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New to Military Structure

01-08-2004, 02:10
OOC: Well, as you all can plainly see, I'm new to NS. I'm getting a handle on the Politics, but there's a detail in the Military planning that I haven't quite gotten. I'm trying to plan the number of equipment needed for certain elements (Companies, Platoons, so on and so forth) for the first full mechanized infantry Brigade of my nation.

This is what I have so far for a mechanized infantry Company (I plan on making other specialized companies, Anti-aircraft, logistical support, etc)

Four ST-11s
Five M113A3 APCs
Two M2A3 Bradleys
Three M998 HMMWVs

With combined crew requirments of the vehicles, this leaves 72 soldiers free, should I devide them into say, 7 Squads and 2 Field Medics?

I must be sounding awfully noobish right now, but I wanted to get these thigns striahgt, so that I wouldn't just buy and buy equipment that really wouldn't be put to use affectively...not to mention I didn't want to get chewed out if I entered a war, saying: "I sendz two-million, sixty-four thousand and one battle tanx at you! Killing everyone!" short, if anyone can give me advise on the structuring of a Military unit, I'd be very greatful.
01-08-2004, 02:18
Well, You know how to count you probally know how to say nuclear you'd be a great president... You know like US standards...
01-08-2004, 02:21
I empathize, i'm in the same boat...
01-08-2004, 02:32
Thank you, I'd hope I would be a good president. No offense to nations with Nuclear Arsenals, but all WMDs seem to do is take the fun out of Role-Playing war (at least from what I've seen). Instead of taking the time to write up a post about actually engaging an enemy's military, it seem like they simply fire every nuke they can...and say: "I win!"

If that's all it takes, then what's the point? Again, no offense to Nuclear Nations.

And Drakoa -- I feel for you, man. But we'll get it soon enough.
Neo England
01-08-2004, 03:10
I'm sure theres somewhere else on this forum for this... perhaps "NationStates" or "Internation Affairs"

The above listed forums are the Role-Play forums. This forum is for talk about your nation and its developement etc, also regional politics.
01-08-2004, 03:16
Thank you, Neo-England, I just thought that it would be considered a part of the gameplay, not to mention that both of those are IC threads. Pardon my ignorance. :/
Monte Ozarka
01-08-2004, 08:50
Well, as a n00b myself not too long ago, I have found the site VERY helpful.

Here's a few links:
US Army Table of Organization and Equipment :

Learn about the strategic command structure and unit histories of the various branches:

U.S. military weapons...every single one of them:

Happy reading!
Saint John Vianney
01-08-2004, 09:54
Thanks for the links Monte, they're fantastic. I've found them immensely helpful as I work on trying to figure out my military situation. While I'm a nation of 250 million, I never figured any of this out before. I've now got a fairly decent idea of what it should look like. Any ideas where a good place to post for review of it would be?
Der Angst
01-08-2004, 16:50
Personally, I would suggest not giving a damn about such statistics, since said statistics are kinda, errr... useless (Or even counterproductive) for RP.

I *really* wouldn't want to know how many bullets each of your soldiers carries, should a conflict situation arise...

There are so many other things one can write, without caring about statistics. Really.
Monte Ozarka
01-08-2004, 17:38
No, individual statistics are not important. However, it is important to know what units you're controlling and give it a sense of reality. Thus, you won't end up creating some sort of unit like a destroyer-sized vessel w/18inch guns and a 45knot cruising speed. :rolleyes: Plus, it's always good to be able to throw out model numbers so that your enemies/allies know what units you're using, i.e. M1A2, M113, M2A3, Ticonderoga, etc.

Also, the TOE's really help w/the organization of your army. (Just don't nitpick over all the details.) This way, you won't have things like 20 divisions of tanks and NO support or logistical units tagging along.

In other words, knowledge allows you not to godmod. :D
01-08-2004, 22:23
Thank you very much for those links, Monte, they'll be very useful. That's exactly why I wanted something like that, to keep me from godmodding. That, and I wanted to see what equipment I needed to buy, in what numbers. I certainly didn't want to end up with 50,000 tanks with no support.
Not to mention, I've always wanted to RP a batle, and actual battle, not just "sends 100,000 men", but actually micro-managing a battle (not all battles, of course, but the most important ones), make any sence?

And Der Angst, my soliders will carry one more bullet than everyone elses...joking. :P