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Can it really be?

29-07-2004, 08:43
OOC: This is for all you NS old timers that remember this character. Enjoy.

It had been ages since the man had left his estate, for long ago he was effectively shut out of Automagfreek politics. For decades he kept to himself, and slowly began submitting to the pains of old age. A feeble man he indeed was, but his spirit still burned as bright as the Sun, and his ambition had not faded one bit. He remembered the glory days of old, and the friends that had long been left behind. He remembered his place in history that he carved out with his two bare hands...and hopefully the world had not forgotten the name of Thomas Kaye, the first President of Automagfreek.

Indeed the times had changed as well as the lands, but the people had not. Although under the rule of a fiery Lord in a land filled with constant turmoil, Tom was quite satisfied with what Automagfeek had become: a symbol of power and respect. Indeed the wars that were fought and the blood that was spilled in his days dwarfed that of Lord Damien's (OOC: 11 wars fought under Kaye, less than half of that under Damien.), he was content with the current state of the "Excessively Armed Empire ", once called the "Democratic States".

He did not know why on this day that he would make contact with the outside world for the first time in ages, perhaps it was the fact that his road in life was coming to an end. Perhaps that was indeed the case, a dying man trying to make ammends before he shuffles off the mortal coil. His first order of business was his friends long forgotten in The SLAGLands. Surely they still know of my name, surely they haven't forgotten... He wondered as he drew up pen and paper, scratching the first words that came into his mind.

Greetings Friends of old,

History once told of a grand union between two of the most promising nations in the world. I was once at the head of one of those nations, and the other was my good friend (God rest his soul) Bill Bicknell of The SLAGLands.

I don't know exactly why I am writing this letter today, maybe it is just the usual ramblings of a tired old man, but who knows. I just hope that things as they are currently do not overshadow the good times we once shared. I remember a time when the world was not as dark and violent as it is now, I remember a time when Automagfreek was once a staple of hope and a well respected nation to boot. But alas times have changed, the same people who once led now follow, and the alliances and pacts of old have long since dissolved.

I will not keep you any longer, but I do plan on dropping in once in awhile to throw my .02 in here and there. Thank you, and God bless.

Thomas Kaye
-Former President of Automagfreek-
-Former Commander in Chief of AMF Military-
-Co-Founder of The Chromestar Alliance-
-Founder of the WMNK Coalition-
-Co-Founder of The Commonwealth of Nations-

Copies of the letter were sent to those that remembered the days when Kaye dwelled in the house of Automagfreek and he silently prayed to himself that they had not forgotten. He modified the first paragraph to contain a special message to whoever was receiving it, The SLAGLands just happened to be the first nation he addressed the letter to. Soon after drafting the letter, he slowly hobbled to his bed and sat down. He shifted abit and laid down on his back, silently looking at the ceiling and thinking back to days long since gone.
29-07-2004, 09:09
I remember him vaguely. AMF Civil war, good times.
The Eastern Bloc
29-07-2004, 09:38
forgive the tag, but i am sooooooo tired right now. The Eastern Bloc hasn't forgotten Kaye, and he shall know soon enough.
29-07-2004, 10:31
I kind of rember him, but I was a pritty small nation then, still this should be interesting.
The SLAGLands
29-07-2004, 16:09
Thomas Kaye has been under house arrest for the past three years for removing the tag from a mattress he didn't own, and now he returns to the world to strike again? Curse his vile hide!
Five Civilized Nations
29-07-2004, 16:11
(OOC: :confused: but tagged...)
29-07-2004, 16:25
Steel Butterfly
29-07-2004, 18:00
[OOC: Well well well, Auto. Of course I remember Kaye, just as I'm sure Kaye remembers the late Emperor Kyou Graav. However, I sincerely doubt that Kaye's rather fond of Steel Butterfly, unless he has mellowed with age. Graav and Kaye were quite bitter rivals.]