not moving his head and tusks much. He was quite relaxed on the floor and was able to see most of the people in the room. That would change once everyone stood up, but if he remembered the custom well, people only stood upon the entrance of the bride. Could be different in Iuthia, though. He wasn’t sure.

The three towering bodyguards sat down next to the ambassador. They tilted their heads slightly to acknowledge Lord Nefarious and Lady Alexander but didn’t appear to be very friendly. If one were to watch them, they would be scanning the crowd with their grey eyes, and especially those near the ambassador himself. Oddly enough, in addition to the tattoos on the hands, one would notice that their hands appear scarred. Each one also had a small mic in their ear and the one sitting in the same row as the walrus has a small ring in his nose.

A short bark from the ambassador in Vrakian and Nose ring spoke into the microphone in a guttural, harsh language.
03-04-2005, 08:19
"Interesting stories of Tsaraine? That's quite suprising - I have striven to make it boring, to tell the truth. There is a reason "May you live in interesting times" is a curse.

"Anyway ... where to start? The Greater Ascendancy is home to over four billion people in four subterranean arcologies here on Earth, with holdings in Earth orbit, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter - we administer the NDA Protectorate on Io - and a small extrasolar presence.

"Organising all those people takes quite a bit of doing - it would be less so if we built on the surface, perhaps, but the surface has only recently become inhabitable again, thanks to our allies in the Empire of Treznor. But it means that "the greatest good for the greatest number" is sometimes spread regrettably thin.

"In the end, we manage as best we can, as does everybody."
Gehenna Tartarus
03-04-2005, 11:21
Lord Nefarious watched the Vrak Ambassador make himself comfortable before once more taking his seat, and straightening his jacket. If someone had told him that morning that he would be sitting near and talking to a Walrus, he would probably have laughed, but his years of grooming for his role in the Empire had managed to hide any surprise that he might have been experience. Lady Alexander on the other hand, watched the Ambassador for longer than was possibly polite, before flicking her eyes over the rest of his entourage.

“That is the problem with internal affairs, Ambassador Hagwonak, they tend to steal the spotlight from the things we would like to be focusing on.” Lord Nefarious turned his head towards the front of the room, as several more guests took up their seats around them. “I, myself, have not been part of the international scene as much as I would have liked recently.” His thoughts turned briefly to his own internal struggle, which was one of the reasons he had accepted this particular invitation on behalf of the Empress.
04-04-2005, 05:00
"I cannot wait to met your bride, Lord DeGritz. I guess she's happy and everything, after finally finding the man of her life. I haven't been so successful in my search, and I hope that someday I'll find the right man. I did find the perfect man for me, but I guess he didn't think of me as perfect as I thought of him", said Aliria with a hidden tone of sadness in her voice.

Then she turned to Connor and again her smile illuminated her features "But who knows what the future would bring me, and as we used to say, finders keepers", she continued, shaking her hair in an enchanting way. "I hope Liessa is coming soon, I cannot wait to a have a moment to chat with her, who knows?, we're both young elven maidens in public positions of power, from two different and yet friendly nations. I'm sure we have enough in common to be friends"

In another corner of the room

Atheril looked around the place, and it took him a long time to find Kayla in the midst of the crowd gathered there, although finally he recognized her and walked towards her right after she hugged another woman.

The look of Atheril wasn't different at all than the last time Kayla met him, but it was just that he wore his ceremonial wraithbone armour like usual. As most aelosian nobles and officers, he was very proud of wearing that suit, crafted by the music of the most talented Bonesingers in Aelosia and having tested its protection in several and hard battles. He was looking astonishing as always, with the long mane of raven black hair that adorned his head falling softly around his shoulders, and his curious and cold clear blue eyes remarking his square and smooth features.

Behind him another male elf was standing, this one clad in a full body suit of armor really similar to the one that Atheril used, although it didn't used the black and silver of the D'nan House, but the white and gold trim of the Hyral House, sporting the blazon of a sword instead of the hawk that Atheril wore all over his chest. This elf was a bit taller, although lacked the muscular complexion of Atheril, and looked a lot younger than the other elf, sporting a wondrous golden hair that gave a frame to his green and hypnotic eyes, although his attitude was a bit aloof and despective, with a wry grin crossing along his well defined lips.

"Kayla", Atheril whispered softly as he stodd right behind the Iuthian diplomat. "It is the most welcome pleasure to see you again"
The Resurgent Dream
04-04-2005, 06:18
Connor arched a brow ever so faintly at her words, glancing briefly to his fiance. He then looked back to his fiance before returning his gaze to Aliria, considering a long moment. "I am not a Son of Jalendrel to see the future, Your Highness. However, if Fate has any sensibility, it would wish only the best for such a lovely and charming lady as yourself."
The Freethinkers
04-04-2005, 16:10
"Yeah"As does Everybody....Clodius nodded his head. "We ourselves are still earthbound, a Commonwealth indeed, of several territories. Of course we are rather more limited in our technology than most of the members here. A couple of transatmospherics, but no FTL, no shields, it makes us worry sometimes, but we get by."

"I can't bear to ask what you've heard of us however. Generally we're only known for building big boats, which I suppose is somewhat annoying for most of us, not only because it seems so shallow an accomplishment but the simple we havent done anything else to get attention at this level." He replaced his glass and placed the idle hands behind his back.
04-04-2005, 20:45
James smiled at Princess Aliria, his face sincere though with a hint of humour to his smile as though he found something Aliria said to be amusing. “Liessa should be here any minute now, though I doubt she’ll have the time to talk until after the ceremony.”

“Traditionally the wedding ceremony starts when the bride arrives with her entourage, I wouldn’t worry about it though, after the ceremony there will be a reception where there will be many opportunities to talk to her and we’ll even be having a traditional dance… you know, they say weddings are good for meeting people. Now, if you don’t mind I had better get ready, Mick has that look on his face like he wants to move things along…” James then bowed again, continuing on to finish the conversation. “Enjoy the ceremony, Princess.”

With that James respectfully retired to talk to Mick Lakely, his best man and close friend. He had left Clodius and Rene to talk to one another a little while ago and now he was motioning to several of the ushers to start seating some of the guests. He and James stood at the front of the room talking quietly for a moment, mostly with Mick informing James of the current situation and how much longer before Liessa arrived.

Meanwhile across the room, Kayla finished her conversations with Elisa and her wife, hugging and pecking each of them on the cheek as a friendly ‘goodbye’ to the three of them, even Kara wasn’t entirely safe, being the adorable guard she was.

Looking around for her elven love, she was pleasantly surprised to find the man walking towards her with another taller elf. They both wore the magnificently crafted armour Kayla had come to expect from Aelosian military figures, each suit slightly different though perfectly fitting each man. She had been told that the armour was grown using music played by certain Aelosian’s with talent, though it was too alien for Kayla to imagine fully. Still, the suits weren’t the centre of her attention, as Atheril approached, his long dark hair flowing behind him with the assistance of the air conditioning that made this venue so comfortable. Atheril’s friend brought some newer scenarios to her imagination she had never considered… however; she quick put those thoughts to the back of her mind. Hanging around with Elisa gave her funny ideas about these things.

The moment Atheril reached her, he walked around her a little to stand behind her to whisper in her ear. "Kayla", Atheril spoke softly to her. "It is the most welcome pleasure to see you again."

Kayla twisted her head slightly to kiss him without turning around, drawing his head closer with one of her hands. “I’m so glad you could make it Atheril.” she said afterwards, turning to greet him properly. Kayla then embraced him, the cool armour reminding her of the first time they met. “I’m afraid we’ve just missed an old friend of mine, though I’m sure we could meet her after the ceremony… until then there is a spare seat at the front if you would like to join me.”

[Sorry if this isn't to standard, I'm a little tired as of late but I'll try to put a much better show on in the future.]
04-04-2005, 21:01
Now that pretty much everyone was present and that the bride would be arriving shortly, the men and women who had been given the role of usher each started to do their jobs in assuring that everyone was to be seated in right area and had everything they needed, from refreshments to leaflets describing the processional order of the wedding and other small things each guest may have felt they needed.

Seating was fairly simple as one would expect in such a wedding, with the friends and families of the Bride side sitting on the right hand side of the throne room and the friends of the Groom and foreign leaders/representatives sitting on the left hand side of the throne room. The seating was, like many things in Iuthia, designed more for its function of sitting down then it was for its looks, they were very well made of course and they were comfortable… they just weren’t royal. Of course, the closer friends of the Lord General were seated at the front, though some of them were performing roles at the wedding such as being groomsmen and in the case of Mick Lakely, standing at the front next to James as the best man. The foreign guests were mostly allowed to sit as they preferred, respecting of course that friends of the Lord General sat at the front.

Meanwhile, outside the white limousines of the bride and her entourage were entering the castle grounds making their way to the castle. The wedding should with any luck start soon.

[I'm not expecting everyone to just cut off their conversations as I understand that often the conversations are more interesting then the ceremonies and given the amount of time you guys had to talk you could probably have finished your conversation before the wedding started. However, feel free to RP the ends of the your conversations, or just keep going at your disgression.]
07-04-2005, 06:52
Lord Nefarious watched the Vrak Ambassador make himself comfortable before once more taking his seat, and straightening his jacket. If someone had told him that morning that he would be sitting near and talking to a Walrus, he would probably have laughed, but his years of grooming for his role in the Empire had managed to hide any surprise that he might have been experience. Lady Alexander on the other hand, watched the Ambassador for longer than was possibly polite, before flicking her eyes over the rest of his entourage.

“That is the problem with internal affairs, Ambassador Hagwonak, they tend to steal the spotlight from the things we would like to be focusing on.” Lord Nefarious turned his head towards the front of the room, as several more guests took up their seats around them. “I, myself, have not been part of the international scene as much as I would have liked recently.” His thoughts turned briefly to his own internal struggle, which was one of the reasons he had accepted this particular invitation on behalf of the Empress.

"Quite Lord Nefarious," replied the blubbery walrus, "Quite. No rest for the wicked. I think that's how that idiom goes..."

One of the bodyguards interrupts the conversation with a gutteral bark. Ujuy turns his head, noticing the increased activity from the Iuthians.

"Looks like it might start soon," commented the Ambassador.
Gehenna Tartarus
07-04-2005, 18:36
Turning in the direction that takes Ambassador Ujay’s attention, Lord Nefarious nodded his head and smiled. “Yes, it does appear to be time.” He looked momentarily back at Lady Darcy and spoke a couple of words to her, before once more fixing his gaze towards the front of the room, where the actual ceremony would take place.

He shifted slightly in his seat, making himself more comfortable, as it was always difficult to tell how long weddings went on, as it all depended on the religion or the desire of the person. It was well documented that one Emperor of Tartarus left his guests numb in the nether regions with his desire for a four hour long wedding service. His Lordship silently hoped the Iuthians’ did not have something similar planned.
08-04-2005, 10:29
"The Star Command has no fabulous energy shields either," Rene said, "Which puts us behind most of our spacefaring allies - we are fortunate to have no actual enemies as such - and so yes, one does worry at times.

"I'm afraid to say that I've heard very little of your nation, although that's not in any way a judgement of yourselves - the world is a strange place, and we Tsarainese are not the best at collecting information on all it's far-flung reaches."

(OOC: Time Passes)

The usher led the Tsarainese trio to their seats, and Rene sat down gratefully; hobnobbing with diplomats was all very well, but standing up while doing it wore on the feet after a while.

She read the leaflet on the processional order with interest - in Tsaraine, weddings had been shorn of much of their religious meaning when the religious establishment had been shorn in the Obsidian Event, and now the secular event was little more than signing the official forms and a party; similar to every other event in Tsaraine.
Northwestern Liang
09-04-2005, 23:04
(OOC: Sorry, all, for the delay, first had the spring break and now internet problems with DSL.)

The rugged dwarf began a sort of swaggering saunter throughout the room, waving or acknowledging any who saw his rather outlandish appearance. Noting Treznor, Nathicana, and Indigo Blue's conversation with an inward laugh and finely tuned ears, he steered clear of that and went to the main event: Lord-General DeGritz and his elven Lady. Azemilcar had met James at the VERITAS meeting, exchanged woes and battle-tales, taken an instant liking to the man, and had personally taken time off from General-In-Chief of Giving Dirty Looks to the Filthy Allied Humans, referred to more officially as general in charge of the Tyranid invasion, to enjoy himself at the wedding, noting the vast assembly of high-profile guests, most of them rulers of this or that two-bit world-spanning empire. And here he was, a general of one sector of one of his nation’s factions, hardly the equal of emperors and empresses, Lord-Generals, Presidents, and so on and so forth.

The red-clad dwarf approached the Lord-General cautiously, a smile on his face but intensely mindful of the late hour of his approach. Well, here goes nothing.

“Lord-General DeGritz! Azemilcar, once more, at your service.” He bowed low, and turned to Mr. Lately, acknowledging him in the same way. “I am, of course, a bit late, things in Liang are a bit…sketchy. The Tyranids are lumbering forwards, Yorinaga’s ilk is getting uppity, and the situation is getting progressively worse. Which is exactly why I need to be present where war and general unpleasantness is so far away, lest I lose my head when it comes down to it. And now, I think, is the time to lose my head in a good sort of way, though I think perhaps I may require several bathtubs full of Iuthian drink to get me there! Hah, the dwarves here seem to be slacking.” He smiles wryly. “I’ll leave you to the one of the best days in your life, Lord-General. Good luck to you.” The dwarf smiled brightly and was ushered off into his seat, still talking good-naturedly with the ushers when he was seated, fidgeting in a state of anxiousness as he tried to drown out all the troubles in far-off Mars with the joy of the occasion and, well, that other stuff too.
The Resurgent Dream
10-04-2005, 00:17
Agwene, enjoying a brief moment of solitude, had just began to ponder her next partner in conversation when she was saved the trouble by being ushered to her seat. She smiled quietly as she awaited the arrival on the bride. How long until she would be a bride herself? She hadn't set a date with Connor and wasn't exactly looking forward to the event. Still, it would be within a year at the outmost.

Connor frowned slightly as the ushers began showing people to their seats. He pulled away from Aliria, bowed to her, and kissed her hand, his lips barely touching the soft, Elven flesh. "I really must sit with my betrothed, Your Highness. However, I do hope to speak to you again after the ceremony. I hope that we might it were."

Flashing another smile at the ravishingly beautiful Elf princess, Connor strode elegantly over to Agwene's side, sitting quietly and gracefully. She glanced to him to acknowledge his presence before returning her eyes to the front.
The Freethinkers
10-04-2005, 22:22
Well at least you didn't mention the boats.

Clodius grinned, a genuine smile that betrayed his reclined fangs, but he looked happy regardless. His eyes lit up slightly, though as he was about to speak he noticed the ushers finally getting busy, and he decided that he and the princess had better make headway.

"Well, seeing as things are about to start I guess we better get going, it has been a definite pleasure," he took Rene's hand and planted a polite kiss, "and I look forward to talking to you further after the event. If not, I hope you enjoy yourselves." He finished, raising his chest slightly as Rebecca stepped forward to state her own departure, and with that taken care of they moved quickly and silently towards the seats that the usher close to them was indicating.

Picking up the leaflets as they sat down, the two Freestian representatives quickly scanned and memorised the list, hoping that the service wasnt going to be too long. Though both of them wished the most excellent and memorable ceremony (and being Freethinker they appreciated fanfare more than most), the form, rigid seating didnt really belie comfort, especially given Clodius's somewhat heavy frame. Nonetheless, they looked forward to the ceremony starting...
11-04-2005, 00:10
Now that everyone had been seated for the ceremony, things were getting ready to begin. James had enjoyed greeting Azemilcar again; he was the kind of down to earth guy he really relate to, his cheery attitude and open words were a relief to him. When the dwarf bowed low to the Lord General, James returned the bow to show on some level that the man was equal to the other guests here and deserved the same treatment.

“Good to see you again, Azemilcar. I’ll talk to you later, enjoy the ceremony.” and with that Mick Lakely showed the Dwarf to his seat. James noticed one of his friends gesture to him from the back of the room, Iuthian Battle signs were being used more or less because they were known by the more senior Iuthian’s attending. James nodded and took his place near the altar, Iuthia was mostly a secular nation with religion taking a back seat, it wasn’t shunned or distrusted; it was more that Iuthian’s simply weren’t a religious people. One of Iuthia’s more senior Generals, Buck Turgidson, replaced the priest who would normally perform the ceremony as an old wartime law which never got revoked allowed senior officers to officially marry couples. It had become something of a tradition for senior military officials to perform the ceremony. Buck ( wore his full formal military uniform for the occasion as was tradition, it made for an odd look about the affair to outsiders as the General stood behind the altar, also reading the occasional signal update. The leaflets noted that the ceremony was actually supposed to be rather brief, due to both the Iuthian and secular nature of the ceremony.

Now a few moments after all the guests had been seated, brides entourage arrived, first with the bride’s grandparents who were escorted to their seats by the some of the groomsmen, following them was the mother of the bride being seated by one of the remaining men. Though they were older then their daughter/granddaughter they didn’t look much older, though the grand parents were clearly aging now, Iuthian elves weren’t blessed with immortality like their Aelosian brethren, it was unknown if Princess Aliria would notice the difference or even what it would mean to her people.

James didn’t have any family present, being the last remaining in his small family so only the brides parents had been escorted to their seats at this point. The mother of the bride having been seated, the groomsmen each went to the back of the room to escort the bridesmaids, not all of the bridesmaids were elven, some were even recognised as figures from the Iuthian media as friends of Liessa (who presented a popular show called ‘Iuthian Holidays’ on INN) each of them wearing long white satin dresses, each dress was traditionally simple, though still of a high quality with natural beauty being promoted. As they entered the room to be escorted, the music ‘Here comes the bride’ started to play for the benefit of the room, many of the guests turning to watch the bridal party enter.

The groomsmen, the men who ushered many of the guests to their seats before the ceremony had begun wore black tuxedos for the occasion, in some cases medals were worn on the formal black short coats though many of the men were just there as friends to the Lord General. Behind them and the bridesmaids they escorted was Karen (, the bride’s maid of honour and best friend. She was escorted by Mick Lakely, the best man to James and Iuthia’s foreign minister.

Finally, a young boy wearing his own black suit and carrying a small box entered the behind the procession, next to him walked a young girl wearing a similar (though more decent) dress to the bridesmaids as she carried a bouquet of flowers. Each child looked to be around the age of nine, directly behind them stood the bride and her father.

She walked slowly behind the entire procession, her father besides her wearing the traditional tuxedo for the occasion. As elves went it could be seen that he had some age on him, though he still retained most of his youthful appearance but with a hint of experience in his eyes, smiling in a very content manner. Liessa ( wore a light veil over her face; her delicate facial features only slightly obscured by the light mesh, underneath the veil her hair flowed down her back. She was only a small woman, shorter then many of the women here with her petit elven stature. Regardless of her size, the simple dress ( served to enhance the beauty James saw in this woman, it wasn’t overly complicated in order to upstage everyone, including the bride, instead it radiated the natural beauty the Lord General had fallen in love with, it reminded him that his wife wasn’t callous or narcissistic. Originally the white dress symbolised purity and virginity, the latter definitely not being the case, but purity… that made sense to him, at least in the Iuthian sense of the word.

Slowly, the procession made its way to the altar following the timing of the music, before long everyone was in place and everything was ready for the start of the ceremony, both the bride and groom happily standing with one another.
14-04-2005, 19:44
Aliria looked at Connor, her eyes opened wide. His...betrothed. I...I see, she thought, her mind raced with frustration and embarrassament of finally noticing she had spent all that time flirting with a man that was already in the companion of someone else, even more, of his fianceé.

She blushed hard as she turned away from the sidhe, following the usher to her seat, right next to the rest of her companions, with the exception of Atheril, of course, who took a seat with her loved Kayla in the front, as she offered.

With a soft and carefully made movement, Kithail Hyral, the once proud and admired ShadowPrince fell in the seat right next to Aliria, making an also soft hissing sound with the air exhaled through his thin and attractive lips. "I already met the human who stole Atheril's heart, and found nothing really impressive, Aliria. these Iuthians could pass for educated people, but after all they lack manners. Did you see those ushers?, theywere almost pushing people towards their seats, at least not one of them placed their dirty hands over me" he whispered to the Princess' ear as he started to get comfortable in the seat, not an easy feat wearing a full body suit of wraithbone armor and a long cape.

Aliria turned to see her childhood's companion and most loyal of friends, but for a moment she had to resist the urge to spit at his handsome and fine features, so cold and unmoving like chiseled in the purest marble. Directing him the most despicable of her looks she turned around, as a lonely tear grew in the corner of her right eye. Kithail was a wonderful man, a steadfast friend, and a hero to her people, but his intolerance towards foreigners, specially humans was something too despicable for Aliria to understand. Kithail's attitude remembered her of Mirbach, the monster of Lavenrunz, who hated elves with the same intensity as Kithail despised humans. It was strange, as he was as caring and lovely as any of her other friends during childhood, and a soft and gentle teenager gentleman some time later, but then how he grew such great amount of hatred and spite inside his heart?. He wasn't a bad man, and Aliria was sure of that. Of all people, Aliria could be rest sure that Kithail wasn't mean, or excessively cruel, or frankly and blatantly evil, but he snapped around humans, and used to lose his temper easily.

The Lord Protector of Aelosia just removed the carefully crafted gauntlets from his hands, and showing a wry grin in the half of his perfect and yet sinister mouth, he concentrated to see the circus that the humans just prepared to mock the proper, ancient elven traditions...
The Most Glorious Hack
22-04-2005, 09:25
Elisa took her seat, relaxing into the pew and looking over the program for the wedding, noting the choice of music, scripture and such. She smiled and hugged Sarah, remembering their wedding, which was a simpler affair. She noticed that the delegation from Tsaraine was seated quite close. Since guests were still being shown in, she took the time to introduce herself, moving over and smiling charmingly, introducing herself to Rene, "Hello again. I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm Elisa Day from the Hack."
22-04-2005, 10:11
"I don't believe we have." Rene shook Elisa's hand, wearing her best talking-to-diplomats smile. "Pleased to meet you - I'm Rene Seingult. Over on the far side of me here is Kjathen-Yseult ea Seingult, Communion Representative, and Ktoriach ralVenadt, my aide."

Kjathen-Yseult nodded regally, and Ktoriach waved.
The Most Glorious Hack
22-04-2005, 10:24
Elisa smiled, "Pleasure to meet you." She pointed back towards where she had been sitting, indicating Sarah and Kara, "My wife, Sarah and my personal bodyguard Kara."

She slipped down from diplo-speek to more casual airs, "Quite an affair, isn't it? I haven't been to too many weddings like this. It's rather nice."
22-04-2005, 10:50
Rene nodded a hello in the direction of Sarah and Kara.

"Yes, it is," she agreed with Elisa, "Very ... what is the word, regal? Elegant? I don't know. Very nice. I haven't attended very many at all, myself."
The Most Glorious Hack
22-04-2005, 10:57
Elisa smiled, nodding to Rene, "I think 'elegant' is a perfect descriptor. Still, it has been rather tastefully done. So many government heads go a little too far with the celebrations. You lose the romance in all the pomp. She smiled at Rene as the music started, "Oops, looks like their ready." She moved back to her seat, quickly adding, "See you at the reception."
Dread Lady Nathicana
29-04-2005, 14:09
Nathi sat close to Treznor, watching the proceedings quietly. She looked to the Iuthians to take cues on what was proper decorum for the procession, and followed along, never letting go of the man's hand throughout. She found the simplicity of the gowns to be beautifully appropriate, everything blending with dignity and grace. She could swear James' breath caught as his beloved entered the room. Liessa seemed to simply glow, the rest of the wedding party looking radiant as well as they made their way to the altar.

Her grip tightened for a moment in an affectionate squeeze, subtly taking out a soft cotton handkerchief and dabbing a bit at her eyes as she got a bit misty over it all. Still, she chose not to break the moment with any chatter, out loud, or via their more private means of communicating. Her thoughts were on several occasions at once that ran in odd parallel to this moment. One under the stars in a quiet grove of trees, another fleeing through dark tunnels in an unforgiving land of ash and smoke, still others with a drunken Devon nearly slung over her shoulder in Iraqstan, of him laying broken after the car bomb, those c-space sessions, good and bad, and a dozen or more other moments, including his brash entrance in SilverCities and that evening at Benvito’s.

So many things had happened, so many reasons for being where they were today, here to observe the union of a good ally, and she hoped, as time progressed, good friend. The love Liessa and James had for one another was clear in the way they looked at each other, the care they had taken in planning this day. It all served to remind her of just how much she had come to love the man at her side, and how much he meant to her.

I don't know how I could go on without him.

The thought still surprised her, even so. And frightened her more than a little. Dependance was something she had always viewed as a weakness, before. Finally, she broke the silence between them with four simple words.

<LOS Communications - Devon>
<< I love you, Dev.
29-04-2005, 19:54
Treznor glances over at Nathicana, startled out of his contemplations about empires, heirs and threats against their future. He takes in her appearance and body language and smiles broadly as understanding takes him. She was appreciating the event for what it was supposed to be; he was merely plotting his next move.

<LOS Communications - Nathicana>
>> I love you too, Red.

>> We need to get our own little ceremony in gear. No more excuses from either of us.

He squeezes her hand again and resolves to pay more attention to the ceremony and the woman beside him...with at least part of his mind.
29-05-2005, 03:17
The music had now stopped with everyone now seated in their places and all couple standing together at the altar; they had already forgotten about much of the audience and were now staring into one another’s eyes, James wearing a very traditional military uniform and his fiancée, Liessa, wearing her simple white wedding gown. Their expressions clearly showing their joy for this occasion, a day they wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Around the room itself, others watched in silence as the ceremony begun, General Turgidson reading out loud to the couple as they gazed upon one another, holding hands in front of all these guests. The ceremony itself was rather simple in nature, the old familiar ideals of loyalty and love, making an event out of the simple question ‘will you marry him?’ as the General continued to build up the occasion with what could be described as a introduction and explanation of what was to be expected of one another.

At the front rows on the groom’s side, Kayla snuggled up close to her beloved Atheril, watching the ceremony with a keen interest only taking her eyes away from the event to look at her lovers face and think towards the future… other men may have been discomforted by such looks, but Atheril seemed to take it in his pride as the romantic occasion did wonders for Kayla.

Time seemed to slow down a little for those keenly interested in the affair, as the General moved on to the vows, turning to James to ask him that all important question.

“Do you, James Bolivar deGritz, take Liessa Valleron as your lawful wedded wife, to hold and to cherish till death do you part?”.

James nodded solemnly. “I do.”

The general then turned to Liessa, who now had a small tear rolling down her delicate face. “Do you, Liessa Valleron, take James Bolivar deGritz as your lawful wedded husband, to hold and to cherish till death do you part?"

It was hard to describe the exact feelings one might have when up there on the altar, being asked to devote your life to another you know in your heart that you love; an overwhelming sense of wonder came over her as she wondered if love really was enough… James, the leader of a nation and a man of the people, would she come second to his countries needs? The moment seemed like a lifetime, despite the reality being little more then a minute pause… what of her elven heritage? She would easily outlive the Lord General regardless of the fact she was technically older then he was, by an elven standard she was a young adult now in her prime, she was expected to have at least another couple hundred years where as James would have at the most another fifty, assuming he wasn’t taken out by his enemies.

For a moment, the world stood still for Liessa as the reality hit her… she loved James to bits and turning him down wouldn’t do anyone any good, but there was so much she hadn’t entirely considered. A second passed, not quite a lifetime for everyone else, but for Liessa it was an eternity.
31-05-2005, 00:46
“I… do." a collective sigh of relief could be heard around the room from various members of the Iuthian guest list as the pause was now over and Liessa had gotten past her bout of ‘cold feet’. It would have been an embarrassment all around.

“Then I pronounce you both man and wife, you may kiss the bride.” and with that James took Liessa into his arms and kissed her passionately, the two of them now donned their rings, a little variation in the traditional white wedding as many Iuthian weddings had evolved with that part taking place after both had agreed, going back to a time when the parents simply didn’t like the idea of either man or woman wearing the rings until they were sure.

The music returned and the couple now proceeded down the aisle with many of the guests (though not all of them) throwing confetti around them, James looking extremely happy with himself and Liessa was fairly emotional, seemingly overcome with joy.

Following the couple they were to leave outside into the castles courtyard, the sun greeting them on this warm spring day, bells wringing around them. Now a short photo session would take place of the happy couple, as well as willing guests who wanted to be pictured with the couple and others. From there one they would all move back into the castles Grand Hall which now held the reception with all the food and drink prepared for the wedding entourage to greet the guests on a more personal level and to issue speeches for the couple as well as to generally enjoy themselves.
Gehenna Tartarus
02-06-2005, 12:50
Lord Nefarious rose from his seat as the procession of the wedding party moved out of the hall. He looked at his companion, who was getting to her feet, watching the direction that the party had just left through. His Lordship looked at his neighbours from Vrak, nodding his head in their direction and waited for the guests to begin to move their next destination, which would be a reception hall with refreshments and the opportunity to meet and greet.

As the party began to move, almost like a river out of the hall, and moved out into the fresh air, Lady Darcy Alexander took a moment to flip open a mirror to check her appearance, and then looked up at Lord Nefarious, who was busy looking around at the other guests, before letting his gaze fall upon the newly weds. He smiled in their direction, and turned to his companion.

“I hope they are very happy together.” He seemed to give the matter some thought, and then continued. “It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What forces work upon people to make them fall in love and marry the people they do?” It was not the couple standing in front of him that had prompted the question, even though he was looking at them. His thoughts were momentarily many miles away. “Perhaps it is merely a matter of chance, or maybe it is part of some big design.”

He laughed lightly. “The things that come to mind at such occasions. Shall we go mingle?” He offered his arm to Lady Alexander, who took it graciously. As they moved through the crowd, his mind was very busy formulating a plan or at least the beginnings of idea.
03-06-2005, 04:28
Princess Aliria clasped a lot as the couple kissed, visibly affected by the most emotional parts of the ceremony, even a pearl-like tear forming in her eye as finally Liessa pronounced the words that sealed their fates together. She pulled out a hankerchief and stodd from her seat to gave both Liessa and Lord DeGritz a loud cheer, and bowed her head out of respect as they passed by on their way out.

"Brave she is, she knows she will be chained to that love for her entire life time even as it will surpass his lifespan. I am quite impressed that the Iuthians elves can be so attuned to humans, I am even envious of her courage", said Kithail Hyral right next to Aliria, standing just a step behind her.

"Not only Iuthian elves, Kith. Atheril have grown fond of her Iuthian love too, as you might see", noted Aliria, directing a glance where Atheril was at Kayla Harmone's side. "Perhaps you have misunderstood or musjudged humans, dear?", asked the Princess, arching an eyebrow.

"I haven't. I do not disrespect humans, there is enough cases of humans having lives full of virtue, and I cannot forget or ignore the deeds of thousands of human heroes. I just believe that humans and elves must live apart from each other, and that's all. I do not see humans as inferiors, Ali. I see them as different. History proves my point, that the union of elves and humans can only bear disgrace to those involved. I just say that we must live apart from each other", answered the former ShadowPrince in a quiet tone. "Too bad that Atheril and that precious human girl someday will realize that mistake, that if they last that long, and the same can be said about Lord DeGritz and his beloved bride. Don't blame me for having an opinion, everyone is entitled to have one, isn't it?", he finished before turning to the crowd ready to leave the place of the ceremony.

"It's not their fault that your wife don't care about you anymore, Kithail. Probably you should try to find love amongst humans, and not amongst elves. Remember that we are Sindarin, and that our fates are entwined with those of the Second Sons of Ilúvatar, since Beren saw Lúthien in that glade of the Doriath woods", answered Aliria for the first time using a quite bitter and angered tone.

"Then try it yourself. If your fate is entwined to the fate of a human, Ali...Why are you engaged to a Noldor Prince ten times your age?", finally finished the man as he left, leaving Aliria submerged in her own thoughts.

"It was wonderful", said Kithail, also visibly emotionally affected by the ceremony, although his face was motionless like chiseled in marble. "Another proof that humans and elves should share more, and become an united people. Lord DeGritz is a great man, and he has a wife worth of his position due to her determination and beauty. I wonder if the Chief Diplomat Kayla Harmone have found someone as breathtaking and interesting as Lord DeGritz did, although I do not think she would find it is an important as to commit her entire life to it, don't you think?", he asked, turning to see Kayla right into her eyes, his ravishing mane of raven black hair moving accordingly, a glimpse of hope coming out of his deep pupils.
03-06-2005, 09:32
The guests had now been directed towards this place, assuming they were in the mood to go to the reception as some were still milling about at the throne room; others were talking outside in the courtyard as the picture session was ending, some had even left early for their own reasons. Most, however, had already made their way into the grand hall where the reception would take place, speeches and toasts would be made as the reception went along, but for the moment the happy couple were entering the hall themselves after coming from their own pictures, both of them hand in hand occasionally swapping loving glances at one another.

The grand hall itself was fairly impressive by some nation’s standards, obviously the largest room in the castle designed specifically for receiving guests and having banquets while watching the entertainment provided, more or less this hall was just a large open space with the food set to one side with seating and tables near by for those wanting to rest, a large dance floor in the centre and finally a raised dais at the end of the hall for speakers at the reception. Basically the grand hall was pretty much the same as any reception, only on a slightly more grand scale. The walls were decorated with large simple tapestries, banners and drapes, all fitting the general theme of the Iuthian castle, held above the dance floor was a large chandelier, likely imported from another region was it wasn’t fitting with Iuthian design. This hall was next to the courtyard, with large windows bringing in extra light from the afternoon sun and a pair of double doors was kept open so that guests could wander in and out as it suited them… the courtyard was large enough so that guests could find somewhere to talk to one another without being overwhelmed by the other guests.

Around the room, men and women waiters brought in glasses of wine and champagne for the guests, even though drink was available for self serve around the tables. The food on offer showed little expense spared by the Lord General; a wide selection was made available for the guests to dine on, some of it served hot, others served cold… even iced cream was being kept cool on one table for the guests who found the Iuthian climate a little too much. The air conditioning was working very well in the room, keeping a comfortable temperature.

Most of Liessa’s family were in the reception hall at this point, dancing wasn’t on at this moment in time as everyone was just getting settled into the room and the first dance from the newly wed couple hadn’t happened yet. For the moment James and Liessa were finishing their conversation with Liessa’s mother, Nilde Valleron. The Lord General had met her before; she was a bit of a traditionalist in some regards, she could still speak proper Quenya and wouldn’t bother with Iuthian elven as it wasn’t as expressive, she still spoke English out of necessity though.

“… and a good day it has been too, spring is always hard to predict with the weather, but we are lucky to have gotten a nice clear sky out of it.” she said, seemingly content. Nilde still looked fairly young, perhaps in her late thirties as far as humans were concerned, though really she was much older. She wore a fairly conservative purple gown, showing little cleavage in comparison to other present, her brown hair worn up in a bun at the back of her head.

“Springtime just seemed like the best time, the blossoming trees and flowers and the time of re-birth and life… James is just a old romantic at heart.” Liessa replied, James smirking in embarrassment.

“Well, you know, couldn’t resist the idea really. I’m glad it’s paid off though, I’ll treasure this day for a long time to come.” everyone nodded in agreement.

“Then I won’t hold you up any longer… I’m sure there are many others who would like a chance to talk to the couple before their first dance, so enjoy yourselves, this is your day after all.”

“We will mother…” Liessa replied, almost falling into her ‘being nagged’ tone of voice. She then started to pull James. “Come on dear, lets see who else is around.”
The Most Glorious Hack
04-06-2005, 06:38
Elisa smiled happily as the wedding ended, wiping a tear from her eye. She gave Sarah and Kara a hug, heading to the reception. It was a grander affair than any wedding she'd been to (or involved in), but it still triggered memories.

She took a few glasses offered by one of the waiters, giving one to Kara and Sarah as well as one for herself. They sipped casually, talking quietly. Well, Sarah and Elisa talked, Kara was silent, communicating psychically with the two other women. The bride and groom moved from table to table, talking to various guests. Since they hadn't gotten to the Federation guests, the three were largely left to their own devices.

A couple glasses of champaign later, Elisa noticed the Tsarainese representatives. Elisa grinned slightly and headed over. Sarah and Kara simply shared a look and a slight laugh, following the Speaker.
04-06-2005, 09:09
Kjathen-Yseult >> It is an important cultural signifier. We believe that it developed from funerary rituals in ancient times, when one party or the other left the community. But to ask whether or not we enjoy it is fallacious; it is unnecessary that we do so.

Rene shook her head softly; what had she created in the Ea? They were, as she had specified, superhumanly perfect in anything they turned the Communion's focus to, but there was not a spark of emotion in all their thousands. Like any entity, the Communion believed first and foremost in it's own survival; all else was secondary, and emotions were lost in the concensus.

They were excellent administrators, but they could never be placed at the head of the Ascendancy, as she'd once intended; they would soon discard all that made Tsaraine unique in favour of the oiled motion of the machine, a dystopian future that the Ascendancy's science fiction writers were beginning, quietly, to speculate about ...

Rene << Part of it's purpose is to be enjoyable, she sent back. Does it not make you happy in some way?

Kjathen-Yseult >> Happiness is a state caused, at root, by subconscious alterations of brain chemistry, the Ea attempted to explain. If it is necessary, we will be happy.

And she smiled quite cheerily at Rene, slipping away into the crowds.

Rene shivered involuntarily, and turned to Ktoriach.

"I trust that you enjoyed it?"

He laughed. "The Ea are doing their Borg routine again? Yes, I enjoyed it. It looked almost like the bride was going to say no for a moment there! Doesn't she have to marry the best man if she says no to the groom?"

She grinned. "I think that's the other way around - traditionally, if the bride refuses the groom has to marry the bridesmaid. Or so I've read - I doubt Iuthia would hold to it."

"Most barbaric," Ktoriach agreed, conveniently forgetting that in an Orthodox Rukine service, the bride would leave the temple married to someone or not at all (in the times of the First Dominion, a few notorious noble ladies had refused to leave, and had taken the holy red to avoid marriage). "You've got to wonder how it'll work out, though - she's about his age, and will live for so much longer than him. Will their descendants have a Queen Great-great-grandmother wafting about?"

"Lord-General-Consort-Grandmother?" Rene suggested. "Who knows? I'm sure they'll deal with it.

"Ah, it looks like Speaker Day is heading this way. Good afternoon!" she called, waving a little with her champagne glass (which sloshed dangerously - she'd done little more than wet her lips with it's contents). "Rather splendid, wasn't it?"
The Most Glorious Hack
04-06-2005, 10:12
Elisa smiled happily, waving in responce, deftly swapping her empty glass for a full one without missing a beat, "Good to see you!" She didn't appear to be drunk, simply in a rather good mood. She took a sip from her glass and nodded, "Yes, reminds me of when Sarah-chan and I got married. Ours was rather smaller, but still..."

She smiled at Rene, a slight twinkle in her eye and nodded her head towards Rene's glass, "Drink up, Rene. It's a celebration."
04-06-2005, 10:45
"One can celebrate without drinking," Rene replied - she was, at heart one of those people who, at parties, were always in the kitchen (she'd been wilder in her youth, a lifetime ago before the Obsidian Event). But she took a larger swallow, out of politeness if nothing else.

The Most Glorious Hack
04-06-2005, 11:07
Elisa grinned impishly, "Very true, however, one should defer to the customs of one's hosts. Since they are supplying said alcohol, it would be rude and undiplomatic to not partake." She took another sip and winked conspiratorially, "Besides, you're with friends, so you needn't worry about an... event... like what happened at Nathicana's carnivale..."
04-06-2005, 12:20
"I'm sorry?" Rene blinked, confused. "If I recall I spent the evening talking to a rather nice Tarasovkan General. Nothing untoward occurred."

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