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28-07-2004, 06:31
Since time in the NS world goes faster than that in the RL world, it is sometimes hard to work out what the date is.
Among the World Cup fraternity, the standard timescale is 1 RL day = 1 NS month
If you wish to view the current time in the capital of Spaam (in Spaamnian time, of course - GMT does NOT stand for Greenwich Mean Time), go to:
28-07-2004, 16:20
Yarr, but not in Gameplay.
28-07-2004, 20:58
Finally I know what the time is :)
Zaktar Prime Time (
28-07-2004, 22:20
Hey, what a wonderful idea! :D
You can see the current time and date on the Palladian Calender here. (
I also used an iframe to embed it into my factbook ( page.
The Mindset
28-07-2004, 22:31
Using toString() instead of toUTCString() will remove the GMT at the end of the time.