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To see the world as a grain of sand

17-11-2004, 03:07
The Earth glowed in the sunlight; a simple dot in the heavens that stood out amongst the backdrop. The surface of the oceans shimmered as though filled with liquid silver and the clouds swirled above the land like a coating of cotton.

Far above the surface of the Earth, high amongst the heavens, Spede relaxed within the Trone. His eyes were closed and his face was serene as he slept through the Ages. Then the Trone shuddered and Spede was jostled out of his sleep. As his face darkened the clouds over the Earth darkened, lightning sweeping through the sky as Spede's mind cleared and he reached the land of Wakeful.

With a blink he was at the surface of Earth, the clouds clearing and the lightning ceasing as the deity calmed his turbulent mind.

What mortal could do such a thing? What Man has the power to change the course of the Trone?

OOC: Okay, what we have here is a Deific RP. Be a God! Be a God that you made up, pick one of the existing Gods, the Universe is your limit! I just ask that you're not Odin, Zeus, or Jupiter/Jove (Since they are the Kings of their respective religous circles and I figure it wouldn't really be much fun of an RP if we have three Uber super dudes better than everybody else).

My Character:

Spede, Swift God of Lightning
Lives within the Trone
Though thousands (Or millions, or billions, or trillions, etc.) years old he's the equivelant of a God teenager. I'd say about 14 if he was human. Ironically he also suffers from really bad acne. Though in the peak of physical fitness his acne makes him very self concious and he makes his head vibrate at super fast speeds so that his face is really just a blur. Nifty, aint it?
17-11-2004, 04:21
Largentian God of Weather(Planetary weather and space weather)
Very old and wise but is still wise and young at heart. As the main god in the old Largentian religion there were myths in which he could use the powers of other gods which is sort of true.
17-11-2004, 07:49
"Life is Chaos" Jiggadyn book of Prophets, Roylethia

Roylethia, Goddess of chaos and Pleasure

One of the oldest, yet most immature Gods, Roylethia is a constant source of enjoyment in her otherworldly home. Based in a belief that all life stems from Chaos, Roylethia lives on impulse and whim; often pulling pranks or purposly causing striff between the Gods for her own enjoyment.

In human form she is a Twenty three year old librarian, who usually ignores the general rules of how one is supposed to act in a library.

my character, will wait for a spot to join in
17-11-2004, 09:39
OOC: Tag for watching. I don't think K-T's quite strong enough to interact on an equal footing with gods, yet...
Haven't I seen one of these before? Not to complain, of course; I'm just curious if I remember correctly.
17-11-2004, 14:36

Winged God of music, vision and vibration.
Youthful appearance but as old as Time (you remember the Big Bang? He composed and conducted it). Tends to spend his time developing new sounds or sights.
Tends to be easily amused by stray sounds and has been known to produce a song out of the strangest things (such as when he composed a symphony within which the only sounds were raindrops).
17-11-2004, 22:00
Yeah, guys, part of an RP is that you need to RP. As in not just post stats for your characters.
17-11-2004, 23:44
ooc: just a little reluctant to hop right in without much knowledge of where you are leading this...What exactly is the Trone, is it the place where Spede resides alone or a place for all God's like Mt. Olympus?


"Ry, how many times have I asked you to stop rearranging the books however you want. There is a specific order in which they go. Sheesh." Mrs. Loona walked up and down the rows of books replacing the ones that Roylethia had randomly put back in the shelves.

"But thats booooring." Roylethia said as she skipped through the rows and rows of texts. "Chaos is much more fun." She said with a laugh and jumped up on one of the tables. The library was closed and she had it all to herself, well technically old Mrs. Loona was there to but she tried to ignore the old woman.

Within a half hour of lying on the table Roylethia began to calm her mind, tuning in with the flow of the world. She had been on earth for two weeks now, taking a brief holiday from her temporal home in the heavens. Several of the other deities had gotten fed up with her recent fling of carefree fun and she decided it would be good to personaly oversee some chaos on earth.

Keeping her mind calm for the moment allowed her insight back to their doman above earth and see if things had calmed down a bit and it was safe for her to return. Hmmm interesting, that is deffinetly odd. The realms are in chaos and I'm not even there. Well I guess I should make contact and see what is up.

Roylethia jumped up from the table and ran out of the library..."See you whenever Mrs. Loona."

"Why you little scamp! There are over three dozen books that still need to be organized.!!" The old womans words were lost and Roylethia went through the great doors of the library and out onto the street. She found a nice quiet ally and left the world..
17-11-2004, 23:55
OOC: Trone is actually just a word I picked out of nowhere, one of the root words for 'throne'. It's Spedes personal bachelor pad. Well, it's actually more of a club house since he's not even old enough to be a bachelor.

You guys can make your own "God Land" (Like Mt. Olympus in Greek mythology) if you want, or have everybody with their own little place. This RP is really completely up to you.
18-11-2004, 00:16
God of Dreams
Can summon Dream Creatures or objects(Pretty Much anything you can "Dream up.)
Clouds rushed past him as he flew higher and higher. He loved his dream world, as he could make anything he wanted to in it. Entire mock universes had been ruled by him, and Civilizations had grown and died under him. He floated in an endless sky as he thought of what else he could make.

Suddenly, a flash of lighting blasted across the sky. This was not someting he had made. It formed into a ball, then came straight at him.....It was going to hit him...!

Morpheus opened his eyes. Something had disturbed him from his dreaming; something Godly or something Mortal? He did not know, but soon planned to find out. He was going to visit Earth.
Atlantian Outcasts
18-11-2004, 00:52
w00, it's back!

Name: Posiedon
God of the Seas, Horses, and Earthquakes. Can summon mighty hurricanes and tropical storms.


Posiedon fooled with his trident while sitting in his chair in his underwater palace. Bored, he desided to take a little trip to Olympus, to see what was going on with everyone else....
18-11-2004, 01:13
ooc: alright, I was a little foggy about that at first but I'm picking up what your putting down. Trone is Spede's home, Morpheus has his own each god/goddess has their own place, I guess as far as for my clarification when I talk about realms I am reffering to these such places with the assumption that other Gods have the ability to visit these.

Oh and for some clarification, I guess her power works kind of like the improbability drive from the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy..., functioning on chaotic events and the improbable happening


"Why you little scamp! There are over three dozen books that still need to be organized.!!" The old womans words were lost and Roylethia went through the great doors of the library and out onto the street. She found a nice quiet ally and left the world..

...Or at least she tried to. Feeling her body fade away she was suddenly jerked back to existence causing her body to violently shake. Roylethia doubled over with a violent sickness in her stomach, as she failed to transubstantiate. "What in the name of Zeus' Beard?" A wino was walking down the ally and flicking her finger a bit, Roylethia caused the bottle of wine to 'mysteriously' slip from his fingers and break on the ground. "There maybe a little chaos will help."

She again under went the transubstantiation process and again failed and again fell to the ground coughing. Within five minutes the wino had stopped weeping over his cheap liqure and shuffled down the ally, and Roylethia was able to stand up.

"Either the others are more pissed at me than I thought, or something really strange is going on here."

Causing a passerby to drop their bag of groceries to get her strength up, Roylethia sauntered down the street to an apartment she had on earth to rest and hopefully get into communication with someone.
18-11-2004, 19:39
Taynilli swept his brush up the canvas, leaving an orange line a shade lighter than the ones below and above it. He continued in his work with a spray of red here, a shading of yellow there and a dash of purple in another place. While his brush slid along his canvas his other hand ran dextrously along the great golden harp beside the easel, producing a clear melody to accompany his painting.

Taynelli laboured over the painting, ensuring it would be just right, as clear notes reverberated throughout the domed marble hall of the citadel Eversong, his realm of music and light. A hundred clouds were the bridge to Eversong, and a thousand notes its stairs. Vibrations laid eons ago in the air around the citadel of music would alert the God of anyone attending, and automatically start the songs of welcome.

A short time later the painting was complete. Taynelli left his harp and easel and walked, with the painting, through the great stained-glass window of his painting room at the pinnacle of his citadel. A graceful white hand held the artwork up to the dark East horizon, and magic slid the painting from canvas in the realm of time.

A few minutes later, and Taynelli's artwork was displayed for the world to see. A dawn of the kind seen only once in a lifetime rose over this sleeping part of the world, signed with clouds in the language of Gods.
18-11-2004, 20:06
OOC: This is something I could actually be interested in. Good job! I've been meaning to develop the Sakkran Pantheon for a time now.

Between the fabric of space and sub-space is a thin veil of a dimension all its own. No mortal has yet detected it, but the thin veil allows the Pantheon to observe both sides at the same time. The Patriarch of the Pantheon is Sareeazarr Guannarr, Elemental God of the Void, Ruler of Space, Lord of the After, Bringer of the Judgement. His Scions report to him, each assigned to a different planet of his interest.

The Void Scion assigned to the Sol System arrives via a projection, and bows low. "My liege, I report a disturbance in the Sol cluster." At the moment after the Void Scion appears, the Earth Scion does so as well. In fact, all the Scions of the Elements appear as one.

They all bow before the Patriarch, and his mate, the Water Goddess, Watcher of the Deep, who appears at that moment. In one voice all the Scions speak. "It is truth. Disturbances in Sol have been reported by underlings from all over the cluster. We ask your guidance." All Scions bow, awaiting the word.

A low rumble vibrates through them, and past them into both realms of existence. "I will see what this disturbance is, and decide if it merits my attention. Keep watch on the Subjects, and make certain these disturbances are not known by them." Sareeazarr stands and opens a hole beneath him, disappearing into it. the hole closes up immediately afterwards, and he is in the Sol System, hovering over the Earth. Hrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm.....interesting.

About Sareeazarr Guannarr:
Age: Unrecorded. Presumed to exist since before the Beginning of All Things.
Common appearance: Looking much like a Sakkran, save for his skin looking much like space; an inky black nothingness pinpricked with light from the stars. Eyes tend to smoke and smolder, and appear to be miniature stars. No clothing of any note appears on his person. His mouth, when opened, emits smouldering wisps as well. Master of the Elemental Force of the Void, he's not a very forgiving god. Not one bit.

It has been recorded that, when he first decided his Subjects were ready to know of his existance, he sent his Scions to apprise them of this. The Scions themselves were thought to be gods, until Sareeazarr made a deific appearance, which settled that matter swiftly.
24-11-2004, 07:32
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24-11-2004, 07:48
Leaning out of the window, was her favorite place to be in her apartment. From here she had a vantage point over several blocks of city, which was her playground for her mischief. Today Roylethia had been particularly enjoying herself with her trouble making, making sure to do plenty to get her strength back up.

On the corner of 12th and Harvard a flowershop keeper who was watering his plants suddenly lost control of the hose, spraying a group of business men who all dropped their papers made futile attempts to protect their expensive suits. Roylethia squealed with child like delight as she turned her attention over to a police officer atop a horse. With a little flick of her finger the horse reared upright, and pitched its rider to the ground.

Feeling refreshed Roylethia let her chin rest in her arms as she sighed and slowly looked about the sky. "What a beautiful sky this morning." She said to herself, actually she said this to her invisible cat which she spoke to often, but most people just said that she was a loon who talked to herself. She pursed her lips together in thought as she began to read the sky instead of just see it, slowly realization crept over her. "Hmmm, interesting. There must be a meeting that is going to be arranged."

Picking herself up Roylethia skipped to the center of the room and began the process of clearing her mind as she readied herself to transubstantiate. Still realing from her failure to do so the night before, Roylethia calmed herself and let her powers wash over her in a cleansing fashion. "Yes, now I am strong enough." She said to her cat and in a blink she was gone from earth, on her way to meet with the God that wrote the sky.
24-11-2004, 13:04
Chimes and notes shivered through Eversong as the Chaotic Goddess approached.

Clouds and song reformed according to ancient symphonies of vibrations, turning the Cloudwalk and Note Stair into something more chaotic than orderly in order to welcome the approaching diety.

Wings stirred gently in the cool air of the citadel of Eversong as Taynilli's thoughts inked themselves onto a musical score, the music far too complex for any human to be able to really listen to, let along play or conduct. A rhapsody of whispering life, building to a climax of singing birth. The very stuff of nature itself are the instruments, moments taken from aspects of life ignored by many. The whisper of grass proves a moment of tune, the sigh of the wind another and yet another part is played by the murmur of water around stone.

Even as he composes this, another one of his compositions gleams through the sculpted halls of his home, perfect accoustics repeated strains in perfect accompany to those that the piece has moved onto.

Whatever could be said of Eversong, it is ever beautiful, and silent only when silence is more beautiful in a situation than music, and now the songs of the Artist God changed from a symphony of harp and lyre to one of unmeasured beat and chaos. Despite the change and lack of order, the song remains pure.