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21-10-2004, 20:39
I will list everything made public here. I'll also take questions here from other world leaders.

IMPERIAL PALACE: The Imperial Palace is in the heart of Roma. It is guarded by the Praetorian Guard. There is 10,000 Praetorian Guard guarding the Emperor at ALL times!

Imperial Senate: The senate comes here to vote and sometimes proposes new legislation. The Proconsulus leads the senate. Tribunes speak to the people usually when coming up with new legislation, then they will arrive at this building to submit it to the Proconsulus, so that the Proconsulus can present it to the senate. The proconsulus is appointed by the Emperor after elected as a Senator.

ELECTIONS: Senators have terms of 3 years, the Tribunes have terms of 6 years.

GUIDE: This is a guide to getting on good relations when you stay in IITTAALLIIAA!

The number one word you must remember is RESPECT. That's right, read that word a few times over. IITTAALLIIAANNSS should be treated with respect. You should be proud to call them brothers and sisters. Pride yourself on the fact that you are a part of something unique and wonderful. If you ever lose that pride, leave immediately. We do not want you here if you do not believe in IITTAALLIIAA, and its people, one hundred percent.

The second word to live by is HONESTY. Honesty allows us to be more than some country, but a true society with tighter bonds between its people. This trait makes this society truly shine, and provides a defining aspect of the whole experience. An honest person can be more easily assimilated among IITTAALLIIAANN society since a person with honesty can be trusted, laying the groundwork for deeper kin-ships with the other citizens. This honesty also can bring on a sense of pride to oneself. To have honor, is to be loved and respected by friend and foe alike. You should be proud to be IITTAALLIIAANN and this pride should never waver. Honesty develops IITTAALLIIAANNSS into a stronger force.

The third word around here is DRIVE. You must be driven to perform what you are required to do by IITTAALLIIAANN law, and then go a step above it. A person who does the bare minimum is fine for a plebian, but to achieve honor and prestige, one must work hard. Talk to any respected IITTAALLIIAANN, and you will discover a truly unique person who shakes things up. Nothing is more respected in IITTAALLIIAANN than someone who works to be where he or she is.

The fourth and final word to live by in IITTAALLIIAA is LOYALTY. You must know your place and realize what you must do in that place. You must read and understand all the laws of IITTAALLIIAA, and never violate them. Those who are of a higher rank then you command a deep respect since they have also done a great amount of work to get where they are. They went through the same things you are going through now. Humility is another excellent attribute to have.

Everyone here has either an Italiano or Roman/Latin name. The lowest class of citizen are the plebians. Every society has a lower class & a higher class, and it isn't hard at all to get ahead! Gender isn't an issue, but Women shall perform their duties in IITTAALLIIAA, weather it be the armed forces or being a wife!

Men shall perform duties in all branches of our military! They will both defend and will protect our way of life! If we are threatened, the men will take up arms, and our women will participate in various things at home, like intelligence, code-breaking, strategic command, maybe politics... Our last defense is our Women, Our Children, and our IITTAALLIIAANN people! So if our armed forces failed, as a patriot, you hall ALL bring up arms! All volunteers will be rewarded greatly after the conflict with tons of land and money and prestige!

We live in a Republic, and we live in a place where two things occur. The government ran sectors where things are very important to the government need to get out there! After the need of the produced product isn't needed anymore by the government, we will hand it over to the private sector, so that they can open up businesses and do it themselves!

Elders shall be respected in our society, unless stated otherwise! A man or Woman with grey hair usually will have great knowledge, though not always! Healthcare in IITTAALLIIAA is FREE! If you're hurt, call the proper services, and we will arrive and shall fix you up with no charge! If you need to come with us, there will be NO charge, it's on the government!

Diseases shall be studied without lack of capital, and the government shall run the research! Education is also FREE, so your education extent depends on you!

Marriage is of great honor, and if you participate in unpure acts in divorce, you shall be ashamed of yourselves!

PALATINE BATHES: These will exist all over IITTAALLIIAANN lands, but only the best one is in Roma!

Food shall be produced in farms, but in times of war, the government will begin to mass-produce products!

If you need a place to stay, stay at one of our Hotels, or purchase a home perhaps?

PRIMA LEGATUS: This person will be the heir to the throne if anything ever happened to Emperor Maxus! But if this person has no support, this person probably won't get the throne.

SECONDO LEGATUS: This person shall command the infamous Praetorian Guard, and is greatly trusted by the Emperor! The Praetorian Commander actually leads the Praetorian Guard, and usually will kill threats to the Emperor, or participate in special operations!

CONSULI OF THE MILITARY: Runs the military. Makes sure everything is running smoothly! If there's a problem in legislation, he could give a suggestion to the Senate or the Emperor himself! Other than that, he will act as the highest ranking person of the military, but they have elections every 3 years.

CONSULI OF THE INTERIOR: Makes sure everyday affairs are running smoothly! Often the Tribunes will speak to his person about legislation. Has an election every 3 years.

CONSULI OF THE ECONOMY: Makes sure the money is coming, the people are happy, makes sure everyone is being constructive, and can suggest tax legislation as one example of duty. Has an election every 3 years years.

CONSULI OF DIPLOMACY: Speaks for IITTAALLIIAA and appoints ambassadors and such. Has an election every 3 years.

CONSULI OF PROVINCIAL AFFAIRS: Takes care of all provinces, or potential provinces with suggestions and such. This person can also appoint Governors. Will have an election every 3 years.

QUESTOR: He or she wants to become politically active, and this is your first step from running for either Tribune or Senate. Senators or Tribunes may ask these people to complete tasks and such.

OFFICIAL: Offuicials knows they want to be politically active, but usually aren't of age. They will help Questors so they hopefully they can be in their position some day!

PRAETOR OF THE MILITARY: This person heads the military, and was appointed by the Emperor. This person controls EVERY legion!

GENERAL: This person controls one legion, and is appointed by the Praetor.

OFFICER: One every 1,000 men, or ten for every legion. They stay behind the lines, telling their centurions what to do next!

CENTURIONS: Commands a century, or 100 Legionaries! They are 100 strong in a Legion!

LEGIONARIES: Your basic soldier, 10,000 strong!

ORACLES: This person takes care of our ancestry roman gods. Appointed by the Emperor!

PRIESTS: This person works under the Oracle.

My military will always stay at 5%.

MARKETPLACE: These places hold businesses who pay rent to the government who owns the whole building.

IMPERIAL TREASURY: A place for the Emperor to make changes in taxation.

MILITARY: Updates on the military of IITTAALLIIAA!

IIIII (5) Legions were made today.

LEGION I will patrol Roma.

LEGION II will be training in some of the few mountains we have in Northern Italia.

LEGION III will be training just out of Roma.

LEGION IIII will be training in our coast, and they will be building a fortification by our port city of Trieste in NE IITTAALLIIAA.

LEGION IIIII will be building a garrison in the outskirts of Roma so that our capital will be well defended!

There is a LEGION IIIIII, but it has been labeled a Praetorian Guard Legion, so it's currently guarding the Emperor & the Imperial Palace.

LEGION IIIIIII has just been created! it will be our IITTAALLIIAA NATIONAL GUARD, so it'll get speed boats beyond other stuff to guard our shores!

In all, that's 60,000 men. Exactly 5% of my population. Each soldier gets free meals, free places to stay, daily wages for his family, and promise of much land & money once he retires from the military. Each person customizes their own plan!

Say a soldier is home-sick, we might consider a transfer to a legion closer to his home.

IMPERIAL MAUSOLEUM: Every corpse will be stored here. There are Emperor places, Plebian Places, Patrician Places, Senate Places, Governor Places... You name it ;)

Each last name is of great importance! Each has it's own leader, so it brings people of the same last name together!

There is also state circuses that brings in alot of money. Currently it only occurs in Roma, but there's plans for it to come to Trieste!

Traitors of the IITTAALLIIAANN military will either be killed or they will be gladiators in the coliseum of roma! They will be well-armed and expected to wn, but who knows! Foreign POW's, or a foreign criminal will be imprisoned, murdered, or will be added to the coliseum as a "Slave"... They will probably die.

The gladiators might get freedom, and the slave might get freedom. So let the games begin!

TEMPLE OF IOVE: The Oracle & Priests stay here.

THE PLAZA: A place of entertainment!


That's right! We have finished building that fort which will protect our most-important port city from any invasion!

The wall itself is made of hard steel, many talented people took part in this fort! We are also thinking of making one just like this in Roma and by other great and strategic places!

Around the wall are ditches with barbed wire all around! The steel gate drops down and that's how vehicles or personel get in & out!

We have guard towers that are part of the wall in there, and very solid guard posts in strategic areas of the fort as you can see. There's our food storage, barracks that in all will hold 10,000 Legionares! How? They are multi-floored which alsdo goes underground, they have an alarm system build in there in case of an emergency or in the sake of preparation which we will do 16 hours a day, 5 days a week!

On the weekend, they actually in Trieste, which the actual cordinates are classified! They can stay in the base, go in the city and purchase stuff, have fun... Free time! But in times of war, there is no "free time", everyone remains serious!

La Principia is the administrative building, talking care of command & control, relaying messages, stuff like that. La Praetorium is where the leaders stay and their family, like if the Praetor comes to visit, where the Generals are stationed or whatever.

Those pinkish buildings are bathes, and they are free for anyone to use! No civilians are allowed in here, but the civilians in the administrative building.... And in the administrative building is where all the soldiers pay is stored for the weekends!

The legion is allowed to practice outside the gates with all of the military stuff at their disposal! So another tactic is, especially with mortars or artillery is to fire outside came so that the the land will be very difficult for any vehicles to get in with! In cases of war, why would trucks be stored in the fort? Any supplies shall be unloaded by the camps perimeter!

The legion is 10,000 strong currently!

Also, mines will be all around, but known by the command, so don't be careless!

The Emperor is thinking about implementing the old roman calendar, revised.

21-10-2004, 20:50
OOC Very nice. My only coment is that Legionarries (sp?) were the basic soldier and Centurions were officers over I think every 100 men... but you can do it any way you want.
21-10-2004, 21:49
OOC: Legionaries actually. Yeah, you're right, Centurions had a century or like 25 Legionaries or so. I thought about doing it that way... Thanks for the heads up. Instead of commanders, Centurions will lead 100 Legionaries in my military.
22-10-2004, 01:58

IITTAALLIIAA would very much like to establish diplomatic relations with your nation!
22-10-2004, 02:18
OOC I'm FT- I was merely pointing out a bit of Roman trivia. I don't have a lot to sell a MT nation. Unless you're interested in starships. :D
Yes, we always enjoy good relations with our neighbors. Please consider us as a ture ally.
22-10-2004, 15:03
As long as you have it mapped out how you got from MT to FT, i'd be interested.
New Imperial Rome
22-10-2004, 15:16
If You are looking for political or economical allies, contact us.
High Minister of Foreign Affairs, Scorpius Braca
22-10-2004, 16:17
You can all join MEDITERRANEA, it's a region i made up! And i made a forum for everyone, i'm using it as a backup in case something screws here.....
22-10-2004, 16:19
And yes, we'd love some relations with your nation ;)

Since ITALIA is reserved, i chose to double up on the LETTERS and make it IITTAALLIIAA! The caps is a meaning of greatness & power!
22-10-2004, 16:42
How I got to FT?

Yes I've got that mapped out.
22-10-2004, 16:46
That's great, but you know, if you started with FT with nothing mapped out like some nations do, then it's hard for a MR country to get with the program!
22-10-2004, 16:53
You really don't need an explaination. It just helps to make life more interesting, because you have history.

I found an ancient Sith Temple on Earth, and used that technology to get into space and go FTL.
22-10-2004, 16:54
Nice. Would you be interested in X-Changing embassies so that our ambassadors can speak more easily?
22-10-2004, 19:26
No. This works fine for me.
22-10-2004, 19:41
Would you be interested in selling us any production rights? It will be nationalised of course.
22-10-2004, 19:46
It depends on the item. For fighters maybe, tnaks and ground vehicles probably.
22-10-2004, 19:51
As many as possible! But i don't want to take advantage, and a strong AF is hard to find, so i'd go with that. We will keep our roman structure within the AF, meaning if we can get 10,000 fighters out there, that would be great! HAHA ;)
22-10-2004, 19:54
I'll sel lit back to you for only 50% ;) Ownership discount!
22-10-2004, 19:56
Oh and my storefront will be in this thread & backed up on my regional forum!

off site forum that is
New Imperial Rome
26-10-2004, 15:14
OOC:IITTAALLIIAA, you should either update this often or move this to NSWiki (