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Style, Beauty, and the Sixth Deadly Sin.

Austar Union
23-10-2004, 00:05
“Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of
God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.
They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.
They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips,
slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing
evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, and
ruthless. Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such
things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but
also approve of those who practice them.”
Romans 1 : 28 - 32

It had been written in the word of the good Lord, that greed was a fruit of the natural state of man. From the
world's humble beginnings, when Adam and Eve had disobeyed God's own will and commandment, a
curse had been placed upon all of mankind as punishment for the sin which they had committed. And so
from the beginning and commitment of original sin stemmed the very evil which plauged all of humankind
more than a field full of locust.

"Man was essentially evil at heart..."

Said by the word itself, a tree could be determined by the fruit of which it beared, and this had proven to
be true over the centuries and millennia of human existance. Of course, the same could be said by people,
where in the same way their lives could be determined by the fruits which they bear. Does a man not
suffer bad fruit for the negative factors which he holds in his heart, mind and spirit? If one was to inject a
lethal does of Mercury into his bloodstream, would not he die? In the same kind, does not a man be
blessed with the good fruits of life when he has some positive factor in his life? Cause and effect
had been very much proven in the world, regardless of race; and yet very few lived
by the important principals one can obtain by living by its very message.

Wealth was abundant within the Austar Union, and many explanations had been given as to what was its
cause. Some said it was luck; some said it was a blessing from the Lord above; and some said it had
been a reward for the faith of the people. Many times, the citizens of the Union had been forced into a
state of supernatural belief that everything would be fine, despite how bad and hopeless a situation may
seem. From the paupets, it had been preached that people may 'walk through the valley of the shadow of
death', and that people should not worry for the Lord had a perfect plan for each and every one of them.

"Sometimes though, this wasnt good enough..."

Some, through the successes of their life had forgotten the Lord who had brought them the blessings
they enjoyed to begin with, and as it had been written, the natural state of darkness had entered the heart
of said people. Although the kingdom of light was abundant within the Union, there would always exist
the kingdom of darkness. Where there was light, there would always be shadow; and where there was
shadow, there would always be light. For each to exist, they needed a balance of co-existance. Some had
said that this was a result of the destruction of a perfect world, but then, others also said a perfect world
couldnt exist. Some even thought that the Austar Union was as close to perfect as one can be, though
such an idea was doubtful. Certainly, the nation's own fashion industry looked down
upon the state of the Union.

Since the very founding centuries previously, the fashion industry had not been paticularly strong within
the global economy. In almost every way, the national economy had been dominant as compared to
others of the country's size. Often, the United Nations would match and rank the Austarian wealth against
others, only to find that the people were only getting richer, and wealth was on the rise for all. This is why
many were shocked to find that the fashion industry wasnt exactly the strongest. Naturally, the leaders
were quite frustrated with the circumstances surrounding the industry's lack of dominance, and many
who were not satisfied as the Lord commanded, decided that they would not wait for a divine
breakthrough, and seek a solution on their own. Unfortunatly, as said before, man was inheritantly evil at
heart, and man could only produce an imperfect solution.

When leaders of the three largest corporations had met together secretly, they had hoped to find
something rather simple to solve their problems. But this was not the case, and such a solution required
several steps of progression, and no final outcome would come to the leaders of Fabell, Rosha, and
Orlandes quickly. The first was a progression over ten years, where the three most dominant would take
on a policy of aquisition, where in the end only the three would exist within the nation. It had been figured
that if they were to break into such a competitive market, they had to remove the competition as much as
possible; and that they did. Now it was time for the second step, and this step had only been realised
quite recent in times. Not public however, for they would surely be stopped if the world only knew what
had been spoken behind closed doors. In their own greedy pursuit of wealth and happiness, a
sacrifice would have to be made for the glory to come; although
minor as compared to the outcome of such a solution.

"Somebody would have to die."

Little over ten years had passed since the first meeting between the corporate giants. So far, what had
been dictated and labeled as the 'final-solution' had been relatively successful. Over a period of
progression, the three had been gaining sight of the goal which was just out of reach. Quite right, they
had to reach out now to reach the prize which they desired so much. The next move was entirely their
choice, and they would surely continue since they had come so far already.

Undoubtably, some parameters were beyond the control of man, and were in the hands of God himself. Of
course, the directors didnt need God, or so they thought. They had made it so far without him; all that
needed to be completed would be the final step, and then the prize would be thiers. A sound portion of
the the market was all which they wanted, and like Italy, they would continue to make the nation an icon
for the fashionn industry. For ten years they had this goal in mind, and through the lust, through the
jealousy; through the pains of progression; they had pushed this far already. Little did they even think
about the personal sacrifices they had to make.

God himself was surely displeased with what was happening down on the Earth's surface, within the
corporate world of the Austar Union. It had been somewhat corrupted, although this was natural due to
the tendancies of man. Man was imperfect, and so were his actions. The good Lord understood this
perfectly; he was God, and could number the hairs on every man's head. Such power was his, that he
could take away life with the whisper of his breath, yet he chose not to. For he loved the world so much
that he even sacrified his own blood; so that the people of the earth wouldnt have to live with the torment
of an eternal damnation. Jesus had been sacrified as a way out for men in their hearts to seek
forgiveness. Scripture had said, there was no way to the Lord but through him. Naturally, leaders of the
Austarian fashion industry had been blinded by their own desire and sin, and didnt even think to repent
from the sin they were committing. The 'final-solution' would go ahead as planned.

Luckily, recent legislation had been passed within the Union which enabled corporations to meet
together, to discuss the mediums of the market. They had come to realise that a monopoly wasnt such a
bad thing, as long as the holding share continued to keep the words of God above, and to not seek more
than is needed. Unfortunatly, they had failed to realise that even the most holy person was capable of
corruption, and they could never imagine the evil's which flowed from the heart of man.

The idea in itself wasnt exactly negative, for they had been planning a large fashion spectacular for a
while. Actually, it had been in planning for over ten years now, and when held it was expected to be quite
popular amongst the people of the world. Nations had come to realise over time that people of the Austar
Union were quite capable of holding a good show, and often it was labled as an icon for entertainment
within written media abroad. A fashion show itself was harmless, and would only boost world interest in
the Austarian fashion interest. Something else was needed however, and the people of the world would
have to remember the event for years to come.

With the purple glow of the sign behind him, Idisious worked quitely at his desk, reading over the plans
which had been drafted over a span of ten years. Such a long time had been left for planning, and indeed
they were spectacular. Contracts had already been made, and for this event alone a new building had
been designed and risen from the earthly soil. So great were the plans, that it would be perhaps the
greatest display which the Austar Union was to hold, and people would certainly remember it forever.
Indeed, Claude was impressed, and read the invitational letter before choosing to send it out. Smiling to
himself, he called to an assistant after his reading, and requested for their sending. Soon, nations and
people from across perhaps even the universe would be reading the written words which had been
spoken in a state of desire.
To Whom Reads the Letter Within;

You may be rather interested to find that a few influencial gentlemen have been in meeting for some time
now, planning an event which could possibly change the course of our own nation; the Austar Union.
Indeed, at first glance the show would not appear to be major; especially in affecting an entire country's
peoples; yet as the old provebial saying goes; "One ought not judge a book by it's cover..."

In consideration of what myself and others have in planning, I would like to extend this formal invitation
to you, and any other countrymen to a joint Fashion Parade; in which we hope to boost the popularity
and world knowledge of each participating corporation. Fabell, Rosha, and Orlandes will be taking centre
stage in this event, and upon participation you will surely realise the true potential of the great creative
minds within.

An exact date has not been specified for security reasons I cannot detail, but be sure that if I am able to
recieve your R.S.V.P, you will certainly recieve more information closer to date.

Best Wishes, and God Bless;
Idisious Hawley
Chief Executive Officer
Austar Union
23-10-2004, 00:13
OOC: Wow, finally now that I posted the thread I have been planning for a while, please observe some information before continuing. This roleplay is obviously centered around the above story-plot. Basically, it is your turn now to take interest if you wish, and send some kind of a person. This doesnt nessasarily have to come in the form of a diplomat, just anyone in general. Naturally, a diplomat is advisable; but there are no limits on how many characters you may play.


Basically put, this is set around the time when the corporate buffs are interested in gaining a larger share of the world fashion markets. So in order to gain more attention from the consumers themselves, they figured that someone had to die, or something large politically had to happen. Namely, something would have to happen at the parade to the Austarian Foriegn Minister.

Never did they realise however, that such an event would be the stem of a future revolution, in which a new beginning in the Austar Union would be born...

Happy roleplaying, and please keep all OOC comments to a nill. If you wish to make an OOC thread, then go right ahead, but I dont want to see this thread cluttered with the vermin. Thankyou.

--Ash; Player of Austar Union
The Resurgent Dream
23-10-2004, 01:12
To Whom It May Concern.
I desire to attend this conference on behalf of the high fashions of the Empire.
Lady Chanack ni Leanhaun
Austar Union
23-10-2004, 01:35
Sitting back in his chair, Idisious had his first reply sitting in his inbox rather quickly. Noting it was from the Resurgent Dream; he reached forward and in his hand grasped the mouse, clicking on the message and having it shown on the screen. It was a short response, yet its message was clear. Some obviously just werent fussed by the normal diplomatic jargon. Clicking the reply button, he decided to confirm the R.S.V.P response before deleting the regular spam which came soon afterward.

Dearest Lady Chanack ni Leanhaun,

We are glad to recieve your response, and we look forward to your attendance at our expo. We cannot comment on our feelings towards you and the Resurgent Dream, for we havent ever really studied you nation, but still the same, we always remain open to being educated further.

Yours Truly,
Idisious Hawley
The Resurgent Dream
23-10-2004, 01:55
((OOC: Sorry. That last post would have been by paper letter. Should have put that in the post.))
Austar Union
23-10-2004, 04:23
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