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Search for Biolice (Future RP)

31-07-2004, 08:28
Fulgore stood upon the ice plains of a planet far from earth. Behind him stood a reasonable force of company soldiers, obviously uncomfortable about his presence. He tended to have that effect on humans, although it didn't bother him, he was machine, emotions were not an issue.

In front of them stood a massive ice cliff, completely vertical and smooth, reaching up into the clouds. His mission objectives were quite simple. The company had detected signs of the substance they named 'Biolice' within this cliff and had immediately sent Fulgore and a team of soldiers to locate and retrieve the substance for undisclosed purposes.

Fulgore had also been warned that there may be others searching for such, and that he was authorised to dispense of them if they intervened with his mission.

Biolice was said to be a living liquid with some very strange properties. It could take the form of ice or liquid, although scientists were unsure about gas. It was said to have metamorphic abilities in relation to gas, liquid and solid forms of matter. It's temperature is far below zero, making it quite a paradox to the company scientists. Unfortunately, this was all based on minor glimpses and scraps of information.

It was time to find out the truth...
31-07-2004, 14:46
Fulgore watched as the soldiers established a perimeter. Satellite readings had pin-pointed the Biolice to a relatively small area that could be searched easily.

Other vehicles from earth had also been detected upon the ice planet, and so the soldiers had began barricading the area with mobile defense towers and placing the armed transport ships in a barrier like semi-circle.

Fulgore's master was specific about not letting anyone get a hold of the Biolice. He wasn't given a reason why, but orders did not need explaining, they were there to be followed.

This planet was one of ice and snow. There was a sun, but it was distant, more distant than Pluto was from the sun in Earth's solar system. The lack of sunlight made things more difficult for the humans, Fulgore had no such issues though. Today was one of the better days, the was no storm at all, making work much more easier.

Soon they would be ready to dig into the ice and complete the search for the Biolice.
01-08-2004, 13:20
The men stood guard as Fulgore unleashed the fury of his visor laser into the ice cliff. The laser cut cleanly into the ice as the droid directed the beam, creating a passageway large enough for all to pass through comfortably.

Within the hour Fulgore and 10 other men progressed through the newly formed tunnel, searching for any sign of the Biolice. Nothing was known about the nature of this creature's living conditions or if it was defensive of its home.

The continuous clank of Fulgore against the ice made their presence obvious, but none knew if the Biolice could hear anway. The party progressed deeper into the ice...
03-08-2004, 08:18
Fulgore halted as he computed what sat in front of him. A pool roughly 20m in diameter sat directly in front of him. The ice hall it san within wasn't natural, but it definitely wasn't man made. The walls glittered with a strange silvery substance, similar to that of Biolice.

A few scans indicated the pool was indeed filled with the so called living substance. The soldiers seemed wary of such a find but Fulgore possessed no such fears as he moved forward and allowed a specially constructed container to fall out of his toros compartment and into the pool. Seconds later the container was back in the droid's torso without any trouble..

Minutes passed by as the soldiers made their way back towards the fortifications. Without any warning, Fulgore was seemingly pulled forward and plunged into the snow. The startled soldiers ran toward the downed robot to investigate. Without having to say anything, Fulgore had made it obvious the Biolice was attempting to escape. Small dints were appearing in his torso...
05-08-2004, 08:24
OOC: This is going to continue on earth.... is there any interest at all?
14-08-2004, 09:28
Many days later, Fulgore lay upon a labratory bench back in Sith-Morden as scientists worked furiously to remove the Biolice container safely. After several hours of careful probing, the crew had managed to withdraw the intact container from Fulgore and repair the moderate damage he had sustained from the force of the blows.

Upon arrival, Fulgore had finally being briefed on what the intended use of the Biolice was. A human would have reacted adversely, but lacking any emotions caused no such response from the droid. Fulgore merely nodded and stood nearby as they prepared for the procedure. The Biolice would have a host...
14-08-2004, 14:00
Bill had never done anything to anyone. His life of poverty had no victims save for himself, and yet that had insisted on detaining him, accusing him of being a thief and should be punished. What puzzled Bill was the fact these men weren't even the police, by what he could gather, they were private soldiers.

Now he sat within a bright laboratory, surrounded by masked men in white whilst an intimidating robot stood in silence at the door. Massive steel clamps held his limbs still as the white men continued to play with expensive looking equipment. No one had told Bill what was going on, resulting in his fear rising to the point of unbridled panic.

Finally he realised his fate. Standing at his feet were three white clad men, struggling to hold a clear container holding what appeared to be a living, silvery substance.... Biolice.