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The Houses of Iriz Sha

Iriz Sha
31-07-2004, 10:11
House Sovino

Emperor Joseph Sovino V, had ruled the House Confederation for 21 years, the longest reign of any Iriz Shari Emperor in the history of the Confederation.
House Sovino had produced the last fifteen Emperors going back one hundred and fifty years meaning that House Sovino had been the dominant house in the Council for that period of time. The reason why he had lasted the longest was because he had evaded and countered many assassination attempts mounted by the other houses, especially from House Jatanon.

The Emperor sat in quiet in his personal chambers within the labyrinthine halls of the huge Imperial palace. He wore ornate clothing of the Imperial colour, navy blue mixed in with purple, the colour of House Sovino.
In front of the fireplace where a roaring fire burned freshly cut timber, the Emperor sipped his wine, trying to savour the taste of its cost. It was expensive, it was rich....
Perhaps too rich....
He walked up to the nearest window and opened it, he poured the contents out of the window, the expensive crystal glass accompanying it soon after. He was not in the mood.

A short man, ugly and repulsive in complexion opened the door and walked toward the Emperor. He wore the same colours as the Emperor did, only the decoration seemed less elaborate. He was one of the Emperor's Agents.
The Emperor's mood improved markedly. A smile came to his face.

"Greetings Count William, my old friend. What news do you bring?"

Asked the Emperor, his voice enunciated and like the wine; rich.
The Count cleared his throat with a rather disgusting gutteral sound.

"My Lord, the annual reelection meeting of the Great Council has been brought forward."

The Emperor, twirling the curls of his fine grey hair, was intrigued.

"By what authority?"

"I asked, The Great Council of Houses did not respond kindly to my inquisition. They said they needed no authority. But what I can tell you is that it was House Kano that convinced the Houses to convene."

"House Kano?"

"Yes my lord."

The Emperor's hand clenched.

"That house has always been worth the scrutiny, indeed moreso than the scrutiny I afford to House Jatanon which has tried to have me killed on many occasions."

He recalled a passage from the Book of Wisdom, one of the many books of the Holy Order.

The enemy that moves infront of you is never as threatening as the enemy that moves behind you.

"We must move quietly as our opponent does, House Kano is popular among the lesser houses of the Confederation. Send to House Jatanon, say we wish to cooperate with them against a more threatening rival."

The Count bowed and walked out of the doors, shutting them as he went.