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Some details of Giltheran

27-07-2004, 23:22
Since the founding of Giltheran it has gone through some growth and changes. The Capital was based of course upon the central city of Evermeet, although some changes have been made, so perhaps a description of what can be seen by the Visitor.

Firstly overlooking the City is the Palace the Tree of Souls, for which the City is named. Over 500 Feet tall this white-balked Oak tree with gleaming green and gold leaves, it is more than a simple Large tree that has been altered into a Palace is more than a mere symbol through. The tree forms the entrance point for the populace. Forming a Gate that crosses the vastness of space, it also allows the spread of High Magic acros the Lands.

Around the Palace is a line of Trees almost as Large, from this the Palace is defended, Pegasi and Giant Eagles are readied to launch in a moments notice, while Archers and other Soldiers watch for intruders. Having said that the Giltheran people pass this line of watchers unconcerned and are fre to Visit the Palace and the Court of their King. Indeed it is their right, to speak and be hear by the king whenever he sits in session.

Beyond the line of watchers sit the High Houses of the people, a long lived race each of these houses repersents large extended familes, and almost every Elf of Giltheran can trace membership to one or more of these houses. In day to day affairs it is from these that Giltheran is ran, and the Matriarch or Patriarch of each house are powerful and important people in the lives of these Elves.

The streets of Giltheran are often made up of a form of Magically crushed and Polished Diamond-like Crystal, that appears Glassy smooth. (Although it is not treachous underfoot) of various colours and sunstones line the streets to light the night. All this adds to the simple atmosphere of the city where everything appears grown from the ground stone buildings glitter in the light next to trees that form homes. On the outskirts of the City lies a massive piece of lush Grassland, where a Herd of Horses rest wild, until their rider comes to claim them.

The Palace looks over the Bay, and the Harbour and in the Center of this stands the Guardian Giltherans mammoth defense project. The Size of the Colouss of Rhodes, in is a golemn and capable of free movement, built in the Image of the leader of the Giltheran's Pantheon.

In the Center of the City stands a Mammoth temple dedicated to the Seldarine, inside it can be found statues dedicatd to every God of the Panthelon as well as numerous side Shrines. In a Move away from that on Evermeet, Giltheran ordered that no God should be left out, and so although debate still exists on the exact nture of some of the God's within, they are all repersented.

Elsewhere smaller indivdual temples can be found to individual god's of course, but this structure Forms the Central place of Worship for a deeply religious people.

Rumours persist that a sapling has been sent from Evermeet that will soon be planted within the gardens of the Central temple taken from the Oldest tree on Evermeet, it is more an emotional link than anything else.

An Hours Ride from the City lies the Tower of Light, another piece in Giltheran's defense and a place of higher learning in the arts of Magic, it is here and in the many Temples that Libaries can be found.

((OOC based Heavily upon stuff in Elves of Evermeet but with my own stuff added))
27-07-2004, 23:46
Initially very few Houses existed in Giltheran but as the nation a number of Houses migrated to the Islands. All are repersented in the Houses Council that rules them. However the original Houses are held in deep respect by the population and it is a rare Council that would go against the combined view of these original settlers.

In peacetime and other normal state of affairs it is the Council the Houses make up that rules the islands, although the King himself is Chairman of the Council, holding both a vote and the tie breaker. In Times of emergency Githras as current King is able to assume direct rule, but the Council is able to end such a state without him sitting in session in the Council. A Second Body of personal Advisors exist Five ancient Baelnorns who have just about seen it all, and are widely respected by the populace. In the past the fact that so many Baelnorns had survived the fall of myth Dranor was a secret known to few, but the presence of the Five on the original colonist vessels made them public knowledge. However the Ciricle holds no other rights than to be Heard and to Hear.

In the Seas the Sea Elves hold a seperate Power Structure and have their own king, however he has swon oaths of Loyalty to Githras and Giltheran, and will not falter in his loyalty to his Serface kinsmen.

The Wild Elves hold a slightly different system than the Houses, split into Small tribes and Larger Clans. It is a rare Council that has repersentatibes of all the Clans in session but equally rare that none are in attendence. In defferance to their desires for greater freedom, a Clan is able to have it's Vote cast in abstentia by another Clan if it has informed the Council in advance of the Clan it wishes to cast these votes for them.

((This bit is original, and based only Losely on the Source. So I'm most nervous about this, so comments and criticisms on the Political structure would be very much appreciated))
28-07-2004, 00:00
The Giltheran Military is still very much based around Knights, the Bow, etc, and around the Mage. It is not that they are unable to adapt to the modern world but that they are unwilling. Indeed a few merchents have came to the Islands offering older Guns and other signs of advancment, all have been rejected by the majourity of the populace, and it is a rare elf that has accepted any offer. This is not altogher unexpected, for the weapons of progress are often made at the expense of nature, and the Giltheran people have a close connection to these forces.

dryads, nymphs and other woodland creatures inhabit the Isles and it is rumoured so do Treants, although none have as of yet by seen by the Elves of Giltheran. as for the military make up, In the Airs can be seen Giant Eagles and Pegasus on the ground cavarly,, Moon-Horses, Unicorns and footmen lead the way. (Moon-Horses are intellagent mounts and some even have their own magic.)

At Sea the fleets of the Elves sail, aided by Magics, the light vessels cut through the seas, while Five Much Larger Wardragon Class ships have been constructed. These act as carriers and troop transports and are too large to sail instead they are powered and driven by magic. This capabilty is further enhanced by a growing force of Spelljammers, sailing Ships that can sail in the Stars.

However all of this would be worthless but for the research conducted by the Mages of giltheran, who have been conducting intense investigation into how to turn ordinary Bolts and the like into weapons capable of harming even the most technological of ships on both the seas and in space.

The Old Comrades of Githras have also now begun to establish their own Bladesinger Lodges, who now train alongside the War Mages and High Mages of Giltheran.
28-07-2004, 01:45
These are things that even Githras is as of yet unaware, but which have been revealed in previous Roleplays, or which will be revealed soon.

Firstly There lives on the Island an Ancient Silver Wyrm, her Horde has been spent in buying up shares in other lands in various companies, and in establishing many a controling stake in some of Giltherans new Busisness concerns. Indeed she is the Driving Force behind Silver Trading Concerns, (STC) the Umbrella company which covers all of Giltheran's Exports in some way or form, and many of it's imports. After the King and Council this woman is the single most powerful 'Elf' on Giltheran, and yet very little is known about her. (Including that she is in fact a Dragon and not an Elf. For this Polymorph self has been exceptionally useful to her.)

Her purpose at the moment is too watch the Elves of Giltheran and ensure that they stay true to their ideals.

Of course this nation was founded as a direct decision of the Seldarine to end and reverse the retreat started so long ago on Toril. And it remains watched closly by the Seldarine, who seldom interfere directly in the affairs of their people. It has however had tasked to it Many a Reverend One, mysterious agents of the Seldarine who may be or may not be, deceased Elven Souls watching over their descendents. So for none have been seen by the Elves of Giltheran, but a few watch importent individuals from the etheral plane.

Wolves run freely on the Isles but not all the wolves are indeed Wolves a few are Lythari, Elven shapeshifters, more reclusive than the Wild Elves they have not yet came forward.
28-07-2004, 03:23
The Five is the collective term used in referance to Githras' old Companions. Now that he is King these Five found themselves at a little bit of turning point. Two of them have settled down somewhat and lead the Bladesinger Lodges mentioned previously training the next generation of these elite of Giltheran.

Of the remaining three One Now serves as Githras key General and the other two have adopted other roles, it is these other two that have the most importent roles for now.

First is Tel'varinis, these days he is the eyes and ears of Githras in foreign nations, when they arrived on Earth he had established his own new party, 'The Road' these eight are the Core of the external intellagence organisation he now leads. A Hands on man many of the cells this group will establish will likely be recruited directly by him rather than through others, and the Road serves this purpose on the whole. It is the First to a potential area of interest, examinging the impact on future operations.

As for the other Melgars has agreed to act as the eventual head of internal security although her Job is rather difficult, for the Giltheran people have strong privacy laws, and while Giltheran has existed now for a while, she has yet to begin serious movements into establishing her network. This is not out of laziness or anything else, but rather because she is watching the few people she intends to start with, and deciding if they can be trusted...

((OOC okay her real reason OOCly is I can't think of a cool name for her group))