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Announcing Great New Nations Among Us

02-08-2004, 20:29
Hear Ye Hear Ye All that readith forth !!!

By Grand Proclimation this Day the Great Fiefdom Of Himmermann doth hereby announce its arrivial on the World's stage, much we're sure to the chagrin of loafers everywhere!!

We humbly but forth to all Nations, and Leaders of said Nations, the very measure needed to nessitate a meeting of the minds between all of us. The Grand yet small nation of Himmermann, fixed as it is on an income derived solely of its own citizenry, bestows the most benificent blessings of friendship to all that read withal. In agreeing insomuch as to fund and construct, that which reading herein implies and forever in perpitude commands, those very aspects of friendship in the attainable rather than etherial plane. Once again The Fiefdom Of Himmermann Thanks all leaders, politicos, or any member of a Nation.

In other words---By reading this you agreed to build and pay for 1(one) Himmermann Embassy in your Capital---thanks

read but not dictated

Ronald J. Pincepts

Royal Undersecretary to the Second Purser of InterEstablishments
Formally Eastern Aquisitions and Applied Measures Prefunctorment

cc His Royal Highnesses Mum