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The Announcement - Open RP/Free Responce

12-10-2004, 18:16
~Cue Theme music for the JNN. Lights up on lead Anchor. 3...2...1, live~

"Goodevening. Tonights top story comes from the presidentail Palace where the Venerable President Thellonious McJazzeh himself made an anouncement to both the people of this nation and the world."

~Cut, move to tape of this afternoons speach. President is walking out with a blast of trumpets, a jazz fusion riff written specifially for the President, waves at the croud, smiling. Begins to speak...~

"Ladies and Gentilement of the World and of Jazzotica. With the founding of this great nation the world now has a sanctuary for the wayward Jazz artist, Musician and composer. May it forever be known to the nations of the world that we will always have our doors open to any person or group who's love is music.

That said, we will not turn away the non-musician, for it is our hope that anyone who is willing to live within these borders would be willing to attempt said musical endevours, or, at least grow to appreciate what is being done.

But make no mistake, we are not a nation of pushovers. We will defend ourselves if attacked and will attack if provoked, by order of the UN and under their guidance.

Finally, i wish to invite any leaders or people to come and visit our new homeland. While travel may be expensive, while you are here, you will be guests of the state and people and shall have few to no out of pocket expenses while here. Any visiting dignitaries may reside with me, in the house of the President, so that we may better get to know each other both politically and personally so that we may better live in peace.

Thank you, that is all for today."

~View the President waving again, smiling and heading back into the palace under a storm of questions from reporters. End Tape. Back to Anchor, sound up...~

"That was President Thellonious McJazzeh making an announcement to the people of his 'Open Door' policy for the time being. Many economists speculate that this may force our new country into a depression from expesses, but a spokesperson for the President responded with 'Aww baby, that's just wack," and refused to answer any more questions. We at JN News will keep you updated to any....updates."

~Sound down, fade to black. Back to your regularly schedualed programming.~