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Announcing Great New Nations Among Us

02-08-2004, 20:42
Hear Ye Hear Ye All that readith forth !!!

By Grand Proclimation this Day the Great Fiefdom Of Himmermann doth hereby announce its arrivial on the World's stage, much we're sure to the chagrin of loafers everywhere!!

We humbly but forth to all Nations, and Leaders of said Nations, the very measure needed to nessitate a meeting of the minds between all of us. The Grand yet small nation of Himmermann, fixed as it is on an income derived solely of its own citizenry, bestows the most benificent blessings of friendship to all that read withal. In agreeing insomuch as to fund and construct, that which reading herein implies and forever in perpitude commands, those very aspects of friendship in the attainable rather than etherial plane. Once again The Fiefdom Of Himmermann Thanks all leaders, politicos, or any member of a Nation.

In other words---By reading this you agreed to build and pay for 1(one) Himmermann Embassy in your Capital---thanks

read but not dictated

Ronald J. Pincepts

Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments
Formally Eastern Aquisitions and Applied Measures Prefunctorment

cc His Royal Highnesses Mum
Whited Fields
03-08-2004, 02:28
To: Ronald J. Pincepts; The Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments
From: Kestral Lei; Leader and Founder of Whited Fields, Appointed UN Ambassador of Whited Fields, Founder of the NSSRC

Dear Sir,

In reply to your recent letter, which I most dubiously found myself reading before realizing the affects it would have, I found myself wondering about the implimentation of your perceivably dastardly plan. Just how do you intend to wrestle said funding from my grip?
03-08-2004, 07:40
To: Ronald J. Pincepts, Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments
From: Brandon Flibble, Grand Poobah of The Rogue Nation of Flibbleites
Subject: Your Embassy

As much as I dislike your tactics in getting my nation to build you an embassy, I never the less have complied with your demand. You will find your embassy in Delta City, it's the cardboard box located under the west end of the 11th street bridge. If you want anything bigger, you will have to pay for it yourself.
03-08-2004, 07:59
(seeing as how this isn't a signed contract I do not have to comply)

*inserts letter into shredder*

*gets back to more important work*
03-08-2004, 08:29
Well, alright, if you really want an embassy with us, sure, but do you really want to have one of your citizens live in what is effectively a near-absolute oligarchy?
03-08-2004, 12:28
Dear Ronald J. Pincepts, Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments, Formally Eastern Aquisitions and Applied Measures Prefunctorment,

Luckily for all, the Komokom government recently purchased a new fridge to drop on Real World Mexico as part of a humanitarian program. And, having retained the card-board box from it, we find this adequate for your needs in our country.

Welcome to the wide world stage,

Fond regards,
03-08-2004, 18:50
Always the gracious bunch, the Sophistan parliament has agreed to begin construction of an embassy to house your diplomatic mission. They assure me that it's a truly grand building, designed with no expense spared, blessed with the best technology Sophsita has to offer, and one hell of a view I might add.

Unfortunately, they've also passed legislation barring the issuance of any visa, diplomatic or otherwise, to any citizen of Himmermann, conditional on restitution in full of the construction costs. Until such measures are taken by your government, the building will serve as the new headquarters of Sophista's ever-expanding Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thank you, and welcome.
03-08-2004, 19:11
The government of Rehochipe has designated an embassy for you on the corner of Efreet and Lachryma Del Oro Streets, in our capital Gabran's Old City. Directly next to a Mevlevi Sufi ( mosque (we hope you don't mind loudly sung Arabic), and within easy walking distance of the National Gallery and beautiful Atrapani Gardens. You don't have to walk, of course - you could also take a bicycle or horse. Cars are right out, though.

You'll also have to share embassy space with the mission from Free Outer Eugenia - a fine a bunch of filthy unwashed bolshy dope-smoking guitar-playing barefoot layabouts as you'll find in all of our alliances. The embassy has no air-conditioning, as the Eugenians consider these devices to be unnecessarily high on polluting energy-consumption, and our dry, subtropical climate allows the hippies to mature, like a fine cheese.

Nusku Capleton
Special Liason to the UN
04-08-2004, 11:18
Watfordshire can offer a tepee on the Playa De Politique. Due to the concerted isloationist policies of our current White Rhino Collective majority, this tepee will not be available until the proInternationalists regain some semblance of control, but in the meantime, I shall forward you details of the relevant innoculations you will require

Moist regards
Luigi Gogglez (
Shiree Herald for Fair Play
04-08-2004, 16:33
My Minister of Hobos has found a great dumpster for you to live in. Great view of a slaughterhouse.
04-08-2004, 21:09
My Minister of Hobos has found a great dumpster for you to live in. Great view of a slaughterhouse.

OOC: Would that dumpster be filled or empty?
04-08-2004, 23:23
Last time we checked, empty, but that was in the morning. Who knows now?
05-08-2004, 01:03
The Conglomerated Oligarcy of Frisbeeteria offers you one of the most excellent suites in our diplomatic sector. This megaplex, one of the finest examples of ultralarge buildings in the whole of Nationstates, is extensively used by our diplomatic friends. There are several fine suites available; your Himmermanniacal Ambasadors have only to choose which they prefer. The entire building was built and furnished by banking interests and hospitality-based Corporate States in cooperation with each other and the Frisbeeterian government, at no charge whatsoever to you. Not for nothing is Frisbeeteria known as the principal financial clearinghouse of NationStates.

Mind you, we didn't charge you to build it, but we most certainly will charge you to occupy it. Base rent is one million Frisbees per month, and your acceptance of this offer (by reading it) will be debited from your nation's accounts.

Enjoy your stay. Or absence. Either way, we get paid.

M.J. Donovan, CEO Emeritus, Frisbeeteria.
Chairman of the Board, Frisbeeterian Financial Ministries, PLLC.
MonsterCard cheerfully accepted.
05-08-2004, 07:21
Last time we checked, empty, but that was in the morning. Who knows now?

I do. I just filled it. :D
Whited Fields
05-08-2004, 15:52
*standing ovation for Frisbeeteria*

Now THAT was the best response I have seen yet.
19-08-2004, 05:20
My Word !!!! The outpouringment of loveandsuch is too make these old eyes weep.
The Flibbleites and the peoples of Komokom have both offered such wonderful dry boxes only to be outdided by Kal-Garion and Watfordshire.

Our kolective of ministers of the foreign parts are like jumping in their shoes with anticapationment most especially with the thought of bunking with such Highbrows of society like those of The Free Outer Eugenia. It so happens our National Welcoming gift is a cheese that reminds us so clearerly of our lost bretheren from Eugenia-sigh-

We noticed that Rehochipe is willing to let our delagation arrive momentarily, and for their covenience we have sent our delegates already in chains and gagged-- by the by the delegates were picked for their love of wearing grey

As for those that required compensation for buildings and such we the Humble folk of Himmerman are fully prepareed to pay promptlyish.
Umfortuately we the small nation of Himmerman have as of yet been allowed on any currency standard and therefore have no means of exchanging our currency for yours. We would however be happy to send you scads of Himmerman Karoops for all your children to play with, And should they ever be exchangablely enhanced be it noted the karoop would then become illiterated on the common market----we would change to the Maroop.

Be it known to all Nations as of this dayith forwarned. Our multitutedments of Delegates are on their way!!

And once again we thank you all - Nations Of the World - for your generousisnessty.

Ronald J. Pincepts

Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments
Formally Eastern Aquisitions and Applied Measures Prefunctorment

cc.the lady that runs the bakery downtown