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Bomb Detonated in Royal Opera House

03-10-2004, 02:33
It was Friday night, and many of the high society of Aerion were out on the streets of the Royal District in Astevane, Aerion's capital city. This night, the Royal Opera Company and the Royal Sympony Orchestra was doing a performance in honor of His Majesty King Wasterin X, for the King had been critically injured in an terrorist attack upon the Royal Airship, and as a result had to be put into suspended animination.

The event was beautiful, as huge skylights shined into the sky at the front of the Royal Opera House, built in beautiful white marble, with massive columns, and steps leading up to it. Men dressed in fine black tie attire, and the women in elaborate flowing dresses. There were government officials, corporate leaders, the wealthy and their families all present. 1000 were there for the performance.

All were seated, some at their balconies watching the beatiful opera performance, others in the seating.

Then, suddenly, the peaceful elegance was broken. A bomb exploded, a huge explosion that ripped through the interior of the Opera House, causing part of the Opera House to cave in. It happened so quickly, there was little time for any one to realize what was happening. Smoke rushed up into the night, as the huge rumble could be heard throughout the Royal District. The bomb shattered windows in the adjacent five-star Forum Hotel.

The hundreds of people out on the avenue near the Opera House on the Forum were covered in a wave of smoke.

The Forum went silent suddenly, as people stopped their cars, some getting out. People stopped in their tracks. All just stared, stared at the catastrophe.

Immediately, sirens were sounded. The Royal Guard, and Police Officers on the square rushed toward the Opera House. Some running, some in their vehicles.

Many news helicopters were launched within ten minutes from the nearby Financial District skyscrapers, zooming over the Royal District. Film was shot live to international news networks


"An explosion has occured at the Royal Opera House. The current casualities are not known, but it is estimated that 1500 were present for the performance, including Her Highness Princess Selina. More news will come."
03-10-2004, 09:48
News: It is confirmed that the explosion of the Royal Opera House was indeed a bomb. The Royal District has been closed off, and only those who strictly live there or have serious government business are allowed in or out. The air space above the Royal District is being tightly patrolled by attack helicopters, and military jets as emergency crews search the rubble.
Liverpool England
03-10-2004, 09:51
The Liverpool England Government conveys condolences to the people of Aerion and the families with lost loved ones.
03-10-2004, 10:06
We are appalled at these cowardice attacks on your people. Our good president wishes to send his most humble condolances to your leader and those who lost a part of their life. We pray that you will find the strenght needed to look to the future again.
03-10-2004, 11:44
Our people of Imadistan have gathered outside your embassy and are leaving flowers upon flowers.
04-10-2004, 04:51
The news has released a list of the some of the highest ranking confirmed dead:
Otal Alda - Lord High Justice of the Kingdom
Othanerh Meshak - Minister of Defence
Oleena Dal - Minister of Education
Dr. Carolina Masha - Minister of Health and Social Services
Princes Selina Wasterin, third cousin of King Wasterin X
Michael Branstoff - CEO of Branstoff Pharmaceuticals, largest medicine megacorp. Wife, Mother, and Son also dead.
Adon Rowthan - CEO of Meshol Electronics - Wife dead
The Board of Directors of Meshol Electronics
Danon Calstaff - President of the Royal Bank
The Board of Directors of the Royal Bank
Aselia Sherona - Famous Aerion actress, won several Royal Talent Awards.

Numerous others, including several Assistant and Deputy Ministers from the Ministries were killed, as well as many other corporate leaders.
10-10-2004, 07:59
It was being called the incident that rocked the nation, and the halls of power of Aerion. More than several high profile figures had been killed in an terrorist bombing of the Royal Opera House, and those responsible had still not been found. Security, which was already very high in the Royal District as it was, had been increased to the point where even government officials felt as if they were being watched constantly. Armed guards at every doorway in the massive Royal Palace, on every street corner, and even lining the streets at some points. Flights overhead of attack helicopters.

The lavish parties, and other social events of high society that normally took place in the glowing Royal District had been put on hold. The normally sociable, decadent elite had retreated to their homes where they had their own guards to guard them. The massive traffic jams in the Royal District had slowly declined. There was more and more an atmosphere of fear, and suspician.

The death of such high profile figures had sent shockwaves through the power structure, shockwaves that followed the ones sent after the critical injury of the King, and his being placed in suspended animation. Just as it seemed as if the Royal Regent, previously the King's Lord High Steward had been seizing the reigns of power, the bombing created even more dissension in the government. The intrigues that followed the bombing were tremendous as the grasping, power-hungry ways of Aerion high society truly showed as the previous subordinates grasped to fill the power voids caused by the death of their leaders. It happened in the Ministries, it happened in the corporations. Hidden meetings, hidden intrigues.

A candlelight vigil was to be held in the Forum, in front of the ruins of the Royal Opera House......