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The Spectre And The Insufficient Light

26-10-2004, 13:49
OOC: OK folks, I've decided to try my hand at a more Character-Driven RP (as opposed to a militaristic one), and figured that the best place to set is in Roycelandian East Africa (comprising RL Kenya, Uganda, and the Sudan).

The idea behind the RP is simple: Two man-eating Tigers (known as The Spectre, and The Insufficient Light) have been disrupting Mining and Petroleum Extraction operations in Kenya, primarily by attacking workers and so on. The Colonial Guard have tried to find and kill the Tigers without success, so the Imperial Roycelandian Government has issued a Bounty of One Million Imperial Wibbles ($1,000,000) on each of the Tigers if someone can kill them.

Anyone who's interested would take on the role of a Hunter (or perhaps a Naturalist, or something related to the Hunting or Study of wild animals), tracking the Tigers through the jungles and savannah of Kenya.

A few things to bear in mind:

Roycelandia is a Retro-Modern tech Empire. What this means is that Roycelandia has computers, cellphones, modern medicines, the internet, etc etc, but everything has a kind of 1900-1950s feel about it- the Army carry a self-loading version of the Lee-Enfield Mk III rifle, Imperial Airways fly a Modern version of the Sunderland Flying Boat, and the Railways use Diesel trains that look like Steam Trains... you get the idea. The Imperial Guard look like soldiers from films like "Zulu", whilst the Colonial Guard wear a Khaki version of the same uniform.

As Hunters, you must carry SPORTING firearms, or at least, a Military Firearm in service prior to 1951, provided it's the sort of thing that might reasonably be carried by a Great White Hunter (not that your character has to be White... it's a figure of speech). An SLR/FN-FAL is OK, an M-14 is not.

GPS system, Motion Trackers, Night Vision stuff, etc is all A-OK.

I'm taking Expressions of Interest (and ideas etc) at the moment, and if enough people (say, five) express a SERIOUS interest in joining, I'll kick things off in the next day or so...
Andaman and Nicobar
26-10-2004, 14:55
(So that's where Asia's big cats went! Tag. I may consider having President Brown commission the long-suffering Mr.Giles to bring him back that rarest of things, an African tiger, for the new Presidential penthouse. Maybe he'll abduct a couple of stone age Sentinelese for bai... er... tracking.)
26-10-2004, 17:56
OOC: The Queendom has plenty of hunters, so count me in.
United Elias
28-10-2004, 16:28
Can I join. Three former Elias Special Forces operatives, now get the idea, really nasty pieces of work....
28-10-2004, 16:38
I'll join.
29-10-2004, 06:25
Excellent... Well, now we've got some interest, I need to know what sort of characters you plan on RPing- names, background, interest in the Tigers, etc...

You can either post them here, or Telegram me if you want them to be a bit mysterious...