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Ghelmanos requests Ambassadors

30-07-2004, 16:18

General Jean-Paul Tsolkenis cast an approving eye over his newly completed
Presidential Palace. it had been completed in just two short weeks. It was by no means an equal to the imperial palace back home in Pantocratoria; far from it in fact. But it would suffice.

"Sir, the barracks are also nearing completion, and soon we will be able to begin enlisting new recruits." Lieutenant Lefevre had again concealed her presence until she had news for him.

"Excellent, then you may begin construction on the housing facilities." he replied.

"Of course, sir. However, i have a suggestion."

Ghelmanos raised an eyebrow "Yes?"

"We should consolidate our position, and legitimise our claim to these lands. We need to have other governments recognise us. We should ask for ambassadors, and begin relations with them."

Ghelmanos pondered "Excellent idea Lefevre, but i expect high standards with my Communications minister. Make it so."

Lefevre smiled, in two weeks, she had gone from mere Lieutenant, to both the Minister for Enlistment and the communications minister. This was turning into the best post she had ever been assigned to.

TO: Governments of the world
Subject: Ambassadors to Ghelmanos.

The Interim president of Ghelmanos invites the nations of the world to send ambassadors to Ghelmanos, located in the Pantocratorian Archipelago.

Interim President General Jean-Paul Tsolkenis.
30-07-2004, 16:49

TO: His Excellency the Interim President of the Democratic Republic of Ghelmanos


It is my privilege to extend His Most Catholic and Imperial Majesty's congratulations and most august friendship to Your Excellency on the establishment of responsible government in the colony of Ghelmanos. The Imperial Government would like to establish an embassy in your fledgling state, and would like to send as its ambassador Monsiegneur Thierry d'Isakiosopolis.

Monsiegneur d'Isakiosopolis is a seasoned and experienced man. Before he reached the retirement age of 65, he was an officer in the Legions of the Reserve, and has long enjoyed a position of prominence both at the Imperial Court of Christ Pantocrator and at the Court of the Despotate of New Constantinople. His appointment comes as the result of the recommendation of His Imperial Highness the Most Pious Prince Andreus, Despot of New Constantinople and Dauphin of Viennois himself.


Sir Jacques Antoniou, Knight of the Order of the Pantocrator
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Pantocratorian Imperial Government
30-07-2004, 16:53
The Deputy Foreign minister was looking for Ghelmanos on the map.
He couldn't find it and asked for help from his secretary.
She pointed to small nation on the Pantocratorian Archipelago and then to where Pantocratoria was.

He scratched his head "We'd better check with our ally Pantocratoria about this nation first."
30-07-2004, 19:16
The Technate would be honored to establish a diplomatic relationship with your young nation. Sub-Director of Foriegn Relations, Gaikou-san, will be representing the Technate. We will send the Sub-Director whenever it is acceptable for you.
-Palladiate Caru
Commander In Chief, The Palladian Technate
Maronite Arabiana
09-08-2004, 15:49
The Pricnicpality of Maronite Arabiana would be most pleased to have an embassy with Ghelmanos, one of our fellow nations on the Pantocratorian Archipelago.

May the all-powerful and all-merciful Trinity grant you grace and peace,

Prince Yaghoub ibn Nur-al-Din
Ruler of Maronite Arabiana