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Thirst for Blood...[Introductory Roleplay]

29-07-2004, 10:13
Only the screams of absolute horror and terror could be heard in Deathhooks. Even the souls of those which were purged screamed in horror. The walls held many stories, stories of blood, death, and violence.

Lord Sierus smiled to himself in pleasure as he watched his dragon-dogs feast. The screams which had once filled the chambers were now but an echo residing within the giant castle. Now that the dogs had been fed, he could use the bones of the dead being to pick his teeth.

Picking up the broken remainders, he grinded them beneath his teeth, removing any left-overs from the people who had been vanquished for his own meal.

Baring his teeth, the dogs cowered. Sierus hated it when they were looking for more share. One of the dogs tried to scamper up Sierus's leg. Grasping it by the collar, he looked deeply with evil into the dog's eyes.

The dog began to whimper and tried to avoid Sierus's evil gaze. Nevertheless, it failed, and began to yelp in pain as Sierus's grip tightened around its neck. Slowly, slowly, its neck began to twist and contort, gasping for air, until with one final yelp, the dog stopped struggling.

Smiling and holding to dog's broken body, Sierus called to the others, who came attentivley. Throwing the body onto the floor, he watched curiously as the other dogs began to feast on new meal.

With boredom, he looked into the Oracle which was nearby. Watching the humans live peacefully, he grew with anger as his armies hadnt yet been prepared. In a rage, he stood to his feet, sending the dogs scampering in fear. Storming out of the chamber, his heavy footsteps echoed endlessly throughout the halls.

OOC: Some basic information on the Dominion:

For an idea of what a war-dog / dog looks like, see this image here:

Basically as time goes along, it will be established that this is a dominion of Vampires.