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OOC: Need a partner for a character RP. (ATTN Feline)

25-10-2004, 19:06
Now, I tried to do this with Edolia, but the player went AWOL and the thread died, terribly. So I'll look for another player.

Idea: A guy/gal meet up. The guy is Allanean (Allanea is a near-libertarian nation, we all carry guns [we have no gun laws], drive SUV's, and so forth). The girl comes from some modern superliberal nation. (You Kucinich-voting, tofu-eating, Yoko-Ono-worshipping guys already know who you are, right? :) :) )

They meet. They fall in love. Melodramatic/Romantic Romeo/Juliet story ensues.

Now, I need a volunteer. Anyone?