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I return

El Sentiel
22-11-2004, 03:22
"hey Jack, whens the raiding party sapposed to get back?" A small scrawny man leaned back in his chair infront of several different consoles.

"Jim, I told you ten minutes ago, they should be back anytime now." A tall tanned man grumbled to his parter. he stood up and stretched his back making loud cracking sounds.

"wait hold up, I think their comming in now" Jim hunched over reading the different signals and data flowing in.

" 'bout damn time they got back, should we even bother to hail them?" Jack sat down again beginning the docking procedures"

" looks like we lost a couple ships..."


Rowl C'mef gazed out the forward viewscreen at the floating rock, The monkeys had been persistant in their efforts to wage a war from the serpent swarm asteriod belt but they never stood a chance.

Rowl C'mef had allowed the monkeys to play their games but recently they had become more and more annoying then amusing.

"Craz-Captian, is your squad ready?" Rowl C'mef turned to face the 20 faceless armored Kzinti who were doing their final checks or their armor and weapons.

"We are preapred for battle Dominate One" the squad yelled out in unison quite to Rowl C'mef's approval

Craz-Captian Step forward his eyes fixed on the floor submissively " We are ready dominate one, do you wish any survivors for your personal hunting grounds?"

"yes save a few for my cubs I haven't taken them hunting in a while, may the One Fanged God give you a successful hunt Craz-Captian" His ears twitched in approval, he liked a captian who was always one step ahead, perhaps if the hunt is a success he might make the offer of one of his daughters.


"hey, uh jack that doesn't look like any of our ships?" A bead of sweat ran down the side of Jim's head sending a cold chill down his spine.

"wadda mean not one of...ah crap" Jack kept repeated those last 2 words as he stared at the display screen viewing teh docking bay was 21 armored Kzinti poured out of the single small ship and into the the insides of the asteriod.

Jim lunged over his chair, knocking Jack to the ground, and hitting the alarm. The lights dimmed to a pale red as the sirens started screaming in every hallway and room.

Rowl C'mef watched from the ship as it pulled out of the docking bay as the comm channel filled with the voices of the assaulting Kzinti warriors keeping count of their kills.

The Kzinti were back.