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The most popular TV shows in your Nation?

02-08-2004, 12:22
In an effort to find more about the other Nations that we don't know that well, Roycelandia has decided to find out what the favourite TV shows in your Nation are, and the channel they're broadcast on.

Roycelandia's are:

1. Futurama- Now the longest running cartoon series of all time after the Roycelandian Broadcasting Corporation picked up the rights! (RBC 2)

2. The Night Show, With Arthur Dent- A cross between David Letterman, Jay Leno, Rove McManus, a Current Affairs show, and stand-up comedy. A Roycelandian TV Institution. (RBC 1)

3. My Neighbour is a Darkie- The howlingly funny and obscenely racist comedy about a family in Roycelandian East Africa and their Lusakan Neighbours. (RBC 2)

4. Candi and Sandi's Lesbian Adventures- Hugely popular viewing, as Candi and Sandi get up to all sorts of weird and wacky adventures, and plenty of explicit girl-on-girl sex (RBC 3)

5. Roycelandian Story- Each week, a different celebrity of personality hosts a show about some aspect of Roycelandia's colourful history, complete with re-enactments, interviews with survivors and people who were there, and declassified material. (RBC 1)

6. Lifestyles Of The Disgustingly Rich & Famous- A weekly program that showcases the lives led by the obscenely wealthy and unimaginably famous. From Caviar Jacuzzis to wild sex with groupies, LOTDRF has it all. Appearing on the show is de rigeur amongst the uber-wealthy and famous in the Roycelandian Empire. (RBC 3)

7. Blackjack & Hookers- a Cop show, set in Coral Palm Island (home to the largest casino in the Roycelandian Empire). Compelling viewing, likeable characters, and gritty storylines make this an extremely watchable show (RBC 3)

8. Everybody Loves Hypnotoad- which is why Hypnotoad has his own show! (RBC 2)

9. Music Video Hits- The top 20 music videos, broadcast weekly and hosted by different celebrities or people who happened to be walking past the studio at the time. (RBC 2)

10. Play Of The Day- The only Sports related show allowed on Free To Air TV, it features the week's best car crashes, players fumbling catches, people being hit in the crotch by cricket balls, and so on. Their annual DVD compilations are highly sought after and sell out as soon as they're released (RBC 1)

So, what's popular entertainment on your Nation's TV airwaves?
02-08-2004, 12:33
"Stab The Bastard!" a criminal is placed in a maze, filled with the victims family and friends who are equiped with knives. The goal for the criminal is to escape the maze and gain his freedom. Or die trying with the familys knives burried deep within his body.
02-08-2004, 13:54
There are several popular TV shows in Jordaxia, and it was difficult to narrow it down from the list. Here's the top ten, though:

10: The psycho at the table: A stunning interactive reality tv show, where home viewers take bets at who is the psycho at the table, and the order in which he'll claim his victims. Cash prizes regularly better that of the many lotteries run.

Joint 9th and 8th: Bill Hicks and Bill Bailey live performance repeats. Need we say more?

7th Monty Pythons flying circus, with once weekly showings of the Holy grail, and Life of Brian, on alternating saturdays.

6th Gladiator combat!: Fight fight fight! We pay two people, either randomly or selected off the street by our studio audience, to fight to the death in a modern gladiatorial arena, equipped with antique weapons of the age. Hilarity ensues as the loser slips on his own intestrinal tract!

5th: Car theft in Moscow: Another reality tv show, where two Russians are challenged to steal a car, and run from the law for 6 hours. If they win, they get to keep the poor citizens car, at no cost! If they lose, they risk going to jail for 20 or more years!

4th: Crushin' time! Insanely popular show where contestants are given a 400 foot tall robot, and challenged to crush the city before a swarming fleet of biplanes ends their tyrannical rampage. The tension mounts with the body count, as for every thousand innocent civilians killed, another biplane joins the hunt! Naturally, given the expense of this show, we can only afford to run it once a week.

3rd: Under the Sea: Talk show with famous singing lobster sebastian. High ranking guests like; Jafar, Scar, Inspector gadget, Optimus Prime, and more.

2nd: The B-Team. Alternate reality action show, where a squad of rebel alliance soldier get persistently destroyed by Imperial stormtroopers, AT-ATs, Tiger Tanks, Giant Robot Hitlers, Skeletor, Apocalypse and Galactus. Unsurprisingly, the B-Team largely consists of Gungans.

1st! The one you've all been waiting for! The one, the only! (uh, time for a anti-climax. My imagination just broke. May as well opt for my actual favourite show)

Yes, Minister. Classic British comedy, where civil servant Sir Humphrey, consistently outwits and outsmarts MP and cabinet member, Jim Hacker.

And that's it.
02-08-2004, 14:01
The most popular show that is broadcast across Dregruk is the infamous, "Fugitive Sports".

Each evening, a known and hated group of notorious criminals are pitted against each other in a number of sickening and violent deathmatches which include; Spike Volleyball (The ball randomly ejects ultralite spikes at the players. Last to die, wins!), Extreme Rugby (Players play with their eyes covered by a strip of fabric on a minefield. Team with least fatalities, wins!) and Chaos F1 (Regular F1 racing in C4 loaded cars which randomly detonate as the race progresses)
02-08-2004, 21:53
The most popular TV show in Serconea is a local production "Lieutenant Anya Rozarak". It's about a female detective in the Serconean Police and features action-packed, twist-filled storylines. Its star is Serconea's most popular actress and there is a large lobby for her to run for President.

Speaking of Presidents, our elections are sort of reality shows. There are three Presidential Contests, sort of like "It's a Knockout", which are watched by almost half the population.

We also like American and British imports, such as CSI and Doctor Who.
02-08-2004, 22:08
In no particular order:
Not Cax's Funniest Home Videos
A selection of clips of people swinging across rivers and not falling in, pets sleeping, and birthday parties where nothing goes wrong.

Heaven Can't Wait!
A patient is woken up from surgery with prosthetic wings grafted on. They are shown around 'Heaven', and meet a variety of dead celebrity looka-likes! At the end, all is revealed, with hilarious results!

You Love the Emperor Hour
Need I say more?
02-08-2004, 22:19
lets see here well i'll give you top ones

Aelovian Corporate News: Its news but it's not true its propaganda! The people love to watch this show and they think we won WWII.

Who Wants to be an Immagrant: Immigrants have to cross crazy obstacles to get to our border all for a fun show. If the immigrant somehow does get to our border we execute him anyways AHAHHAH

The Two Minutes Hate: Oh you people gotta know this one. Taken right outa 1984 we display the enemy of the state with an after picture of big brother!

The Scarlets: A movie about the infamous revolution group in Aelov. They are responisble for the bombings of the Capital Platz and corporate mall. We actually did these things for political gain, but the citizens don't know that ;)

The Executionaries: Watch enemies of the Grand Chancellor get executed. The 100'th caller wins a chance to pull the trigger themselves =D
02-08-2004, 22:19
In Rejistania, Esvorto 1 is the most famous private TV station, as you might have guessed, it is a sports station. The matches of the H1SR and H2SR are highly popular. Other stations are TV-R, the public broadcast system of Rejistania (the HvSR is broadcasted there). there are many local regional stations in the local languages. Maju-ke-kasita, a majuvedian station is most popular among them.

Top series:
5. Kali Slani: Tere and Og, two born losers are trying to make it through the day and fight teachers, employers, parents and the more ambitious students.

4. Su?: Quiz show, only the brightest and smartest participate there and the questions are really challenging. Especially elderly people like to see who will win the 5 million lil'kansu'ny.

3. Han'ines deshana sija (translation: current news advantage): Rejistanian comedy show, which makes fun of current events.

2. Vana Lanja: Soap opera. A family in more or less normal difficulties.

1. Live broadcasts of H1SR or HVSR soccer matches are most popular in the Rejis.
02-08-2004, 22:43
The top 3 shows in Phalanix at the time are:
Splat! Where they drop death row convicts from incredably high heights and people are aloud to bet on who will leave the largest splater.

Armed and Stupid Recordings of the most stupid criminals in Phalanix history

But the keys were in it! A reality tv show where a group of people have to find the car that has the keys in it and escape the city without the cops or military catching them. If they escape they get the car 100,000 BCs and if they have a criminal record it gets cleared if you don't you're loss.
Communist Mississippi
02-08-2004, 23:02
1) The Government News Channel: "We report, we decide, you accept and believe it. Or else!"

2) The Libyan Colonial News Channel: "Colonial news, fair and balanced. See arab terrorists shot down for throwing rocks at our brave colonial soldiers. See it all as it happens, live with Libyan Colonial News."

3) Triple K News Network: "The news channel for the White Knights of Mississippi, be they in the Libyan Realm, the Angolan Realm, or here at home in Mississippi. Bringing the WKM news to all 150 million+ members."

4) Who Wants to be a Colonist: "Lottery system to determine who can move to a colony and be granted a 10,000 acre commercial farm."

5) Worlds Deadliest Lynchings: "See the best of the approximately 2,500 lynchings that occur daily in Mississippi and her territories." (About 300,000 traitors are lynched each year in Mississippi, all these are white. Most of the lynchings in the colonies are against natives)

6) The Outdoorsman: "Valuable outdoor skills for paramilitaries, hikers, and colonists alike."

7) The Christian Crusade Movement: "The political movement for White Christian Purity."

8) The Christian Martyrs Brigade: "The militant wing of the Christian Crusade Movement. Actively working today for a better tomorrow for our children and all White Christian children. God Is Great!"

9) Colonial Cops: "Black boys, black boys, what you going do, what you going do when they come for you!"

10) The White Power Hour: "Joseph Mladic and his hourly talk show that goes 6 days a week all year." (People who work on Sunday are stoned to death)

The most popular children's cartoon is "The Kluxer" it's been running since December 1984 when Premier Fabus assumed the roles as head of government and state (he won the civil war in November, but he didn't start taking over until December, and he didn't officially become Premier until January 1st 1985). The Kluxer features a mysterious masked band of white riders who roam the countryside fighting evil, communism, tyranny, and all sorts of demons. The kids just love it.

All shows are approved for all ages. Shows may contain extreme violence and racially offensive language, but no filthy sex will be seen on any Mississippian or Colonial channel.
02-08-2004, 23:35
T.V. in Temme just hasn't been the same since Rupert Bear was pulled from the air.

Anyway, here are our favourite shows:

5. The Old and the Rested--This show focusses on four people who have been married for over 40 years.

4. This Hour Actually Has 1 Hour--a spoof of Temme news and politics.

3. The Complex Life--features the life of high government officials. Makes everyone say, "I'm glad I'm not them."

2. CSI: Saskatchewan--features forensic experts eating doughnuts. More of a sitcom than anything else.

1. In filming currently--A Survivor-esqe show.
03-08-2004, 08:04
Interesting... maybe we should all start selling viewing rights to our various shows to each other?
The Resi Corporation
03-08-2004, 09:53
10. The Apprentice - Some High-ranking executive gives up-and-comers a chance to up-and-come
9. Discordian Prayer - daily prayer to the goddess Eris
8. n00b Report! - The daily report of n00b sightings; lasts two hours
7. CNN Headline News - Owned by the Resi Corporation after purchase of Turner Broadcasting
6. Nuclear Family - A heartwarming sitcom in a post-apochalyptic world; inspired by the Fallout series of games
5. Home Shopping Network - It just makes sense
4. Swim for It! - A hundred convicts are dropped several miles offshore and made to swim back in. Each episode has one or two twists, such as chemical spills or dropping sharks on contestants via helecopters
3. Family Guy - Continued after purchase of Turner Broadcasting
2. Battlebots - Less like wedgebots vs. hammerbots and more like live-action Unreal tournament with humanoid robots
1. All-Comercial Programming - If you don't watch this hour-long string of commercials, bad things may happen to you...
03-08-2004, 10:00
Lupin III (theme song stuck in head)
03-08-2004, 10:09
IIRRAAQQII NEWS (IN) is the mostly watched show in my whole country. My people like up to date coverage 24/7.
Falangist Reich
03-08-2004, 10:20
"Battlestar Valkyrie" a scifi action series of heroic fascist spacepilots fighting evil communist aliens
Bearded Road-Apple
03-08-2004, 10:32
Here in Bearded Road-Apple, books and video games are far more popular than TV; nonetheless, the top-rating TV show in our Most Serene Republic is the Television version of the various 'for Dummies' books, particularly those related to computer programming.
03-08-2004, 11:19
Well, as this personal flicker picture box technology is still pretty new to Iansisle, we don't have a lot of regularly broadcast shows. However, you can still head down to the old teneral moving-picture house and see your newsreels, cartoons, and serials.

Probably the most popular of the serials is IanCorp's Captain Diamond: Man of Right, which appears weekly before the new Kirk Valoon picture. In it, muscle-bound and wavy-haired Biff Smashstone stars as Captain Diamond, who, with the help of his good-natured but bumbling Weshieldian sidekick Funders, thwarts the plans of mustachioed, black suit wearing villains such as Doctor Fiendish or Robert Nefarious, Esq., to take over the world, steal ray-guns, or tie innocent girls to railroad tracks and generally fights for God, justice, and the Iansislean way.
Tasty Toast
03-08-2004, 12:22
Here are the results of the Tasty Toast jury:

When Insects Attack - starring Greg Evigan

When Things Get Knocked Over or Fall Off Shelves - starring Greg Evigan

Consider The Lilies - starring Jesus

Worms Do The Funniest Things - starring some worms
05-08-2004, 04:29
Ah, the films. Roycelandia has a very active Film Industry, with the most popular being the Kenya Johnson adventures (Indiana Jones, Roycelandian style), the James Connery espionage thrillers, and the latest comedy hit, "Dude, where's my Tank?"

That and all the big budget Imperial Guard vs Zulu Warrior type movies that the economy thrives on (Most of our entertainment industry owes something to Boy's Own adventures, Biggles, and the like...)
05-08-2004, 05:02
0. WN3: Weyr Net News Network (on WN3: 'Corrupting your mind for three centuries and running')
1. Full Metal Alchemist (on JA91, 'Beaming Japanimation 24/7')
2. Simpsons (on FOX5, 'Huh? what is this crap?')
3. Star Wars: Episode 12 [on SWC8, 'Yes, we expended a ton of cash and energy to go into the future and steal it']
4. There's a nuke in my toilet... (on WT41, 'd00dz!11')
5. Termin1x; starring Sylvan Siegel as Terminix, the golem from the past on a mission to save his best friend, who is a talking pie. (on MMCA, 'We don't need no friggin' numbers!')

All shows should be watched at their viewers' risks. Diving into 'net immersion is not reccomended for the weak of heart. Explicit imagery abounds.
Magnus Valerius
05-08-2004, 05:15
Since Magnus Valerius suffers a similar technology complex as Iansisle, broadcasting has not been installed as a major media as much as the radio in recent times. However, it is predicted that in 10 years, the citizens of the Crown Empire will be glued to the new "television" phenomenon that's already taking the wealthier citizens by storm. The Emperor of the nation himself has a giant "tele-screen" in his office which can be used to switch into diplomatic channels, if any.

Film Complexes often play for 5 Tares (1/20th of a Valerian Crown) a semi-popular cartoon series by the name of Lord of The Transvaal!. Lord Durham von Toit, under a coup supported by the Kaiser of Bierhaal, leads battles against the Zulus, drunken Badenese hussars from some random Valerian tavern, hordes of angry Hungarian mad scientists, homosexual automatons, and even those odd tea-drinking fellows, The British.

Newsreels and sports are also very popular among the populace, in which football (or soccer...) is the national sport.
05-08-2004, 05:34
1: Cops: Cops is a little different in Marak then it is in the rest of the world as the Marakese police use lightweight VTOL craft instead of police cars and have cameras attached to all of their guns.
Lower Freedonia
05-08-2004, 06:57
The most recent figures, compiled from the UniTron Random Number Generator:

1. SHEILA GRANT: UNDERCOVER NUDIST starring Julia Sawalha, on Civic TV 9.
2. DAPHNE THE VAMPIRE SLAYER starring Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce, on Public Videodrome 5.
3. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: CRIMINAL INTENT, on Pirate Frequency 37.566.
05-08-2004, 06:58
the most poular show in the nation is on ch1 Temrazira

The show "who wants to be a citizen" imagrents atemt to cross the tremran border which is strewn with traps and hazards anyone who makes it to the end gets a citisen card those that don't well the borders are not nestingrounds for ravens and vultures.

on chanell 2 the (Temra high temple channel)(think Pax crossed with CNN) the most poular show is the nightly brodcasts of the Hight priest of temra(do inpart to the fact that all other channels go black at that time)

on channel 4 TMN Temran music network there are no show just the diffrent musical gorups in temras varios performances and music videos because this include all forms of music from clasical to more modern and the play is random all citisens watch this channel to see there favorites and are exposed to other kinds as well

ch 5 is court cases and exicutions

ch 6 is like pbs but not boring

ch 7 is public access

ch 8 is a loop on the NIS (Naked In Schools)program which was adopted by the temran govenment

ch 9 is our movie channel(only films produced in the country or that pass our censors of course)

Rubert Turner
Minister of TV and Radio
The Holy Empire of Temra
The Resi Corporation
05-08-2004, 07:15
ch 6 is like pbs but not boring
((OOC: Dude, that's like saying "It's like Jell-o, but not Gelatin."))
05-08-2004, 07:35
Popular shows on the state-run vidscreen broadcasts:

11. "Skeelzania's Most Wanted" Basically just a scrolling column of names shown for a half hour. People still eagerly tune in: the average bounty is 700 Baskzs.

10. "Skeelzania's Funniest Execution Bloopers." A real classic of Principality television. Remember the time when the gallows collapsed on the tri-rapist? Or when the airlock malfunctioned, jettisoning a 240lb suspect through a hole no larger than 4cm square?

9. "SCARR Weekly Report" A must-watch for all those with holdings in the mining/resource-refining giant. Betting on how many planets were destroyed last week is a popular past time.

8. "When Mongooses Attack!" A half hour of people attempting stupid things with Solomon's only natrual predator: a 50 pound, glowing mongoose-like creature with a radioactive bite.

7. "Guess that Fighting-Move" Contestants are blind-folded, then attacked by a martial arts master. They then guess which brand of whop-ass was opened on them.

6. "Blackmail!" Video is candidly shot of random people of people in the act of adultery, moonlighting as a pimp, or buying an elf sex slave. The video is then shown: the longer it runs, the more money the "contestant" must pay to have it stop.

5. "Gnome Strangler" How many gnomes can you strangle in a minute?

4. "Whats in your wallet?" A surprise hit. People are mugged on the street, their wallet contents revealed on national TV. Can lead to awkward moments. (Remember the blow-up horse?)

3. "The Fedral Union Daily Grammar Report" A bet-at-home TV gameshow. Viewers see if they can correctly guess just how many words (excluding their own name) diplomats of the Federal Union misspelled in the last 24 hours

2. "Your Last Week Alive?" One of Skeelzania's more sucessful reality shows. Ten contestants submit to a mystery injection for the chance to win a million baskzs. Eight will develop a "Loser" mark on their arm, one will have a "You've Won!" mark appear on their forhead, and the 10th will burst into flames. The show chronicles how each contestant spends his or her potentionally last week alive.

1. "Skeelzania Today" The all-purpose, 24 hour news channel. In Skeelzania, citizens must watch at least 4 hours of this channel a day. However, most of the news is entertaining enough so that the people don't learn to much, thus making it popular.
05-08-2004, 08:14
It is difficult to judge exactly what programming on Drapoel state television is popular and what is less so, because what few public TV sets exist can not be turned off. They operate for at most a few hours per day, playing high quality dramas, cartoon films for children, and in depth news magazines and documentaries. They're all in roughly equal measure fantastic, realistic, informative, and entertaining.
05-08-2004, 10:15
Bandalok doesnt have television, but if it did...

"The Price is Right" - A panel of non-believers collected off the street attempt to bribe the host into sparing their worthless lives. The winner advances to next week's competition.

"Hunting With Svifnublaniopfs" - An inbred suboid and his loyal Carnifex go on extended trips that mostly involve sleeping under a pile of dead leafs or staring at a hundred-foot giga-turkey for half an hour.

"The God Emperor Power Hour" - Traditional televangalism, focusing on what happens when you DON'T believe in God.

"Its Not my Line Anyway" - Four scheming ship-masters sit in brooding silence. Can YOU guess what they're thinking?

"Infidel versus Beast" - Various unattractive alien species are pitted against the most fearsome Bandalok warriors. Live audience members are urged to bring their own splatter tarps and medical suppies; you never know when the occasional limb or carniverous animal will fly out of the arena.

"Stop Hitting Yourslef" - Random audience members are beaten to death by their own sawed-off arms and legs. Due to low attendance scores, the show has recently been canceled.

"Extreme Insults" - Contestants try to string together the lengthiest and most elaborate stream of curses and name-calling within the alloted time. Knife fights and blood-feuds are also common occurances.

"Gnomes Gone Wild" - Hot young gnomes all over the empire bare it all for a chance to hang out with popular celebrities. WARNING: MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

"Dusty Room 90210" - Attractive young dust motes fly around looking for something to cling to.
The Kolkraben
05-08-2004, 10:31
Hi. The top 10 tv shows in my (large) country are:

10. Finally, one of the worst tv shows ever. I am omitting its name for fear of lawsuits. I will just say that it is a space-based show and leave it at that.

9. News and Sport from around the (small) world

8. Clannad concerts

7. The Rosko show (see 6 for explenation)

6. (I know that this is a radio show but I get the radio through the tv if you follow my drift) Nightline

5. Live Champ Car races on SPEED channel (or Motors TV)

4. RN (Raven news)

3. The A-Team

2. Knight Rider

1. Live Corrs Concerts (Yay!!!!)

05-08-2004, 23:04
mm...well the best TV shows in CorpSac are:

1)how not to do it: the show normaly show what not to do at a bad time (like sing a church song to a Sadistic Satanist psyco, and tell him that god will forgive him) (18)

2)Arena: 4 people are placed into an arena with there eyes melted out with acid and have to fight there way out. people who come to watch the games are adviced to bring unbrellas due to the meny machines that turn people into liquid and spits it out the other side. (15)

3)Daily killings 101: the show that shows you the daily killings, rapist murderers all of them, such as being locked in a car and a Britny Spears tape playing constenly and your unable to turn the tape off, its been seen that people rip large chunks of there skin off adn strangle themselves. (15)

4)Daily car thift attepts and how they were stop: its were CCTV catchs people so stupid that they try and still a rich persons car, then the cars anti thift devices ativate (best one seen, the driver seats head rest vilently smacks you in the back of the neck and brakes it, leaving you unable to move then the sun window folds in a 360 dacree turn and takes the guys/gals head off, nad if theres 2 of them the passengers seat sends a spike right up the anus and it comes out your head) (15)

5)Hunt R'us: 10 poeple get stuck on an island and are hunted, normaly this show runs for 6 weeks and people bet on who will die first to last. (12)

6)Sirvier: 10 criminals are placed though alot of games designed to kill them, the one who doesnt die is set free (this has no happened yet as all the criminals have died in the games what a shame hay) (12)

7)Smash and Grab: its all in the name, you have to smash and grab what ever you can in a day in the city (PG)

8)Drop the dead thing: people have dead things droped on them then have to guess what it was (if they are alive) (PG)

9)Guilty: you the views have to decide if the person is guilty or not (so far each person whos ever come on this game has been found guilty) if your found not guilty you get 10 Million Cr (PG)

10)no sir yes sir oh shit: thats right a milltary Drill sargent asks 10 people questions and the answers are yes sir or no sir, dont forget the sir or oh shit will be the last thing you say. winner gets 1 million Cr and there life. the losers well lets say oh shit they wish the never sead that (15)

11)L.A.P: Local area police (L.A.P) is a really life thing that lets you see how cops kick the crap out of people get fosle confession all of it in a days work (if your luck even get to see them turture people) (PG)

12)DENN: Dark empire news networks what elce do i have to say

13)RTGK: thats right Racist twats get killed, watch how people kill Racists in the Empire, from the Invids who Stole a Insectiods shoe to the corpsacian who beat the crap out of a Racist Puppy
05-08-2004, 23:14
Larogera's Most Watched Television Shows

Three different comedies that are hits on television. They average around 10.2 million viewers a year...over half of the population watches every week. Fridays 8-9:30 pm LRA-Channel 3

Three different soap operas that are horrible, bloody, but most watched. Recently, laws put to work 'ethnicity' made Backstabbing immediately go off the air for a week, but many didn't stop watching the re-runs and new episodes. Weekdays 12:00-3:00 pm; Weekend Replays LRA-Channel 3,4,5

The talk show, following the soap operas is a news talk show that entertains and tells the news frequently. Syndicated 3:00-5:00 pm; Weekend Replays

The news channel averages 11.4 million viewers a day, and since it has been credited by all newspapers, and many Shattantanium Region critics, it has become one of the most 'un-bias' news networks ever. LRA Channel 24
Canada Isles
05-08-2004, 23:38
Canadain Isles Top TV shows:

1. Tom the Beaver~ An old cartoon series that's still popular today
2. Nemo- A series about what happens to Nemo after the Movie
3. Aliens- A series that is a cross between Star Trek and Stargate
4. CIBC News- The most watched news station in all the land
10-08-2004, 20:54
Top ten television shows in Knootoss

Knootoss, with its commitment to unregulated commercial television, has many channels controlled by relatively few owners. Almost 80% of the shows are imported foreign concepts. Nevertheless, a few of them manage to stand out in terms of ratings. These ratings vary wildly and a well-established show today can be threatened with cancellation tomorrow. As such, it is difficult to give a top ten, so the programmes listed here are the results of last weeks rating polls. It should be noted that the news-shows in these ratings only rank relatively high because of the impending Burungi conflict. Should there be questions, please contact the ministry of Economic Affairs and ask for the secretariat of media, or go to
-Knootian state-secretariat of media.

1 The 20:00 News (Het 20:00 Nieuws)
A KNN Prime 20 minutes roundup of the day with medium-brow news. Featuring a wide variety of subjects from the international developments, local items, sports and show news. The programme spends time explaining the news in ordinary terms and for doing this it has attracted various government prizes and subsidies. The 20:00 News is seen as relatively independent from specific (corporate or state) interests but it is never so critical as to offend anyone. Ratings tend to vary depending on the pace of international developments.

2 Keizersgracht
Knootoss’ longest running soap drama. Keizersgracht follows a group of handsome, young and rich yuppies living along the ‘Emperor canal’ in Amsterdam. The cast struggles with their relationships with and the everyday demands of being rich and famous. Current storylines involve David Braakman being abducted by the Rumbiak Brigade in Colombia, and Lilly Bloem trying to contact the spirit of her deceased mother (who actually has gone off in secret to live in the Endless Islands with Lilly’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan after framing a car accident on her third husband Alex.)

3 N00kz!
A new, deadly and highly controversial game show which has ratings going through the roof since it was first broadcasted a few weeks ago. The participants are divided up into five teams of two persons, representing five nuclear superpowers. Each group has one ‘controller’ with a red button and one other contestant who voluntarily places his or her life in the balance in ‘the green-glowing chair’.

The objective of the show is to “n00k” the ‘chair-players’ of the other teams while avoiding to be “nuked” yourself. The ‘green-glowing chairs’ are actually electric chairs which release a sustained dose of electric current if the person in it is “nuked” by any other team. (“N00king” can be done by any team at any time during the show; the n00king team can chose the dose and duration when they attack. The choice of quitting is given to the ‘controller’ of the n00ked team before its ‘chair player’ is exposed to painful or lethal doses)

Teams can increase their “arsenal” of Nookz! (aka. The amount of electricity they are allowed to “spend” on others) by correctly answering questions from the game master. The team with the surviving ‘chair player’ (either literally or, more commonly, the team that quits last) wins a huge prize. Forming coalitions and combining “N00k” doses with another team to eliminate a third team is allowed and encouraged.

Several pressure groups are up in up in arms and arguing that this is abuse of the euthanasia laws and crossing the line of preconceived murder but the producers have consistently argued that all the players have given written consent before entering. Knootian authorities, too, are looking for a refinement of the law with the objective of banning the show and it has been outlawed in several other countries already.

4 Pure Pleasurable Porn (Triple-P) (Pure Plezierige Porno – Triple P)
As the name implies, Triple-P is the most popular adult entertainment show in the DDR. Their programmes are repeated round the clock on their own freely accessible channel. (Shows being regularly interrupted for specialised product-placement.) Triple-P features a LOT of classic Edölian and underground Lietuv material.

5 Bigtopians say the darnest things
Local broadcasting of the international success. Actually won prizes for the positive portrayal of minority stereotypes in Knootoss.

6 The men of this world.
Popular queer-centred show with items about all aspects of gay life. The show covers music, going out (especially dancing), fun holiday destinations, cultural events ( ‘the Gay Agenda’) , unashamed speculation as to the orientation of celebrities and much, much more. The hosts, Rikkie and Julio, are especially popular with the younger viewers and this inspired ‘The men of this world On Tour’.

The producers of the programme are hoping to spread into other gay-friendly countries, they are sure that it’ll be as much of a hit as it is in the DDR.

Sixth instalment of the reality-TV programme. Patriotic rednecks from vastly different nations (not speaking a common language) are put together in one house. They have to try to survive individually and cooperate to complete simple tasks together. The current cast features a Jewish-Allanean gun nut, an illiterate citizen of the Fedral Union, an Edölian emigrant, an Iesus religious zealot, a proud Tarasovkan ex-sergeant and a mentally unstable Angstian schoolgirl. The ‘survivor’, who has to combine skill at completing the tasks with not being voted off by the Knootian audience, wins four million euros.

8 The Van Dyke Show (De van Dyke Show)
A KNN World rip-off of the Daily Show, weekly featuring a famous cabaret group doing spoofs of people in the news. Especially popular are the actor doing the “communist generals” and Dick Tator, and the acress with a famous Angry Lady Siri/ Lady Galadriël who also does a passable “plotting Nathi”.

9 The Elvish Hour (Het Elven Uur)
A posh KNN show, entirely spoken in Quenya and covering all things Elvish. This includes developments in the Elvish nations, the most recent results of linguistic studies, a lot of genealogy and theories on why Elves are inherently superior to all other beings. (Or –rarely- why they are not.) Every show is hosted by a different Elvish “expatriate” residing in Knootoss for at least a century. He or she also tells the story of his life and his family history. Current Prime Minister Lady Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan actually appeared on this show twice before an election and it is widely watched amongst the sizable Elvish minority in the DDR.

10 Hilversum nights (Hilversumse nachten)
Famous porn star ‘Bretta Boobies’ takes a close look behind the scenes of the Knootian sex-industry. She gives her opinion of the latest movies, interviews the actors and actresses, visits wet t-shirt parties and, as a fixed item, seduces both a male and a female guest on her show to give a ‘live performance’. (adult entertainment)
10-08-2004, 22:14
Several pressure groups are up in up in arms and arguing that this is abuse of the euthanasia laws and crossing the line of preconceived murder but the producers have consistently argued that all the players have given written consent before entering. Knootian authorities, too, are looking for a refinement of the law with the objective of banning the show and it has been outlawed in several other countries already.
Banned here. ;)

4 Pure Pleasurable Porn (Triple-P) (Pure Plezierige Porno – Triple P)
As the name implies, Triple-P is the most popular adult entertainment show in the DDR. Their programmes are repeated round the clock on their own freely accessible channel. (Shows being regularly interrupted for specialised product-placement.) Triple-P features a LOT of classic Edölian and underground Lietuv material.
Sooo illegal in Syskeyia.

6 The men of this world.
Popular queer-centred show with items about all aspects of gay life. The show covers music, going out (especially dancing), fun holiday destinations, cultural events ( ‘the Gay Agenda’) , unashamed speculation as to the orientation of celebrities and much, much more. The hosts, Rikkie and Julio, are especially popular with the younger viewers and this inspired ‘The men of this world On Tour’.

The producers of the programme are hoping to spread into other gay-friendly countries, they are sure that it’ll be as much of a hit as it is in the DDR.

Not broadcast here, obviously. :)

10 Hilversum nights (Hilversumse nachten)
Famous porn star ‘Bretta Boobies’ takes a close look behind the scenes of the Knootian sex-industry. She gives her opinion of the latest movies, interviews the actors and actresses, visits wet t-shirt parties and, as a fixed item, seduces both a male and a female guest on her show to give a ‘live performance’. (adult entertainment)

Hmmm... good thing that's not broadcast in Syskeyia, or there would be jail time. :)

I'll post Syskeyia's top shows later.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
The Island of Rose
10-08-2004, 23:02
Since Rosians are liberal, we really don't have a censor. But we do have state-owned T.V. which is not run by the state but the profits go to the state. Nice system hm?

10) Historical Hilarity: Each weeknight, we show a famous moment in International History using sarcasm and humor, very popular.

9) n00ks and n00bs: A humourous look at international politics, it lasts for about one hour. Comedians thrive here as they make fun of famous nations such as AMF, Doujin, FWS and more.

8) S24/7: Streaking is the national sport of TIOR, this show is actually a channel also, providing 24/7 coverage of streaking.

7) Catholicism made Fun: Screw boring masses, watch as we convert the 3% athiest population with entertaining antics and fun masses.

6) RNN: The Rosian News Network

5) AE24/7: Adult Entertainment 24/7, on basic cable too.

4) Damn Political Idealogies: A great show, which pokes fun at idealogies by sterotyping their supporters. Think variety show.

3) NINJA!: A martial arts show spoof.

2) Gun and Fun: A 30 minute show highlighting all the fun new guns

1) Night in Rose: A one hour late night talk show, it pokes fun at TIOR's culture. Think Conan O' Brien.
Drizzts Army
11-08-2004, 00:04
1.DAN- National news
2.Battles Gold- A huge program where it shows historic battles using game tech(Like the Historys Channels Decisive Battles)
3.Kate45- Adult Programming
4.Anime Central- Anime shows, blah blah blah
5.MCTV- Our version of MTV
8.Travel Guide- Commericials for vistors about attractions and all that
10.KDFKids-Kid programming
11-08-2004, 00:14
The following are several of the more popular, domesticly produced Kanuckistani TV shows, excluding specific events coverage and news.

Tail - A show detailing the latest in cybernetics, biotechnology, as well as related fasions and sports. Hosted by a woman who tends to undergo species reassignment every few months.

Incursion - Follows the exploits of Uniphase Armouries Interversal's Expiditionary Corps as they journey to new worlds and universes in search of new resources, knowledge, and technology.

Schlock Defence Weekly - Covers the latest defence industry news, as well as in-depth product reviews and, most popularly, feild trials.

V'rena - Follows virtual combat tourniments, which utalise either full body, force-feedback motion capture suits or neural links, the former of which is considered the more 'profesional' of the two. Covers individual and team based sports of varrious types, from classic gladitorial to giant city-smashing robotic combat.

Blade - Covers the sport of swordsmanship and related martial arts.

Down the Rabbit Role - A combonation reality show/live action role playing game, with contestents jacked into a photorealistic VR enviroment for the duration; typicly lasts several months unless too many are accidently 'killed' prematurly, during which time the audiance follows the party's adventures on TV and the net. This show has spawned several spinoffs in varrious genres, several of which are interactive. Atleast two major MMORPGs have similar shows.

Phase - Covers the electronic entertainment industry.

Vigilanti Inc. - A gritty action/drama about a company of ex-police and military officers sponsored by wealthy governments and individuals that fight crime around the world, where local forces can't or won't intervein.

Battleship - Similar to Battlebots and Robot Wars iRL, but on the water and with ships mounting anything from modifyed pistols to flame throwers to miniguns rockets. Includes varrious weight and weapon classes, as well as team-based compititions.

'mod - Follows the amature game modding community, as well as the gaming industry in general.

@Discovery.ka - Daily science show, featuring the latest in science-related news and information.

Sunday Prayer with Priestess Nakaya - Kanuckistani State Religon television show; the combonation of 3.4 billion devoted worshippers, large numbers of atractive, exotic, frequently naked women of varrious species, and often graphic sexual acts easily makes this one of the country's most popular shows.

Polymorph - An ever-changing home-interactive gameshow involving many twists and turns, wherein the contestents are almost always turned into various unusual and exotic creatures, which are commonly picked by the home audiance.

The Wandering Vagrant - A program showcasing various cultural events around the nations.

Sixth instalment of the reality-TV programme. Patriotic rednecks from vastly different nations (not speaking a common language) are put together in one house. They have to try to survive individually and cooperate to complete simple tasks together. The current cast features a Jewish-Allanean gun nut, an illiterate citizen of the Fedral Union, an Edölian emigrant, an Iesus religious zealot, a proud Tarasovkan ex-sergeant and a mentally unstable Angstian schoolgirl. The ‘survivor’, who has to combine skill at completing the tasks with not being voted off by the Knootian audience, wins four million euros.

Here'd be an interesting future contestent, me thinks; a well endowed Kanuckistani foxgirl-taur nudist, gun nut, militia sergent, state religous zealot, and nympho, with extensive cyberware and biomods.
11-08-2004, 02:20
The Roycelandian pay TV channel RSkyTV has recently introduced a controversial new show, "Religious Rumble", where religious leaders of the various faiths attempt to work out their inter-faith differences with enlightened discussion, humour, Wrestling Manoeuvres, Melee Weapons, Martial Arts, and Firearms.

The current "winners" are the Atheists, after the Atheist spokesman performed the dreaded Flying Butt Pliers on the Violetist spokesman before sending the Cult of The Sun spokeswoman sprawling with a roundhouse flying bicycle kick.

The Roycelandian Government has offered no official comment on the show, but the TAB (Bookies) report skyrocketing bets from punters since the show started to air...
The Island of Rose
11-08-2004, 02:33
OOC: Mind if I sent an Archbishop there?
11-08-2004, 03:05
The number one rated show, aired on FOX-

Super Hyper Happy Fun Time Super Remix Television Show!
We abduct a random person off from the streets, and strap them to a table filmed from eleven different views. We then flash a number across the screen for people to call in torture methdos to use on the victim. Whichever method makes the unlucky one shriek the loudest, pass out first, or die, will win whoever sugested the method a One Terabyte Prize! Hosted by the cheery Summer Sanders, from Nicks 'Figure it Out!'
The Island of Rose
11-08-2004, 03:16
OOC: Only in NationStates :rolleyes:

Me! :mp5:
Shadow Arms Co
11-08-2004, 04:05
The most watched show in Obscure Nation is, perhaps:

How Should the Theist Die!?: Convicted religious criminals are subjected to the most hillarious of televised death penelties! The veiwers vote on what they would most enjoy seeing, with most entertaining results. Hosted by the Omnipotent himself, Coordinator Dread, he's the one pulling the trigger and sharpening the blades.

Funeral Chairs: A rousing modification of musical chairs, contestants race to their seats as the one left standing is brutally stabbed to death. Contestants are nabbed off the streets by people in black suits and stuffed in unmarked vans!

Tug of Death: A tug-of-war game, although the middle is a massive pit filled with jagged, rusty spikes! The last person/people standing on one team wins!

Who Loves the Coordinator?: A game in which contestants attempt to oppease Coordinator Dread with odd talent acts, often having fatal consequences. They are held at gunpoint with a big ass shotgun by Dread himself.
11-08-2004, 09:10
OOC: Mind if I sent an Archbishop there?

Of course! Foreign Competitors are always welcome on Religious Rumble...

Other shows debuting on Roycelandian TV soon include:

Watching Paint Dry: 30 minutes of exciting Paint Drying Action! Will the sun's harmful UV rays crack the finish? Will some idiot ignore the "Wet Paint" sign and put mucky handprints all over the painted surface? Will the paint blister and dry badly? Tune in and find out! (RBC 3)

Russian Roulette: Broadcast on RSkyTV, this pits two contestants against each other in a bid to win prizes, including the grand prize of a small island in Coral Palm Island Colony. Rumour abounds as to whether the show is faked...

All Majesty, All The Time: Talk Show hosted by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Royce I- A wide variety of topics and guests make this a show to watch... (RBC 1)
Dance 2 Revolution
11-08-2004, 10:36
10. Mall Sweep - We let 5 people into a closed mall to see how many things they can steal and put into their Trolley. The stealing equipment now often turns into weapons as contestants get greedier and greedier seeing what people before them have won

9. Little Brother - We pick 12 contestants, give them big recording gear then let them loose on the public. The best bits of their recording are shown daily and weekly evictions take place to decide which contestant should have their gear taken off them and thrown into the Pit Of Doom.

8. Sports Weekly - Have a look at all the sporting action that happened over the last week from around the globe.

7. The D2R - ED War Show - Shows how our proud nation managed to defeat the out of control Everybody Dies.

6. Lives of the Rich and Famous - We follow all kinds of D2Rs celebrities and rich men/women to see what they do in their lives away from the public eye.

5. D2R's 10 Most Wanted - Shows some of the action-packed police chases over the last few years and tells of the police progress in catching the 10 most wanted of the day

4. 101 Suicidles - We collect 101 people who want to die and collect them all into our Death Studio, then we ask people to phone in with their ideas how to kill them, the most original ones will be used to kill them on Live TV!

3. D2R Football League Roundup - Shows all the footballing action from the D2R Leagues

2. Computer Games Central - Shows the up and coming Computer Games for all the consoles available in D2R, with a Bemani special every month and other speciality shows weekly.

1. The Las Vegas Show - Showing all typps of Gambling action from around the globe and a top 100 winners chart which is changing virtually every day!!!
13-08-2004, 15:14