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Klonor Empire Destroyed! (This is a re-post of a thread, this is NOT happening now)

01-08-2004, 03:01
The Duke slowly walked to his bedchambers, sighing after a long day. Sales for the KSS were down, relations with neighboring star systems were stressed, and people were getting more and more pissed at having to share Deneb with Lil miss. To top it all off, he had a major migraine. Odd, since science had pretty much made migraines a thing of the past. However, nobody had been able to do much with this one.

As he neared his bed he heard a vague whispering sound, seeming to come from all around him. He pauses, reaching down and grasping the CRIMtech Pulsar Assault Rifle strapped to his leg (A member of the Royal Family, since in constant combat with all other members, never went anywhere unarmed. Even though he was the only one left alive, old habits are hard to break.)

"Who's there? Reveal yourself at once, or I shall summon the guards."

An empty threat, since the guards should have already been there. Something was wrong.

"Reveal yourself!"

He brings up the Rifle, powering the core and readying the firing stud. He might be a Duke and rather pampered, but he was a dead shot with almost any type of firearm.

I already have

The Duke didn't even respond to that, already quite freaked out

We have shown you ourselves many times already. Regulus.......Salm......Bobaria..... have you already forgotten them?

The Duke paused at this, wondering at the connection. Regulus was a civil war, Salm was a wannabe deposer, and Bobaria was entirely the Duke's fault (just stretching some military muscle). What could this weird voice have to do with any of those?

What could we have to do with them? We were them. The Regulus rebellion? They were our troops. General Salm? He was our operative. Bobaria? The war that you started? Well, there is much that some subliminal messages can accomplish. You have been playing our game. For our victory.

The Duke paused again, realising that he hadn't spoken aloud that time.

Of course we can read your thoughts. We can even broadcast our own. Where do you think you're hearing this? If you had the necessary control you'd realise your auditory channels aren't in use. You hear what we want you to hear.

The Rifle slowly lowers, the Duke finally realising what was going on.

Didn't it ever occur to you that all the wars were the same battle? What did the Regulus troops and Salm all say? I'm sure you can remember if you tried.

Yes, I remember. That the Duchy was sapping the Empire of its strength. That we were propping up our enemies while lowering ourselves. That we were digging our own grave. I never connected it, but Salm said the same thing before he tried to kill me.

Finally, the last horse crosses the finish line. They were all our pawns, but they were correct. The Duchy is failing and is dragging the rest of Klonor with it. We will not stand for that. Good bye, Duke.

The Duke swung up the Rifle again, prepared for anything. Unfortunately, a Rifle isn't much good against something inside your own mind.

With a scream that reaches down to the very core of his soul the Duke collapses, grasping his hair as he howls in pain. The air screams out of lungs, tearing at his throat as it erupts with such a heart rendering sound that if anybody had been within range to hear it they would have collapsed in agony. However, such force can not be maintained for long. Even as the last of the air is sucked from his lungs he loses conciousness, his heart slowing and his brain collapsing. Within seconds he's nothing but a mere husk, a dead body with a dead mind. A truly horrendous way to die.

Even as the Duke is struck down from within his own head the rest of the Government is struck. Explosives in place for decades, sleeper agents manipluated from before they were even born, sabotaged ships, all are activated at once. Harbinger Warheads detonate, Beam Cannons fire, Agents snap the spines of their targets....... and the Klonor Empire falls.

First goes the System Governments, 100 person senates given the task of creating the laws of each Colonised System. Then the Planetary Executers, multi-man groups responsible for tailoring the laws to each specific planet and making sure they are carried out to their extent. Lastly, the Regional Magistrates, individuals who create the laws governing local conduct and responsible for settling all inter-Regional disputes. All are eliminated. All are executed quite efficiently. All in ways to make the most cold blooded killers shiver in their boots.

The Klonor Empire spanned 6 Stellar-Systems. It had taken centuries to build, centuries to support, supply, and defend. It had cost the lives of countless millions. It was all obliterated in seconds.

Then there was silence..........