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Passing of the Torch (Fantasy RP Sign Up)

Five Civilized Nations
24-09-2004, 18:40
This is an RP to close the final chapter in the story of the character that I've been using forever. This will be a very intensive and extensive RP. This means that if you cannot drop out in the middle of it, unless I approve of it. If you wish to participate, please post here with your character and his statistics.

The story insofar...


Lance Crusade

Affiliation: None
Age: 29 (when he died), 89 (years from birthday to resurrection, however, acts and looks 29), 2250 (years from birthday to second resurrection, however, acts and looks 35)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Eyes: Dark Blue pupils, although eyes sometimes flash golden light
Clothing: All Black, Bandanna Around his Head with the Chinese Character of Sword
Sword of Cala: Ancestral weapon, forged ten millenia ago from a golden-obsidian alloy (golden blade)--Passed to his son, Amistad, when Lance died. Disappeared along with Amistad 20 years before Lance's resurrection. Some say, Amistad and the sword have been swallowed up by the nine hells. It was later rediscovered.
Heaven's Will: Forged of obsidian-mithril (dark blade) supposedly by a being only known as Fate to replace the disappeared Sword of Cala

Biography: Born to an obscure noble family in China, whose name has been lost in the tides of time, the man known now as Lance, was orphaned when he was still a baby. He was found by the childless Duke of Cala along with two scrolls, written in a foreign tongue. The Duke promptly adopted the baby and named him, Lance Crusade, because of a faint scar on his back, made by a lance thrust.

From his youth, the Duke of Cala doted upon his adopted son, training his son in diplomacy and philosophy, while a succession of fighters, most notable of whom was the powerful master of Mt. Mirror, taught the young man how to fight. When, the Duke of Cala died, Lance only sixteen, but a swift, powerful fighter, succeeded him as the 98th Duke of Cala.

It was at this time that a horde of centaurs and orcs ravaged the lands. Advised by a prophet to seek out the assistance of the dragonlords, Lance set out upon a fateful journey. During his absence, the Duchy of Cala was annihilated, the survivors scattering to the four winds.

In a journey that lasted two years, Lance finally arrived at the home of the dragonlords, a place known as Mt. Skyfire. There, Lance met the last of the dragonlords, Omnus Stormrider. Lance befriended Omnus, and the two friends returned to the Duchy of Cala, only to find it obliterated.

Resolved to avenge the deaths of so many of his loyal subjects, Lance took up his sword and went in chase of the horde that had destroyed his home.

Initially Lance was unsuccessful, nearly killed by the overwhelming numbers of his opponents. Only the timely arrival of Omnus prevented Lance's death. Nursing Lance back to health at Mt. Skyfire, Omnus discovered the two scrolls. With growing astonishment, Omnus realized that they were sacred scrolls containing two powerful fighting techniques. When Lance was strong enough, Omnus began to translate the scrolls and the two friends trained earnestly in the two techniques. Within two months, the two friends had mastered both techniques, the Eighteen Palms of the Xiang Long and the Infinity Swords Technique.

Feeling ready for battle, the two friends moved off and chased down the horde of vile orcs and centaurs. In a bloody battle lasting two days, the two friends exterminated the horde, killing every last orc and centaur. Satisfied, the two returned to Mt. Skyfire, to a period of meditation.

Four years later, Lance descended from the mountain and began to travel the lands. First, Lance traveled to the west, assisting the vampiric-demon Kain Irenicus in regaining his homeland.

As Lance was heading back east, he discovered the trail of a powerful demon rampaging through what was then the Roman Empire. The Roman citizens tormented by the demon called him Nightmare. The demon in actuality was known as the Great Demon, Hezekiel, was a powerful demon that had arrived upon the mortal plane by possessing a young mage named Azara Telas. In a terrible battle that ended only with the banishment of the demon to the Timeless Realms, Lance came out badly wounded, assisting the now free Azara. The two parted ways, good friends.

Lance then headed north, stopping at the cold Baltic Sea and meditating for several days. Heading east, Lance joined up with a party, among who were Azara Telas and Armad Delaz, seeking an artifact known as the Blood Goblet. Although at the end, the quest was unsuccessful, Lance made numerous friends.

At twenty-seven, Lance finally returned to the vast expanse of land, known as the Middle Kingdom (a.k.a. China). There, Lance made himself a new life.

When Lance turned twenty-five, he married Amelia Eiken, a powerful sorceress and the daughter of the venerable master of Mt. Mirror.

Making his home upon the mountain with his wife, Lance was truly happy. Lance was overjoyed when his son was born a year later. Pleased with himself, Lance named his son, Amistad and vowed to teach his child all he knew.

But something intervened... Lance became involved in a plot to assassinate the covetous and deceitful Qin Shi Huang. When the King heard of Lance's participation in the plot, dispatched an army widely believed to number 1 million to capture Lance and his family.

In an epic battle upon the plains of Xiliang, Lance battled the Qin army, sacrificing himself to save his wife and his son. Lance achieved his goal, but was mortally wounded and died upon the plains. When the battle was over, Lance's body had disappeared, while his spiritual essence floated upward, into heaven...

Lance became another dead hero, meant to live till the end of Time reliving their heroic battles. But once again, fate cruelly intervened, sending Lance back to the earth along with a slew of other heroes to deal with an invasion from the seas...

The attempt by Lance and his fellow heroes to stop this invasion was a dismal failure. Many were killed, including Lance's son, Amistad.

Distraught, Lance retreated to a small world he purposedly created to honor those killed in the myriad of conflicts throughout the world. But then, the demonlord, Nez'gah came to annilihate this paradise... Lance was barely able to defend his home...

Still mourning his loss, Lance travelled to Velmora, where he attempted to help Kain restore it to what it once was. But he failed to live up to his task and his name. With deep resignation, Lance realized that the time had come to pass on the torch...
Five Civilized Nations
25-09-2004, 00:18
Come on people, reply...
25-09-2004, 00:24
*tagged for consideration. Will Kain be involved?
The Golden Simatar
25-09-2004, 00:31

I'll think on it.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
25-09-2004, 00:33
What kind of character are you looking for?
Five Civilized Nations
25-09-2004, 16:15
Kain quite possibly could be in ont his, since its in some consideration its a continuation of his most recent RP...

And I don't care which character you use as long as you think he/she/it is ready to work on a team...
The Gothic Underworld
25-09-2004, 16:38
I could be throwing Arashi Hiyuuki into this, 5CN, and i suppose you know who that is. We'll see how it goes.
Five Civilized Nations
27-09-2004, 15:18
27-09-2004, 21:06
I think I could probably bring Zan into this, if that's cool.
28-09-2004, 02:18
FCN, what character of mine would you like me to incorporate into this story? OR would you like me to create a new one?
Five Civilized Nations
28-09-2004, 14:50
Sure thing FastFacts.

Amanda, I don't really mind, although the last character Lance met with (Can't remember the name) would be good...
28-09-2004, 15:52
that would be the warrrior, Eve. You know Eve of Spring, which I couldn't really figure out where I wanted the story to go. Therefore, I put the story on pause for awhile.
28-09-2004, 15:58
Hey, I'll take part in this thread. I'll bring in Sigrun or Arleni...maybe both if you want...

Hey ATG, why don't you join us on MSN??
Five Civilized Nations
28-09-2004, 16:16
I guess you also mean me Tarlachia, but I have class...
The Gothic Underworld
28-09-2004, 16:54
Tell you what, 5CN......i'll book a place for this thread, but i might withdraw at any time, if i feel that this is going too sluggishly.
Five Civilized Nations
28-09-2004, 17:11
Sure... Its bound to happen....

The main point of this thread is for Lance to meet or at least attempt to meet every single being of worth he has met, so he can impart his final words. The thread would begin in Velmora with Lance going beserk and running away and will end at Mt. Skyfire, as he dies. You can join at any point within, just TG me beforehand whenever you join or leave, so I can keep track.
Five Civilized Nations
29-09-2004, 17:44
FYI, I'm going to start this RP next monday...
29-09-2004, 19:49
Sounds good to me 5CN...I'm gonna be going away this weekend (yet again) to my parents are gonna need help cleaning up from the 4th freakin hurricane.


...(curses hurricanes in a flowery voice...)

The Gothic Underworld
30-09-2004, 08:15
Well, i'm starting to think that i don't have any good characters to throw into this RP, since i do not have any characters who would live during Lance's time, nor have ever met him yet. So, i dunno........i COULD throw in some ancestors of my Clan Heirs, but even then they would not know Lance personally as, well, i dunno.
02-10-2004, 07:35
Hey GU...there's a lovely new concept out's called "new-character creation!"

Give it a shot :D!
The Gothic Underworld
02-10-2004, 10:17
Well, I could do that Tarl......problem is, in what time period is this gonna be set? I don't wanna screw this up, if i'm going to do this at all.
Five Civilized Nations
02-10-2004, 15:52
Well technically, Lance is over 2000 years old, but he's spent most of that in limbo. He's only been living in the human world for only about 35-40 years. So, technically the RP should happen in the past, but because everything is messed up... It'll probably happen around modern times...
The Gothic Underworld
02-10-2004, 16:23
Ah, alright, now i'm officially messed up :S

Ok then, i'll throw in my Prime Clans of Hiyuuki, Hikurai, and Hikoori. The actual persons from these clans is determined by what time period this RP will take place in eventually.
Five Civilized Nations
04-10-2004, 18:40
Okay... The RPs been started, just subscribe or TAG it and don't post for now... My character will come to each of you...

The link is here (
10-10-2004, 01:25

I'm interested.
Five Civilized Nations
10-10-2004, 01:29
Oh Ravea, just join up with my character as he travels... Just post something saying you see him and join up...

The rest of you, Lance will be coming to you.
Five Civilized Nations
19-10-2004, 21:50
Random Bumpage...
Cousin Eddie
20-10-2004, 14:26

Would definetely be interested. Maybe use Xyorph? Going away next week though, so posting for a week will be limited. From what you've said though it sounds like I can afford to come in later...?
Five Civilized Nations
21-10-2004, 16:52
Sure thing...