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The 2nd unofficial NationStates DOGA Contest!

14-11-2004, 20:43

Well, after the coming and going of the first, and crowning our first Winner, Sigma Octavus, It's time to push on! To give us some variation, I've decided on a totally different second contest. Your aim, is to produce a land-based transport vehicle!
The transport must carry Non-Sentient cargo. This is to ensure the entries don't just become Armoured Personnel Carriers [APCs].
The transport may be from absolutely any timeline. Past, present or future.
The transport may carry weapons, and may be armoured. It could be in use within dangerous, contested territories.
Obviously, this is land based, however, wheels are not by definition required. Legs, and -LOW- level anti-grav are acceptable.

I look forward to seeing what springs forth...

Gentleman, you may begin!

Entrants- to be expanded upon.
14-11-2004, 20:46
Sigma Octavus
14-11-2004, 22:00
I'll be entering something.

-Reigning champ yay-
14-11-2004, 22:27
I'll enter again [but of course] and I already have a shiny looking thing lined up ^_^
14-11-2004, 23:10
I to shall be entering something as well!
Shanodin Forest
15-11-2004, 00:36
I think I'll give it a try. Out of curiosity, is the transport to be any, general purpose, mil, or civilian spec? I have a lotta ideas, and I wouldn't want ta get hosed because I used the wrong one. Also, is there a size restriction? :confused:

Yay I finished my entry...

The Armadillo Super Transport is the a monster of a machine, requiring 50 people just to crew it’s massive bridge. The rest of it’s 100 person crew serve as cargo loaders, medical maintenance and secondary bridge crew for this beast. The Armadillo can hold up to 4 Lances worth of supplies and equipment (I.e. power armor, Mecha, and vehicles). Its has 2 massive fusion drives, that power the thing indefinitely, running off of any material that they can scrape up, from the dirt in the treads to the feces in their recycle tank. Inside is a very spartan crew quarters; a separate bay for it’s 12 AG (anti gravity) Loaders; and a medical bay w/ a full operation center, PharmaSynth, and room for 50 patients. The Armadillo is armed with six twin 5-inch guns mounted on turrets 1 in the front and 1 in the back with two on each side. It also comes with a 12 round smart bomb launcher that is seated beneath the rear end facing back, to surprise those that try and follow too close.

The 2nd pic is that of a lance of Armor getting re-supplyed.

Well that's it i think...

Oh yes, and for a little bit of something a friend of mine thought was funny...
15-11-2004, 01:46
Patented Steam Powered Victual Delivery Robot

It was the height of the Sacaran Summer, and the fighting 54th were beleagured, bedded down and faced on three fronts by the enemy, with a hostile desert to the rear, their supplies were running short, the only route across the hot sands was pretty much closed down by harassing bandits.
Things looked lost for the hungry army, and they would have been finished if not for a fledgling (and quite mad) steam inventor by the name of Obidiah Genghis. He was a quartermaster, at the main supply depot across the Sacaran desert, and he and his men had been pulling their hair out to try and find a way of re-supplying their army.

In a mad evening, Obidiah gathered what spares he could from around the base, and letting his feverish brain run riot, he created this small steam robot, working off of simple commands fed into it by punched cards, and designed to be quick, he theorized that the bandits could not get all of them if multiples were released into the desert all at one go.

Two days later, thirty Steam Walkers strode into the desert at a speed of 40 miles per hour, each carrying two chickens a piece in the relative comfort of a shaded and well ventilated cage, this continued for several weeks, with up to fifty robots a day being sent.

Needless to say, the army was grateful if a little puzzled by this unconventional re-supply, but they were not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and the simple little robots were converted to a number of military uses.

It is said that he Fighting 54th had trouble eating the chickens, they seemed 'strange' changed by their journey, no longer fearing death..
San Texario
15-11-2004, 03:35
Sure I'll enter.
15-11-2004, 07:26
Hrrm. I don't use Doga, on account of it being for the wrong OS. What I do use is Mechanisto 2.0, which from what I've seen seems pretty similar in capabilities to Doga. Can I still enter?

Oh, and neat steam walker thingy. It made me laugh.
15-11-2004, 18:30

And there you have it ^_^

A 600Hp diesel locomotive, designed to move bulk materials, this locomotive is typically reserved to WD duties, so you'll typically see them moving oil, ammunition etc.
Also note the gun cars, while the much heavier armed "Train Tanks" patrol the lines, there are typically four 45mm guns per gun truck, and a pair of .50 machine guns, which, coupled with the armour plating makes it capable of defending itself.
15-11-2004, 19:46
Wow, that's sweet. Are you sure its not a mobile WMD lab, like Hussein had. :p
Sigma Octavus
16-11-2004, 00:41

The Crab land transport is an interesting design. It has three storage compartments on it's back for moving materials long distances and two special holding arms designed to pick up and manuever materials shorter distances.

The legs are employed when it needs to manuever in close quarters, such as in a warehouse or a crowded street. The tracks that are contained around the bottom of the crab are deployed for long distance travel and the legs are bunched up near the body.

The Crab is not designed for combat, being nearly completely unarmed. The holding arms could be used as weapons, but they were not designed for that purpose.

The Crab is run by an onboard AI that is told what it has to do and then let to figure how to do it. Strictly set perameters keep it from injuring/killing any people or causing any property damage.

(I heard that someone was bitching about me rigging the votes and having more than one picture after the first contest. First off, I never cheat. I have no puppets, and I told no one to vote for me. Second, there was no picture limit. That was a fair contest. I'm actually fairly pissed off about it. To the party in comment: I'm looking for you in IRC. Talk.)
16-11-2004, 11:21
I shall call it the Crawler and it shall be good. A catepillar-like vehicle, it can maneuver across, around, over, and even under any terrain.The "legs" of the crawler have digging attachments for mining jobs or covert attacks. The segmented peices of its body can be attached or detached at will so the amount of cargo or weapons on board is variable. Although the longer the crawler is, the easier it is to target and the harder it is to steer. Each body segment is about 5 ft long and 3 ft deep and is equipped with weapon jacks as well as everything it needs to function as the head. This means if the lead segment is knocked out the one after it will take on the duty and so on. It can be controlled by remote for situations calling for the human touch, or you can switch it over to the Auto AI system which has a limited range of responses but it covers the basics such as point and shoot. Since the Crawler doen't move very fast (a mere 35 mph) its outer surfaces are equipped armor plating in case things get ugly.
16-11-2004, 13:22
And here is my rather average-effort entry...
17-11-2004, 07:10 emergency rescue hovercraft for polar or extensive snow field use. Once a injury, missing party or other event is detected by search and rescue, it may take time until search and rescue teams can be deployed to recover people, evacuate, treat, or other-wise assist people.

So, this GPS / Multi Spectrum senor guided high-speed hover craft can be deployed to the area where persons in need are thought to be. It carries within storage bins a cargo several weeks worth of emergency rations, vital survival equipment such as a deployable tent, as well as radio / satellite communications gear and semi-advanced as well as basic emergency medical gear. As well as, yes, toilet paper.

Once in the required area it will actively scan for life signs then track them and stop very close near-by, using the emergency lights on the turbo-fan housing and an internal siren to signal its presence.

It can be recovered later for servicing, re-supply, recharge, and eventually, re-use.

( Ack, looking at Mids and Sigma's work, do I have a chance ? ;) )
New Empire
20-11-2004, 18:15
Modified Ogre M6 "Johnson's Nomad"
That is one big delivery truck (
A mug only an autofactory could love (
It's a side view. Insert semi witty comment (
Just what's in there? Keep reading to find out No, it's not that exciting (
Why does a fusion reactor have smokestacks? I dunno (
"Oh, sweet mother of-"
-Pirate GEV pilot, Namibia

After the 'Last War' ended, the African nations had fragmented into a variety of independent city-states. A large mining corporation lead by Robert Johnson had firmly established itself in the midst of the Republic of South Africa, one of the largest remaining nations, but there was a problem. The Cape was rife with piracy, and Namibia had no remaining functional deep water ports. The only way to ferry resources about the African citystates and the Republic meant going through a wasteland filled with bounty hunters, mercenaries, and thieves, armed with the remnants of the modern militaries that fought there.

During an expedition into Rhodesia, Johnson's team came upon something astounding: An Ogre superheavy tank unit left over from the war, with an M6 version that had serious damage to weapons and armor, but a working AI. After selling off most of the damaged systems for scrap money, and providing the rest of the functional Ogres to the government, Johnson and his company set out to refit the beast into a massive transport, capable of holding a full load of resources, along with the teams that mined it.

The vehicle had armor heavier than anything the Pirates could effectively use, and a full load of PDS turrets. Six tertiary autocannons were left on, along with six railguns. A few missile launchers were kept, but the magazines reduced.

The first time the system, which dubbed itself 'Nomad', ventured into Namibia, the unsuspecting Pirates were wiped out, and assumed the RSA was invading to take them out. Several hundred men were killed within the first month of attempting to take down Nomad, and now the vehicle also serves as a guardian for the lesser armed and armored mining caravans in the region, though it's main strength is the huge cargo capacity.
25-11-2004, 21:52
May we submit non-cg entries?
The Most Glorious Hack
26-11-2004, 06:57
May we submit non-cg entries?
My guess would be "no", as this is a DoGa contest. One would assume that it is for images made in DoGa only.
Steel Butterfly
29-11-2004, 05:46
Midlonia's train. It honestly reminded me of the train from GoldenEye. So...Midlonia gets my vote due to a seemingly complicated design and because of the dose of nostalgia he (assuming) gave me.
Steel Butterfly
29-11-2004, 23:36
Also, Dargonese, the current leader, should not even be allowed in this contest. His cargo, as shown by the picture, is alive.
30-11-2004, 02:59
The transport must carry Non-Sentient cargo. This is to ensure the entries don't just become Armoured Personnel Carriers [APCs].

And I think if you'd read the entry stipulations, you'd see Dargonese is perectly able to enter...

Unless you consider a Chicken to be sentient?
Steel Butterfly
30-11-2004, 03:04
And I think if you'd read the entry stipulations, you'd see Dargonese is perectly able to enter...

Unless you consider a Chicken to be sentient?

trust are aware of themselves... ;)
30-11-2004, 22:29
How about if the chickens were lobotomized before being put in the transport?
Shanodin Forest
01-12-2004, 22:21
Leave the poor chickens alone. They get traumatized enough as it is, with the trek they have ta go through. And chickens aren't sentient. Otherwise we could have had one run for Pres. and win.
04-12-2004, 21:01
The voting is now closed, and the winner of your second unnofficial NationStates DoGa Contest is Dargonese!

Congratulations, and at this point, a slight change to our usual method. To shake things up a little, the winner of the contest will now choose the theme for the following! if Dargonese could contact me via IRC, or telegram to make me aware of his choice, I'll officially start the third contest.
Sigma Octavus
05-12-2004, 03:27
Congrats Dargo. That chicken was high quality.

That was a close contest. Can't wait for the next one.
Steel Butterfly
05-12-2004, 05:47
yeah, I have to see if my Doga program still works. I had trouble running L3 sometime ago.
05-12-2004, 22:51
Yeah! Congrats to everyone! some very good work there!

As I will be choosing the next one, i shall not compete.
Kaenei, I will send you a PM or contact soon, as to everyone else, bribing lines are now open!

Only kidding, I shall endevour to choose something entertaining.
The Vaygr Reaches
06-12-2004, 11:07
Wow, all this stuff has inspired me to make something of my own. Unfortunately, I only have DOGA-L1, so maybe I'll enter the next one if I buy L2 by then.

[Edit- or L3]
06-12-2004, 13:12
Wow, all this stuff has inspired me to make something of my own. Unfortunately, I only have DOGA-L1, so maybe I'll enter the next one if I buy L2 by then.

[Edit- or L3]

L1 - L3 are free iirc, at least I d/l'd em for free on their website.....<_< >_>
06-12-2004, 13:31
l2 and l3 are downloadable for free from the DOGA website. The fee you are requested to pay is merely to unlock full animation abilities. If your using DOGA as the majority do, for static imaging, it's fine in it's free state.
06-12-2004, 14:12
OK ,the links for downloading DoGA L3 on the English site are down, from what I can tell, (some error, not deliberate)

but you still can get the same program from the jap site here...

You want DL3_210.EXE and if you have the time DL3_210T.EXE (hi-res textures.)