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Cup of Harmony 10 [WC18] Bid: Oddslavo/Krytenia

06-11-2004, 02:58

The main stadium in Oddslavo. Built 20 years after Liverpool England withdrew troops and declared Oddslavo independent, this is the first modern stadium ever to be built after independence.

Capacity: 48000

The other modern stadium in Oddslavo. The national team plays all its matches, except those against Liverpool England, here.

Capacity: 46000

Krytenian stadia to come.

Tournament Structure
16 OR 20 OR 24 teams
16 teams: Immediate knockout round [no group stage]
20 teams: 4 groups of 5, 2 groups in each country. Top two per group qualify for QF's
24 teams: 4 groups of 6, then following structure similar to that with 20 teams.
06-11-2004, 04:32
Cup Of Harmony X : Krytenia-Oddslavo Bid : Krytenian Stadia

Due to political upheavals in Krytenia around the time of the back end of WC17, brand new stadia have been built in Krytenia. Four will be used for CoH10 should we win the bid: