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Group Alliance of Desert Democracies (GADD) (Open RP)

30-07-2004, 20:50
The Republic of Larwana, known for its stances of desert superiority and democracy, announces an alliance known as the Group Alliance of Desert Democracies, or GADD. GADD will promote the inherant superiority of Desert Nations and democratic political systems.

To be a GADD member, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Your nation must be a desert nation, i.e. the majority is harsh and self-improving desert.
2. Your political freedoms must be at least "good."

As a GADD member, you must meet the following duties:

1. Your nation must come to the defence of any GADD member that is attacked by a non-democratic or non-Desert Nation.
2. Your nation is forcefully encouraged to come to the defence of any GADD member that is attacked by anyone else.
3. Your nation must place no tariffs or trade restrictions on GADD members.
4. Your nation must agree that all matters within GADD are to be decided by a vote of the members.
5. Your nation must not attack any other GADD member.
6. Your nation must allow transit with minimum interruptions between the borders of GADD nations.
7. Your nation must take care of the Desert by environmental quality regulations.

Ashan Pasoal
Prime Minister, Republic of Larwana

OOC: Once we get a few people, we will roleplay out a conference in Sand City, the capital of Larwana.
30-07-2004, 21:19
Any catches?
31-07-2004, 15:06
31-07-2004, 17:16

Pity our political freedom is "Unheard of" being a feudal/medieval state.
01-08-2004, 19:51
01-08-2004, 20:09
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! i tell ya something now! the CSB (Civilian Strike Battalion) will kill this GADD, no offence or owt.
02-08-2004, 19:10
Is that a threat? If so, the might of the Desert will sweep down upon your pitiful self!