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Mordenkainen's Purges

Technocratic Republics
30-07-2004, 22:13
The glass and metal that composed the Supreme Consul's office door suddenly melt away under the searing touch of the wizard, leaving but a pond of glowing liquid in a matter of second. Consul Von Ralph jumped from his chair behind his massive synthwood desk, dropping the papers he held to the black and green marble floor.

"It will be much faster if you offer no resistance, Consul. We have already taken the building, and there is no one to come in your aid. Shall we proceed?" Asked the short-bearded wizard with a serious yet sarcastic tone, when Von Ralph lips began articulating a word.

The Consul's face was covered in a mixture of surprise, fear and anger, that twisted his old and fat semblant. With some effort, he muttered a complain "Who are you, and what are you doing here? Security!"

The wizard rolled his eyes "I am certainly surprised. Of everyone, I supposed the Supreme Consul would know what is happening as we speak" He opened his right hand and whispered some words. A long, white-glowing, tentacle-like shape grew from his palm. With a quick swing of the arm, the tentacle stretched as a whip toward the Consul, circling his chest and constricting like a boa. The wizard the rose the arm and, with it, the Consul. Holding the surprised man a few feet high in the air over the desk, the spellcaster smiled "You must be purged, for the sake of the nation and it's true lords"

"What in tarnation...!" The words were left floating in the air as the Consul flew through the great windows of his office, thrown by the wizard's tentacular spell, shattering the glass with spectacular strength, only to the plummet almost six miles toward the base of the Consulate Building.

"You will have time to understand while you fall" Said the wizard while canceling the spell and turning back to exit the office.


Similar situations were occurring all over the Federation at that time, high officers and administrators of the nation utterly eliminated by these wizards, who were literally beheading the state in order to crumble it down. For the sake of the nation, as they liked so much to say.
The list of victims grew by the moment: The Preparats, the Division Chief Commanders, the Magistrates, the Governors, the Deputies, the Ministers, the Supreme Consul and Vice Consul, all of them found their death in the hands of wizards and their powerful magic.

While most of the heads and members of the Federal State were no more, there was still one institution to be touched, one that will have to fall if the wizards are to take absolute control, the Technocratic Council, home of the Speakers, the founders of the Federation.


The armor-clad soldiers came out walking the best they could from the bunker, holding their heavy Plasmic Burst cannons on their shoulders, charging them as they formed up in a long line before the bunker's entrance. Ahead of them, three massive, 60-foot tall abominable beast waved a morass of spiked tentacles that grew from their spherical, fleshy and bloated body, void of any noticeable face, and hovering a few feet over the ground.

"Release!" Came the shouts of an officer through the inter communicator as soon as the cannons were fully charged, already glowing due to the massive heat of the plasma. The order was followed by a serie of pulsating sounds that came from each cannon's mouth, as clouds of overheated matter were spat as a waterfall from the weapons, bathing the creature that floated closest to the soldiers. Emitting no shriek or moan, the creature frenetically waved it's tentacles in clear pain, as the plasma ate away the thick flesh and turned brown bones into charring liquid that quickly evaporated. It's body half burnt, the beats fell to the floor, dead, it's massive tentacles with it. One of them landed atop two soldiers, crushing them under three tons of bony spikes and hard muscle, and breaking their cannons, that spilled the remaining plasma over the nearby soldiers. Gladly for them, their armors were designed for such a case, and the plasma did nothing to them. Unlike the two-foot long spikes that impaled three of them moments later, after being shoot from the tentacles of another beast.

Eleven soldiers still stood, doing their best to avoid the flying thorns and charging up their cannons at the same time. Just when the officer in command was about to call a retreat to the bunker, two rockets landed on one of the creature, digging into the body and exploding from the inside, sending lumps of still bloody flesh in all directions. A second and third rocket landed over the already dead creature, all of them shot from a turret located 100 feet above, attached to the building behind them.

The current battle was of great proportions, as the spellscasting forces rained havoc with their magic and creatures all over the troops of the Technocratic Guard, the last barrier between the wizards and the Technocratic Council, located deep inside the one-mile high pyramidal structure behind. Right now, the Technocratic Guard was holding battle all around the building, over the once beautiful parks that surrounded the pyramid, now being destroyed by the conflict. Several wizards sat in their respective Battle Thrones behind their lines, casting spells and bringing creatures to do their bidding.

Three glowing spheres of energy, sent by a wizard well guarded on his flying Battle Throne, rocketed through the battlefield, one of them impacting against the Rocket Turret that killed the creature, blowing it in thousands of pieces, while the other two created huge holes on the walls of the pyramid with magnificent explosions of white and red, that spread a serie of minor explosions inside the building, collapsing a small part of if.

Not too far from there, a group of five multicannoned heavy Leviathan battletanks was holding well the onslaught of three Dracoths, one hundred feet long, wingless dragons, that vomited clouds of black fire when they opened their massive jaws. The blackened fire had already turned two of the powerful tanks into little more than smoldering ashes before the rest could arrive, landing a rain of accelerated hypermaterial orbs, so hot and fast that they passed through the Dracoth's body as if it were butter, emerging from the other side of the body and exploding against a nearby fountain, which blew up in all directions.

And all over the place, magic and technology clashed against each other, one seeking to hold, the other seeking to conquer. It is yet unsure to who will victory favor.


"Most of the purges have taken place already, Lord Mordenkainen" Said the bald wizard, lowering his eyes to avoid staring into the mighty mage's ones "We found little or no resistance in all of them, with the exception of the Technocratic Council. Our Warmages are holding fierce battle in the surroundings of the Council's pyramid. But it should be just a matter of time"

Mordenkainen rested atop his great bed, same place on which he was sent into an eternal imprisonment of sleep thousands of years ago, still weak from so many years of magical slumber. He spoke slowly "The same bastards... that took all away from me, the... so called Speakers, who must fall. All of the... Purges will mean nothing if the Council stands. Do whatever you must to eliminate them..."
Technocratic Republics
31-07-2004, 00:23
The metallic smell of lightning still lingered around. Pieces of what used to be a soldier lied scattered over the smoking black ground. The continuous deaf tone of the Stasis Gun capture field was all that sounded at the moment.
A Thundering Orb was the guilty, a hovering sphere covered in massive unblinking eyes that constantly generated lightning discharges in all direction. It had breached the building's defenses somehow, and killed a soldier inside the entrance hall of the pyramid, now turned into a fully defended barrier in case the enemy could overrun the outside perimeter. After it managed to obliterate the man, however, soldiers managed to stop it with a Stasis Gun, trapping it inside a field of absolute stillness in midair.

The Thundering Orb's intrusion had not been the only one. Reports flooded from all around the building that the pressure from the wizard's forces was far too strong, and already many points were either falling or reporting breaches. And that was only at ground level. Aerial defenses were struggling to withstand the massive onslaught of dragons to the upper parts of the structure, and it was unclear for how much longer they would be held at bay.


Six men dressed in long blue robes, their faces hidden behind red masks, crossed the 300-foot wide Hall of Speakers, mounted on a circular hover platform. The great hall was completely empty, except for a wide balcony that stood near the top of the immense chamber, 600 feet above. A short passage began from the balcony into the walls. There, stored inside massive containers of crystal, five 1-foot long plates of metal floated in magnetic stasis, lined one after the other. The metal was golden, and small spikes of crystal grew from each side.
One of the men walked near it and opened the crystalline coffin. The other five men opened the crystalline boxes they were carrying, and stored each plate inside each box.

"Take the Speakers to the underground station, and depart immediately to Tevashii Island" Said the one who had opened the crystal coffin "We have already arranged a safehold beneath the Entity's building on the island were to place the Speakers while the situation improves"
Der Angst
31-07-2004, 09:08
The networks, the hives, All was... Well, not down, but still kinda... Occupied.

Thus, though the general events were, well, noticed, nobody really... Answered

Besides, with the civil war in the Grand Duchy, the chaos in DA, the terrorism in Konania...

One got used to Sisgardia being an ocean of fire and destruction.

Business as usual. The operator, one of the survivors, at this very moment not at all caring about his surroundings, staying in the irreal utopia of the networks, thought.
31-07-2004, 11:36
>DAMON>Logfiles anomaly report:
>passive traffic scanning FTR > abnormal load and content
>logfile embedded><

Most of the council just sat, stunned, to Cairn Tarra the Federation were the rock upon which Sysguardia was founded, not a pleasant place for a Tarran to visit, but in possession of technologies and techniques that seemed to some like pure magic. Now it seemed pure magic was causing more trouble then there technologies.

"if the armies of the FTR cant hold them back then we have no hope and no reason to interferer with the change. we must simply wait and see."

The highest temple of the Ancients - Ehbrus'nord - Ath Olad

Three men stood around the Oracle, all dressed in black robes with no adornments, each observed the chaos that was occurring in FTR. However, one saw something the others did not, he turned and left. Towards Redwood Gate, and a ship.

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Technocratic Republics
31-07-2004, 23:26
The wizard unleashed a serie of slow-moving spheres from his hand, each one as big as a man, that glowed with intense white light. Floating around his flying Battle Throne, they stood motionless in the air, until the wizard muttered a few words. Almost instantaneously, the spheres breezed through the air in the direction of the main building, only to stop a few inched from the walls. Moments later, the spheres grew tenfold, eating away the structure as they did. Finally, they shrunk and disappeared, and part of the building with them. The walls seemed to have been cut perfectly, as a curve knife cuts butter, leaving a wide, unprotected opening on the eastern side of the pyramid.


"They have breached the perimeter! The eastern walls have collapsed, and the enemy is flooding in!" Came the voice of a soldier into the provisory command center installed in the main entrance hall.

"How...!" Began the officer "Check who is left there. We had an entire battalion a few moments ago. They could not have been eliminated so quickly!"

One of the men sitting ahead of the monitors checked and rechecked the data entries "It is useless. The system detects nothing. It is like if they had disappeared"

"Change to camera view. I want to see what is going on there"

The man complied, and the data screen dissipated to show the imaged caught by one of the cameras near the pointed zone. The place was empty, and a huge gap stood were a thick wall used to. Only one figure remained, a square stone platform floating in the air, with what seemed to be an oversized seat atop of it. A single, long bearded man sat on the object, his skin glowing red "That man! He must have killed all of them with his wicked spellcraft!" He turned back to a pair of soldiers standing by the room's door "Tell J├╝rgen to take all the spare men he can find and haste toward the eastern halls! If we do not secure that are quickly the enemy will pour in like water!"


Wizards. They were back. After so many years that they went unheard, the spell wielders return to claim back what once was theirs. Not an object, not a treasure, but a nation. Their Nation.
Few were the ones that knew what was currently happening, and even less understood why. Perhaps only the Speakers really knew, that their overconfidence finally ended in this. They should have been more careful. It did not matter anymore, though. The Sorcerer King was awake.

Deep into the past of the Nation's history, a war of particular importance tore the land apart. The wizards, led by Mordenkainen, the true Father of the Nation, and until then the ubiquitous power on the lands, were facing a formidable enemy, the so called Mechnaussers, the Mechanical Lords, titans of steel and steam, empowered not by magic, but by science. They took them by surprise. Machines and spells fought each other in a conflict that reshaped the country, both physically and socially. But the wizards were weak, they too had been overconfident, and they were conquered, their lands heisted. The worst came when wizards themselves, those who had chosen to betray their own kin, overwhelmed the now beaten Mordenkainen, and tied him and his minions into a trap of eternal slumber, on his sealed tower, which they entombed beneath the land.
Although it was never clear who was tyrant and who was the savior, the Mechnaussers took control of the nation. They changed it from it's very roots, execrating even the slightest linger of magic, and replacing it with the cold and mechanical rule of science, the same science that then constructed the Federation. But now things were about to turn back to were they were, perhaps were they should.
31-07-2004, 23:40
The alchemist tasked with watching the etherspace for unusual and potentially dangerous fluctuations stared at the screen. The numbers were not good. Apparently, the 'net monitor crystal had detected a growing flux. But thatw as still in the green, and so the alchemist sat back in his reclining chair and read the latest Rurouni Kenshin manga by the light of his numerous trideo console projections. The beep of an alarm brought him out of his reading with a start. He typed a few commands, then watched the information, typing in requests for more data.

<<<ID.loc=Technocratic Republics
<<<massive thaumaturgical discharge
<<<massive thaumaturgical discharge
<<<massive thaumatrugical discharge employed in chaos magicka over a period of time
>>>forward@HK | forward@CG | forward@GA

He forwarded the message to the High king Alicia li'Wye, Consul-General J. W. Gibbs, and to the Grand Alchemist N. H. Neverille. There was little point in worring about it further. The location was far enough away and Weyr was small enough, that hostilities were unlikely, if at all possible. he went back to his manga.
Chasma Dominia
01-08-2004, 05:13
Nimbranost Landing Station, Chasma Dominia Orbital Space, Planet Mars:

"How many?" The short man asked in surprise.

"Eleven thousand, and just during the morning" Answered the Third Landing Platform landing coordinator "We expect at least ten more ships to arrive during what is left of the day, carrying between five and fifteen thousand passengers each"

The man shook his head, worried at the scale of the situation "Has no one told them that we are already cramped here? We are not in the conditions to give shelter to any refugees when our own people barely fit in our cities! No one pays attention to those things?"

"There is a civil war going on down there, of course no one pays attention to it" the coordinator continued "Furthermore, we are bound by federal law to grant shelter to every single one of them"

"You mean we were" The man responded with a dry, quick voice.

"What do you mean, Kjerarld?"

The alluded stared at the coordinator "Oh, you know it well, Thimot! Everyone in the homelands knows it as well. The federation has been beheaded, and there is no one to uphold the laws. The state of anarchy is absolute, as it has been during this week after the events began. And it will be just a matter of time before it hit us as well"

Thimot remained silent. Although the sole idea of telling those refugees to turn back filled made his breathing troublesome, he certainly understood the stance of his friend. Chasma Dominia was unable to help them, and there was no one to force them to.

"I will see what can be done" He said at last, to the surprise of Kjerald "Perhaps the spaceborn cities of Thaenothil will have enough free space to place the refugees while things return to normal"

"Normal, you say? This is as normal as it gets. I will be amazed if Chasma Dominia manages to get out of this without scratches"


"What?! What are we supposed to do now? Motherland is in utter chaos. We can not go back to Earth!" Came the response of the captain of the HSTS-72, which, alone, held almost nine thousand scared passengers, still floating outside martian close orbit, awaiting for landing clearances.

"Chasma Dominia is for the moment unable to provide you and your people with any safe support. We are having our own population disaster. Perhaps you should try contacting with Thaenothil and see if they can grant you any help"

The captain was certainly worried, if not infuriated "Thaenothil!? Are you trying to joke with us in a moment like this? It has been almost two days since the space colony fell!"

"What?" The landing coordinator was not aware of that [i]"No one informed us of that. Two days ago you say?" He did not stay to await for an answer, as he quickly stood and exited the room. As he took the fast magnetic elevator toward the station's main control room, he could witness the brilliant points that plagued a region of the otherwise dark space, the ships awaiting outside the security zone of the orbital space. They must be dozens already, he thought, worried. This all was happening fast, too fast, and too widely. Thaenothil Space Station had fallen as well. He had no idea.
He arrived to Kjerarld's office and entered. He walked with long strides, his face serious and cold as stone "You didn't tell me"

Kjerarld was standing in front of a window, apparently looking at the same brilliant points that Thimot saw on his way up "Didn't tell you what?" He asked, turning to him.

"Thaenothil fell two days ago. And you did not inform me. I can understand now the anger of the captain when I told him to seek shelter there instead!"

Apparently, Kjerarld was as surprised as him "Fell? How would I have informed you if I didn't even knew it?"

Thimot was puzzled "You did not know? Of everyone, one of the first persons who gets such kind of information here is you"

"Indeed. That is why it sounds so strange. It must have certainly been fast, or otherwise they would have sent a distress signal"

The landing coordinator was still anxious "And what are we going to do with the ships? We can not leave them hanging out there forever"

Kjerarld released a tired breath and scratched his bald forehead "They should have stayed on Sisgardia, and request asylum at another nation. It is too late now. If these are the ones who arrived, I do not want to think on how many are on their way" He made a long pause, thinking while looking again through the window "I suppose we have no other choice. Although they will hang me for this... tell them to land" He quickly corrected himself "Slowly, slowly. The dropships have limited capacity, and I do not want thousands of scared people lingering around my spacestation"
02-08-2004, 00:50
The ship approached the borders of the Federation, ignored or not spotted by there systems, the black robed figure stood on the outer hull, he willed the ship to slow down and dismounted on a beach, the sand felt cold on his feet, around him he felt the presence of forces more ancient and verdant then those he had been shown in Ehbrus'Nord. he felt a pang of homesickness, but he recognized this for what it was, and set off, inland, on foot.
Slowly the vast cities of the Technocrats loomed up ahead of them, he could see the sky awash with reds and blues where the natural flow had been upset. here he had to learn, he paused to meditate, and foraged for some food.
Technocratic Republics
03-08-2004, 21:06
//OOC: Note, CT, that there are no beaches on the FTR. The entirety of the nation is covered by large structures. The coast looks more like a massive wall of buildings that rise from the waves than anything else.

The long leathery wings of the bronze dragon flapped one last time before the flying reptilian plummeted toward the city, a few miles below, it's head almost completely separated from the neck after a serie of micromisiles managed to hit the creature.
Losing one of fifty was a minor hit, however, specially when speaking of dragons. Clouds of fire still engulfed missiles and claws perforated fighter's hulls in the everlit nightsky above the Technocratic Council's Pyramid. The battle had heated up to this very point, air and land being fought inch by inch.
But to those on the artificial ground it was already clear what direction would this siege take now. The entry hall of the building, were the Technocratic Guard had installed it's main center of command for the battle had been overwhelmed by the unstoppable hordes of abominations conjured by the wizards during their onslaught. Of the nearly two thousand soldiers guarding the perimeter, only a couple of hundreds remained alive, after having stepped into the structure, creating a deeper perimeter around the central group of halls, trying to secure the safe transportation of the Speakers to Tevashii Island through the subterranean maglev network.


Big was the surprise of the carriers when the long bearded figure appeared out of nowhere, floating in the air at the entrance of the underground station.

"I will take those" Said the man, adjusting the golden monocle over his left eye and smiling. With a gesture of his hand, the five carriers and their twenty escorts fell to the ground, pushed by a strong gust of wind, dropping the metal plates to the floor "Easy, easy, too easy" He laughed "Something here releases a stench of fallacy I can not avoid smelling" Pointing with the head of his golden scepter to one of the masked carriers, the wizard spoke a serie of undecipherable words in high voice, almost screaming, and long blade of purplish energy flung from the scepter's head toward the man, who was split open in two halves. Blood and severed organs disgorged from the body, revealing a serie of what appeared to be thin filaments of a crystalline material, that ran along the inner parts of the ribcage, forming a thick network of pulsating cords "Who would have guessed it! Hah!"

His words were sent to a halt by the powerful impact of one of the soldier's Sonic Bumper. The heavy sound wave knocked the laughing wizard against the roof, apparently breaking his nose and perhaps something else. The time gained was well used, and the still living carriers picked up their respective metallic plates and swiftly ran downstairs toward the station, where more escorts awaited for them. In a matter of minutes, they were hundreds of miles away inside a maglev capsule.
Technocratic Republics
05-08-2004, 03:49
Mordenkainen smiled "That should be enough, at least for the time being" He spoke fatherly to Von Gasick, who had just returned from a healing session after receiving a knocking sonic blow. His egos had still to become fully recovered, however "With one of them heavily damaged as I saw, dead some would say, the Speakers will be utterly useless. That is what happens when your life depends so much on science and less in true magic" He finished.

Von Gasick took his golden monocle from his left eye to clean it idly with his long sleeve, while avoiding to directly look at his companions, Mordenkainen, Abi-Dalzim and Bigbi. Although he had failed on completing his task, the goal had been reached, to a degree. The shame was due to personal reasons than anything else.

Bigbi took the word "We have successfully decapitated the nation now. The Federation will fall as leaves in autumn"

He was interrupted by Abi-Dalzim "Yet we have a problem. Although we have taken over the largest outpost outside the homeland, Thaenothil Space Station, there is much to be conquered before sending the Federation itself to it's knees. From what me and Otto have investigated, the massive corporations that really drove the nation have taken their leaders outside, and scattered them all over the world, and off world"

"And how did they move so fast?" Asked Bigbi "I thought we had stroke swiftly enough for anyone to take further actions"

Abi-Dalzim nodded "Indeed we did. However, we underestimated the level of infiltration some groups have. The so called Federal Business Combine was informed of our coup. I have found that the leaders of the organization left the Federation almost two weeks ago. They knew, somehow, of us. Now they are incredibly hard to track; they are too many and too far from each other. Hornung managed to find two when he took control of Thaenothil. The locations of the rest is unknown, although we have reasons to suspect that..."

A sudden flash of blue and white light, followed by a short sucking sound interrupted his talk. A few word came from nowehere "That they were on Muthmag. Incorrect" From in-between the light, a short-bearded face emerged, followed by a tall, lean body.

"My good Hornung, you are back" Expressed Mordenkainen with a tone of relief "Your trip took longer that I expected"

The wild wizard smiled "Wild magic becomes untamed at times, my friend. I ended accidentally in an isle of ice that traveled the void at incredible speeds, leaving behind crystalline dust. And interesting destiny, I must add, ultimately slowing, but interesting nonetheless. I quickly discovered then that my spells had a slight error of calculation, and I had to re-memorize some of them before teleporting back" He broaden his smile "But my goal was nevertheless accomplished. We now control Thaenothil Space Station" He gazed at Von Gasick, who still kept his head lowered "How have matters developed here?"

Mordenkainen noted that Bigbi was about to articulate a word, but he came in before "Very good, very good. Asides from a few negligible mistaken deeds, our plans went as projected" He extended his hadn and pointed toward the large room to the left "Shall we proceed now?"
06-08-2004, 14:53
Technocratic Republics
16-08-2004, 16:21
"We could be doing this in a much simpler way, Magistrate" Said Otiluke, while quickly casting a protective sphere to shield himself from an incoming serie of lightning discharges that came from inside the barracks "There is no need for such a battle. Surrender yourself and we shall show mercy"

"Never!" Came the answer from the speakers installed all around "I will never surrender and leave you and your wicked sorcery controlling the fate of five thousand million civilians. I know what has been down in the Motherland, and it shall not happen here!"

Otiluke was in the middle of a conjuration when a shout came from inside the barracks "Stasis him!", followed by loud, low-tone sonic blast and a deaf sound like a bubble popping underwater. A circular field of blue energy flung from one side of the barracks to the other, going through the door and smashing against Otiluke, who hopelessly attempted to cast a lesser protective spell with the little magic he had gathered. The blue energy surrounded him and folded over his body, trapping him in a zone of absolute stasis. He fell in a comatose state and every single bodily function ceased. He had been captured.
Technocratic Republics
17-08-2004, 17:15
Zikodia Bioteks Central Offices, former Federation of Technocratic Republics, Sisgardia:

"Wealth beyond meassure" Answered Chairman Fitzkarloff von Earlnock, after noting the dubitative eyes of the wizard "And all we require from you and your people is to protect us on our escape"

The eighteen chairmans of the Federal Business Combine had not yet fled the Motherland, unlike what Mordenkainen's wizards believed. As soon as the events began, over a week ago already, they escapted through the internal corporate maglev network, that served as a quick connection system for high excecutive of the largest corporations, all members of the FBC. Hidden deep beneath the massive building where Zikodia Bioteks was based, rising almost seven miles from the calm waters of the Hardal Bay, they had succesfully lured a group of less powerful wizards to help them in exchange of a staggering reward. Even better, the wizards seemed to be interested.

"Once you take us out, you will be free to go with us and recieve your appropiate reward. That maniac of Mordenkainen does not need to know anything" This time it was Frederick of Ull, another chairman.

Chairman Orophnol Kadar smiled "Now all we have to do is to find shelter in one of our allied nations. My sources indicate that all what Mordenkainen and his wizards want is to grasp control of the Federation and recreate their ancient magocracy. If we manage to escape and be granted assylum, they will find themselves with the hand tied. Mordenkainen will not risk to start an international conflict when his own nation is so weakened"

"You are quite correct" Came Von Earlnock "But we have yet to formalize a request, and we must do it without being caught. What do you propose?"

Orophnol glared at Solkinaar, the wizard to who the have been speaking to "Do you know what a computer is? Do you know how to work with one?"

Solkinar arched an eyebrow "I have been in slumber for more than three thousand years. I have not even heard of the term 'computer'"

"There you have it" Said Orophnol with a tone of success "We can freely send any message we want through our standard communication systems, and they will not even notice it!"

The Chairmans broke into laughs, as did the wizards, not very sure of what was going to happen now.


Formal Request of Assylum: FBC Chairmans of the Federation of Technocratic Republics
Subject: Members of the Sisgardian Fellowship of Nation
Reason: Internal Endangering Conflict
Urgency: Immediate Answer Requested[b]
02-09-2004, 11:29
Formal Request of Assylum: FBC Chairmans of the Federation of Technocratic Republics
Subject: Members of the Sisgardian Fellowship of Nation
Reason: Internal Endangering Conflict
Urgency: Immediate Answer Requested

Source: Federal Immigration, Assylum and Naturalisation Service ; Ministry of Defense ; Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Destinatory: Source Commslink
Subject: Assylum.

The Federal Authorities have examined your request and the Taraskovyan Federation is ready grant you assylum in the Federal Metropoly or in any other territory under Taraskovyan jurisdiction. Should transportation be provided, the Taraskovyan National Air Force is on stand by.
Technocratic Republics
20-09-2004, 22:16
Somewhere beneath the Worldspire Mountains, Sisgardian Highlands, Sisgardia:

"...and, with the sole exception of the martian assets, we have successfully taken control of the Nation"

The many wizards sitting in their respective thrones struck repeatedly their staffs against the ancient stone floor. It lasted a few seconds, until Mordenkainen rose his hand to silence them. The man standing at the middle of the room nodded at Mordenkainen and continued reading the magical scroll he held.

"The situation in Homeland is stable. A few zones of conflict still prevail, scattered around the nation, but focusing mostly on Rathabar, Zonard, and Sorenost. The opposition has been weakened, with some minor exceptions on Dor'Dacar and Irorgor, and we expect for all of them to fall to our onslaughts" As he kept reading, glowing words appeared and disappeared over the yellowish surface of the scroll "The void -ooc: space- installations of Thaenothil is entirely under our control. The take over was swift and efficient, and we managed to defeat the guarding forces with ease. The void citadels of Muthmag and Barbahg, on the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt, respectively, are under a similar situation"

Staffs and rods struck the stone once again, after the man ceased speaking. Bigbi, who was standing next to Mordenkainen, walked forward, toward the center of the hall, and spoke with powerful voice "Second on our list is to discuss the current state of productivity in the nation. Since the Purges began, everything came to a halt, with the exception of the construction site located in the void citadel of Barbahg, which lord Mordenkainen has allowed to keep functioning under our supervision. We now hold the nation, but it needs to work and produce if it is to remain stable. Now..."


Most of the nation was now under the control of the wizards. Some battles were still being fought in some corners of the Mainland, in Sisgardia, and Chasma Dominia, the federal martian assets, was yet to be conquered. Since it proved to be no imminent danger to the Purges, Mordenkainen decided to overlook it for now, until the rest of the nation was tightly held. A campaign for it's domination would come soon, however.


Chasma Dominia, Mars:

The refugees were now counted by the hundreds of thousands. And more kept flooding in. The orbital docks were cramped with scared people, as more and more ships delivered new ones. Some large cargo ships had been fitted to provide shelter for the refugees while they awaited orbital insertion to the arcologies below.

Many had began an exodus toward the martian territories when the conflict began. Although escaping from the Mainland was now impossible, since the wizards had blocked the ports, almost two millions managed to get on board various ships toward Mars. And the trip took a few weeks, so there was still a large amount of people en route. It was becoming a catastrophe at the orbital docks of Chasma Dominia, and no more than the fourth part had arrived.


Zikodia Bioteks Central Offices Supply Maglev Station, former Federation of Technocratic Republics, Sisgardia:

The Chairmen went out quickly from the large cargo elevator. The station was dirty, and containers pilled up ever where, with abandoned machinery everywhere. It was left empty during the Purges, when the building was evacuated. Now it served as the only possible escape route for the Chairmen of the FBC. Their secretive plea for asylum was responded by the Tarasovkian Federation, and they would be using the supply network of the maglev system to get from their current location, in the southeastern region of the once-Federation of Technocratic Republics, to tarasovkian soil. The supply route was much longer than the main transport one, and they had chosen, for security matter, an even longer connection inside said route. It would take them from the Zikodia building, in the Bay of Meriar, to Nimbranard, 120 miles to the north. It would then travel toward Caranoth, 150 miles further to the north. From there, the line takes a turn toward the southeast, and travels almost 300 miles toward Annindrassil, on Sibion, which belonged to CairnTarra. The next stop is Freeport, 620 miles to the northeast, to then reach Hermes Facility, on the eastern coast of the Utharian Peninsula, on safe tarasovkian soil. The many stops would slow them down greatly, but the main route was already blocked by the wizards, and this alternative way was perhaps the only one still open. They would be traveling with a considerable protection, 62 members of the Technocratic Guard, plus two Aegis Capsules attached to the main train, equipped with enough shielding, sensors, and stealth systems to bypass any possible threat.