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ATTN those with NA/Arctic holdings

Greater Svalbard
31-07-2004, 08:19
Hello. This nation, Greater Svalbard, is a modern-tech alternate to my future-tech country, Skeelzania. Since I am currently unable to locate Colodia's "RL Claims" thread, I thought it simplest to create a post stating my proposed territorial claims, and hear any objections.

It has come to my attention that most of North America is controlled by several powerful and respected Rpers, including the mod Menelemcar [sp]. I would like to assure them that I am not the typical land-grabbing newbie who declares "I get that!" (for reference, see the Hawaiian Island's thread about them taking California). These are only PROPOSED territories of Greater Svalbard; if your going to get really ornery over it, I can give up on them as I woudln't look forward to being ignored by people such as yourselves.

Note: Seeing that Svalbard is a rather desolate peice of rock (with the only real plantlife being something called "crowberries" and "cloudberries", I'm taking some liberty with the infastructure to be supported there.

Alright then, onto the claims.

(Proposed) Territories of Greater Svalbard:
-Svalbard archipelago
-Bjornoya (Bear Island if memory serves)
-Franz Josef Land
-Northern Greenland. The whole island would be even better, though thats probably a stretch.
-Novaya Zemyla
-Northern Canadian Islands, including but not limited to:
--Queen Elizabeth Islands
--Baffin Island
--Victoria Island

Some things I would like to claim but won't at this time include: Murmansk, Iceland, northern Alaskan coast, and maybe northern Norway. I decided not to claim these lands at this time because this will probably piss off way to many people. Seeing that the ADF is currently composed of 24 dog-sled teams, each armed with an AK-47 variant and several prop planes, I figure a full-scale war is a very bad idea.

So, if anyone has objections to these claims, I would like to hear them; maybe we could work something out.
31-07-2004, 08:22
Tag so I don't have to log in and out to find this thread. Damn Jolt's thread tracker is useful.
31-07-2004, 08:41
Well, there's some conflict. Especially when some of those islands is part of my homeland. How about this, let's just assume we both own them, but on alternate realities? I don't bother you, and you don't bother me, that fine with you?
31-07-2004, 09:54
Northern Alaska is held either by me, or...C&A still around? As far as I know, in my current RP group no one except me expressed an interest in Alaska after the USA was conquered.

And if they did, too late! Still, I have no objections to alternate reality-ma-callsit.
31-07-2004, 19:56
@Zvarinograd: Was hoping that no one had claimed those rocks. I'm up for the alternate-reality as well, though if we ever run into eachother in a RP for some reason, you'll get default control of the islands.
Greater Svalbard
31-07-2004, 19:57
OCC: Apparently, the thread tracking doesn't work on threads you start until you reply in them.
The Brotherhood of Nod
31-07-2004, 20:05
OOC: It's not feasible to divide the world between NS nations, because there are way too much of them. Just imagine there are infinite continents :)
Leda colony
31-07-2004, 20:14
OOC: Yeah, the entire Coalition of Evil resides on an imaginary continent covering the north pole and artic ocean. Considrably more than twelve billion people live in the region, whereas in RL there isn't even any land on most of it. But hey, if you want to make RL territorial claims then go ahead, I can't be bothered to stop you ;)

Edit: This is a puppet nation of The Silver Turtle, delegate of the Coalition of Evil. I logged in to make a post with this nation, spent several hours on it, and then the forums ate it up saying I logged out.
And to think I trusted these forums enough not to copy it before clicking... >_<
Western Asia
31-07-2004, 20:51
OOC: WA usually maintains claims (and an arctic military base) on Ellesmere Island.
Greater Svalbard
31-07-2004, 21:13
I figure I'll take this on over to the Earth II thread...