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KGB execution of democrats to cease.

21-02-2005, 19:29
Mirfakan leader Natasha Burkavik issued an executive order to the National Security Agency (KGB) today to halt all executions of democratic and republican protesters. This is the most recent in a series of actions taken by the Alphin to liberalize the nation's political crime statute. "We cannot protect ourselves from chaos by destroying our opposition," she said in a speech last week. "Revolution is caused by opressive conditions, and if our goal is to maintain the stability we have created we cannot call for a censorship of ideas. If our society is to be based on freedom of economy, then we must have personal freedoms as well. If we neglect civil and political freedoms we will lose all that we have gained."

The liberal Alphin Burkavik has been very popular with lower and middle classes since her instatement as the nation's leading executive almost thirty years ago, but has consistently ranked low in popularity among the upper classes and business owners after actions such as instituting the nation's first income tax and repealing anti-union laws. Her policies have led to the surfacing of many formerly underground civic action groups and political parties. However, the actual government structure has not yet been changed. Mirfak is expected to remain a dictatorship for quite some time, especially with consideration of the current leader of the KGB, a conservative leader by the name of Hizel Comarra.