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World Cup of Basketball Sign-Ups

28-10-2004, 03:51
World Cup of Basketball 1 Sign-Up/Information

The World Cup of Basketball, or WCB, is the new international sports tournament hitting the NationStates Community and here is your chance to join the craze but as this is the very first WCB.


1. The scores for each game will be generated with random.orgs True Random Generator.
2. RP’s will play in heavily in the WCB. For every RP posted by a team, 1-20 points will be docked off the other teams score, depending on how good the RP is. This will give active teams a better chance of winning, but it will not ensure a win.
3. A twelve-man roster for each team is needed, but only five players will be on the court at one time.
4. Teams may be coed, but all female teams are discouraged.
5. After the World Cup, the teams will be ranked in order from greatest to worst, and these standings will play into affect if a WCB2 is to take place.

For the first WCB, the host will be Castillanos, but future WCB’s will be in other countries. To sign-up, simply say so in this post, and if you have any questions just send me a TG.

1. Castillanos
2. Redavic Union
3. Big Pimento
4. Hisam
5. Harlesburg
6. NEWI Cefn Druids
7. Sarzonia
8. Aquiliana
9. Vilita
10. Lovisa
11. Esth
12. 7JM
The Redavic Union
28-10-2004, 04:43
After many months of training, the Imperium is ready to release its National Basketball team. For the first time the Imperium will allow it in international competition. Basketball in the Imperium has been an amatuer sport for many many years. Now the Imperium wishs to start a 'basketball craze' by giving full coverage of this team where ever it goes.

The Imperium wishs to have its team place in WCB.

For the first time ever, the players on Imperius National will be named.


5- Bradford Gauis- G/F- 6'7- 222*
13- Brent Buyse-C- 6'11- 250*
1-Joshus Tius-F- 6'8-240*
7-Marcus Arelius-G-6'4-200*
4-Crerius Domius-F-6'9-242*
2-Nomius lincius- F-6'6-207
8-Allerick Notsopit-G-6'0-165
10-Johnnie Plurri-F/C-6'10-253
58-Muztiz Zigorutnique- F-6'7-210
3-Normulius Sonquin- G-6/5-209
69-Mic Shalman(Female?)-G-6'2-195
0-Glennius Clausius-F-6'7-240

This team is the best group of people that the RU has to offer. Good luck to all competitors and let the games begin!
Big Pimento
28-10-2004, 05:49
Big Pimento Poppers - Starting Five

7 - PG - Roy Ellis (6'1" - 185lbs)
Roy Ellis plays his club basketball with the Pimento City Pirahnas, where he's made a name for himself thanks to his slippery dribbling. He's a pure street baller, primed to make an appearance on the upcoming And1 video, but what really seperates him from others are his moves at top speed. Ellis loves to drive and has a good outside shot to boot, making him a threat to score.
Strengths: Ball handling, ability to drive and finish in the lane
Weaknesses: Weak passing ability for a point guard

13 - SG - Sandro Miller (6'3" - 175lbs)
Coming straight out of his freshman year at Lacosta University, this year's national champions, Big Pimento are hoping that Sandro Miller will become the nation's franchise player for many years to go. Despite having a silky smooth stroke, Miller has great on-court vision and loves to distribute the ball around. He's a plucky defensive player, finishing the season in the Top 5 in steals and is also able to collect the odd rebound.
Strengths: Outside shooting, passing ability
Weaknesses: Ball control is average, may be physically outmatched by some of the bigger shooting guards.

20 - SF - J.R. Gomez (6'6" - 220lbs)
Gomez is by far the most athletic and best 1 on 1 player on this Big Pimento team. He's strong, quick, got a 45 inch vert and is lights out from behind the arc. However, Gomez got drafted straight out of high school to the Otagi Orangemen first overall and never really got to polish off the mental side of his game in college. As a result, he occasionally gets caught way out of position on defence and has a hard time reading opposing defender's coverage.
Strengths: Exceptional athleticism, uncanny one on one skills
Weaknesses: Dumb as dirt, basketball sense is lacking

12 - C - Orlando Santiago (7'1" - 285lbs)
Santiago's made a name for himself with the Koeverden Cougars as a mean player. He's extremely physical, making good use of his giant 285lb frame as a great post player and an extremely proficient glass cleaner. Santiago's physical style tends to wear down opposing players, but it wears him down as well, as his fourth quarter numbers tend to dwindle quite far, especially for a franchise player.
Strengths: Physical stature, rebounding ability
Weaknesses: Conditionning, gets in foul trouble often

2 - PF - Cristiano Douglas (6'10" - 245lbs)
Cristiano Douglas is a slippery player for the Calista Cheshire Cats who took home the MVP in this season of the Big Pimento Basketball Association. Douglas' offensive talent is undeniable, he's got great touch in the key, moves to wrangle him free from any defender and a sweet shot from anywhere within 18 feet. Douglas' scoring title will attest to his scoring skills. Douglas is a talented rebounder as well, using his 40 inch vertical to good use as he finished third in the Pimento Association in rebounds.
Strengths: Natural scorer, potent rebounder
Weaknesses: Not overly physical, Iverson-like pass ethic

5 - PG - Brian Newman (5'10 - 165lbs) / NBA Comparison: Damon Stoudamire
8 - SG/SF - Victor Daniels (6'5 - 210lbs) / NBA Comparison: Jamal Crawford
1 - G - Charles Fiend (6'3 - 195lbs) / NBA Comparison: Dell Curry
9 - SF - Horatio Carter (6'6 - 215lbs) / NBA Comparison: Jason Richardson
17 - PF - Rudolph Spitzer (6'9 - 235lbs) / NBA Comparison: Chris Bosh
22 - PF/C - Ron Voloshenko (6'11 - 265lbs) / NBA Comparison: Emeka Okafor
32 - C - Fogembe Dalmabo (7'5 - 330lbs) / NBA Comparison: Shaun Bradley
28-10-2004, 09:50
As Basketball is the most popular sport in Hisam, as well as the national sport. It was only natural for them to join the first World Cup of Basketball. The Government has invested quite a bit of hisamats towards the team's cause. The team is as follows:

Point Guard: #4 Victor Jaarkon (6'4, 195 Pounds)
A skillful player, Victor follows a pass first, then shoot policy. His ability to pick out teamates is astounding. Coaches praise this ability however wish that he takes some more shots when he gets open looks because of his natural shooting ability. Jaarkon also drives well towards the basket and is known for drawing lots of fouls. On defence, he is tenacious and uses his size to harrass the other teams point guards. Unfortunately. his size also makes him a bit slow.

Shooting Guard: #31 Sarjean Maressa (6'7, 212 Pounds)
Sarjean is a pure offensive player. His shot is fantastic as well as his penetration and driving of the lane. His dribbling skills are phenomenal. He has no qualms about taking clutch shots and can be a go to player. Sarjean, though, and plays loose defense even though he is an adequate defender.

Small Foward: #8 Nick Esterman (6'8, 226 Pounds)
Nick Esterman does all the dirty work for the Hisam Team. He plays with a lot of heart and passion and hustles for the ball. He is the toughest defender on the team and one of the best defenders. He has a deft touch and likes playing on the inside. His outside shot isn't that great and sometimes he gets carried away by his emotions.

Power Foward: #29 Raghan Veraus (6'11, 259 Pounds)
Perhaps the star of this team, Raghan is the definitive power foward. He gets rebounds and is dominant in the low as well as the high post. He is able to force players to take bad shots and uses his long arms to shot block effectively. However this makes him prone to foul trouble as he still has to work on his shot blocking technique.

Center: #44 Caleb Andrews (6'11, 248 Pounds)
An unorthodox center, Caleb can shoot from way outside the key as well as handle the ball quite well. He however lacks inside moves and has difficulty posting up on players. He however passes quite well and creates open looks for other players. A bit soft on the defensive end, Caleb is quite a strong rebounder.

#22-Narman Kovitz-PG (6'3, 179)
#8-Farid Larhoun-SG (6'6, 195)
#36-Donald Harmann-F (6'9, 216)
#00-Olaf Polinsky-F/C (6'10, 238)
#48-Curtis Brean-GF (6'7, 197)
#25-John Markon-PF (6'9, 231)
#11-Nabeel Yeager-C (7'2, 262)
28-10-2004, 10:03
(OOC)Wow Big Pomento already blitzed me

The Confederacy Of Harlesburg has finally got the Strength in its nationally run competition to compose a national team made up of the best players in all of Harlesburg and the colony of Citrius Vastiva.

The Team is based around the nation of Harlesburg with a few players in contention from Citrius Vastiva's local league.With a strong developmental league Harlesburg has managed to mostly do away with imported players from mostly superior Basketballing nations.

The Team is as follows:

5-PG-Albert Rimmer(6'3"-186lbs)
Albert Rimmer a player of reasonably tall stature for a point guard set the HNBL on fire in the early stages of the league this season leading Harlesburg Heat to a 5-1 record before being called to the National squad with the only lose coming against the Corsairs in an over time thriller were he was blatantly fouled by Corsairs hardman Bill Reilly not getting the foul and worse being out for his last game with a broken finger.

6-SG-Josh Ballard(5'11"-168lbs)
Josh Ballard competitivness is in his blood a third generation player and the second member of his family to play for the Port Royale Bombardiers (after his grandfather "The Great" Hans Ballard)his slight of hand has the ability to put players in the gaps and to pick a pocket.

3-SF-Ryan Edwards(6'8"-224lbs)
Of a lower class than most in Harlesburg Ryan Edwards was always told you cant his reply had always been why cant i and if there was one thing to back him up it was dunk.Once asked of his favourite part of Basketball his reply was "Embarrasing defenders" at the age of 22 his youth is an advantage but his mouth could cost his team.Some call it spunk most call it a good way to lose a game The Macton Marauders have learnt this the hard way.

1-C-Jack Taylor(7'2"-254lbs)
Jack Taylor a vetern of 12 years in the HNBL.It has been rumoured he may retire after this season but playing some of his best "Ball" since entering the League why would he?His prescence at both ends of the court ensures both Offence and Defensive Boards and has neat 3 for a big man.Plays for the Harlesburg Heat.

2-PF-Robert Handkoff(6'10"-248lbs)
Robert Handkoff a strong burly Forward from Comnors Corsairs he led the team to the semis last season and with another strong performance before being selected for the national squad had led The Corsairs to a 6-2 record including wins against the Harlesburg Heat and Kingston Hussars.

4-SG(sixth man)-Handsome Edwards(5'8"-166lbs)
Handsome Edwards the older brother of Ryan also plays for The Macton Marauders but has none of the character of his sibling but.He does have some slick hands and a killer three if there was one thing he should pass on to his brother it would be the ball.

7-PG-Micheal Clarke(6'1"-182lbs)
8-SG/SF-John Rampart(6'3"-196lbs)
9-C-Oliver Collier(6'11"-246lbs)
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson(6'11"-242lbs)
11-SF-Tony Halliburton(6'7"-222lbs)
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear(5'11"-189lbs)
NEWI Cefn Druids
28-10-2004, 21:41
OK, this is our 12 man roster (the first five being the starters. Sorry that we're not telling you much about them right now, but that is simply because we don't want to give too much away (OOC: or that I don't really have time at this very moment in time.) Anyway, here's the 12:

25) Trevor Morgan (PF, 6'4")
72) Trevor Daves (SF, 6'5)
7) Alex Kopsahilis (C, 6'1)
6) Tony Meggs (SG, 6'7")
2) Trevor 'Pop' Caroline (PG, 6'6")

11) Garth Nelson (PF, 6'3")
34) Sam Mantic (SF, 6'4")
98) Trevor Simons (C, 6'9")
78) Andy Mandle (SG, 6'4")
56) Ricky Keys (PG, 6'7")

17) Trevor Maylor (PG/SG, 6'9")
9) Trevor Hughes (PF/SF, 6'0")

Just one final note, this isn't the first ever NS Basketball WC. The first one was the Richter Cup (, held a long time ago by Sliponia. The NEWI Cefn Druids Gems won that, but none of the players remain. The new players are all the offspring of the old ones, so we don't know if they're any good.

Anyway, Sliponia ceased before they could start a second one. So this is just to say thank you to Castillanos for starting this competition. And a warning that if anyone thinks that the Druidish RPs are bit cocky, don't worry, they're just living on past glories.
28-10-2004, 22:44
Sarzonia would like to participate.
28-10-2004, 23:15
Sarzonia Storm

Head Coach: Dick Motta
Assistant Coaches: Kirk Benson; John Davis

PG 1 Mark Chelsea (University of Syosset): Played four years at Syosset despite being older than most college age students at 28, but played a lot of ball in the streets. Can sometimes get carried away with no-look passes or fancy dribbling. (6' 2", 170 lbs)
SG 12 Jerome Butler (Joe Gibbs University): This senior led the nation in scoring with 35.3 points per game. A natural scorer with a great pure jump shot from 16-18 feet, he's not known for his defense and occasionally hogs the ball. Just turned 22. (6'5", 195 )
SF 13 Terry Casterbridge (Woodstock Whoosh): Played two years in the SBA until the league ceased operations, but stayed with the team while it went on a barnstorming tour around Sarzonia and the colonies. With the league getting back off the ground with six teams, he figures to play a lot. Led the league in scoring with 27.5 points per game two years ago. At 27 years old, will be looked to as a leader. (6'8", 210)
PF 24 Nate 'Tiny' Bonner (Portland Clippers): Played one year in the SBA before it folded. Went to work at a printing press until the league restarted. Second in the league in rebounding with 11.5 per game. At 24 years old, doesn't have as much experience as he should for his age. (6'11", 275)
C 5 Bennie Malone (Nicksia Rockers): A fearsome defensive and rebounding presence, is eagerly looking forward to the professional ranks after dominating the amateur ranks. This 25 year old led his amateur league in blocked shots with 3.89 per game and rebounding with 12.8 per game. (6'10", 250)

PG 10 Darrell Colter (Tyrol Trains - amateur): Never tried out for the professional ranks despite tremendous success running the Trains' offense. Led the league in assists with 9.8 and had the second best shooting percentage in the league at .526. Nearly automatic from the free throw line (94.3 percent). At 32 years old, may have a couple of good years left if he can catch on with a professional team. (6'1, 155)
SG 22 Jamal Standeford (Saugerties City College): At just 18 years old, he's the youngest player on the team. Has the best three-point shot on the team, hitting 43 percent from behind the arc. Not a great defensive player, but he goes after his man. (6'4, 182)
G 4 Dontae Norman (Wilmington University): Can play either the point or the two guard. Often passes up open shots to get the ball to his teammates. Usually doesn't shoot the ball more than four or five times a game, but scored 38 points when his team's three leading scorers were injured. Just turned 21. (6'5", 180)
F 11 D'Quay Jackson (Northern High School): At 23, he hasn't played organized basketball in six years, but has kept in shape by playing pickup ball. May have a lot to learn about the game after being away from it for so long, but he's been a quick study. (6'9, 205)
SF 15 Marquis Bentley (Saugerties Strikers): Played all three years of the SBA's existence and looks to add experience and scoring touch to a Saugerties team lacking in both. He's 30 years old. (6'7, 210)
C 20 Ike Mason (Wilmington Wind): Mason is known more for his offensive exploits than his defensive presence, but he is also Shaq-like in his failures at the charity strip, hitting 49 percent from the free throw line in his collegiate career. Will turn 25 years old in two days. (7'0, 245)
G/F 21 Alan Bell (Rypien Rush): At 6'6", the best all-around athlete on the Storm, but at 22 years old, he's not experienced enough yet to challenge for the starting five. He may be the first player off the bench. (195 pounds)

The team will play a half-court offense and man-to-man on defense. They may switch to zone defense or trapping to confuse opposing offenses.
29-10-2004, 00:55
WCB Venues

Copa Arena (
Capacity: 40,000
Location: Punta Ballena, Castillanos

La Arena Metropolitana (
Capacity: 30,000
Location: Santiago, Castillanos

Staples Center (
Capacity: 28,000
Location: Santiago, Castillanos

OOC: Once we get about 12-16 Teams the schedule will be released and the tournament will hopefully begin.
29-10-2004, 03:48
Castillanos Heat

The Castillanos Basketball Team, nicknamed the Heat, will include the top basketball players from the Castillian Basketball League (CBL), Castillian College Basketball Association (CCBA), and a few good Street Players from around the country. The team, headed by coach Raul Masçatheo, is very hopeful of making it far in the WCB as they do have the home court advantage.

SG 21 Antonio Fuentes [Santiago Flames (CBL)]: Just finishing his second season in the CBL with the Flames, Fuentes is ranked the best player in country with a whopping 26.3 points per game. Drafted right out of High School, the Twenty-Year Old is an all around shooter and averages about 5 assists per game. (6'6", 220 lbs.)

PG 13 Jason Rivas [Punta Ballena Islanders (CBL)]: In his fourth year with the CBL, Rivas is one of the best passers in the league and he leads the league with 8.5 assists per game and even averages 4.5 steals per game. The Twenty-Five Year Old is ranked one of the top defensemen in the country. (6'0", 165 lbs.)

PF 11 Reynaldo Acampado [Santiago University (CCBA)]: A sophomore at Santiago University, Acampado has been one of the top players in the CCBA and he already has a contract with the CBL Team the Valencia Senators. Is good at handling the ball and is very quick on his feet while also known for occasionally making a three-pointer. The Twenty-Year Old has some of the best rebounding skills in the nation. (6’6”, 225 lbs.)

SF 7 Natalie Reyes : One of the only female players in the WCB, she has a lot to prove. One of the top shooters in the CCBA, she averages over 18.3 points per game, and is very fast on the courts. Picked up by USC with a full scholarship recently, this freshman is definitely the person to watch during the WCB. (6’2”, 159 lbs.)

C 32 Mateo Alonzo [Santiago Flames (CBL)]: Ranking in as the best Center in the entire region of Europa, he stands tall and plays one hell of a game. Alonzo has an average of 8.2 rebounds per game and he is very enthusiastic about his game. Alonzo has been playing for four different CBL Teams (Santiago, Valencia, Villa Real, and back to Santiago) and each time his paycheck has been rising. (6’9”, 240 lbs.)

SG 50 Alberto Miralles [University of Northern Castillanos (CCBA)]
PG 39 Carlos Batres [Valencia Senators (CBL)]
PF 18 Travis de la Cruz [Santiago Tech (CCBA)]
SF 15 Maiya Cooper [University of Southern Castillanos (CCBA)]
C 27 Brian Cardinales [Villa Real Hawks (CBL)]
PG 34 Ricky Velasquez [Santiago Flames (CBL)]
PF 42 Nayeli Calderon [San Salvador University (CCBA)]
29-10-2004, 05:41
Aquiliana Falcons Roster

As you no doubt would have guessed, Aquilians are somewhat taller than people of most other nations. This is why we don't race horses.


33 - PG Dextidus Munirius (6'5", 205) - Has great ballhandling skills and loves to drive the lane. Has a very good mid-range jumper, but sometimes is unwilling to shoot the 3-pointer in favor of driving and dishing. Plays solid defense, but it could be better, especially considering his very long arms.

3 - SG Ameso Tramnia (6'1", 179) - A good shooter, but often passes up shots, as he is one of the shortest players in the nation and can easily get his shot blocked. However, he's one of the best at running the fast break and is generally very quick.

42 - SF Forsitor Fluctia (6'9", 237) - Suffers from white man's disease - he's got decent strength and good post-up skills, but he seldom dunks, and when he does it looks a lot like Yao Ming's "stick-it-over-the-rim". Is an average mid-range shooter, but sometimes shoots too much.

50 - PF Sactius Luculus (6'10", 312) - Uses his size and bulk to great effect, and enjoys the hook shot more than anything. Gets lots of rebounds, but often goes for the blocked shot over playing good defense. Not a superb athlete, but very strong.

44 - C Fusco Mitisticus (7'4", 254) - Long and slender, but with decent strength, he's got good post-up and rebounding skills, but lacks the quick hands that would make him a real force in terms of blocked shots. Still gets a fair number, but not as many as Luculus. Has good mid-range game, and occasionally will drop a 3-ball on you.


4 - G Potala Delphinus (6'6", 182) - Should be a starter, but you can only have 2 guards. Has a good outside shot and decent dribbling skills, but isn't great at defense.

15 - G-F Lindinus Venator (6'8", 285) - Needs to keep his weight under control, as it really slows him down. He can shoot from the outside somewhat, but doesn't dribble great.

12 - G Fuligo Hortior (6'2", 177) - Very fast, very quick, good shooter, but lacks the dribbling to start. Plays good defense and has strength for his position.

20 - G Dorus Iencus (6'3", 182) - He's got long hair. Not much else to be said. Except that he's a decent mid-range shooter who plays good defense.

35 - G-F Tarcas Regulus (6'8", 233) - Just 20 years old, he's still raw, making some rookie mistakes and bad turnovers. Nevertheless, he can hold his own very well, exhibiting very good post-up moves, as well as playing good, if not great, defense. On the verge of really blowing up.

31 - F Molitus Ulius (6'9", 176) - Young, skinny and somewhat timid on offense, but he's still pretty tough. He's got a 40-inch vertical and blocks quite a few shots.

25 - F Debius Dixion (6'11", 224) - Very fast and extremely strong, and can jump very high, but lacks any type of shot at all.
29-10-2004, 10:21
Signup, roster later

me too
29-10-2004, 18:48
Lovisa of course
29-10-2004, 20:03
I'd like to join too,roster soon
30-10-2004, 01:48
Groups and Schedule

Group A [Games at La Arena Metropolitana]
Big Pimento
NEWI Cefn Druids
[Open Spot]

Group B [Games at the Copa Arena]
[Open Spot]

Group C [Games at the Staples Center]
[Open Spot]

Group D [Games at the Copa Arena & Staples Center]
Redavic Union
[Open Spot]

Matchday 1
1 vs 2
3 vs 4

Matchday 2
1 vs 3
2 vs 4

Matchday 3
1 vs 4
2 vs 3

*Top Two Teams in Each Group Move On*

Quarter Finals (Days 4,5,6)
A1 vs D2
C1 vs A2
B1 vs C2
D1 vs B2

*Teams Play Three Game Series*

Semi-Finals (Days 7,8,9)
A1/D2 vs D1/B2
B1/C2 vs C1/A2

*Teams Play Three Game Series*

Third Place Game (Day 12)
A1/D2/D1/B2 vs B1/C2/C1/A2

Finals (Days 10,11,12,13,14,15)
A1/D2/D1/B2 vs B1/C2/C1/A2

*Teams Play Five Game Series*

All-Star Game (Day 16)
Groups A & B vs Groups C & D

*Players with Best Description will make up Teams*

OOC: If you find the WCB being to long, I can change the Quarter and Semi-Finals to just a game each, so just TG me with any comments.
30-10-2004, 03:38
[OOC: You forgot to put Sarzonia into a group]
30-10-2004, 05:24
[OOC: My bad, problem fixed. You are now in Group C with Esth and Aquilania :D. Good Luck! Oh, and to all other nations, I hope to start by Sunday, but we most likely will start Monday or Tuesday]
30-10-2004, 09:16
OOC: 1 smilie will be allocated to each Starter

7JM Dolphin Wings

The 7JM Basketball team features mainly players from the 7JM SuperLeague(SL) , the Sports Academy League based in 6th Form Collages(AL) and a Year 9(14 y.o) school ace from Uxmouth Cliff Collage(UCC) And an NBA Player(NBA)

Starting Roster

PG 9 Jamee Gray [HK Hitters(SL)] A player famed for his height and awareness on the court, he commands the defence and famously sets up offences especially the HK Hitters' Trademark move: The HK Double Faint.
Attackers do this :headbang: when coming up against Jamie Gray. His only weakness is that we doesn't comitt himself offensively very much and ends up with a low personal point count.(7''3250)

SG 3 Matty Morris [Satchiffe Center Of Excellence(AL)] A player who works very well with Sam Evans in the Islands of Origin Series his style is to launch attacks after stealing the ball, Satchiffe came 2nd in the Academy League with Morris, who won the Defence award, but was injured 2 minutes into the first quarter of the Final and was sitting in tears after watching his school crash to a 23 point loss. He's a very good example of quick counterattacking. He's about to finish 6th Form and will be grabbed by one of the higher ranked Super League Clubs. He's very :cool: on the ball but lacks some awareness about tactics of the other teams.(5''11 210)

SF 6 Will Brasher [Cork Island(SL)] A famous old-hand who has played for many a 7JM Sports team, Brasher's speed off the mark and endurance make him a very useful player to have on your team. He doesn't have many high strengths but has a good target, but maybe not a long shot. He was the main player in Cork Island's Super League 1st Placing team of 3 seasons ago but they didn't win the Grand Final. You will :) to have this player on your team.(6''9 214)

PF 1 Ben Chamberlain [Los Angeles Lakers(NBA)] Ben is only 25 but this is his 7th year of international basketball, and his 4th as 7JM Captain He played for the HK Hitters before taking a year out of Club 7JM basketball to play NBA in America. Ben's huge strength is his amazing shooting and rebounding. He captained the HK Hitters aged 19 in place of Sam Fisher and has since captained East Island 5 times, winning the Islands of Origin series twice. Ben is the free-throw taker and main shooter of 7JM and occasionly the Lakers. Ben shoots like :mp5: and has a long shot to be proud of.(6''7 210)

C 8 Jess Gray [HK Hitters(SL)] Jess is the best female player ever seen in 7JM and controls the game from the centre of the park. Her biggest asset is her quick reactions which gave her a record 10 rebounds in a Super League game last season. She also is very confident in defence and with her HK Hitter teammater Jamee Gray behind her and former teammate Ben Chamberlain infront of her she knows the players around her well. Only 18 and having come out of collage a year ago she was a real find for the Hitters because she was playing for them aged just 16 and :confused: oppositions with her great teamwork at such a young age.(6''4 197)


PG Alex Meacock 4 Cork Island(SL) 6''3 214
SG Sam Evans 2 San Lorenzo(SL) 6'7 231
SF Georgia Hzar 7 HK Hitters(SL) 6''7 188
PF Sam Smith 5 Uksmouth Cliff Collage(UCC) 6'11 198
C Tom Sayers 10 Un-Contracted(Temp-Release) 6'10 218
PF(SF) Luke Roberts 12 San Lorenzo School(AL) 6''4 231
PG(SG) Georgina Mattock 11 South Island Sports School(AL) 6''1 200
30-10-2004, 19:15
[7JM added and put in Group D, while Vilita goes to Group A and Lovisa put in Group D]
30-10-2004, 22:20
[Official Tournament Date Released: November 1st - November 16th]
30-10-2004, 22:31
C 8 Jess Gray(5''11 197)

I don't care how good she is; being that small, she'll never get a shot off without committing a foul first or being wide open. Not with players this good around.

I also noticed that your point guard is 7'7"; let me remind you that only about 2 players have ever been good enough to make the NBA at center, let alone PG. Meanwhile, you've got 6', 5'11, and 6'4 guys at forward?

I guess that's why she :confused: oppositions.
31-10-2004, 01:05
7JM, I will be taking into consideration to what Aquilania has said and if you do not change the stats to some of your players, you may get a 5-10 point penalty for your scores.
31-10-2004, 04:17
Hey in defence of Jess Gray
New Zealand had shorties and we did ok at the Olympics in both mens and womens.The women made the Quarters(EQ) and we wernt even going to send them.
16 year old named Marino i think was sinking shots from every where and impressed U.S. coach she was really short.

Mens team finished 4th in WC.

But at centre :confused: :eek: maybe its a highly mobile kick out team???
Big Pimento
31-10-2004, 06:51
Yeah, a 7'7" Point Guard and a 5'11" Centre is kinda messed up. Maybe 7JM meant to reverse their positions.

Hey in defence of Jess Gray
New Zealand had shorties and we did ok at the Olympics in both mens and womens.The women made the Quarters(EQ) and we wernt even going to send them.
16 year old named Marino i think was sinking shots from every where and impressed U.S. coach she was really short.

That's because nobody's crazy enough to try to beat them inside. They got the biggest and most athletic players in the World, but any short, fat or out of shape guy can learn to shoot from the outside. If you got the outside shooting touch, it's a great way to beat the U.S..
31-10-2004, 08:14
7JM Apoligise, and will now look for a better way to measure it's players' height than a tape measure :confused: ;) :p
The Redavic Union
01-11-2004, 18:17
OOC:why is my name red. I dont care that it is, I actually like it, but im just curious as to why it is colored.
01-11-2004, 18:33
when is 8 SC time?
01-11-2004, 19:30
[OOC: How are the playoffs structured now that there are only three groups instead of four?]
01-11-2004, 23:55
[The Results will all be posted at the same time, but posting times adds on to more realism, and the playoffs will be the same with the top two teams moving on, but this time two wild cards will be picked.]
02-11-2004, 09:57
[The Results will all be posted at the same time, but posting times adds on to more realism, and the playoffs will be the same with the top two teams moving on, but this time two wild cards will be picked.]
Hmmm wild cards

when is 8 SC time?
As in South Castillanos time?
03-11-2004, 09:51
Shouldnt i be playing Hisam?
4 teams in pool can only play 3(not myself)so why arnet i up against Hisam?