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Green Gold - Tobacco (Open Rp)

31-07-2004, 10:20
(OOC: You can pretty much be anyone relevant. Chain smoker who can’t quit, drug lord, policeman, anti-smoking acitivist with a grudge, random civilian who gets caught up, etc. The characters mentioned in this introduction are also up for grabs. I myself will be playing the Taiwanese Police Force)

The young man stood at the edge of the bus station, shivering and fidgeting, looking pale as a body from a morgue. His right arm was covered with nicotine patches, which didn’t help at all and made it look like his arm was bandaged. It looked like he was a burns victim from a distance. His fumbling fingers reached into his pocket, expecting to find a cigarette. But then he remembered that there were no more cigarettes – they were banned. Banned by the government for the sake of public health and national interest.

He reached into his other pocket and took out a nicotine inhaler and breathed deeply. It wasn’t the same, he thought. Still, it helped, if only slightly. His shivering became less intense and life became tolerable again.

“Sir, you look like your’re dead!” The young man turned around. “But this might make you feel better.”

The mysterious stranger who had approached him silently and stealthily was wearing a beanie and a black leather jacket showed him a packet of cigarettes tucked into one of his many pockets. Instinctively, the young man grabbed for it. Fumbling with the packet, he ducked behind a nearby lamp post and ripped the packet open, lighting the cigarette with his lighter and sucking on it heavily. Ahh….. he thought as the fumes hit the back of his throat.

“Woah, easy there. The first packet’s free. You come here often?”
The young man nodded, still in an orgasmic state from the cigarette.
“I can get you some more. But they’ll cost ya.”
Then , leaning over into the young man’s ear, he whispers “Ask for Cola next time. And be discreet.”

As quickly as he arrived, the stranger left, walking away casually as though nothing had happened.

A person not familiar with the current affairs of the state could be forgiven for thinking that there was a one-in-a-hundred year forest fire going on in the city. But it was not the forests burning, it was the hundred-year old tobacco plantations on the outskirts of the city. A plantation that had survived WWII and Black Friday was no longer, it was burning up on the government’s orders.

From the nearby houses, one could see men covered in firefighting garments walk through the fields, armed with flamethrowers, and the policemen standing guard nearby to prevent the now unemployed locals from disturbing the peace. The thick dark smoke continues to billow up into the air, a symbol of the prohibition.

In the town square, there was also another gathering of spectators. Usually, they would be looking at a CD-crushing event designed to scare off software pirates. Today however, the tobacco drying equipment from the nearby factories of the Formosa Tobacco was laid out in the centre of the square and steam-rolled while dozens of anti-smoking lobbyists cheered nearby. The crunches of the equipment were greeted with an equally loud roar from the audience. Some of the audience took to the Formosan Tobacco signs from a nearby dairy with hammers and blocks of wood, smashing them apart.

Meanwhile, a radio in the background delivered financial news for the day.

Stock in Formosan Tobacco, a star performer on the Taipei Index over the last year, announced a trading halt after its plantations were razed by the police as part of the government’s ban on tobacco. Formosan Tobacco shares had lost 86% of their value over the last week

Pescadores Islands, Ma-kung
Lao Long’s helicopter swung into view from his mansion. Being the adventurer and the businessman he was, his CD Piracy business had recently expanded into tobacco despite the heavy penalties for being caught trafficking.

He looked outside his helicopter, and saw the nursery plants taking hold in the lush soil of his farmyard. Acres upon acres upon acres of tobacco. Millions upon millions in profits to be made from selling them at high prices to chain smokers. In the local offices, the farmyard was known as the Formosan Tea Corporation and it was expensive to maintain that with bribes to local officials every now and then. The security was also impressive. Armed patrols would enter the plantation every now and then, and would shoot on site anyone that made it over the 3m tall 21,000 volt electric fence. Cameras also kept a watchful eye over the plantation.

As he landed on the disguised helipad, one of his aides approached him with paperwork from the Bank of Nigeria. It needed his signature urgently, she said. Lao Long signed it, and was expecting a few million to be out of Taiwan within the day. There were other tobacco suppliers on the island which he kept in good relations with. The Pescadores had literally overnight become one of Asia’s largest tobacco producers due to the proximity to Taiwan’s market.

As he signed it he looked at the fading sunset and sighed. It would only be a matter of time before the enforcement agencies and their anti-tobacco crackdown from the mainland would reach the islands. Better enjoy it while he still could.

Taiwan Straits
A large shape moved silently through the night. It was the HMS Mercury, an oil tanker “officially” charted by a Taiwanese oil company but in fact run by a Pescadores Island drug baron. The crew had made this journey many times before, evading detection every time.

Or so they though…

From the distance of a few dozen metres above the Mercury, a UAV circled like a pack of vultures. It was a police UAV, tracking this shipload for the 5th time. Armed with millimetric radar systems, the UAV could detect the contents of the ship and it was not legal. Hundreds of tonnes of tobacco. There was the evidence, enough to get a conviction, enough to dedicate millions of dollars of resources into pursuing further leads. Things move fast in the police force now.

By the end of the next day, an operation to clean up the Pescadores was already planned, and several members of the police force were shortlisted for operation.
31-07-2004, 10:36
It was merely a piece of metal to untrained eyes. They would see it as a toy perhaps. But not to Chan Li. That star in his hand represented a decade of whole-hearted service in the ROCA. A decade of service for his country now behind him.

Ah, the memories. But no time for nostalgia now, there's the meeting at the police station. With a brilliant reference from the army, Chan had been shortlisted as a candidate to "resolve the situation on the Pescadore Isles". It must have been something important, he thought. They wouldn't even tell him the more important details over the phone. Someone might be listening, they said.

But they did tell him about the benefits of successfully resolving the "situation". They mentioned the money, glory, honor, and among other things. He was already sold when they mentioned the money. It would definitely cover his rather horrendous debts and plenty more.

Chan Li arrived at the police station full of expectation. It was going to be an interesting day.
The SS Rackare
31-07-2004, 13:12
The SS Rackare slipped silently through the wind-chopped water. It was a fairly large motoryacht, but it was not any motoryacht. And it was not just any custom-made Kajna yacht either. Who were the Kajna? Who knows. Who says there was any Kajna?

For one, it seemed different. Painted solid black. The windows had solid sheets of composite over them, able to be flipped up, and with a digital camera mounted on them. The ship was not stealth, no, but it was as stealthy as a civilian ship could be: composites, nothing on deck, shapes designed to protect it.

The ship was a trimaran, after a fashion. It had a basic monohull, but with two outriggers. Inside each of these outriggers were hidden torpedo bays and a hidden cargo bay. It was to serve its purpose as a smuggling and pirate ship.

In the wardroom, Eric Penan joined his crew of three. He was nominally the captain, but they all pretty much shared responsibilities. Sitting at the table were Chelsea Tanal, Nicholas Alanag, and his younger brother, Rick Penan. "Let's call on this Lao Long figure. Since the Taiwanese government has banned smoking, he's gotten into the business. He'll need cargoes carried." said Eric.

"I'm game for any job, as long as I don't have to get near the shit." said Nick. His sentiment was echoed by the other two members of the crew by their raising of their glasses, containing an extremely heavily caffinated -most people, unless used to large doses, would become ill on it- and sweet-tasting white liquid they mixed up.

Eric wheeled over to the computer on his chair- an interesting, custom item, like most of the furniture. The chair was an office chair, yes, but styled as a piece from the 1920s.

He plotted out into the terminal, and thusly the ship's quantum computer and thusly the autopilot a course to the island of Ma-kung. Once there, they would call on Lao Long.
01-08-2004, 01:07
Lao Long did not like the news. Worse, it was bloody front page news. One of his cargo vessels was boarded around yesterday night, it's contents confiscated by a couple of arrogant policemen looking triumphant. On further reading, the news wasn't all bad, there was a silver lining at least. The captain of the vessel had killed the crew and committed suicide, taking their knowledge and secrets to the grave. Lao Long's "business" was safe for now.

He took another drink of his Bailey's whisky but was interrupted by the sound of machine gun bursts from the direction of his private jetty. As quick as a flash, he took a pair of binoculars and observed the scene.


The man shot his AK-47 into the air 5 times, the code for "Please identify yourself.". He waited for the password, while in the nearby bushes in a hidden pillbox with a 40mm cannon trained it's sights onto the boat, waiting to open fire if there was no response.
01-08-2004, 01:59
The SS Rackare
01-08-2004, 02:20
OOC: Doesn't this island have a city or a town with a dock at it? That's where I meant this thing to dock. If it does not, please tell me, and I'll roleplay it from there.
01-08-2004, 03:54
Linda's dark eyes sparkled. Business would boom because of this anti-smoking law. She opened up her store an hour earlier, hoping that she could possibly cash in on this new law. They said it would be bad for the economy; well, not for her economy.
01-08-2004, 05:30
01-08-2004, 05:50
Jamacian Drug Lord Dalmeice San Dulu sat on his balcony looking over his massive yard that included pools,tennis courts,basket ball courts and a golf course. Word of the tabacco ban spread quickly and Overdose(San Dulu) got his nose into it right away. The police were on his payroll..well most of them so he was pretty much free to do what ever he wanted. By the first month of his new tobacco buisness he would have enough for another home like this one maybe somwhare in Baccardi or Imitora....:

"Sean ma maan, get much tobacco as we can as afew fellas already owes me a favor..when tobacco will sell more then my coke or weed im interested.."

Od's finalcial aid nodded and strolled back into the house leaving his boss smiling staring out at the ocean....
01-08-2004, 10:44
OOC: Doesn't this island have a city or a town with a dock at it? That's where I meant this thing to dock. If it does not, please tell me, and I'll roleplay it from there.

OOC: Ahh, right. Ignore my previous post then.

As the SS Rackare docks into the Ma-kung docks, the Harbour security team sends a boat alongside the Rackare as per standard security procedure.
"Gidday fellows," the man on the boat wearing a security uniform says, "Could I check your papers?"

The security officer looked at the yatch. It was a very unusual one.

OOC: Temme, could you describe your store?


For Chan Li, the preceding weeks were hard work. There was getting back into shape, the pain of someone dumber than him barking orders, and the pages of doctrine study. But now the work was going to pay off. He had been promoted, and with the new job, came the new pay.

Wearing a neat police detective uniform, the ferry docked into Ma-Kung with a boatload of police officers from the Taiwanese mainland, all his subordinates. There were other investigations underway simulatenously, each focusing on a specific tobacco grower. Chan wasn't assigned one - his job was to stop traffic, or more correctly, the various ships that would supply Taiwan with tobacco.

The first thing he did was to clean up the place. He and his subordinates marched into the Ma-kung police station and presented the grossly incompetent incumbent police commander with an arrest warrant. We know about your bribes, he told him.
The SS Rackare
01-08-2004, 16:10
"Yes, here they are."

They were indeed valid papers. The Rackare wasn't smuggling anything at the moment, so they had no need not to present valid papers.
02-08-2004, 00:07
"Clear to go, have a nice time here."
The security officer drove off.


Chan Li had done his first bust (abiet an easy bust). A group of Russians claiming to be doing some kiwifruit farming. Kiwifruit farming! It didn't take an expert to figure out that kiwifruit didn't grow well here with the poor soils and all. The Russians would be arrested and charged, hopefully imprisoned for life.

OOC: We need some more players, this is still open.
02-08-2004, 01:20
"Hey man wassup?" "Watcha got'd against me my man?"

"You own a an illegal tobacco garden in the back yard, what more do i have to pint out to you?"

"A lot, man. Those were just grass my homei, nothing's wrong with grass aye?"

"Ok, you also sold the 'grass' to young teens. They were smokign it."

"Hell, I sold em the grass, I ain't know em gonna smoke it"

"Well, the hell you wrap you grass in paper and lit them youself then?"

"Aye, you cops are aint't cool man, I can offer some of my, tough grass"

As Papa Johns, as that's what they call him is taken away by Officer Kimble. Kimble chats off in his head, "Better get back on the streets, aiya, more for me to do, dumb ass anit-tobacco law."
02-08-2004, 02:10
OOC: It's in a strip mall, with wind chimes on the door. The sign outside says, "Kick It Now!" Inside, the products are displayed around the outside of the store. Linda is near the door behind a counter. The middle is also filled with shelves. It looks like a convenience store crossed with a health food store.
02-08-2004, 04:56
Sergeant Kuang walked slowly down the street, looking down every alley and at every congregation of two or more people. Not too long after the ban, the streets were still flooded with tobacco, if you knew where to look. Kuang walked past a brightly-lit, crowded health store, still open. They were one of the biggest benificaries of the ban, as honest smokers looked for remidies to their addiction. Well, thought, Kuang, I suppose that's a good sign. Except for those sorry souls who bought boxes of nicotine packages to get their fix. And, he had heard of the occasional shop who used their treatment products as a front for tobacco. As he approached the Taipei Police Headquarters, he was reminded that officers were being transferred to the Pescadores to stop the tobacco trade.

OOC:Could I have him go to the Pescadores?
02-08-2004, 05:00
Linda's daughter Nikki entered the store. "Mom, can I have some money to go to the mall?"

"Sure, honey, here's twenty dollars."

"Thanks, Mom."

Linda kept an eye out for customers. She then put up a sign. "Help Wanted."
02-08-2004, 05:37
"Chen, Lu, Wong, Chin, Yang, He....that's it. Oh wait, there's one last one."
The officer reading the list of names turned to the next page.
"Sergeant Kuang. Everyone knows what this list is for. You are part of an elite -"

The room burst into laughter. The officer frowned and continued.
"elite crimefighting squadron that will be dispatched to the Pescadores for the purposes of enforcing the ban on tobacco. Got that?"


Far above the visible sky, over San Dulu's mansion, a police blimp with reconassiance equipment loiters, tracking the movement of cars and persons from the mansion and surrounding properties. A radio feed connected it with Chan Li's police headquarters, who were according to news reports, "making major headway against crime."

From the ex-police commander's interrogation, he learnt that he was accepting bribes from some tobacco baron called San Dulu. That testimony was added on file, used for prosecution. The man himself was recovering in hospital from the horrific beatings recieved during interrogation.


As Nikki walked from her mother's shop, a tall and physically imposing man approached her. He grabbed her by the shoulder forcefully and placed his hand over her mouth, placing a letter into her hands.

"Take this to your mother."

As quick as a flash he walked off.
02-08-2004, 05:50
"Li ZHENG!" (Ten-hut!)

"Wang you zhuan!" (Right turn!)

"Shou xi!" (At ease.) Lt. Col. Tang had their C.O for almost two years. Like all Chinese soldiers, they had been drilled into machine-like effectiveness, but these guys are like industiral machinery.

The elite ARSMC spec-ops team, known as Silent Thunder's 3rd Company in the Zhejiang (ARSN 4th Pacific Fleet homport) Garrison, some sixty men were getting briefed.

"The Big Cheese has asked us to perform a task." Tang continued.

"Taiwan, like us, is in the process of banning tobacco, as well as other illicit substances. In Nansha Is., there is a major base operations led by a drug lord named Lao Long."

The projector before them flicked to the image of pirate like Cantonese man, with whiskers like a Qing Manchu.

"Without further ado, let's get our training underway. Upon dismissal, assemble at Dock C, in full frogmen gear and await further instructions from Maj. Wu."
02-08-2004, 05:59
A man of middle age and a look of emptiness walked into Linda's store. He looked at the goods on the shelf, then shrugged. He walked over to her, and brushed some non existant dirt of his shirt. "Ryan Crest, I saw the sign outside taht said your looking for help."

His eyes looked sunken, and overall he looked like a man who got very little sleep, attention, or love from anyone. Yet, despite his facial features, his form was of near perfection. Lean and toned, physically he looked like what a toned, inshape person should.
02-08-2004, 10:44
02-08-2004, 14:02
"Don't worry, our apartment will still be here when we get back," called Kuang to his wife in the living room. "Maybe we'll want to stay there." Kuang said as Lia entered thw bedroom to help him pack.
"Yes, a nice place to settle down and have a child." She suggested.
"Uh, yes. You know who lives there? The Lees." said Kuagn, changing topics.
"The couple we went to college with? Oh, she never did stop talking about her sister..."
As Lia continued on, Kuang put the finishing touches on his packing.
02-08-2004, 14:20
Robert Garrison was a young man. The head of Brydog's number one drug trafficing group, he like his trade and the money he was making. His ship was 45ft water-jet yatch. He was carrying anything except himself on the boat. He sees the tobacco baron's house. He was going to start a legal company, then after learn how things work. He was going sell his best goods, drugs. He head to a port to dock and start his operation.
02-08-2004, 21:16
She smiled at Ryan as Nikki burst in. "Mom, this crazy guy gave me this letter to give to you." Linda nodded her head and took the letter. "Be careful, Nikki." She turned to Ryan and said, "I'm sorry about that. Now, about the help wanted. Would you be willing to carry a sign?"
02-08-2004, 23:17
Message to Taiwan.

Don't ban tobacco for already smokers. Have them take special _no smoking- classes. Your suicide rates will go shooting up.
03-08-2004, 01:53
"Yeah, no problem. How much does it pay?" Ryan asked, watching Nikki run out of the store. He slid his hands into his pockets, and glanced around.
03-08-2004, 02:19
"You've delivered the ultimatums to the storeowners in that region?, um the one in the mall?" Lao Long said on the mobile phone.
"Yes. That store is quite a large supplier in the Taipei Hsien district. From customer counts, I'd say around a few thousnad customers a day. Our potential clients." the man said, who was calling from a payphone in the mall.
"Keep an eye on them. I want them out of the way."
03-08-2004, 04:11
"Minimum wage." Linda said quickly, "But will you excuse me for just one moment." She went into the back and read the letter. Her face turned white as a sheet, but she would not leave. She would stay here and create a better life for herself.
03-08-2004, 04:30
Ryan just nodded. He began to look around teh shop when she disapeard into teh back room, and he examined the items. He pulled a stick of gum out of his pocket, and placed it in his mouth, chewing. When she returned, he noticed her look. "You ok?"
03-08-2004, 05:16
"Definitely. Fine." Linda smiled. "You want the job? It's yours."
03-08-2004, 05:25
Ryan just nodded. "Sounds good. So where is the sign?"
03-08-2004, 05:30
Linda went into the back and brought out a sandwich-board sign. She brought it to Ryan. "Here you are. Oh, yes, and I believe you ought to watch out. Apparently there are some, um, unsavoury characters looking for me."
03-08-2004, 05:31
The South Sea Battlegroup has been assigned to spy on Lao Long, with state of the art equipment for intel gathering. Several ASN-206s have been launched from nearby to gather some much needed intelligence in the form of aerial photography and IR imaging.

Command had dared them not to fly during the day, as their detection can compromise our goals. Satellite imaging is not adequate enough, a closer peek is essential.

OOC: Lao Long's player better think up some AA systems quick.
03-08-2004, 05:41
"I can handle it," he said, pulling the sign over his head. He walked out into the mall, and began to just walk, showing off the sign.
03-08-2004, 05:57
OOC: Why are my actions being ignored by other RP'ers?


The Sinoese Coastguard has stepped up its patrols fearing that a boom in the smuggling of cigarettes to _Taiwan may inpact on the Sinoese ban too.
04-08-2004, 00:10
From the air, it was not possible to gather evidence. Lao Long had planted the tobacco amongst tea plants, so it was extremely hard to differentiate between the two types of trees.

However, Lao Long was not stupid. The vast amounts of money coming in had allowed him to purchase great amounts of small arms from Russian underground dealers. Even military grade weapons such as stingers and IR systems.

So he ordered that the UAV be downed.


An unmarked white van pulls up outside, behind the rear entrance of Linda's store.
04-08-2004, 02:15
In the strip mall, Ryan continued to wander around, getting some nods from the Tawainese people, and a smile from a few others. However, not everyone was happy, and a small group of former smokers followed him. He had dropped off the sign in Linda's store, and told her he was gonna run for a breif lunch brake, and would return in about ten minutes.

It was outside the shop when the group, all very rough looking men (three in all) surounded him. "Can I help you guys?" he asked, sizing the three up. "I'm just tyring to make a buck."

"YOu have no right to judge us, you and your fascist friends, banning our cigarettes," the largest one of the group said. "You and the rest of the Nazis in power have ripped our rights from us, I think its time to show you a lesson."

Ryan stepped back with his left foot, slightly staggering his stance. The smallest of the group moved first, and tried to grab Ryan from behind. As he wraped his arms around Ryan's neck, Ryan spun hard and quick, bringing his arm up, and his elbow into the side of the man's head. The man staggered back, and tried to throw a punch. The off ballence man's speeding fist was caught in Ryan's hand, then twisted in and down, the sound of his am breaking filling the quiet air. He then spun the man, and tossed him into the medium sizer of the group. The big man was next.

He lunged forward, and with a quick jerk, Ryan dnaced around to his side, grabbed the man from behind, and pulled him back and to the right, while increasing pressure on the man's shoulder. This forced the man to the ground, and while his knee was bent, but feet on the ground, Ryan brought his leg around hard, slamming his leg into the man's knee. There was a hollow, sickening sound has teh knee cap rotated around to the side of the knee, ripping the tendon. With the big man squirming on the ground, Ryan reached down, and pulled a now exposed Berretta out of the mans belt line. He pocketed it, and walked over to a resteraunt to eat.
04-08-2004, 04:50
Linda didn't see the van. She did, however, see the skirmish outside. She peeked into the restaurant to ensure Ryan was all right. She then phoned Nikki on her cell. "Nikki, honey, it's Mom. Listen, don't go home tonight, okay? I have a feeling there are people watching the house. I know it's nothing, but humour me okay. . . .Can you stay at Paris' house?. . . .Love you too. 'Bye."
04-08-2004, 06:00
(Temme, is your story on the Pescadores?)

Kuang and his wife stepped out of the aiport and onto the road crowded with taxis and buses.
"Honey, I have to report the local station. How about you take a taxi to the apartment and set us up, and I'll get to the station. There should a car waiting near here. I'll see you soon." Kuang kissed his wife and found the police car waiting for him and another officer set for duty in the islands. When the other officer arrived, the car set off for the local police station.
04-08-2004, 06:24
From the air, it was not possible to gather evidence. Lao Long had planted the tobacco amongst tea plants, so it was extremely hard to differentiate between the two types of trees.

However, Lao Long was not stupid. The vast amounts of money coming in had allowed him to purchase great amounts of small arms from Russian underground dealers. Even military grade weapons such as stingers and IR systems.

So he ordered that the UAV be downed.

The ASN-206s were ordered to self destruct immediately after tracking by QW-1 shoulder-fired SAMs was confirmed. There was enough platic explosives in the fuselage and wings to ensure that if they did pick up the scraps no recognition can be made.

The screen when static, but enough photographs had been taken. Disarming armed rebels was enough to call up a raid. Judging from the white specks seen on satellite images, gunfire from small caliber cannons.
04-08-2004, 06:33
Ryan approached the shop again, entered, and sat at a chair behind the desk. He handed Linda a wrapped burger from a fast food joint that he had eaten at. "Brought ya back some food. Hows sales going?"
04-08-2004, 20:00
"Sales? They're fine. I saw the skirmish outside. You okay?"

OOC: I believe so.
04-08-2004, 22:50
Robert asked how he can buy a shipping harbor. He walked around the harbor waiting for a reply to his request.
05-08-2004, 03:03
"Yeah, I've been in worse." He dusted off his jeans, and sat behind teh counter, watching a few shoppers come in and browse, and nodded at them as they left the store. "So, what brings you here to this," he asked, gesturing around the store.
05-08-2004, 03:32
"All I've really ever wanted is to make a better life for myself and my kids. Temme wouldn't really allow that. Nikki, Frank, they mean the world to me."
05-08-2004, 03:38
Ryan nodded. "No father?" he asked. He suddnely remebered the pistol, and stashed in under the counter. "Never know when your gonna need one."

OOC: I'm assuming this is just a general health food store?
05-08-2004, 03:42
"Their father died when Nikki was just a baby." Linda patted the pistol and nodded slightly.

OOC: Yeah, but they specialize in stuff that makes you less addicted.
05-08-2004, 05:50
"I sell you my jetty for a grand," a passing fisherman yelled to Robert. "Ever since they started dumping uranium tailings in the water no one wants my fish.


(Temme, is your story on the Pescadores?)

Kuang and his wife stepped out of the aiport and onto the road crowded with taxis and buses.
"Honey, I have to report the local station. How about you take a taxi to the apartment and set us up, and I'll get to the station. There should a car waiting near here. I'll see you soon." Kuang kissed his wife and found the police car waiting for him and another officer set for duty in the islands. When the other officer arrived, the car set off for the local police station.


"Good morning Sergeant..." Chan Li said as he looked through his file. "Kuang. I hope your trip was alright. Let's get to work right away then."

Chan Li switched off the lights, drew the curtains, and fumbled with a remote control in his palms. The digital projector hummed, and then burst into life, producing a map of the Pescadores and photos of several men. Among the photos : San Dulu, the bust by Chan of the Russian syndicate, Lao Long, and others of minor importance. A detailed chart of estimated supply volumes was also on the screen.

"As you can see, we have a lot of work to do. The government's given us extra firepower and money, but it's not enough. Take a look."

The footage of the downed Sinoese UAV is projected onto the screen. It is played once, and then repeated in slow motion. A surface launched SAM is clearly visible in the background. The slideshow stops, with Powerpoint's 'end of slideshow' black screen filling the room.

"So what brings you here?"


"Take a look at that guy. He must know kung fu or something."
"He'll be no problem for you Jackie eh?"
Jackie grinned at him confidently. He studied Tae Kwon Do himself for a few years back in Hong Kong. "Yeah, I can take him."
"So what should we do?"
"Hm...smoke first, think later."

Within a few minutes, the van was filled with the smoke of tobacco.

OOC: Any chance the store might be closing soon? *hint hint*


From observations of the police station by one of his henchman and from his mole inside the department, Lao Long knew that the station was currently filled with new policemen from the mainland. If some disaster were to befall them, it would be the perfect psychological weapon.

A few blocks away from the police station, a meat van headed towards the police station inconspicuosly. Four of his henchman prepared themselves mentally for the coming operation. In the back of the truck lay an assortment of small arms and most importantly, a mortar.
05-08-2004, 06:04
"Sorry," Ryan said. "It sucks to not have a dad. I mean, I had one, but he was hardly there. Always at some sorta confrence or something. He wanted me to go to law school, be a big time lawer, but I kinda threw it all in his face when I enlisted." He lifted up a shirt sleave, revealing a colorful tattoo of a burning skull, and two CAR-48 (Imitoran Assault Rifle, looks like an M4) crossed under neath it in similar fashion to the pirate symbol. Under that the words "22nd SOTF, 2nd Bat, Charlie Co. Second Platoon, HOOYAH!"

"Imitora Colonial Marine Corps, 22nd SOTF, five years." He tossed a pack of nicorette to a customer who thanked him. "Ya know, this is a real nice thing your doing here."
05-08-2004, 06:12
"Looks like the perfect plan." Alpha One discussed with Alpha Two after watchign the nightly news weather report.

"Damn right. Nothing better than a storm for storming." Alpha Two could barely disagree, the atmosphere of the Officers' Lounge was hypnotic on a rainy night. The entire company of Silent Thunders selected for this mission will only be known by their radio callsigns. Each letter designating their team (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta) and the suffix number as their position.

The last (15th member) is always the demolition expert. The 1st and 2nd members are officers.

"We pack tomorrow." Bravo Two reminded his compatriots.

"That's for all of you. Delta 2 and I have access to the armory, because we prepared the gear list." Delta 1 arrogantly chided his fellows.

"You packed FHJ-84 LAWs and PF-97 FAEs for our team! What gives?" B2 was concerned. "Too much explosives, if you count the ten sticks of dynamite per team."

"Intel states that heavy weapons, mostly guard towers and armed jeeps. Expect pillboxs and bunkers. So I've also included PF-89 80mms."

"Horse crap! Where's the stealth and speed when we need it, huh?"

"On a night of heavy rain, they won't know what hit 'em. 40mms and bunkers of machineguns can be taken out from afar as they lack visibility." D2 explained to his fiery compatiot.

"They are believed to possess IR, just like us."

"Intelligence Retarded, that's what these criminals are." A1 butted in.

"Our weapons out range theirs and besides obselete 40mms are manually loaded so that gives us time for another adventure." D1 reminded him of their expected tactic.

"Delta 1, shouldn't we organize the armory for tomorrow?" D2 reminded his superior.

"Yeah, we should. Heck, just call up Delta 4 and Delta 9 to help us."

The two Delta Leaders departed while the rest of them relaxed into the night.
05-08-2004, 07:12
For a mission involving 60 men, the equipment needed are comprehensive and wide ranging.

Assault Rifle: Type 95 (5.8x42mm)

Function: Primary weapon
Length: 746mm
Mass: 3.25 kg (empty)
Minor features: lightweight materials, noted accuracy
Max. effective range: 400m
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Muzzle velocity: 930m/s
Possible attachments: telescopic sights, night scopes, Type 91 35mm underbarrel grenade launcher

Submachinegun: Type 85-II (9X19mm)

Function: Secondary weapon (CQB)
Length: 869mm
Mass: 2.5 kg
Max. effective range: 200m
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Muzzle velocity: 300m/s
Possible attachments: Laser designator, silencer, tactical flashlight

Pistol: QSZ-92 (9x19mm)

Function: Sidearm
Ammunition: DAP-92 (body armor piercing rounds)
Length: 190 mm
Width: 40 mm
Height: 140 mm
Barrel Length: 132 mm
Weight: 0.76 kg
Muzzle Velocity: 350 m/s
Effective Range: 50 m
Cartridge Capacity: 15 rounds
Barrel Life: over 3000 rounds
Possible attachments: Silencer

Squad machine gun: Type 95 (5.8x42mm)

Length: 800mm
Mass: 3.94 kg
Minor features: lightweight materials, compatibility with Type 95 rifle
Max. effective range: 600m
Magazine capacity (catridege drum): 75 rounds
Muzzle velocity: 970m/s
Possible attachments: telescopic sights

Sniper rifle: Type 88-II (.308 Win)

Length: 920mm
Mass: 4.20 kg
Action: Semiautomatic
Minor features: lightweight materials, noted accuracy, emergency ironsights, flash hider
Max. effective range: 900m
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
Muzzle velocity: Classified
Possible attachments: telescopic sight (10x)


FHJ-84 (2x 62mm):

PF-97 (80mm) FAE (Fuel Air Explosive):

Grenade launcher: Type 87 (35mm)

Function: Mini infantry artillery
Weight: 14kg
Magazine capacity: 9
Muzzle velocity: 200m/s
Max. range: 1750m

Shotgun: HTQZ-10 (based on the SPAS 12)

Function: Primary weapon plus CQB (for demolishion specialists)
GAUGE/CHAMBER 12 ga. 2 3/4 inch
OPERATION: Pump action or gas operated semi-automatic
BARREL: 21.5 inches
CHOKE: Cylinder
SIGHTS: Ghost ring sights
06-08-2004, 03:28
06-08-2004, 03:42
They talked for a little while longer, then Linda said, "I have to close up shop now." She whipped out her cell phone to call Frank. "Frank, this is Mom. Look, I know this sounds weird, but can you find someplace else to sleep tonight. . .I know it's nothing, but can you humour me? Thank you. . . .Use your credit card at the hotel, I'll pay you back later. . .Sure, eat at the restaurant, just nothing too expensive, OK? Love ya." She turned to Ryan. "Sorry about that."
06-08-2004, 03:44
"Well, sir, besides orders? I applied for the assigment so I could-I apoligize for the cliche, sir-make a difference, sir. If we could bust some of these tobacco rings, sir, crime would probably take a real dip."
06-08-2004, 09:15
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06-08-2004, 09:47

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06-08-2004, 10:59
"That's the spirit Sergeant. Guys like you are what we need in the force. We just need a bit more solid evidence on guys like Lao Long before we can bust them. Of course, there's also the difficulty that none of our witnesses agree to testify against him, and the ones that do end up dead."

Chan Li took a file and placed it on the table. He looked outside to hear a truck rapidly approaching. He yelled out at them to slow down and obey speed restrictions.

And then everything went white in a massive explosion.


"Shit. An unmarked UAV. It looks like some radio transmission equipment was in the wreck. They're onto us."
"Don't worry. Lao Long will not go down so easy. Time for plan B."
07-08-2004, 02:34

Lt. Col Tang dismissed his spec-ops company of 60 men to board their Type 724 LCACs (landing craft air-cushioned). It was 2300, at a time where most of the 4th Pacific Fleet were asleep, but their mission was beginning. He will direct them from a patrol boat, he knew that not all of them will return and its an acceptable fact of their business, but with his experience, he will ensure friendly casualties are repayed by dead hostiles and the waltz with Lady Victory.

Each Type 724 carried 7 or 8 men and have been armed to the teeth, even with QW-2s for air defence. They were escorted by three Houjian Class (Type 520T) missile patrol boats. 8 landing craft and three patrol boats, this hour of the night is absolutely pissing with rain like any other monsoon summer in South East Asia. It will take two hours to get to their destination and another two at the most to finish their enemies off. the weather report was all correct and most suitable to catch the bad guys with their pants down.

His quite thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the 4 WZ-10 attack helicopters that has just join their expedition and circling overhead. Nothing beats the arrival of air support.
07-08-2004, 07:50
Kuang first was blinded by a white light, and, for a split second, felt warm air blow aganist his face. Then his eardrums were drowned with a sickening, unidentifiable sound, and he and his chair were pushed backwards. As he lay on the floor, Kuang could only hear ringing and intermittent flashes of white.
07-08-2004, 09:02
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09-08-2004, 08:48
Chan Li's head spun like a ballerina. A pain shot up his arm as he was thrown into a nearby wall at great speed.

When the smoke cleared, half the police station was gone, turned into a mess of rubble. Despite the pain in his arm, he reached over to check if Kuang was alright.

"Kuang...can you hear me?"


"Jackie, it's almost time. They're shutting the store up."

Jackie began filling up a beer bottle with ethanol.
10-08-2004, 07:02
The rain patted down as if the whole sky was a showerhead. Tang stood out on the deck of a gunboat, in absolute rain. He was wrapped in a dry raincoat but the humidity was as seeping through the plastic. Rain trailed down his hood and onto his head, wetting his peaked cap and his back. He decided it was all too much before he returned to the radio room and prepare for yet another operation.

"LCACs in range, two clicks off shore. Over."

"Copy that. Gunners covering the objective."

The radio conversation was as dull as the rain, but it'll be almost impossible to handle once all hell breaks loose.

"Sunray to all units, as a reminder, stay quiet and move quickly. Bravo and Alpha teams, clear the 'ingress'. Charlie and Delta teams, sneak behind and destroy the heavy weapons. Snipers take out the guard tower observers; demolitionists, do the same but let them fry. Echo team will assist Bravo and Alpha. Once the perimeter is breached, all teams will move and mop up the scene. Shoot all who refuse to surrender, do not damage electronics. Savvy? Sunray OUT." Tang did not like the idea of sending them to deal with the hazards such as pillboxes but there were no other options.

"LCACs 800m from objective, ETA 3 mins."

He decided to order some of the technicians in his command center to tune into the wbcams of some of his men. Digital troops are always handy if you want to see the battle through their eyes. At this moment, their eyes looked as if neutral and harmless, but their full range of equipment reveals quite the opposite. He decides to drop in a final line before they initiate contact.

"This is Sunray calling all units, knock 'em dead! Out." His radio had nothing but static, until he withdrew his thumb from the button. He looked on the radar screen, two boats moved east while, each of the other three approached the other faces of the island.
10-08-2004, 17:31
Kuang slowly sat up, then laid back down as pain shot down his back. His vision and hearing cleared.
"Yes, I hear you. I'm not sure I can move."
11-08-2004, 00:01
"Take this, just in case someone comes." Chan says as he hears gunfire from outside. Chan Li hands an Uzi to Kuang. Ambulance officers begin running towards the scene to rescue the wounded and the dead.
11-08-2004, 05:38
The heavy LCAC doors slammed down, freeing the eagered soldiers inside.

"Alpha team, arrived safely. Proceeding with mission."

"Bravo team in position, proceeding Over."

"This is Sunray, all units GO GO GO! Clear out the place, be cautious."

Landing on a hostile beach, in the middle of the night, boots wet and life jackets being left behind, for those that survived Taiwan, this is nothing new. These men, despite being spec-ops were still in high school when that war began, now its their turn to live up to their reputation. Although this is not Taiwan, like the sepratists the drug barons are also enemies of China.

Some bastard in the bushes shouted out a warning. The sound of heavy rain patted down so hard that they could barely make out the daialect. But they were certain it was Chinese.

Armed with a Type 95 with silencer, B7 took aim through his night scope and shot in the direction of the call. Nobody but hostiles here, this island is only five square kilometers. Not big enough for all of them.


Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.

The words of Wilfred Owen's haunting WWI poem always repeat in his head. This was normal for D4, barely 20 and a corporal, the lad of the company became interested in the military when he first came across this piece of short text when he was studying English. The heavy door came down and he was last to leave. Snipers are slow but deadly and calculating creatures.

"Move move move. We've got to reach the objective but first we must take out the towers and defensive structures." D1 reminded him and his spotter.

"D5, we've got ass to kick." The young sniper whispered to his compatriot.
13-08-2004, 09:14
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