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Badger-punching: for and against

21-10-2004, 16:21
The question I put before you today is: Should the ancient sport of badger-punching be outlawed? As President I have recently come for some harsh criticism in the popular press after followed other nations in the Karma Continent region and banned this barbaric practice. Now we are subject to an influx of badgers seeking political asylum from nations where badger-punching is still legal.

How have other nations settled this thorny ethical issue?
Demonic Gophers
21-10-2004, 17:44
The tormenting of rodents, and all other small, cute and fuzzy beings, is strictly forbidden in D.G. territory. This includes badgers.
-Zeek, High Lord of the Tunnels, Supreme Leader of the Demonic Gopher Army.
21-10-2004, 17:49
In Voredonia, if an animal is impeaching upon your personal space you may punch and/or kill it. The same goes even for human animals.
21-10-2004, 19:50
We have no fuzzy critters in Youst, only feathered or scaled or spiky ones--so in this case anything goes.
21-10-2004, 20:48
My Queendom's national animal is the badger, so I'd have to say, save the badgers.
-The Law-
21-10-2004, 20:59
In the experience of -The Law-, most badgers are capable of defending themselves effectively. We have not yet had reason to take a position on this issue, but advise you to hold to your decision.
22-10-2004, 02:38
Didn't Melkor have a thread like this a long time ago, only about Elf-clubbing instead?