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The Hand of Friendship [Attn: The Atheists Reality]

Gehenna Tartarus
21-11-2004, 14:29
Placing the folder down on the table before him, Jared McQuaid rubbed his eyes, trying to bring a little life back into them. He had been reading a dossier for most of the trip, and needed a moment to refocus his gaze. Stretching his body, he fought off the overwhelming desire to close his eyes and catch up with a bit of sleep. Looking around the interior of the plane, he caught the gaze of Juliana Grey, sitting across from him.

“You look like you could use a coffee.” Juliana smiled as she lowered her pen, turned her attention for Jared.

He laughed heartily at her words. “I’m not sure there is a coffee strong enough.” He flicked his head in the direction of the documentation that she was reviewing. “Does it look satisfactory?”

Nodding her head slowly, she lowered her eyes to the words on the sheet and then returned them to Jared’s face. “Once we’ve hashed out the last few details, it will be ready for signing.” She frowned a little, as she looked at him. “You should get your head down. I can run my over your file for you.”

“I think that might be a good idea. I don’t want to turn up looking like I haven’t slept for a week.” He grinned. “Don’t let me have more than an hour. I don’t want to look like I’ve just woken either.”

Juliana nodded as she laughed lightly. “I’ll make sure you have time to make yourself look decent.”

As she fell silent, he let his eyes close.

* * * * *

The plane taxied to a halt at the International airport, causing everyone inside to burst into a hive of activity, as they gathered their things together. Several aids checked over some last minute details, while Juliana ran her eyes once more over the document before her, finalising a few points before closing the file and slipping it into her case. She looked up at Jared and smiled, as she watched him straighten his papers and place them into his own briefcase.

“Okay, we are here in The Atheist Reality, hopefully to settle some trade negotiations.” Jared’s voice filled the passenger compartment. “I don’t need to remind you, but I will anyway.” He grinned slightly. “We need everyone on their best behaviour. We are here to make connections not enemies. If you don’t know how to behave, stay on the plane and before you speak check what you are about to say. I don’t want to have to report back to Tartarus that we are in the middle of an International Incident.”

He watched as everyone nodded their heads. Not that he really needed to brief them all, they had done this kind of thing before, but it never hurt to cover your bases. “Juliana, are you ready?” He shot her an enquiring look, as he heard the seal of the door hiss open, and smiled at her nodded reply. “Right, let’s get this show on the road. Henderson, make sure we have everything we need.”

He walked over to Juliana, and presented her his hand, helping her up from her seat. Then lead her to the exit of the plane. Stepping out, he took a moment to look around, before making his way down the steps, closely followed by Juliana and his delegation party.
The Atheists Reality
17-03-2005, 01:35
A regally dressed elf waits a few feet from the stairs, flanked by two large bipedal cats, the citizenry of TAR. These two are obviously trained for such an occasion as this, it is in their pose, the way they cautiously glance at the foreigners, and their garments. The elf calmly approaches the ambassador, bowing sharply in greeting. Ambassador McQuaid, I am Lord Movodor Alarin, and i welcome you and your assistant to The Atheist's Reality. He gestures to the waiting royal limousine with a wave of his hand. If you please, we shall discuss trade options and the extensive situations branching off that, on the long drive to the royal palace.
Gehenna Tartarus
17-03-2005, 12:05
Moving quickly down the steps of the plane, having given the greeting party a quick once over, Jared reached the bottom and returned the courteous bow of the elf. “Lord Alarin. I bring greetings from Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Gehenna, and a hope that we shall be able to implement a trade agreement between our two nations.”

He turned and indicated his assistant. “This is Julianna Grey, my personal assistant. She is here to help with the negotiations.” As he spoke, the woman gave a bow of her head. Jared gave the Julianna a smile, before returning his attention to his host. “It is a pleasure to be invited into your nation.” His eyes moved briefly from Movodor to his two catlike companions, before flicking his gaze back to the elf.

Following the usual pleasantries, Jared and Julianna moved over to the limousine, sharing in some small talk with the Atheist Reality delegation. Within minutes the party was settled in the car, Jared sitting next to Movodor, while his assistant sat close, her briefcase on her lap ready to retrieve any information that may be required for the talks.
[NS]The Atheists Reality
02-04-2005, 03:48
Ambassador, though i am sure you will enjoy your time in The Atheist's Reality, we have more pressing business to attend to. Movodor hands the ambassador a large, steel-bound leather briefcase. That briefcase contains a thourough readout of all Realitainian goods and services that the Tataran empire could possibly desire. It will take some time to examine, so..Movodor pauses for a moment, then gestures towards a minibar built into the limosuine seat. Feel free to partake of our selection of fine wines, and other more exotic beverages. I'm sure you shall enjoy them.
Gehenna Tartarus
02-04-2005, 16:52
Taking the briefcase, Jared placed it on his lap, turning to look at Julianna, who was opening her own case. Following a brief rustling of papers, she pulled out a leather folder, and handed it to the Ambassador. Jared held it for a moment, and then passed it to Movodor. “By the same measure, these are the trade opportunities presented by the Empire of Tartarus. If you require further information of anything including inside the package, either myself or Julianna will be able to elaborate for you, though I think you will find that everything is detailed.”

He looked over at the offered drinks in the mini bar and smiled. “I am fine for the moment, thank you, but I hope to have the opportunity to try some of your wine before I leave.” He opened the briefcase that rested on his lap, and took out the papers inside. Closing the lid, he handed the case to Julianna, who stopped briefly from tapping away on her palmtop. “We have looked into what you have on offer, and her Imperial Majesty, Empress Gehenna is very keen to begin trading with you once everything is signed and sealed.”
The Atheists Reality
07-04-2005, 06:40
As the limosuine approaches the Grand Palace, the ambassador and his aide cannot help but notice the many murals, wall paintings and small gargoyles that adorn the face of the entrance to the palace, as well as the twin statues of a past hero, on either side of the building. Stepping out of the limosuine, Movodor turns around and lightly bows to the ambassador. Through this door is the central hall of the Grand Palace, taking decades to complete, it has been a key point of government for The Atheist's Reality, and a tourist attraction for many years. Now, follow me through to my office, and we shall complete the signing of the trade agreement. You are welcome to stay in The Atheist's Reality for as long as you please, as there are many sights and sounds I am sure you would love to experience.
Gehenna Tartarus
07-04-2005, 18:05
Following Movodor out of the car, Jared stepped quickly out, before offering Julianna his hand, which she waved away graciously and gathered up her things. Turning to his host, the Ambassador let his eyes travel across the architecture of the building before his gaze settled. “It is truly a magnificent building, reminding me of home.” He smiled warmly, and let himself be let to the office where the meeting would take place.

As they wondered along the corridors, Jared allowed himself a moment to look at some of the artwork that adorned the walls, asking various questions as he went, showing his interest in the host nation. “I have no plans to rush back to Tartarus. I had been hoping to spend a little time in The Atheist Reality to get a look around, and get a feel for the workings of your nation.” His attention was taken momentarily by another piece of décor. “Playing tourist, as they say, opens your eyes to the finer points of a country.”

He stopped as the reached the door to the office, and stepped inside following Movodor. Julianna had long since caught up with them, despite her arms being filled with various cases and files. Turning to her, Jared gaze her a ‘is everything alright?’ look which she nodded to with a smile, before settling herself down in one of the offered chairs, waiting for Jared and their host to begin.
The Atheists Reality
08-04-2005, 23:19
To finalize the agreement between our two nations, Ambassador, simply sign here on this dotted line. Movodor passes an elegant looking silver and gold-bound document across the desk to Jared. And once we have completed these formalities, we can proceed to the more entertaining section of your visit here, a tour of The Atheist's Realities more thrilling scenery, such as the great waterfalls of Zha'cara. Movodor gestures towards the mountain visible from the office's rear window. And Mount Maijanawa, which takes several days to hike to it's summit. But enough of my irrelevent rambling, sign there, and we can begin.
Gehenna Tartarus
09-04-2005, 15:41
As the meeting drew to a close, following last minute discussions over details, dotting ‘I’s and crossing ‘T’s, Jared picked up his pen, and signed his name with a flourish, watched by Julianna Grey, who had spent many hours pouring over the details, and was at the meeting to ensure that everything that was being signed was legally binding.

Putting down the pen, Jared waited for Movodor to complete his part of the deal. “It is always an honour to see another’s nation, especially when one has been granted the privilege.” He smiled as he watched his host sign his name to the document. Leaning over the table, he offered his hand to formally end the meeting, allowing the more informal part of the tour start, even if he was representing the Empress in everything he did.

“As much as I like hiking, I think I will have to give Mount Maijanawa’s peak a miss.” Jared grinned, as he retook his seat. “Perhaps on a less formal visit…” He left the sentence in midair, as he looked at Movodor, waiting for him to move on proceedings. Beside him, Julianna began to place documents back into her briefcase.
The Atheists Reality
13-04-2005, 02:02
OOC: Note that this thread takes place some time before the kidnapping of Mov's wife and daughter.

Smiling, Movodor sits back down. Of course, now that the formalities are over and done with, we can start the more exciting part of the tour. Though i'm disappointed at you having no time to climb Mount Maijanawa, The Atheist's Reality still has many more sights and sounds to offer you, such as the great markets, which will be the first, and most culturally enlightening stop on our tour. Movodor passes a small plastic card over the desk to the ambassador.
That Identification slip will keep you and your aide safe wherever you travel in The Atheist's Reality, and will also entitle you to full diplomatic immunity. Slowly standing back up, Movodor grins. And now, we can begin! Let's not let anything bog us down, for the serious part of your visit is now over!
Gehenna Tartarus
13-04-2005, 22:15
Jared smiled at Movodor as he spoke. “I do not wish to overstay my welcome, and I know that you are a busy man.” He would have loved to spend some time climbing Mount Maijanawa, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and although it would only take a moment for him to extend his visit with a quick call to the Empire, he did not want to impose on his host. “And I am sure that The Atheist Reality has a lot of sights that will impress me.”

Behind him, Julianna smiled, secretly grateful that they would not have time to go hiking. She was more businesswoman than she would ever be trekker. Casting the Ambassador a smile, she waited for him to safely store away the Identification Slip, before moving closer to where he stood.

Giving his aid a glance, he then turned his attention to Movodor. “We are completely in your hands, Lord Movodor.” He stood waiting for their host to begin their tour, with Julianna close behind. “Before we get started, I wonder if it would be possible for us to freshen up? There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane for several hours.” Though he was more than comfortable himself, he could tell from his assistant’s glance that she would be grateful for a moment to prepare for their tour.
The Atheists Reality
23-04-2005, 13:54
Of course, ambassador. There are many rooms in the palace for such needs. And while you are freshening up, as you say, I shall attend to the pressing matter of actually organizing our tour, so as to not disappoint you. Movodor lightly taps a blue button under the desk. Sarah, would you confirm this tour with the local merchants, and inform them that this visit IS of the highest priority?, I do not wish this diplomatic event to turn sour.
Gehenna Tartarus
24-04-2005, 13:01
Disappearing for a moment into the appointed room, Jared looked at Julianna and smiled as he watched her go through her briefcase, removing a palm top, before checking the rest of the contents and then passing the rest to one of their aides, who would remain behind while the two went on their tour.

Jared turned his attention to his reflection in a mirror, checking that he was looking the best he could. He ran his fingers through his hair, ruffling it back to life. He brushed his hand down his suit, and straightened his tie, as Julianna approached, her image appearing behind his. He shot her a smile and moved out of her way, happy with his appearance.

“That went well.” Julianna looked at him from the mirror as he took a seat. “I like it when this kind of meeting goes without a hitch.”

Jared nodded his head. “Yes, it does save a lot of wasted time and repetitive dialogue, just to find that at the end you are exactly where you had been several hours ago.” He glanced towards the window, getting a little glimpse of the country outside. “This is my favourite part of my job, getting to see the real nation. And from what we’ve been told, there are some good places to visit here.”

Shaking her hair, Julianna quickly gathered it into her hands, and tied it up into a ponytail. “It’s a shame you don’t have time for the climb up Mount Maijanawa, you seemed pretty keen.” She laughed lightly. “Of course, you would have had to leave me at the bottom.” Brushing her hands over her suit, and picking off a couple of specks of dust, she turned to the Ambassador. “Ready?”

Jared nodded, and indicated the door, as she approached. “After you.”

He followed her out of the door, and were soon back with their hosts, ready for the off. Looking at Movodor, he smiled. “Thank you for allowing us to freshen up, I hope that it has not ruined your schedule.”
The Atheists Reality
24-04-2005, 14:58
On the contrary, it has allowed me more time to prepare. Movodor smiles, and hands the ambassador a small wooden box, studded with various precious gems. That box contains something from me to your empress, as a gesture of goodwill between our two nations. Additionally, your money will be no good here, as I am paying for everything myself, so feel free to aqquire anything you wish while we are in the markets. Movodor gestures towards an open window. As you can see, we are not far from the first stop on our tour, so i hope you do not mind walking the short distance there.
Gehenna Tartarus
24-04-2005, 15:38
Jared took the box and smiled. “Her Imperial Majesty will be honoured to receive your gift.” He turned briefly for a moment, signally to one of the aides to come forward. As she approached it was obvious that she was carrying something. The Ambassador turned back to Movodor.

“As we are exchanging gifts, Empress Gehenna as bid me to present you with this…” The woman outstretched her arms, a box resting against them. Jared opened the lid, revealing a dagger made out of gold, with precious stones peppered along its length. “This is a replica of one that has been prominent in Tartarian history for thousands of years, and is a sign of friendship.”

Giving Movodor enough time to look at the gift, Jared closed the lid, allowing one of the ruler’s aides to take the box, as he gave the gift for Gehenna to his companion, who quickly disappeared into the background.

“Walking is the best way to see everything, Lord Alarin. Much better than being rushed passed in a car.” He smiled again, and moved slightly until he was standing in the right direction for their destination. “The markets sound like a good start for a tour.”
The Atheists Reality
28-04-2005, 17:30
"Of course, ambassador. Now, if you could follow me?" He motions to a massive double doorway some distance down the grand hall. "While I am sure that I have said this many times somewhere down the line, i feel the need to repeat it. Our culture is very likely much different from yours, and many foreigners are, how shall I say it, 'Horrified' at some of the facets of our ancient society. As can be expected from a species of exceptionally large cat freaks." Movodor chuckles. "That last one was from a visitor from a certain neighbouring country. Now, as I am sure that I have rambled on for far too long, let's begin!" A pair of servants labourously push open the doubledoors. "And here you see the tropical afternoon of The Atheist's Reality in all its glory. Let's purchase some interesting items from some of the local merchants. The odd magic monkey appendage shouldn't surprise you too much" Mov chuckles again, and, with the ambassador at his side, steps out into the tropical sun.
Gehenna Tartarus
28-04-2005, 18:05
The Ambassador merely smiled at Movodor’s description of what they were about to see. Having been in the international scene for several years, he had learnt that you entered other nations expecting nothing and everything. He knew that what one considered a crime another may consider a form of amusement. With this in mind, he followed his host through the doors, his eyes instantly flicking around to get their first glimpse of The Atheists Reality.

“We most certainly have arrived on a very splendid day. There is nothing like seeing a nation caressed in sunlight to see it at its best.” Jared smiled, as he continued to look about him. “I’m not sure I’ve seen a magical monkey appendage before, but it does sound very…intriguing.” He turned slightly, catching the surprised look on Julianna’s face.

As she stepped out into the sunlight, Julianna pulled a pair of sunglasses from her pocket and quickly put them one, shielding her eyes. “Very intriguing.” She turned to Movodor. “Lord Alarin, this market is mostly for the tourist trade, or do your people have a basic need for such things?”
The Atheists Reality
28-04-2005, 18:49
"Mostly for the tourist trade. It only really supplements the economy, as the people have far more natural ways of aqquiring food. A mere few kilometres from this spot, there are the vast herds of native animals, which supply a portion of the basic diet. Which brings me around to the local delicacies, some of which you can purchase at these very markets, you'd do well to steer clear of some of the more firey curries, they aren't really meant to be ingested by 'hairless monkies', as one of my aides once said." Chuckling once more, Mov strolls to within meters of the first market stall. "And here we have a small stall that appears to be selling PiangIonasa, one of said local delicacies. It's mainly a cooked steak, with a sprinkling of spices and various native vegetables. Don't worry, it's quite safe for human consumption, unlike some of the other foodstuffs here."
Gehenna Tartarus
30-04-2005, 12:15
Julianna laughed lightly at the mention of ‘hairless Monkeys’, she had been called some things in the past, and had heard that phrase more than a couple of times, but coming from a Ruling body just seemed so strange, but then to him they really were hairless. “I’m hoping we can find some interesting souvenirs of our visit.” She smiled and moved off to get a better view of the sight before them.

Finishing off his own chuckle, Jared grinned at Movodor with amusement. “We’ll be sure only to purchase items that are good for us.” He brushed his hand through his hair, his fingers bringing some coolness to his already warm head, the sun beating down on them. He looked at the goods on the first stall and nodded. “Perhaps it would not hurt to try some. I’m very keen on spicy food.”
The Atheists Reality
30-04-2005, 16:17
Movodor chuckles, which seems to be becoming an all too common thing on this tour. "Then you shall fit in well here, and once again, don't worry about money. You could purchase the entire city, and I would take care of the costs." Smiling, Movodor waves towards the other end of the markets. "Not surprisingly, very few things are forbidden in this part of the city, which can be interpreted in many different ways, not all of them pleasing. It just adds to the culture of the nation." Movodor passes the money over to the stall owner. "Enjoy your steak, ambassador. Now, between bites, I have a few questions for you and your aide."
Gehenna Tartarus
30-04-2005, 19:24
“Feel free to ask away, Lord Alarin. I am sure that Julianna or I will be able to answer anything you are interested in, and if not we shall endeavour to get it for you.” Jared tentatively took a bite of the steak, as much as he liked spicy food, he did not want to be surprised and end up spluttering morsels of meat all over their host. Chewing the food, he found the flavour to his liking, and he smiled at Movodor once he had swallowed the first bite. “That is very good.”

Julianna, having finished running her gaze over the contents of the nearest stall, turned her attention back to Movodor as he spoke. “You have items that are forbidden in certain cities but not this one? Is that in relation to inhabitants race and religion, or just because this one is associated with tourism?”
The Atheists Reality
30-04-2005, 20:29
"This is the most significant city in the nation, and really the only one of any appreciable size, which is mostly due to said tourism. It really boosts business to have foreigners come to your nation specifically for what is forbidden in theirs" Movodor smiles gently. "My first question is What is your homeland like, in your eyes? And what were your first impressions of this country?"

OOC: damn pathetic shortposts.
Gehenna Tartarus
01-05-2005, 11:59
At the question, both Jared and Julianna caught each others eye. Deferring to her superior to initially answer the question, Julianna stood back slightly, a smile on her face, as Jared finished his second swallow and cleared his throat, once more not wanting to spray his host with food.

“The Empire has been isolated for many years, Emperor Erebus and his father, Emperor Archeron, were suspicious of outside interference.” He smiled. “Since Empress Gehenna has been in power, just three years, already she is working upon opening up greater international relations. My visit to The Atheists Reality and our trade agreement is evidence of this. Of course, there is still a lot of work for her to do before we reach the stage that we would like to be in, but with the assistance of our association with the NDA and other nations interested in creating ties, we are starting as we mean to go on.”

He paused a moment to stop his monologue swamping Movodor. “Tartarus, in general, is no different from many other nations. It has its share of rules and regulations, but then a nation without them is anarchy, and I prefer the ordered Tartarus, even if over the years some of the regulations have become outdated. Again this is something the Empress is currently addressing.”

Julianna stepped forward, seeing Jared stop. “The nation itself is a pleasant country, made up with the usual mix of heavy cities and countryside. One of the most stunning sights is the Abyss Mountains with slice through half the nation, a natural monument, a bit like your Mount Maijanawa. Maybe one day, we can repay the honour you are doing us and see them for yourself.”

She gave Movodor a smile. “In comparison to your nation, I do not believe that it would be fair of us to make judgement until we have seen more of your own. I will say that when we left Tartarus the nation there was a storm, which makes this splendid day even more welcoming.”

Jared finished chewing the piece of steak he began to eat once his aide had started speaking. “And in order for us to see more of your nation, shall we continue our tour of your market. There are several interesting items that I can see ahead, which have caught my attention.”
The Atheists Reality
03-05-2005, 02:23
"Indeed. Now, before we continue, I have another question for you. Aside from the country itself, what do you think of the system of government? And of the people themselves?, In both nations, I mean." He retrieves his handheld from a pocket and types in a few notes on the conversation, giving the ambassador ample time to respond. These people are most interesting, completely aside from them being foreign diplomats. I know Lorain is in the area, and she might want to know of this.
Gehenna Tartarus
03-05-2005, 20:41
“The government…?” Jared frowned a little. “All I can say is it works to my knowledge. We do not have an elected government, the top positions are filled by people chosen by the ruling head of state, of course she listens to recommendations from others, but the ultimate decision is the Empress Gehenna’s.” He smiled. “As to your government, I again have not seen enough of it in action to make a proper judgement, but I would say from just looking around it does a good job.”

He shifted a little uncomfortably. Being asked to comment on a host nation was not something he liked to do, nor if the truth be told, did he like to cast judgement on Tartarus, but Movodor had asked, and he felt that his answer was enough without being too much.
The Atheists Reality
04-05-2005, 06:58
"Ah. I'm sorry if I caused you a measure of discomfort there, but I do like to know of other nations, and what foreigners think of this land. Now, let us continue, for there is still much to see and do within the few days you have left here." Standing slightly back as Jared and Julianna scour the markets for items of interest to them, Movodor grins. Conversing with these Tartaran diplomats is the best fun I've had in ages. Must invite them back sometime, despite their apparent unwillingness to describe their government in any form of detail.
Gehenna Tartarus
06-05-2005, 17:35
Jared shook his head and smiled. “No discomfort, just a little surprised by the question.” He laughed a little. “I am more than happy to discuss aspects of Tartarus, and would be honoured to learn more about the Atheist Reality. I just prefer not to judge something until I have been given the chance to experience it a little first.”

His attention once more flittered to one of the upcoming stalls. “Now this is something I could take home with me.” He was looking at a display of traditional ornaments, from tiny pocket sized items to some that stood almost to his waist. “There’s nothing like a little bit of national culture caught in a statuette to remind a person of their visit.”

Julianna looked at the items that had captured Jared’s attention and grinned, raising her hand to hide her amusement. She had been on several trips with him abroad, and he always amazed her with his choice of souvenir. Stepping a little forward, she took a closer look. “Yes, I think they’d fit in well with the rest of your collection of trinkets.” She raised an eyebrow and smiled.
The Atheists Reality
07-05-2005, 13:41
"Ah. Now that you've aqquired something to your liking, we can move onto the next part of our tour, not that we're anywhere near the end of these markets."
Movodor grins. "And you will most certainly enjoy it. A flight over that..." He points in the direction of a distant mountain chain. "...mountain range. The only one in this country, and one of the most serenly beautiful and stunning sights you will ever see in your short human lives, no offense meant. Of course we can spend as much time here as you wish, I would hate to interrupt something you seem to be enjoying." He then presses a small button on the side of his handheld, and after a few seconds a loud rumbling is heard in the distance "That, ambassador, is the aircraft that will take us over the mountains. A much faster route than hiking, I can assure you." He chuckles, and then resumes his speech. "Though I can recall it if you are not finished here."
Gehenna Tartarus
07-05-2005, 14:19
Jared returned Movodor’s smile as he turned back from their next destination, just as he heard the rumbling overhead. “As much as I am enjoying your market, I do think that I shall enjoy the scenery much more. And as we do not have the time to hike there, this will be the best solution.” He turned to Julianna. “Is there anything you wish to acquire here before we set off?”

His aide shook her head slightly, her smile as bright as his. “No, I think I am finished here.” She ran her fingers through her hair, and lifted her sunglasses, allowing her a normal view of the sights ahead. “I, like Jared, am most interested in viewing the mountain range.” She replaced her glasses and smiled at Movodor.

The Ambassador shifted his purchase in his arms, and returned his attention to their host. “We are ready for the next part of our tour, Lord Alarin, whenever you are.”
The Atheists Reality
10-05-2005, 00:53
"I hope you do not mind the lack of formality..." The loud rumbling is replaced by a quiet 'whoosh' as a large, sleek and stylish black hoverjet slowly lands in an adjacent vacant lot. "...but our ride has arrived." He bows, and gestures towards the aircraft as one of its doors slides open. "Inside you shall find everything from wines to our finest foods. Of course, little of that will be consumed as we cruise over the mountains, for the view is so breathtaking that you may very well expire." He chuckles, and slowly walks up to the aircraft. "But I am obviously exaggerating, and beginning to ramble, so let us depart already."
Gehenna Tartarus
10-05-2005, 18:04
Stepping on board, Jared and Julianna got comfortable, taking the opportunity to let their gazes take in their surroundings. They spotted the refreshments mentioned by Movodor and smiled as they looked at the things on offer. They waited for their host to take his seat before they continued their conversation.

“Formality is all well and good in a ceremony, but for a guided tour, we much prefer the less formal approach.” Jared straightened his jacket, and popped open the bottom button so as not to overly crease his suit. “It also gives us the chance to see your nation in its true light and enable us to sample its delights.” He turned to Julianna and smiled then turned his attention to the sights outside. “It truly is going to be an astounding view.”

Julianna followed his gaze, removing her sunglasses while in the vehicle. “It does look very breathtaking.” She smiled and turned to face Movodor. “Would you mind if I take a taste of the goods you have on offer?” It had been a while since they had eaten on the plane.
The Atheists Reality
30-05-2005, 10:46
"Of course, Julianna. Don't let me stop you from enjoying yourself here.
Ambassador, if you will kindly take your seat. I shall be making sure this aircraft does not plunge us into the mountainside....heh...And of course you can access the national library from the terminal next to your seat, should you feel so inclined. The view, however should be sufficient to occupy your time. It's just so that you can experience more of this nation, and most importantly, its history."
Gehenna Tartarus
30-05-2005, 11:12
Both Julianna and Jared took their seats, so that the trip up the mountainside could begin. Their eyes were focused on the view outside as the craft began its lift off. Once safely in the air, Julianna moved out of her seat and looked at the food on offer, sampling a little of each of the delicacies on offer. As she ate, she took the opportunity to watch as they moved over the ground, leaving behind the market place and heading towards the glorious sight of Mount Maijanawa up ahead.

Jared on the other hand, did not leave his seat the moment they had become airborne, but he did turn his attention from the view. Being one of those people that like to play with gadgets and things, being offered the chance to catch up on the history of the nation on a terminal, he switched the device on, and flicked through several pages of interest, focusing mainly on details of the market they had just been to and of course, their next destination. But not wanting to miss too much of the promised delights of the scenery, he turned back to the window in short order.

“It is most certainly a breathtaking view, Lord Alarin.” He looked over at his host, his eyes revealing the sincerity of his words. “Nature has a habit of taking something so simple and making it so…awe inspiring.” His attention went back to the window. “Despite missing out on the chance to climb it, I think the flight does the view more justice.”
The Atheists Reality
30-05-2005, 11:40
"Indeed. Though nothing beats feeling the dirt crunch under your hiking boots. the next best thing on offer to us. I see your aide is enjoying the food here, and I am most grateful for that. Feel free to download and save anything of interest you find in the library, as I'm sure you will." He relaxes back into his seat, expending only enough energy to keep the flight going smoothly. What a delicious end to such a visit. As before, I will have to invite them back sometime...