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Assassin strikes Royal family

North Star
31-07-2004, 02:12
The dancer swirled before crown prince Hussian , her oiled body was covered only now by a single piece of silk – the others having being flung aside during her mezmerising rhythmic dance. The princes bodyguard watched the guests rather than the dancer who had been selected from the royal consorts own hand maidens.

The crown prince leered at her near naked form, totally fixed on her and in total ignorance of the disgust his actions were causing to his guests – military men who found the princes fat sweating leering form quite revolting.

She swirled in front of him, and in violation of all norms of custom the prince gave into his desire and reached forward and gripped the girl, pulling her oiled form against his dress uniform .
He whispered in his oily seductive voice
“All mine. What a honor I will pay you.”
She ran her hands down his chest and the prince focusing on the delight of her body didn’t even notice when she pulled his dress-knife from its sheath until his bodyguard yelled a warning.
The dancer screamed “Inshalla Allah” as she drove the dagger into the princes neck – all hell then broke loose , aids and guards rushed over but it was to late for man to save the Prince.
He struggled to speak but his voice was barely a whisper “A woman. She is only a woman.”
Iesus Christi
31-07-2004, 06:12
"God be praised...guiding the hand of a young woman like he did with david...the beast has been slayed! HEIL GOD! HEIL GOD!"
Matthew Iesus

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North Star
06-08-2004, 00:34
The nation wasn’t in mourning; in fact many cities became alive with joy at the news – small arms fired into the air in the traditional displays of victory and joy.

But at the majestic palace of the sultan, there was mourning –the royal household displayed their sorrow and tried desperately to keep the displays of joy out of the sultan’s knowledge.

“Honor to my son, he has gone onto paradise.”
Hatusu stroked the aged sultan “yes my dear. Paradise is his reward I’m sure”
She guided the sultan back to bed and tucked him in – acting more like a mother than a wife.

After leaving him, Hatusu considered her next action. She’d have to plan this carefully lest this assassination cause her enemies gain rather than herself.