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Hostage Situation

02-08-2004, 12:20
The little village of Am 'Zaal slowly embraced the night, with the sun setting on the horizon the people ate their final meal before going to bed. The surrounding dessert began broke its silence as the creatures of the night woke up to do what they did best, whatever that was.
The red stone/mud houses got dark one by one, and soon the only light seen was the moon, wich gazed on the small village. Inside one of these two-storey high houses, Vladimir Kaazmov slept. Walking his dreamlands, not a care in the world for his surroundings. Vladimir Kaazmov was one a govermental official to the Dannelandian goverment, no one realy knew what he did, except for his superiours ofcourse. But this weekend, he was visiting his parrents, and the village wich he could call "home".

The village itselfe layed on the outskirts of the Dannelandian dessert, far from the rest of the world, far from everything.

When the clock stroke one a.m, two trucks with their lights of stoped just outside the village. Three men with a ladder jumped out the back of one of the trucks and put the ladder against a pole. One of them climbed up and cut of the phone wire. He climbed down and the ladder and the three men got up in the truck again.

Moments later the trucks stoped infront of Vladimir Kaazmov's parrents house and some twenty men, dressed in black with hoods and armed with aka's jumped of the back. Last, a man also in black, but no hood. Smoking a cigarr jumped of. Seeming a bit like the leader, he gave some signs with his hands and the twenty men nodded.

Four of them placed themselves beside the front door. Ten of them dissapeard into the dark, placing themselves on various strategic keypoints in the village. Three of them climbed up on the roof of the house and the other three went to the back.

When the clock stroke 01.12 the men on the front opened up the front door, the men on the back did the same with the back door and those on the roof climed inside through a window.

Vladimir himselfe, continued his beuty sleep and heard nothing, he didnt wake up untill he felt the barrell of a gun pointed at his forehead.

"What is this, who are you!" he said with a irritated voice.
The man who seemed to be a leader walked up to him, "You do not need to worry, if your goverment acts as we wish.. you will stay alive.. if not.."

Some hours later Vladimir sat on a chair infront of a camera, sending live to the world.

"Hello.. my name is Vladimir Kaazmov. I have been taken hostage, along with my village"
The camera filmed over the town square where all the villagers sat on their knees with their hands on their necks.
"Daniel, dictator of Danneland, you must release The true leader of Danneland, Paulus.. or my villagers, and I will be killed

The camera was shut of and the leader walked up to Vladimir.
"Now, just pray to whatever god you see fit that your leader will do as he is told"