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A small metal suitcase (ATTN: Reichskamphen)

03-10-2004, 02:01
King William the Second Memorial International Airport in Reichsburg

Richard Rigley was nervous. As the first Reichskamphen tankers rode into Eastern Phyrric, he was ordered by his company executives to get on the plane – one of the few the Corporation still had – and go to the Imperial capital, to discuss the manufacture, growing, and utilisation in the Empire of industrial-only hemp. That wouldn’t be too hard, thought Richard. The hard part, he though, would be dealing with the prejudice.

Richard looked for the world like most people’s stereotype of a drug baron – expensive white Versace costume, kept clean even during the rush of the Second War of Independence, dark sunglasses, gold rings, and three cellphones. He was, in fact, a drug baron. As member of board of directors of Allanean Pharmaceutical, Rigley controlled the exports of all conceivable drugs, legal or otherwise. From ‘skunk’-class marijuana to military-grade methamphetamine, Richard was your man. And it wasn’t about grams or kilograms, with Richard. It was about tons.

So when it came to going to the Imperial capital to talk about exporting industrial-grade Cannabis Sativa, it was only logical for Allanean Pharmaceuticals to choose their youngest, most successful executive, handcuff a metal suitcase full of industrial cannabis seeds, and send him to the capital. The suitcase was merely a gesture – thousands and millions more seeds would be needed to meet Imperial requirements.

As the small jet landed, he smiled as he looked out of the window at the Imperial Guard securing the perimeter around the plane. ‘All that fuss over a handful of industrial cannabis seeds?’ he chuckled mentally as the door opened.
Sentient Peoples
03-10-2004, 02:40
OOC: So, let's see. A plane capable of flying transregionally managed to survive a crushing bombardment that wiped out your ENTIRE industrial-military-commercial-communications-transportation infrastructure. Then it survived a military occupation and a war involving nearly 100 million people fighting? Get real.

Oh, right, and then it flew through a military occupation zone and a enforced no fly zone without being shot down? Uh huh.
03-10-2004, 02:53
OOC: First, that destruction was not that efficient, read back to 'On the Ruins'. Second, lots of stuff was bought during the spur of activity when we rebuilt, with Weyr's assistance, the infrastracture. Third, this is the first I hear of a no-fly zone.