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Deneb approaches The Imperial Principality of Taka (Closed RP)

28-07-2004, 01:23
OOC: This is taking place in our past, I'd say about one week ago. Figure out long that is IC'ly by yourself


The Duke looked over a system map of the old Klonor Empire, marking off the different systems and their status.

"Okay, I rule Deneb. w00t! The DRA runs these three, and I need to start thinking about making a move to liberate Regulus soon. It just doesn't feel right leaving one part of Klonor under the rule of another. SR-2091 is out of reach, so that just leaves Epsilon Pegasi. Lieutenant?"

"Yes, sir?"

"What do we know about Taka?"

"Not much, sir. We've had limited contact."

"What are the odds that we could liberate EP from their control?"

"Not very good, sir. Our defenses might be top-notch, but we've practically no offensive capabilities."

"Damn. Any chance they'll just give it back?"

"No, sir."

"Well, I'm not just going to leave some damn aliens in control of Klonors richest system. Make contact, I want to know what it's gonna take to get control of Epsilon Pegasi back."

"Yes, sir."
28-07-2004, 01:34
"Sir, message inbound"

"Is it the rebels" the fleet commander asks, looking away from the bridge of the last Dreadnaught still loyal to the Council. "Those damned Imperialists will be the death of me. . . crown lickers all."

"negative sir, it appears alien in nature."

"Send standard reply to them, we haven't time to talk to every two bit pirate and alien nation that wants to try and counquer us."

Transmition active, open chanels, unknown recipiant.

We the great and everlasting nation of Taka would love to take your call, however we can not unless it is dirrected at the proper channels. For inquiries as to fleet purchases, Takian Armory may be reached Monday through Friday via Holochannel 411-874-7792-TA. For leasing and mining rights, the Takian Mining Company may be reached at 411-234-MIN-2111. If you require assistance, enter the system around the furthest planet, power down all weapons and shields and prepare to be boarded. For all other Inquiries, please contact the Takian Counsil of Forgien Affairs at 411-234-2346-TCFA. Any intrusions into Takian Space, or further communications outside of the Takian Holonets is prohibited, and will be met with all just force. Thank you and have a nice day.

"That should keep the bastards at bay. . . who were they?"

"System ID says its Deneb. . . sir, thats the old Klonor capital. . ."

"So, anouther group of rebels wanting to reclaim the former Klonorian Empire. . . let them try. How has our training group faired? I take it the former citizens of Klonor have adapted well to our NESS program?"
28-07-2004, 01:53
"Wait, did they just shrug us off? Oh come on! We're here trying to avoid a war, and they put on a recording?"

"It seems so, sir."

"Well then, I'll show them! General!"

"Yes, sir?"

"Send the proper forms to the appropriate number!"

"Oooooooookay, do you really want me to do that? Wouldn't a communications officer be better for that?"

"Oh.......right. Get one of them to do it!"

"Yes, sir."

Direct Beam Transmission: 411-234-2346-TCFA
Transmission Origin: Vicegral Palace, Deneb System

To whom it may concern, we of the Soverign Nation of Deneb would like to arrange a meeting between our respective governments. It seems that your nation currently resides within the boundries of a former territory of Klonor. Our leader, the Grand Duke solomon Klonor, wishes to know if it is at all possible to negotiate a territorial exhange. Our people have long wished to reunite with our lost brothers, and we would like to bring that about as soon as possible. However, we also wish peaceful relations with you and the rest of the civilized Universe. So, a peaceful solution is sought. Would you be interested in discussing this further?
28-07-2004, 02:07
Return transmition
To whom it may concern,

We belive you are mistaken, the Klonorian Empire is defunt and its former holdings are in new hands. We, the nation of Taka along with our allies Vernii and Valinon moved to placate this world before bloody civil war could break out. This is our homeworld by right of conquest, and the people's are Takian Citizens, not Klonorian Citizens. None the less, we will consider the possiblitly of a peace accoard and perhapse allowing you to establish a colony within this system, provided that it is well within Takian Athourity as a protectorate.

Ambasador Ori

The older man keyed out the entry, sending it without second though. He leaned back in the plush black chair. Staring up at the sky over the desolate world, his mind drifted. Adam, Dozle, the rise and the fall of the Prince. . . the council that had corrupted Makoto. . . so much. . . too much.

He reached for his sword, a crystal matrixed blade, given to him by the Prince himself.

"Chai, sir?" she asked, bowing deeply in reverence as he unsheathed the swrod part way.

"Diplomats are only allowed to carry the Boken. . . they are not allowed live steel, for that alone is the bailwick of the warrior. A sword to kill, and a sword to defend. . . a seperation between the two chastes. Do you know why I was given this blade?" he asked to the woman.

"no, sir, why were you?"

"Because, dear princess, your father trusted that I could bridge the gap. . . that I could unite the empire he would carve from the stars. Your brother seems to have disdain for your father's plans. . . disdain that may very well threaten our very nation and our people."

"yes sir" Princess Maya said, bowing slightly. "would you like some Chai, Sensai Ori?"

The old man smiled quietly and bowed "I would like that very much, My Princess. Domo Arigato"
28-07-2004, 02:30
That is acceptable. We shall dispatch a Klonor representative at once. Where should our ship land within your territory?

"Sir? A small colony?"

"Oh, I'm sure that once we're there and they see how nice we are they'd be willing to reconsider."

"I hope so, sir."

"As do I."
28-07-2004, 02:45
Ori rose, reguarding the holo message before sending the coordinants for the Takian Dreadnaught "Samurai".

"A little sword out of the sheath, a little firepower shown. . . a card played face up" he mused as he moved towards the door, almost running Maya over as she returned with his tea.

"oh, sir, Iv'e got your Chai for you."

he nodded and took it greatfully, sipping it against the cold. He thought for a moment before turning to face the retreating princess. "Maya" he asked, looking at hsi personal shuttle. "would you like to come with me and greet these delegates?"

Her eyes sparkled softly wiht muted anticipation. "But isn't that Rei's duty?" she asked, sheepishly, though her voice held a knowing note. . . Rei was inspecting the remaing fleet with her borther, the Emperor. Her attention to detail never ceased to amaze the old man.

"No, Rei is out this week, if you would like, you are welcome to come, though if you don't want to. . ."

"I belive it would be only proper" she said slowly and deliberaly "that I come along as well"

He nodded and hurried towards the shuttle, his pilot already suiting up as he took his seat, the princess sitting next to him. He sipped his Chai as the shuttle gracefully rose into the cold sky, a crane taking flight over the sleeping Takian Empire.
28-07-2004, 02:56
"Okay, so, what do we do now?"

"We send somebody to meet them. Make it Admiral Wurso."

"Admiral Wurso, sir? But he has zero combat experience! Hell, he hasn't even been through the Academy! His title is purely officialy. I'm not sure if he even knows where the trigger is on a gun!"

"Exactly, the man is worthless in combat, if they just kill him we don't lose anything. Plus, he's a skilled diplomat. So, if they kill him we lose nothing (since we have many diplomats) and if they don't then we have a man there who is actually capable of getting us what we want."

"Ah. Good thinking, sir. I'll transmit the command at once."

"Yes, you do that."

Within a half an hour all the arrangements have been made and the GDC Fenrir pulled away from the dock.

"Next stop, Epsilon Pegasi."

With a flash of blue and a ripple of space the ship was gone.
28-07-2004, 03:09
A ship exits hyperspace on the edge of the Epsilon Pegasi system. It is an arrow’s head of pure silver, a shard against the deep black of the void. Along its seams from where the point starts to broaden to the hatched rear stretches a line of energy on the sensors in the system, visible to the naked eye as a running line of blue and white. On the ships pointed wings is a stylized lion, reflecting poise, a cool detachment, and a hint of arrogance. The edges of the wings and the nose are trimmed in scarlet and gold. It is a visit from a nation that has disowned its association with Taka for many years, a visit from a brother who has disowned his own family.
A shimmering woman made of light and blue webbing appears as the avatar of the ships communication.
“This is the Imperial Alderman Ship Imaldris carrying His Majesty, Emperor Gustav Alderman II’s, personal representative Tiamat to the Epsilon Pegasi system. In the name of His Majesty we request permission to land. Our purpose is to meet with several members of the Council, as well as the royal family, on behalf of His Majesty.”
28-07-2004, 03:31
The craft broke the clouds as the broadcast was played inside. Ori swore silently as Maya broke her attention from the behmoth dreadnaught to pay attention. They allowed it to paly twice before cutting the transmission, Ori turning to Maya.

"I suppose it would only be polite to recive them with our guests from Klonor. . ."

Maya only nodded, her mind flying as she picked up the coms unit.

"Greetings vessel, I am Princess Maya of the Takian Empire. I welcome you in the name of our shared grandfather, High Prince Taka. . . unfortunatly he is unable to speak with you today, and my siblings are likewise indisposed, though I welcome you to our home, and invite you to dock at the dreadnaguth Samurai." She killed the coms unit and sunk into her chair, distress evident on her face.

"Relax. . . everything will work out" Ori said, standing as the ship docked. "Everything will be taken care of."

He stepped inot the airlock as the door opened in the cavernous hanger. Within moments he was waiting in the Captain's meeting room, a holo projector glowing dully at the center. Against the far wall, a mass of wire bundles, tubes of fluid and a thick glass tube with the atrophied body of one of the heros of the Adamite Wars resting wthin. From his shaved head, trendrils of tubing extended to the AS mainframe. As always, irony gripped him when he saw how close to the adamite technology they had grown after the war. The door slid open silently and he turned to the young marine.

"Are they ready?"

He simply nodded and turned, walking away.

"excelent. . . Captain, please show our guests here. . ."

In the tube, the mind of Admiral Goya blended with the AS system, expanding to encompass the entire ship.

Klonorian and Valnor vessels, you are cleared to dock. . . this way please
28-07-2004, 03:41
"Valinon? What the hell are they doing here?"

"Damned if I know, sir. They just showed up a few minutes ago. I don't think the Takians were expecting them."

"Interesting. This might work in our favor."

"How sor?"

"I have no idea. Move us in."

"Yes, sir."

With that the Omega, an Elysium Transport, detached from the side of the Fenrir and moved towards the Samurai.

"Here's hoping we receive a warm welcome."
28-07-2004, 04:07
The Omega neared the Samurai, rotating to present it's lower airlock to its counterpart on the larger vessel.

"Docking complete. Debarkation commencing."

Three men then step through the airlock, Admiral Wurso and two Marine escorts.

"So, shall we get these negotiations under way?"
28-07-2004, 04:07
The Imaldris docks smoothly with the Takan vessel, and from a spiraling egress hatch a figure emerges. A billowing red cape stretches from a high collar all the way to the ankles of mostly concealed jack boots. His face is strange, Mediterranean in a way, black hair and dark skin, brown eyes flit across the ship with an assassin's quick study gaze. His name is Tiamat, foremost among Gustav II's personal operatives, the hands with which the Lion Emperor reaches out across the galaxy.
Under his arm he carries a black, circular disc, a portable Valinor Nu-space receiver. He looks up at the voice of Goya with a cold curiousity and follows the directions inward into the bowels of the ship.
28-07-2004, 04:15
Tiamet, I belive Goya says. interesting how you've escaped our record keeping. . . I am afraid that the computer system of this ship does not recognize your rank. . . if I may be so bold, I am Fleet Admiral Goya, once commander of the Gothic Armada, I am not confined to this ship. . . though considering the alternative, it has not been too troublesome. A pleasure to make your aquantance. . . I pray that the errant Brother of our Great Emperor is doing well?

He splits his attention off towards the Klonorian delegate, a hologram of the once noble warrior appearing in the hanger.

greetings gentlemen, this way please. . . I pray you've remember to disengage your weapons.
28-07-2004, 04:22
"Let us say Valinor record keeping has changed since the days of Rowald I. We have become less open with our secrets, and my ranks as a servant of His Majesty is enough. But I know well enough of your Gothic Armada. As for how His Majesty is, you may see for yourself soon enough. And surely one such as yourself should have no problem with patience," Tiamat's voice is one of rigid control, carefully modulated like all his actions.
28-07-2004, 04:22
"Of course. These two gentlemen are merely for show, we would not dream of insulting you by bringing armed thugs into your presence."

He then straightens, readying himself for the usual introduction speech.

"I am Timothy Wurso, Admiral of the Klonor Space Corps and envoy from the Grand Duke of Klonor. I bring greetings from the Lord of Deneb and the hopes that our two people's may continue to live in peace."
28-07-2004, 04:36
I am no stranger to playing waiting games, but I am a stranger to playing to the Valnor's more perculre requests. I did not in life, and I will not here. But where are my manners, the Princess awaits behind those doors. Goya says, the lights on the elevator blinking. watch your step and please grasp the railing firmly, this is a hypertube.

Thats nice Goya says, waving a holographic hand dismisivly. But you fail to understand that the Klonorian Empire is no more, and is no longer recognized as a legitimate country by the Counsil. None the less, this way please, the representative from Valinon has already arived.
28-07-2004, 04:40
Tiamat looks upward blankly as he graps the rail, "Time change, and besides, as several were fond of arguing before they were taught otherwise, His Majesty is not exactly Valinor is he?"
28-07-2004, 09:41
"Begging your pardon, sir," Wurso continues as he enters the hypertube, "but where does the Klonor Empire enter into this? That noble institution has been dead for decades, I see no reason to mention it now."
29-07-2004, 06:00
Nor, is he exactly of the noble Takian Line Goya said cooly. He initiated a bio-scan of Tiamet, begining his standard explaintion. Please wait a moment, I must scan you to assure that you do not have any pathogenic agents, weapons, or harmful conditions that may endanger the Princess. Of course, this is simply customary and largely simply a ritual, though we thank you for your time.

oh, forgive me. We are quite used to dealing with the vagabonds who claim to be the heir of the defunct empire, I only assumed that you were attempting to ressurect the former glory of a nation that has fallen and should be allowed to lie in peace. If I may pry. . . what IS your purpous for being here then?
29-07-2004, 06:15
"We are here to negotiate the possible transfer of government of the certain portions of the Epsilon Pegasi system back to the Grand Duke Solomon Klonor. We are, of course, more than willing to deliver adequate compensation for such an action."
31-07-2004, 01:25
Goya suppressed a chuckle, the holographic form mearly smirking. [i]Then you've come on a fool's errand, but no worries, I'm sure that we can work out something. . . perhapse your great duke would be willing to surrender ytour home world to the Council and swear fealty to our emperor? That would assure that your colony and our empire we united. Untill then though, I don't see how the weak can hope to rule the strong. . . but I've talked too mcuh, through that door awaits the Princess, please wait while we run a bioscan.[/i/

A thin green beam of light traced down them, taking notes on medical conditions, as well as serching for hidden weaponry. Satisfired that they were clean, the door unlatched and opened.
31-07-2004, 03:30
"The same can be applied to the Takan Emperor," says Tiamat with a slight tug at the corners of his mouth. "I think this is a double-edged sword that serves neither side of this arguement well. But perhaps you would entertain me when I ask how the Dowager Empress fairs?"
Tiamat uses the Valinor title of address for Gustav II's mother, Ami of Taka.
31-07-2004, 05:18
"Greetins Princess, I am Admiral Wurso from the Soverign System of Deneb. I would like to convey the well-wishes of my government, as well as my personal blessing for a good and healthy life. I consider it an honor to meet you."
31-07-2004, 14:36
Maya stood and bowed gently, her short brown hair shifting slightly. She rose and smiled at him warmly, her fleet officer's uniform wrinkling slightly.

"A pleasure to meet you, I welcome you in the name of our family and great empire, to the nation of Taka. It is an honor to meet you Admiral, how fairs the good Duke?"
31-07-2004, 20:44
A few minutes later Tiamat enters the room, the Nu-space projector still firmly under his arm. He bows to Maya.
"Your Highness," he says in a quiet voice, "greetings from the Twin Suns."
01-08-2004, 01:36
"Much better than he was several months ago (referring to the whole Duke being dead thing). He now resides in his rightful place, and the System is quite glad. How goes your own self?"
01-08-2004, 15:44
"Well enough, nation has had several exciting breakthroughs latley that have us all in eager anticipation for whatever may come. Though I'm rather currious now, Goya informs me that you wish our nation subjegate itself under yours. . ." a sly smirk crosses her face "Though I assure you, we would not cave to the pressures of Adam or Dozle, and we will not surrender to any ruffians without a fight."

The door opens and Maya turns, albeit slightly stiffly, and bows formaly to Tiamet.

"Ah, our friends from Valinon, How is my wayward brother and his warhungry sister?"
02-08-2004, 02:42
"Oh, of course we would not think that! Nor would we never even dream of it. We ourselves fought with you against Dozle, and managed to thrust him out of three different systems that he'd invaded. We feel nothing but love for the nation of Taka, for we have been comrades in combat and there is no closer bond than that."

He pauses, pondering what his next words would be.

"We merely wish an exhange of resources. You are currently settled in the system of Epsilon Pegasi, a former system of Klonor (The former is emphasized to show that he does acknowledge that he no longer rules there). Yet the citizenry often takes long to forget their history. We believe that it would benefit both our People if we were allowed to regain governmental authority of the former Klonor planets, simply so that you may not concern yourself with the rule of a possibly unpleasant native population."
02-08-2004, 02:51
"ah, so all you want is to lease those two planets from us then?" she smiled politly as she took a sip of tea, offering anouther cup to the admiral almost as an after thought. "If thats all you really want, then there would be no problem, provided taht you followed protocall on the matter. You see, the inhabitants of those planets have mostly sword fealty to the Takian Empire, many of them are already valuable members of government ont hier planet. They tend to have more rights than most members of large nations do, especialy system spanning empires."
02-08-2004, 02:57
"Ah, but our nation was never truly an Empire. All the systems we ruled were discovered, explored, and settled by the Grand Duchy of Klonor. None were conquered, and all had an equal say in the ruling of the whole."
02-08-2004, 03:06
"Thats nice" Maya says, waving her hand dismissivly "though I'm sure you would realize that the larger an empire is, the less each member's voice counts. Hence we've done away with arcaic democracy in turn for a more aristocratic government. We do not impeed upon our people's everyday life, they are allowed to run thier own cities, states and planets, and all of us are happy. Though however you would wish to govern the people would be up to you. . . I would suggest however that you be careful, as some of them have been showing very strong isolationist tendancies, especialy the elven population. I doubt they would take kindly to interlopers telling htem how to run thier lives, when the Takian system gives them more or less free rein to do as they wish."
02-08-2004, 03:19
"As did we, when we ruled here. The Elves originally settled here as fleeing refuges, searching for a place free from persecution and oppression. Autonomy is guaranteed."
02-08-2004, 03:24
"So why, may I ask, would you want to re take a planet that would be little more than a token reminder of what you once held?" the once is emphasized with a note of irritation "it seems like you are running a fools errand"
02-08-2004, 03:29
"Is it not said that Klonor is merely a Fool led by a Drunk?
02-08-2004, 03:35
"If you have a point, I wish you would make it" she said curly, irritation plain to note in her voice.
02-08-2004, 03:38
"My point is simply that the Duke wants those planets, for reasons of his own. I do not question him, I merely do as he commands."
02-08-2004, 15:16
"Well by all means, we would not be opposed to leasing those planets to you, provided that you would be willing to pay for it"
02-08-2004, 20:37
"Oh, of course. The Duke is willing to negotiate to what you believe is a fair price. Now, on to the next matter. How soon can the evacuation of Takian military personnel commence?"
02-08-2004, 21:35
"I'm sorry, did you say evacuate?" she said, blinking from confusion. "We don't have any personel on those planets with the exception of two instalations on the Elven world, and those instaltions are of utmost importance."
02-08-2004, 23:32
As if at an unseen command, Tiamat places the Nu-space holoprojector on the floor. Moments later a beam of light shoots out of its center, and a form begins to take shape out of the thin beam of light. The form is a man of average height with dirt blond hair and over an average built, muscular figure. Brilliant electric blue eyes are his main outstanding feature, that and the sense of drive and purpose he seemingly brings with him as a casual presence across light-years.
"It is nice to know that somethings never change," he says with a small smile at the Klonor delegation. "No matter how many times they reportedly say they change."
With that his gaze turns to Maya, "How do you fair, sister?"
03-08-2004, 02:11
Maya glances coldly at the project, before a warm smile appears on her face once more. "My dear brother, so good to see you are well. I pray that the Valnor summer's heat has not been to harsh on you. I am well, yourself?"