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IMSA Space Elevator

29-07-2004, 23:24
Continuing the discussion from the IMSA regional fourm....

GOURD II supports this idea, provided that issues of safety, growth, and relations of the different nations are dealt with. The biggest worry of the government of GOURD is the establishment of national borders and ensuring that more than a doctrine of "survival of the fittest" governs the colonists.

GOURD's government also would like to propose a plan for the colonization. Since most of the nations who have expressed interest (Trois Pont, Alquador, and GOURD) are large and wealthy nations, GOURD suggests that these nations (if they are willing) be the first to colonize this moon of IMSA, ensuring that their nations recieve a piece of land for their burgeoning populations and that their financial contributions will not go unnoticed.

From there, it can be determined whether it is feasible to colonize other asteroids, and offering interested nations the opportunity to colonize in order of population. GOURD's government, while it supports Mr. Zytose's committment to internationalism, feels that IMSA's population crunch requires attention before land can be offered to all interested nations. In support of internationalism, however, GOURD's government suggests that a loan program be offered through IMSA nations to other IMSA nations with need for the new space program.

GOURD is also willing to draft the ethical resolution, although it feels that more discussion about the ethics of the situation need to take place
30-07-2004, 00:31
Thanks for starting the thread for us, GOURD! :D

I would like to soon post the opening part of the Space Elevator discussion here for future reference, if that's alright with everyone (because we're pretty sure that sooner or later, that message board will have all different posts.)

Anyway, production is already starting to show. Futurus and Kazete informed me that they will each have an interplanetary rocket completed shortly, and launched soon after. Both rockets, along with going to the asteroids, will each release a probe that will survey the rest of the IMSA star system. (OOC: I'll be working on maps of the IMSA star system and individual planets this weekend. I think they'll be up on Sunday.)

At the same time, chemical engineers in Endolantron have just recently built a small materials manufacturing plant that is specifically designed to produce the four incredibly long, ludicriously strong carbon-tungsten cables. Since the cables are still vulnerable to heat beyond 2800 degrees celcius, we may end up guarding the entire elevator, including the asteroid at the top, with some technology that we developed as recently as 2315: force fields. :D

The orbital hydroponic farming has yet to reach a breakthrough, but such a breakthrough is unlikely for another 6 to 9 years, which is still decades before we finish the space elevator that we need to build them.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support.
-Director Anon Zytose
31-07-2004, 21:08
Well, I already have two rockets headed toward the asteroid belt on a search for one within an appropriate size for becoming the top of the space elevator.

Also, there's been an update in the map site.
02-08-2004, 03:13
Updates from the region forum....

Posted by Quarckonia:

Unfortunately for me the forum hasn't been taking kindly to me. Such is life. At any rate, Quarckonia would like to come out in favor of this colonization initiative. Due to the strong socialist leanings of the state, businesses and the defense industry are virtually non-existent, however, the education system has always been a priority. Thus, Quarckonian graduate students eagerly await the opportunity to assist with the research and development aspects of the project, which we imagine to be more extensive than we have so far foreseen.
We would also like to commend the nation of Kazete for its initiative in stimulating regional unity and cooperation. Quarckonia feels that this project will have an immensely positive effect on the region.
Our primary concern at this time, however, is the placement of the base of this elevator. We would like to put forth a proposal to create an international zone surrounding this platform, much in the same way that the city of Washington D.C. was placed such that it was contained within no state. This would reduce the ability of any single nation to have an upper hand in regional politics.

Thank You For You Time And Consideration,
The Committee Of International Relations

Posted by Trois Pont:

Having the elevator in a 'quarintine' zone is a good idea. However, if this zone is surrounded by a single country, it becomes worthless. Since the Empire is equatorial, has common borders with other countries and has an extensive coastline, We propose that the elevator be based in the border lands of Trois pont.

In response to the post by Trois Pont, the government of GOURD II is also willing to donate land for such a quarantine zone, perhaps in conjunction with Trois Pont.
02-08-2004, 04:19
I noticed that between both nations is a geometrically nice location, on the equator, of course, but also at 90 degrees east longitude. Perhaps it would, indeed, be a good idea to put the base right there, especially since the leaders of both Trois Pont and GOURD II also recommended it be within their general vicinity.
09-08-2004, 20:15
Well, things are going somewhat smoothly. My nation is building four VERY large rockets that will each hold the four elevator cables that are now completely built. At the same time, two more rockets have been launched toward the same asteroid currently being pulled out of original orbit by rockets launched last decade. Futuran and Kazetan diplomats have also informed that they have also each launched two rockets at the same asteroid. Still, we'll need plenty of time and more rockets if we're going to get the asteroid within IMSA-home's geosynchronous orbit.

As a side note, various portions of Endolantron have celebrated the coming of the latest highly composite number year, 2520 (which we hold slightly more major than Earth holds year 2000) :D
29-08-2004, 02:51
Only 7 NS years (one RL week) until the IMSA Space Elevator is completed! :D