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An accident by the sea (open rp; ATTN Sisgardia)

Technocratic Republics
16-11-2004, 00:37
Pits of Sator, Sea of Halenbree, Northern Sisgardia:

Valikrath walked slowly through the metallic catwalk that circled the sphere, that shone with different tones of blue and white light. The catwalk was in turn surrounded by a magical field, spherical in shape as well, that kept water away. This generated a bubble, on which's interior floated three circling catwalks, a small metallic room and the shining sphere, the ethereal node. Six other figures moved around the catwalks, while others remained on the small room above, checking numerous contraptions and apparatuses of strange precedence.

One of them, an incredibly small man who did not surpass the 30 centimeters in height, and who used a small artifact that resembled a floating chair to move, came to Valikrath's side "The node is ready. Everything indicates that the ethereal node has reached a critical point, and we are set to start the process. We will begin upon your call, Master Valikrath"

Valikrath nodded. The experiment they were about to conduct could prove to be indeed quite useful, although even he had to admit that they were a bit unsure of what exactly to expect. Experimentation on ether is relatively recent, and many theories have been broken during the recent investigations. "Very well. Before we begin, are the wards activated? I do not wish this to become a problem if anything goes wrong"

The little man noded, pointing to a distant red glowing point in the water above the bubble "Activated and at full power"

"Excellent" Valikrath answered, while walking up a curved staircase that led into the small metallic room. "Commence compression process" He ordered, once he was inside.

One of the operators touched the flat surface of one of the contraptions, and a small box that lied attached to the outer side of the room opened. A small crystal was inside, and it hovered slowly out of the box as the operator passed his finger across the apparatus' surface. When it was located straight above the ethereal node, a beam of red light emerged from it, impacting the node and illuminating the whole sphere in reds and purples. The node turned darked, almost black, and a loud humming sound flooded the bubble. It became clearly smaller, a fifth of what was before the process began.

"Throw in the magical buoy" Ordered Valikrath.

Another operator touched a similar artifact, and a second box opened. Several one centimeter wide spheres of what appeared to be crystal, all of them of a dark green color, emerged hovering from the box, and spiraled downward toward the node. As they became closer to it, small discharges of ether, clouds of purplish gas that dissipated into nothingness, went from the node toward each of the spheres. With each passing discharges, the buoys became more translucent, until they made contact, and disappeared. Immediately after, one of the contraptions came into life. Seven circular screens, ordered in a circular fashion across the artifact's upper surface, became illuminated with a searing light for a few seconds, forcing everyone in the room to cover their eyes. Moments later, images of a swirling mass of gases showed up, and the lights diminished. Outside, the ethereal node turner even darker, and now it was hard to notice any colors on it. The whole bubble also became darker, as if the node was absorbing the light, or generating a field of darkness around itself.

Valikrath stood next to the screens and watched them one by one, stopping on each for a few seconds. They all showed the same indistinguishable mass of ether. But he then noticed something different. In one of the screens, there seemed to be a darker spot. "Move buoy three in that direction" He pointed. The showed the passing clouds and gas curtains of ether, until a triangular shape appeared. It was a flat triangle, perhaps ten or fifteen times the size of a man, surrounded in red glowing lines.

"Interesting. Is that what I think it is" Came one of the men standing next to Valikrath.

Valikrath's eyes sparkled with excitement "A portal! We found a portal! The theories were correct. These nodes are indeed pocket dimensions, and they can be used to connect with other planes! Now, look!" He pointed to the screen "Move this buoy... number three. Take it into the portal"

The man controlling the buoys turned to Valikrath "But, Master, we are not supposed to interfere with any of the discoveries. Those are our orders"

Valikrath dismissed the answer with a wave of hand "Looking into it for a moment won't do us any harm. Besides, we are here to conduct research, are we not? Take the damned thing into the portal"

The operation complied, and moves his finger through the surface, moving the buoy into the portal. The image in the screen changed drastically. A wide expanse of open land emerged, red soil and tall spires of rock, from which fire emerged at a continuous rate, popped in. What seemed to be impossibly tall structures populated the place, and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of small figures moved everywhere around.

Valikrath moved his head closer to the screen "It is...." He jumped back in surprise when a twisted face appeared on the screen out of nowhere. It had long teeth and horns, and smoking liquid fire drooled from it's mouth. It had several blood-injected eyes and a gruesome smile. The creature looked straight into the screen, but it did not seemed to understand what was it witnessing.

"A demon! Quickly, take the buoy out of there!"


It was a mistake, a terrible mistake. Those who gave the orders clearly knew that something like that could happen, that if an outsider entity entered the pocket dimension it could collapse. And it did. The demonic creature followed the orb buoy, interested by that strange object. It went through the portal, that, apparently, had lied unchecked to it before the buoy passed through it. The creature was of course panicked with what it encountered afterward, but it was too late already; it had stepped into the portal, and the swirling ether was consuming it. Although the creature dissipated into nothingness, it's intervention was more than enough to cause a chain reaction, as the pocket dimension could not hold any unprotected matter. As result, the node exploded, directly connecting the portal located within it with the plane on which the Universe is located.


Clouds of vapor arose from among the waters, as the island of brimstone emerged. It grew at a staggering rate, as more and more material was vomited by the portal. The reaction of the translocation of portals drew part of the other side inside, and as a result part of the opposite dimension was brought in. Now it grew as a burning, hellish island in the middle of the Sea of Halenbree, an otherwise peaceful piece of water on the northern reaches of Sisgardia. And it would not pass much time before the owners of such land noticed the event.
16-11-2004, 01:19
Azerran; Damien's Ridge; Capitol city of the Thorn Crowned Rose tribe; Spireheart military facility.

The timid sound of knuckles rasping carefully against the wooden door of her office made Colonel Sahira Veritable Ebony look up and she couldn't help but give a small smirk at the anxious look on her aid's face.

"Come in, Talia." She called out to her aid and motioned her over with a wave of her hand as she put away the papers she had been signing.

"My apologies for disturning you, Colonel. But we have just received a message that the cargo ship 'Aurora' had witnessed an unusual event."

"Unusual event?" Arching her eyebrow, Sahira crossed her arms across each other before uncrossing them again as she noted how nervous the gesture made her aid.

"Apperantly they spotted a volcano erupt in the sea of Halenbree to the north, Colonel. And it created a small island."
Licking her lips nervously, The civillian aid looked around the room briefly and shuffled her feet. It wasn't that she didn't like or respect Colonel Ebony. Rather the felt inferior in the presence of the woman, she had seen the military tattoo's covering the woman's chest and back once and Talia couldn't help but feel mimimal with her small flame tattoos on both sides of her neck, showing to all she only served the required four years in the military.

"A volcano? Well I am sure the Geologists would love that, but I fail to see how this relates to you having to inform me, Talia."

"Ah yes, ma'am. It's just that... According to the geologists and experts, there are no volcano's in the sea of Halenbree. Nor are there any tectonic plates that could cause a island to rise somehow."

"Your saying that this island isn't supposed to be possible?" Sahira now couldn't help but cross her arms, regardless of the effect it had on her aid. Sahira was no expert on volcano's but that didn't mean the experts could be wrong. A volcano, possible or not, is not a military matter.

"That's what the experts say, Colonel. Not me... And the Council has ordered you to send a ship to the area to investigate. They suspect....Uh, ma'am?" Staring in surprise, Talia watched Sahira get up and put on her hat as she walked out of her office.

"Sorry Talia, can't talk. You could have told me at once this message came from the Council itself." Muttering, Sahira walked through the building so that she could give the order to one of the ships stationed here to head towards the sea of Halenbree.


The TCR Eveningglow was a frigate vessel designed primarly for patrolling the coast and had smaller then average ammount of firepower then most it's sister vessels, this however it made up in superior detection technolgy as it was one of several vessels that had been upgraded with new euipment specfically designed to increase and improve data communication with other vessels and bases as well as possesing a higher ability to accuratly detect hidden enemy forces. With it's purpose designed more for control and examination, the TCR Eveningglow had strucken Colonel Sahira Veritable Ebony as a more sensible choice to go so far away from Azerran waters then a more standard military vessel.

And truth be told, she rather loved the 180 meter long ship.
16-11-2004, 02:36
“how long ago did we receive the transmission?”
“ten minutes sir, we are thee minutes from Yagdrassil, Lammas reported a net rise in sea temperature coupled with vastly unusual seismic activity in the north, the comhairleoir gach aon rud have instructed us to investigate”
“we arn't equipped for geological surveys”
“thus is the nature of the pit stop at the tree, we are collecting three teams and assorted scanning and probing apparatus”

Lorric entered the spacious bridge of Parthbreaker in time to see the clear blue waters of the gulf of ador and in the horizon, the rapidly approaching figure of Yggdrasil.

“thank you crewman, ill take the helm for landing”

the young tarran in charge of the holographic command interface let out an audible sigh of disappointment's and steeped out of the control mechanisms, Lorric was the first of the treeborn to be allowed the hon our of pioleting one of the mómhar soitheach, The larger ships in the Tarran fleet, and he had been chosen for this because he had a skill with the command interface matched only by Isthus Treeson, its designer.
He weaved his hands through the polydirectional images representing the thousands of commands avalible to the interface, the ship responded to his slightest commands, reafing the lower sails for emersion, opening the upper cargo seals, shutting off the PIPD and lowering the ship gently into the water next to the loading jetty on the bottom most tear of the great tree.
As soon as it was safe, teams of workmen loaded the new equipment onbord, the science team began work installing the sensors and calibrating the probes, with atmospheric flight resistance it took the Pathbreaker another 3 hours to make the site of the unusual 'geological' activity, by that time, the ship would be repaired for anything... hopefully
16-11-2004, 04:54
Konanian Orbital Surveillance Grid -- Low Orbit

The Grid saw all, and this did not escape its eyes. A single satellite, awakened by the sudden change in geography and realease of heat, swiveled around and turned its sensors toward the growing anomaly. It alerted some of its peers, and they too turned to inspect the speck of land that had appeared in northern Sisgardia. Unable to form an adequate explaination, they sent a message to a probe, beamed it away.

* * *

Message to craft in Halenbree Area:

Orbital Survey detected a geological anomaly at approximatly xx00 hours
[Konania time]. KNDF is requesting information on the matter and the status
of the current situation.


* * *

Northern Konanian Coast

FWS-G Honor was an average craft in the Federal Republic's shamefully small gravfleet. Officialy, it was listed as a medium frigate, but in actuality, it was a type of dispatch frigate-- armed lightly for low altitude support, but designed as a very mobile base, carrying a number of infantry units and armor. There were many more ships like this in the Konanian Skyfleet, created as part of a military reform that was supposed to create a faster, sleeker, more mobile KNDF.

Captain Deriac wasn't sure exactly how sucessful that particular project had been; as far as he was concerned, it had spurred the production of more ships like his own, and that was always a good thing. It was good to know that someone up knew the benefits of a divesified force. At that very moment, the same "someone up top" sent a message that appeared in his hands less than a minute after it had been drafted.

Sea of Halenbree... Deriac perused his map. Near Europolis. He initially believed that perhaps the Knootians were working on something, but the message said that the nature of the activity seemed... odd... and that they wanted someone to check it out.

The sea itself was across the continent. He sighed at the length of the trip-- though the ship could move at high speeds, and be there rather quickly, there was all sorts of bureaucratic red tape involved in flying through the airspace of at least three nations. Someone would be taking care of it now.

"Communications, make note of recption and acceptance of message; navigation, set course for specified coordinates."

The ship rotated in the air and rose skyward to high atmosphere.
16-11-2004, 12:51
OOC: IC reponse forthcoming, but I already reallly do not like what I have read so far. Especially when it happens in the waters that are so close to my nation... FTR, I will have to talk to you about it.

Oh, and Konania. Europolis has been my territory for over a month now. Refer to the Regional Map thread on the Sisgardian boards for my latest post.

I also warn any overly active non-Sisgardian folks that sending fleets and whatnot into the area might prove dangerous due to the fact that the stated area is watched closely by the Taraskovyan Armed Forces.

Thank you for your attention.
16-11-2004, 13:12
((Going with the assumption that the TCR Eveningglow made it's way without any real paper work hassle through the waters of other Sisgardian nations.

EDIT: Good qestion Tarasovka. But it does depend wheter it's the western or eastern side of the sea of Halenbree. It's actually pretty big. Would be good to know how close to anyone I end up going.))

The TCR Eveningglow sailed on through the sea of Arn and the water channel between the The Hypocrisy of Der Angst and The Magocentric Federation of Technocratic Republics as they entered the sea of Aerona. The water almost as if it was being cleaved in half by the ship as it made it's way to it's destination.


"We have entered the Sea of Aerona, Colonel. We should pass Tevashii Island and the World Technological Enitity in a few hours. It's quite an impressive sight, ma'am." Captain Riverfall spoke up from her spot by the window of the bridge.

"Thank you, Captain. But i'm not new to these waters. I wasn't always a paper filer, as you may know." Replying more briskly then was neccesary, Sahira walked up to Captain Riverfall and joined her as they looked out of the window.

The sounds of persone walking around the bridge and checking their equipment was almost the only sound that filled the room save for the drops of rain water that struck against the windows of the ship.

'It's been to long. To many years since I last stood on a ship that actually left the harbor.' Sighing softly, drawing the attention of the captain beside her, Sahira looked out across the sea as the setting sun colored it a deep orange. The motion of the water sending a steady almost unnoticable motion along Sahira's legs.

"I shall be in my quarters Captain. Please have one of your people wake me if we reach our destination before six AM." Nodding to the Captain and returning her salute Sahira walked off the bridge. First there was still some paperwork to do that she brought along with her and then it would be time to sleep on a ship once more.
16-11-2004, 14:37
OOC: Well, uh, I could still be working on something. Still got the base there you know. ;) Anyway, TG is my involvement is somehow required/desired/would-be-nice
16-11-2004, 21:04
[hm. that leaves the question of my post. First thing to note: when wrote "craft in Halenbree area" I do not mean ships of the Konanian Skyfleet; simply because I do not have craft in Halenbree-- as I said before, the KNDF is designed primarily for defense, so they usually stick around the Federal Republic.

I had assumed it was the eastern side of the Halenbree, simply because that's where people are-- but apparantly this hasn't been clarified yet, so I'll just keep FWS-G Honor heading to it's coords-- the eastern coastline of Thul Alard-- and hold an IC post until this is hashed out. Sorry 'bout the inconvinience.

17-11-2004, 13:31
[OOC: Well, I have talked to FTR on the possible location, and he told me it would be somewhere in the center 700 miles to the west of my coasts... so well, I assumed that would be the coordinates.]

High Command of the TNDF,
Taraskovyan National Defense Forces Headquarters,
Federal Sisgardian Fiefdoms,

The recent events in an area that was considered as the Federal “direct defensive perimeter” have not gone unnoticed. And as numerous feeds came not only from military but also from civilian geologic monitoring and study centers, the main question began to materialize: “what the hell happened?” The TNDF was not conducting any operations in that area at the time of the event, nor were there any official experiments going on and the Kaskad was also contacted to find out if they had anything to do in the matter. The Ruling Council was briefed into the matter, too, and immediately demanded the surveillance data of the area for at least the last 24 hours to indicate any craft present in the area at the time of the event.

And in the meanwhile, several Taraskovyan ships close to the area were ordered to investigate, while the TSF in orbit already concentrated its attention on the place of events.

TNV “Veter”,
Sea of Halenbree,

The “Veter” frigate, on routine patrol in the sea of Halenbree, was the one closest to the troublesome area ( and was thus the first one to be diverted off its course to investigate. The entire Halenbree region was considered to be part of the Federal “direct defensive perimeter” and was, thus, constantly patrolled by Naval ships and observed from orbit by the Space Fleet. At the moment of the event, the Taraskovyan Navy had quite a number of various ships in the Halebree theatre, including two battlegroups off the Europolis islands and a detachment off the coast of Aphyr.

And so the ship sailed happily to its destination, its crew wondering what happened of so important as to postpone their return home for some time.

Type: Top Secret, Code 1
To: Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations ; Konania ; Azerran ; Knootian Europolis Command
Subject: Events at Halenbree

The Federation has dispatched a first group to investigate the events in the Halebree Sea. We have noticed a rise in activity of SFN members in that area and deem it necessary for a joint coordination of efforts in order to avoid any incidents. So far, the Taraskovyan National Defense Naval Fleet has been ordered to seal off the northern limits of the sea for security reasons pending further developements.

As of now, the TNDF is analyzing the surveilance data of the days and hours before the event to see as they unfolded. All gathered information will be supplied to the SFN and relevant nations upon availability.
17-11-2004, 15:09
((I shall assume Azerran received a seperate transmission as they are not members of the SFN.))

Encryption key six.
TO: ; Konania ; Tarasovka ; Knootian Europolis Command
Subject: Events at the sea of Halenbree

The Rose-bearers shall be quite willing to co-operate with any SFN nations investigating this matter. We are certain that togheter we can find out what is occuring at Halenbree and that it shall be a good means for our nations to co-operate.

We have dispatched one of our frigates to investigate and we expect it to arrive at the scene during this day. When it arrives at the location, it shall contact the present TNDF vessels to requist permission to enter the area.

We respectfully ask of you not to inform any of the other Azerran tribes of this matter. Their involvement would only hamper our mutual work.


TCR Eveningglow
30 miles north of the islands of Krakmon

Chairs scraping across the floor of the messhall provided almost a constant background sound as nearly twenty four of the TCR Eveningglow' crewmembers sat down with their meals after having finished their shift.

Colonel Sahira Veritable Ebony herself had woken up a hour ago from her sleep and now sat in the messhal eating mashed potatoe's, beef and beans. While she could have her meal brought to her quarters Sahira preferred to eat amongst the rest of the crew. Solitude was never a good choice to make for officers.

Drinking her water she notices a lieutenant looking around before spotting her and approuching her, saluting when she came close enough to talk.

"Colonel, the captain wishes to inform you that we have entered the sea of Halenbree and that estimates indicate that we shall arrive at the location in three hours." The young Lieutenant spoke calmly and waited a short moment before resuming. "The captain is aware that you are already awake, but because of new circumstances she choose to inform you either way."

"New circumstances? What kind of circumstances lieutenant?" Putting her fork down at the plate, Sahira took a breath and briefly wondered whether she would have to go to the bridge on an empty stomach.

"Taraskovkian vess..."

"That's Taraskovyan, Lieutenant. The Federal Metropoly seems to take offence to mispronounciations. Please continue."

"Yes ma'am." Blinking her eyes once and breathing deeply, the lieutenant began over. "Taraskovyan vessels are patrolling the area of the scene. And we have received a communiquition from High Command that other nations are moving in to examine as well. When we enter the area we are to contact the Taraskovyan National Defense Naval Fleet vessels that are in the area and state why we are there."

"I see. Well that isn't entirely unexpected I would say... Anything else Lieutenant?" Looking up at the younger woman the Colonel arches an eyebrow in question.

"No ma'am. That is all that you had to be informed off. Unless you wish to know of the current crew shift rotation and the ships status report of the last eight hours."

Staring at the woman, Sahira frowns as she spots the almost succesfully hidden smirk on the woman's face. "No thank you, Lieutenant. That would be all. Dismissed."
Returning the Lieutenant salute, Sahira begins to mutter about the lack of respect shown to superiors these days as she begins to eat her meal again.
Technocratic Republics
17-11-2004, 15:24
Ministry of the Arcane, Zigastor District, Magocentric Federation of Technocratic Republics, Sisgardia

The little man hovered slowly across the green marble room. The pale moon was high in the sky, filling the office with ghostly white light. A second man stood before the tall window, his eyes jumping from one of the large buildings to another, holding both his dark skinned hands on his back. This tower rose in a relatively lowly urbanized area, where other structures barely surpassed the four hundred meters, so he had quite a wide view from his place. The little man seemed uneasy, and his face showed a horrible scar, acquired moments before he teleported out of the incident area. A gout of flame struck him.

"Now, any more survivors?" Spoke the man, with a voice that went from hums to hisses.

The little man shook his head "None. I was barely able to do so with the ring you gave me. I was struck by fire, nonetheless"

The man released a short breath "You could have died, but that would have changed nothing. Your job is complete. As for your payment...."

The little man's eyes suddenly illuminated at the mention of payment "Yes, Baphul?" As soon as he asked, the man turned. His face lied covered in a factionless, dark brown mask, where only two eyes could be seen, flaming behind the masquerade. The next moment, the little man burst into black flames, his flesh falling from his bones as melting ice. A short moan of pain quickly went away, also devoured by the silent flames. Eaten away, not a single particle of dust remained. Then the masked man proceeded to walk off the office.


Tower of Wizardry, Adranor District

"It seems that they all died in the accident, Valikrath, Thiol and the entire research team" Spoke Hornung. He was sitting in a small yet profusely ornate chair, and next to him sat Bigbi with his obese contexture barely fitting inside his chair, and Otiluke, old and dry as always. Mordenkainen sat in a large throne in front of the three.

Bigbi took the word "I always knew that experiment would end in disaster! We did not knew anything about it to start with"

Mordenkainen shook his head "Perhaps we did not, but this was not supposed to happen. An island, suddenly sprouting out of nowhere, with an intense aura of hellish influence springing out of it? I smell something else"

"I have reports that the Minister of Arcane Research was seen wandering the halls of the Ministry of the Arcane last night" Came Otiluke "But no trails of him could be found today"

Hornung spoke "So you say that he somehow managed to get out from there?"

"I do not say anything about that, I just communicate what I was told. Thiol was seen last night, and it does raise some questions" Otliuke responded.

Mordenkainen nodded "Very well. I wish for further investigations to be made. And, Hornung, I want you at the event site. We must see if we can cover this, as I do not wish to have our neighbors complaining about our works. I place my confidence on you. Oh, and send a small military exploratory mission, just to make it seem like we do not know what is going on"

"And we don't" Were Bigbi's words before leaving the room.
18-11-2004, 02:21
Being a ground support frigate meant that one liked to stay over land whenever possible, and Honor was doing this well. Deriac's course followed the northern shoreline of Thul Alard to its western-most tip. Skyfleet wanted him to proceed past this area, as doing so would require Honor to weave its way between Taraskovyan possesion of Europolis, Tarasovka's northern coast, and an impressive number of its ships. Failure to recieve permission might get him fired upon. He was rather sure he wouldn't be, but it was peacetime and there was no need for the unnecessary risk-- and he didn't want to write that many notification letters anyway.

Deriac looked at the map and sighed. He was well aware of the reason that they had been chosen for this particular expedition, he just wished it had been someone else. This ship had been inspected recently, and on a scale of zero to four, they had been given a two. Skyfleet was giving him a chance to redeem himself.

"Communications, any word from TNDNF?"

"None, sir."

"Captain, Steerage and Navigation reccommend decrease in altitude and decceleration. With your permission, sir?"

"Granted. Comm, raise Skyfleet, relay that Honor requests entry permission from Taraskovyan National Defense Naval Fleet."

* * *

Type: Top Secret, Code 1
To: Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations ; Konania ; Azerran ; Knootian Europolis Command
Subject: Events at Halenbree

The Federation has dispatched a first group to investigate the events in the Halebree Sea. We have noticed a rise in activity of SFN members in that area and deem it necessary for a joint coordination of efforts in order to avoid any incidents. So far, the Taraskovyan National Defense Naval Fleet has been ordered to seal off the northern limits of the sea for security reasons pending further developements.

As of now, the TNDF is analyzing the surveilance data of the days and hours before the event to see as they unfolded. All gathered information will be supplied to the SFN and relevant nations upon availability.

The Federal Republic does find it prudent to co-operate with our
Sisgardian neighbors. We offer any information we have to aid in this effort.

We have dispathed the support frigate /Honor/, and as of this moment it is
underway. We request permession to enter the Halenbree area.

18-11-2004, 22:08
The Forest,
Near The Palace,
The Arnanórë of Taurenor,

The music of the trees as the wind blows through their leaves. It sounds so lovely to my ears. Thank you Manwë and Yavanna for your music.” Taurevanimë stood in thought amidst the trees, enjoying the relaxing sound of leaves blowing in the wind. “Sorry to bother you my Lady,” A voice gracefully flew through the relative silence. “But I think you would be interested in this news.” The voice continued. Taurevanimë turned around to face one of her security personnel. “You piqued my interest, please go on.” She replied and stroked a hand deftly over bark of a giant oak.
“A new island has appeared in the middle of the Sea of Halenbree, and as you know no fault lines or volcanos in the area.” Hearing this Taurevanimë stopped stroking the oak and looked to the north. “Did the Valar do this?” She asked in a silent whisper. “Though it is possible, it seems highly unlikely.” The security officer replied and Taurevanimë turned to him. “Send the nearest ship to investigate, then have the first possible squadron dispatched to the area. If this is some natural occurrence or the doings of the Valar then it would be useless to do such a thing. But if this is anything else we're not going to take chances.”

A Few Minutes Later,
The Frigate Fëaráto,
Reëntering Atmosphere Over Sisgardia.

Ohtareno, the Fëaráto's captain, sat in his chair on the bridge, watching the viewscreen as the ship reëntered earth's atmosphere at a steady pace, the black sky above slowly turning blue and getting filled with clouds as the ship descended. “Sir we are now above the sea of Halenbree.” An officer shot up. “Okay, good work people. Let's go look at this mysterious new island.” Ohtareno said to the crew.
The ship continued to flew majestically through the sky, much resembling a gigantic hawk or eagle, as it fast approached the newly created island, the rock still molten. “Tol Aicanáro.” Ohtareno muttered softly as the crew watched the island still form in silence. “This new island shall be named Tol Aicanáro.” He said out loud this time.
The Fëaráto hovered closer to the island and took up a position a few kilometer away to be on the safe side.
18-11-2004, 22:21
TCR Eveningglow.
Sea of Halenbree

Hands gripped the rail along the bridge window as Captain Riverfall spoke up, her eyes locked straight ahead as if she could already see the Tarasovyian ships laying ahead in the water with nothing but her eyes. She couldnt help it. Back on Azerran the Rose-bearer naval fleet was the most powerfull one of the three tribes, but here she knew that any one of the Federal Metropoly's ships could blow them up with far to much ease. And aside from sharing the same region, Riverfall really didn't know what else the two nations had in common.

No, she wouldn't be at peace until her ship was welcomed with words rather then shells.

"Lieutenant Krisbar, please contact the TNDNF ships and request permission to be granted formal entrance to the area for the TCR Eveningglow on request of the Council of the Nine and the Thorn Crowned Rose tribe."

TO: TNDNF vessels in the Sea of Halenbree.
From: TCR Eveningglow
Subject: Permission to enter TNDNF patrolled waters surrounding the 'anomalous' island.

This is the TCR Eveningglow. We wish to request permission to enter the area and assist in the matter of investigating the anomalous island in your waters.
19-11-2004, 17:18
Steersman Lorric Vineyan-Treeborn watched the plume of steam rising from the sea a few hundred kilometers ahead, rendered faithfully on the sealing and front wall of the bridge, he made some adjustments to the flightpath to slow the ship down somewhat

the communications officer turned from her screen, “Steersman Vineyan, we have received a message from Yaggamead, some of the other Sisgardian nations are already at the site, they wish us to transmit the usual IFF codes and a message of intent”
“of cource, Put the stream into the transmit buffer, also, if everyone would switch there communications off encrypted mode, and can i have a tacticle report on the defense conditions of the ships down there”
“Defense conditions sir? This is a science mission”
“so was the mars run, and I was nearly killed there, also, request Stormcaller to keep an eye on things from orbit, the sensors are showing me ship configurations I don't recognize. transmitted”

Greetings, this is the Tarran research vessel Pathbreaker, we have come to conduct geological surveys on the anomaly, our ship is unarmed and we pose no threat to anyone. All of your transmissions will remain un-encoded on the standard SFN transmission frequencies and protocols.
It is a pleasure to see such a fine turnout on what will no doubt be a revolutionary day for the earth sciences

“smug council idiots, i don't know what they teach them in the diplomacy core, but it isn't diplomacy.” Loric muttered as he slowed the ship down even more.
“Ready probes Mirri and Yanya, launch them in your own time”

From the middle section of the ship two small objects dropped towards the sea, a moment before they hit they were born up into the sky on membranous wings that fluttered inadvisability fast. The two probes resembled firefly's as they disappeared over the heat haze of the new Island.
Mirri slowed down over a new deposit of rock, the probe was not intelligent, just very well 'programed' it almost seemed to check around itself for danger before landing briefly on the near molten rock and taking off again.

“Caught signal 4B, the ground is solid but near molten”
“well, i could have told you that from 100 miles range” Lorric retorted
“Could you have given me a chemical analysis?” the scientist said musically
“erm. No” Lorric mocked a look of anger then laughed to himself.
“okay, get Yanya to take a water sample near the boundary, we can contrast the two and see how good this rock is”
20-11-2004, 21:56
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