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Home Coming

30-07-2004, 08:48
"The water...its so clear, its like looking into a diamond!" said Major Stogrum, his words seemed heavy and laboured. The gravity was so much stronger here, the Aumanii's weren't used to it. "My god...Ive never seen so much green, its almost claustrophobic." Stogrum glanced at his SR liason, who seemed amused by the antics of the Aumanii troopers, who struggled to unload their equipment. "I remember when you SR guys were deployed to Auman, you didn't make yourselves seem quite so amateurish...good tunnel fighters your boys, took to it like a rat to water actually. Anyhow, inform your commanding officer, there will be a strategic briefing as soon as the command center is operational." Stogrum walked around the site of the new base, inspecting the work of his men, urging them to work harder, disciplining.

Sometime later around 12 o'clock PST the Command center had been installed, the SRC had been kind enough to allow the Aumanii the use of an abandoned factory, lots of space...unfortunately it was full to the gills with vermin. Stogrum came across a rat that made him jump, "The thing is huge!" his liason laughed as he kicked it out of the way "Thats nothing..." he said. Stogrum reached the command centre just as his men finished installing the chart table, SR and Aumanii officers had begun filtering into the room from an alternate entrance and Stogrums commanding officer, General Harad Navarrone began to get things under commencement. "Good afternoon gentleman. Im sorry that you have not been properly briefed sooner" Navarrone waved a hand towards the Aumanii's "And I thank our friends in SR Control for their generosity." the General said that in such a way that laughter came from both sides, as the billet was generally the worst anyone in the Aumanii military and SR respectively had ever come across. "In the one thousand years that our nation has existed it has called Mars its home for merely a fraction of that, Earth has always been home, in our hearts, on our souls. This orb has been in the imagination of the Aumanii people for hundreds of years...and another thing has been on our collective mindset. Vengeance! The pigs who drove us from our homeland will know us, and as such will grow to feel our power. The power of the oppressed and enflamed. But, they will learn in a different sense than in a purely military one. Not only will the Aumanii destroy these pathetic usurpers in battle, but we will dominate their economy and their culture and, if possible even their women!" emphatic cheers and burly laughter came from the Aumanii officers present, though the SR attendee's seemed as if they were unsure of the seriousness of the General. "I will once again thank our Comrades, our equals, our brothers in SR for allowing us this tremendous oppurtunity, come here brother." Harad waved an SR Colonel to him and shook his arm by the wrist. "With you my brother, we shall set our place in this solar system."


Late night posting w00t
30-07-2004, 09:17
The SR forces were wandering around outside the borders of Area THETA, the high security zone of SR, where military operations were carried out (usually in secret) and projects could be tested with little worry about anyone else. It also served as an excellent place for allies to place their forces. The area was secure. There wasn't anyone to cause problems. There wasn't really anyone at all, just SR troopers wandering around and shooting various wild life that had wandered on in.

The Warehouse sat rather deep inside the zone. It was originally used to store supplies during the short War on DOL, and later when SR and Bristle were at war (again). Now though, the vermin had crept in, and old war posters papered the walls. A depressing step into the past.

The SR officer looked around at the Aumanii forces. It was great to have allies in SR Control. Nothing had happened apart from that bioterrorism scare, that turned out to be a man with an empty briefcase doing nothing at all. "Well, we hope you enjoy your stay here in SR. You're free to go wherever you want, just show your SR Military Guest IDs at any gate you pass through-" the officer held up an example. It was little more than a piece of plastic embedded with a microchip. SR forces had these surgically implanted so they didn't need to carry an ID. "If you lose them, or get locked out, please notify SR-Sec and they'll give you a new one and deactivate the old one. Apart from that, the Striker training base is just down the road from here. It might give you the opportunity to train on various Earth terrain types, and get used to the new gravity. I'm sure Commandant Soldant will want to meet you soon. Until then, welcome to SR!"

The officer smiled around at everyone, trying not to look at the STRU Officers that were dragging a civilian from a car and hustling him into a black van. Why the civilian was in Area THETA was anyone's guess. He tried not to let it bother him.