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27-07-2004, 19:04
Anyone remember this:

I say we start a new one. How's that sound? You list some of your major characters, their stats (height, weight, sex, whatever), and we make one large listing of them....

You post your characters. When you do, I'll add the link to your post(s) under these cute little headings below....

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Five Civilized Nations
27-07-2004, 19:07
Fantasy Characters

Lance Crusade--Alive and Well

Affiliation: None
Age: 29 (when he died), 89 (years from birthday to resurrection, however, acts and looks 29), 2250 (years from birthday to second resurrection, however, acts and looks 35)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Eyes: Dark Blue pupils, although eyes sometimes flash golden light
Clothing: All Black, Bandanna Around his Head with the Chinese Character of Sword
Sword of Cala: Ancestral weapon, forged ten millenia ago from a golden-obsidian alloy (golden blade)--Passed to his son, Amistad, when Lance died. Disappeared along with Amistad 20 years before Lance's resurrection. Some say, Amistad and the sword have been swallowed up by the nine hells. It was later rediscovered.
Heaven's Will: Forged of obsidian-mithril (dark blade) supposedly by a being only known as Fate to replace the disappeared Sword of Cala

Biography: Born to an obscure noble family in China, whose name has been lost in the tides of time, the man known now as Lance, was orphaned when he was still a baby. He was found by the childless Duke of Cala along with two scrolls, written in a foreign tongue. The Duke promptly adopted the baby and named him, Lance Crusade, because of a faint scar on his back, made by a lance thrust.

From his youth, the Duke of Cala doted upon his adopted son, training his son in diplomacy and philosophy, while a succession of fighters, most notable of whom was the powerful master of Mt. Mirror, taught the young man how to fight. When, the Duke of Cala died, Lance only sixteen, but a swift, powerful fighter, succeeded him as the 98th Duke of Cala.

It was at this time that a horde of centaurs and orcs ravaged the lands. Advised by a prophet to seek out the assistance of the dragonlords, Lance set out upon a fateful journey. During his absence, the Duchy of Cala was annihilated, the survivors scattering to the four winds.

In a journey that lasted two years, Lance finally arrived at the home of the dragonlords, a place known as Mt. Skyfire. There, Lance met the last of the dragonlords, Omnus Stormrider. Lance befriended Omnus, and the two friends returned to the Duchy of Cala, only to find it obliterated.

Resolved to avenge the deaths of so many of his loyal subjects, Lance took up his sword and went in chase of the horde that had destroyed his home.

Initially Lance was unsuccessful, nearly killed by the overwhelming numbers of his opponents. Only the timely arrival of Omnus prevented Lance's death. Nursing Lance back to health at Mt. Skyfire, Omnus discovered the two scrolls. With growing astonishment, Omnus realized that they were sacred scrolls containing two powerful fighting techniques. When Lance was strong enough, Omnus began to translate the scrolls and the two friends trained earnestly in the two techniques. Within two months, the two friends had mastered both techniques, the Eighteen Palms of the Xiang Long and the Infinity Swords Technique.

Feeling ready for battle, the two friends moved off and chased down the horde of vile orcs and centaurs. In a bloody battle lasting two days, the two friends exterminated the horde, killing every last orc and centaur. Satisfied, the two returned to Mt. Skyfire, to a period of meditation.

Four years later, Lance descended from the mountain and began to travel the lands. First, Lance traveled to the west, assisting the vampiric-demon Kain Irenicus in regaining his homeland.

As Lance was heading back east, he discovered the trail of a powerful demon rampaging through what was then the Roman Empire. The Roman citizens tormented by the demon called him Nightmare. The demon in actuality was known as the Great Demon, Hezekiel, was a powerful demon that had arrived upon the mortal plane by possessing a young mage named Azara Telas. In a terrible battle that ended only with the banishment of the demon to the Timeless Realms, Lance came out badly wounded, assisting the now free Azara. The two parted ways, good friends.

Lance then headed north, stopping at the cold Baltic Sea and meditating for several days. Heading east, Lance joined up with a party, among who were Azara Telas and Armad Delaz, seeking an artifact known as the Blood Goblet. Although at the end, the quest was unsuccessful, Lance made numerous friends.

At twenty-seven, Lance finally returned to the vast expanse of land, known as the Middle Kingdom (a.k.a. China). There, Lance made himself a new life.

When Lance turned twenty-five, he married Amelia Eiken, a powerful sorceress and the daughter of the venerable master of Mt. Mirror.

Making his home upon the mountain with his wife, Lance was truly happy. Lance was overjoyed when his son was born a year later. Pleased with himself, Lance named his son, Amistad and vowed to teach his child all he knew.

But something intervened... Lance became involved in a plot to assassinate the covetous and deceitful Qin Shi Huang. When the King heard of Lance's participation in the plot, dispatched an army widely believed to number 1 million to capture Lance and his family.

In an epic battle upon the plains of Xiliang, Lance battled the Qin army, sacrificing himself to save his wife and his son. Lance achieved his goal, but was mortally wounded and died upon the plains. When the battle was over, Lance's body had disappeared, while his spiritual essence floated upward, into heaven...

Lance became another dead hero, meant to live till the end of Time reliving their heroic battles. But once again, fate cruelly intervened, sending Lance back to the earth along with a slew of other heroes to deal with an invasion from the seas...

The attempt by Lance and his fellow heroes to stop this invasion was a dismal failure. Many were killed, including Lance's son, Amistad.

Distraught, Lance retreated to a small world he purposedly created to honor those killed in the myriad of conflicts throughout the world. But then, the demonlord, Nez'gah came to annilihate this paradise... Lance was barely able to defend his home...

Amistad Crusade--Deceased

Affiliation: None
Age: 35
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Eyes: Dark Blue pupils, although eyes sometimes flash golden light
Clothing: All Black, Bandanna Around his Head with the Chinese Character of Sword
Sword of Cala: Ancestral weapon, forged ten millenia ago from a golden-obsidian alloy (golden blade)--Passed to his son, Amistad, when Lance died. Disappeared along with Amistad 20 years before Lance's resurrection. Some say, Amistad and the sword have been swallowed up by the nine hells.
27-07-2004, 19:08
Well I'll be damned. Someone actually liked that thread! That's made my day...
The Mindset
27-07-2004, 19:10
Pr'Varia Dancos

Age: 871 standard years. (Current clone aged 45 standard years.)

Sex: Male.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 195 lbs

Position: Prime of The Mindset; ultimate ruler of The Empire, non-hereditary monarch, Chief Commander of the armed forces.

Race: Mindsettian Caucausion.

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Eye Color: Pale grey.

Good Traits: Highly intelligent, innovative, a natural leader, impassive, controlled, wetwired for combat situations (able to hold his own against the best assassins) and has maintained power of The Empire for over eigh hundred years, without civil war.

Bad traits: Distant from the public, rarely seen. Lets the electoral Senate handle non-critical decisions. Pacifist by nature; allowed Mindsettian borders to shrink tenfold during his rein.

Preferred Weapons: N/A. Highly trained in martial arts, with wetwiring designed for enhanced speed, agility and response time.

Relations: 6,245 known children, four wives, sixty-three husbands, 18,452 known grandchildren, 54,624 known great-grandchildren.

Brief History:
-Born May 12th, 3252AD.
-Selected as candidate for non-hereditary monarch inheritence by the previous Prime, Terk Sabort III, aged 17.
-Previous Prime dies, Pr'Varia becomes new Prime, and ultimate ruler of The Empire.
-Prime overrules Senate, and outlaws religion, aged 18.
-Currently a Senior Director of the Extra Solar Union of Systems (ESUS)

Unknown Character/Unnamed ("Intruder/Cloaked Man")

Age: Unknown.

Sex: Male.

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 295 lbs (enhanced muscle fibres contribute to overall weight - is not overweight)

Position: Unknown intruder from the future, who has so far brutally killed over twenty people in hand to hand combat, and blown up a half-block of a major Mindsettian metropolis.

Race: Mindsettian Caucausion.

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Eye Color: Unknown.

Good Traits: Very advanced biological implants providing massive increases in strength, agility, stamina and reaction time. Wetwired for combat situations. Cutting edge wetwired shielding technology provides him portable protection from light weapons fire. Incredibly skilled hand to hand fighter.

Bad traits: Cold, calculating. Has killed several times in cold blood. Determined to destroy the Prime of The Empire.

Preferred Weapons: N/A. Highly trained in martial arts, with wetwiring designed for enhanced speed, agility and response time.

Relations: Unknown.

Brief History:
-Appeared through a quantum time wormhole in a top-secret Mindsettian research lab conducting preliminary testing of prototype temporal technology. Proceeded to kill everyone in the building, then detonated a thermal charge, taking out half the block.
-His origins are currently unknown.

Paula Myo

Age: 26

Sex: Female.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 132 lbs

Position: Chief Investigator of the Mindsettian Serious Crimes Directorate.

Race: Mindsettian Oriental.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Brown.

Good Traits: A highly skilled detective and investigator. Has a perfect guilty conviction record. The most senior police officer in The Empire, and is a natural leader.

Bad traits: Convicted her own parents for fraud, aged 19. Very cold - wishes only to get the job done, with no interference. "Bad ass."

Preferred Weapons: N/A.

Relations: Parents, serving a life sentence for identity fraud.

Brief History:
-Parents were illegal immigrants from Earth, who rasied Myo in The Mindset.
-Graduated Police Academy aged 17, with a 100% score in the final exam.
-Convicted her own parents of identity fraud, and allowed them to be sentenced to fifty years in suspension.
-Every case she has worked on resulted in a successful prosecution.
-Currently working on tracking the "Unknown Intruder" character.

Mel Rees

Age: 53

Sex: Male.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 245 lbs

Position: Director of the Mindsettian Serious Crimes Directorate.

Race: Mindsettian Black.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Dark brown.

Good Traits: Able to balance a checkbook.

Bad traits: Tends to cut back funding at inappropriate moments.

Preferred Weapons: N/A.

Relations: Unknown.

Brief History:
-Has been Director of the Serious Crimes Directorate for twenty years.

Senator Jarq Nirbor

Age: 44

Sex: Male.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195 lbs (enhanced muscle fibres contribute to overall weight - is not overweight)

Position: Senator of M-1, the largest city of The Empire.

Race: Mindsettian Caucausion.

Hair Color: Dirty blonde.

Eye Color: Blue.

Good Traits: Good at city management, able to manipulate the loyalties of his voters.

Bad traits: Is a corrupt politician who wishes to dispose of the Prime and form a fully democratic republic, where he would have more power than simple city planning.

Preferred Weapons: N/A.

Relations: Unknown.

Brief History:
-Elected six times.
-Current term expires in three years, and wishes to overthrow the Prime before then.
-Attempted to block the Prime from outlawing religion.
-Was convicted of practising Catholicism, and was sentenced to forty years in cryogenic suspension, aged 16.
-Rumours of a secret church on his mansion grounds have prompted the Prime to order several raids. None have discovered any solid evidence of religion.
27-07-2004, 19:10
Just snagging this spot for later abu..Use!
Draconis Nightcrawlis
27-07-2004, 19:13
Lord Azazel

Age: Unknown.

Current Status: Ruler of Draconis Nightcrawlis.

Marital Status: Single.

Relations: Three known sons, Kurt Wagner, Kiwi Black and Nils Styger (It is not known how man children Lord Azazel has fathered.). Two Grandchildren, Kurt Wagner II, Talia Wagner.

Powers and Abilities: Teleportion, project paralyzing energy, disguise his physical appearance, exert influence over the minds of his progeny.

Affiliations: Neyaphem


Kurt Wagner II

no pic

Age: 16

Race: Draconian Blue Elf

Current Status: Former heir to the throne, now in exile.


Eamonn Jarlath

Age: 12 years old

Gender: male

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Build: light-medium

Weapons of choice: short sword, lightsaber

Jedi status:

Is confident in himself, often likes to show off. Eamonn was born and raised in Draconis Nightcrawlis, he was only recently approached about his abilities and as such knows only a little about the force.Was due to follow in his fathers footsteps, until his father was murdered by the new ruler in DN and his family exiled to Tortuga DN. He is sometimes bitter towards other people as a result.
27-07-2004, 19:16
Steel Butterfly
27-07-2004, 19:18
spot saved...yet by now I have over 50 I'll probably never do this.
The Golden Simatar
27-07-2004, 19:22
I remember. Save a spot.
27-07-2004, 19:26
Travis, Mark

Age: 24

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 173 lbs

Position: Brigadier General in the Imperial Army (currently, subject to promotion)

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Blondish-brown

Eye Color: Green

Good Traits: Intelligent, innovative, hard-working, brave, strong-willed, an all-around hardened soldier, good leader.

Bad traits: Tends to lose control of situations at times, overprotective of his sister, arrogant

Preferred Weapons: M-4 Carbine, M-16A2, USP Compact, CAS 03SI pistol

Relations: Girlfriend - Arissa James (23); Younger sister - Allie Travis; 2nd Cousin to UEC Five-Star General Azben Koren

Brief History:
-Born on July 10th, 1981 in Zachara, Kurono, UEC.
-Graduated from Keystone Bay Military Academy, third in his class.
-Commissioned as First Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.
-Placed in security police. Commissioned Colonel.
-Served and helped quell Eric Ledger-loyalist riots in Colerica, awarded Purple Heart.
-Established to regular duty.
-Transferred to 2nd Infantry Division.
-Landed on Red Sector B, Isla De Plata, as part of the land invasion.
-Served in currently classified covert missions throughout the city of Tagdenbar.
-Wounded in TTH chopper crash, (minor injuries). Awarded 2nd Purple Heart.
-Commissioned Brigadier General.
-Commanded the 11th Kurono Infantry Brigade ("The Damned Ones") in the Colerican Civil War.
-Currently serving in the UEC military during post-Civil War period.


Thra, Maderic

Age: 32

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 188 lbs

Position: Emperor of the United Empire of Colerica

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Good Traits: Intelligent, Iron-fist leadership, great oratory skills, commanding figure, piercing gaze.

Bad traits: Immensely arrogant, shovanistic (sp?), rushes into situations too fast, refuses to tolerate failure of anykind.

Preferred Weapons: The Imperial Royal Guard, he also, rumoredly, carries a .40 caliber pistol on him at all times.

Relations: Older brother - Kalor (deceased); Younger sister - Kressi; Nephew - Kircer Danton

Brief History:
-Born on March 4th, 1973, in Alatsar, Nurema, UEC.
-Attended an Imperial Courting School, graduated top of his class.
-Attended Zachara University, graduated with full honors
-Attended from Keystone Bay Military Academy, top of his class.
-Jumped into politics after favored by his older brother, the Emperor at that time.
-Was appointed Lieutenant Emperor pro Tempor, (second in command of the UEC).
-Placed as Emperor upon the untimely death of his brother.
-Recieved 98% of the vote in the Emperor elections.
-Subsequently banned elections shortly there after.
-Commanded the United Empire in the Colerican Civil War.
-Harshly punished the defeated Confederates following the war and divided up the former secesh states into military districts to be governed by UEC officials.


Travis, Alexis (Allie)

Age: 20

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 118 lbs

Position: Colonel in the Imperial Army

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Blondish-brown

Eye Color: Green

Good Traits: Intelligent, witty, inventive in situations, couragous.

Bad traits: Inexpierenced, slightly immature at times, a general "I know more than you do" attitude.

Preferred Weapons: M-16A2, CAS O3SI pistol

Relations: Boyfriend - Tyriss Orassus; Older brother - Mark; 2nd Cousin to UEC Five-Star General Azben Koren

Brief History:
-Born on December 11th, 1984 in Zachara, Kurono, UEC.
-Graduated from Keystone Bay Military Academy, fifth in her class.
-Commissioned as First Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.
-Landed on Red Sector C, Isla De Plata, as part of the land invasion.
-Served in currently classified covert missions throughout the city of Tagdenbar.
-Commissioned Colonel following her actions in Tagdenbar.
-Served valiently in the Colerican Civil War; attatched to the 1st Corps ("Hamle's Boys").
-Wounded in Colerican Civil War (wrist); awarded Purple Heart.
-Placed on inactive duty following Confederate's surrender.


Danton, Kircer

Age: 26

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 175 lbs

Position: Magistrate of Foreign Affairs

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Good Traits: Incredibly intelligent, good leadership skills, handles critical situations well, oratory skills.

Bad traits: Inexpierenced in government roles, tends to shy away from diplomacy, rushes into potentially-hostile situations involving other nations, not cooperative, doesn't listen to all orders given from his superiors.

Preferred Weapons: CAS O3SI pistol.

Relations: Wife - Jewel (23); Son - Alex (4); Uncle - Maderic Thra.

Brief History:
-Born on August 17th, 1984 in Alatsar, Nurema, UEC.
-Validvictorian of his highschool.
-Attended Zachara University; graduated with full honors.
-Briefly attended Alatsar Academy for Imperial Positions; technically graduated, (recieved enough credits to graduate).
-Attended an advanced Imperial Courting School in Zachara, graduated top of his class.
-Appointed Magistrate of Foreign Affairs when his uncle took the throne.


Koren, Azben

Age: 45

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 204 lbs

Position: Five-Star General; Commander of all UEC's military.*

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Good Traits: Military genuis, inventive, creative, resourceful, intelligent, expierenced.

Bad traits: Judgemental, highly critical, intolerant of failures.

Preferred Weapons: CAS O3SI pistol

Relations: 2nd Cousin to UEC Brig. General Mark Travis; 2nd Cousin to UEC Colonel Allie Travis.

Brief History:
-Born on June 19th, 1960, in Roslen, Isla Mago, UEC.
-Attended Keystone Bay Military Academy, graduated top of his class.
-Commissioned Colonel in Imperial Army.
-Served in the Colerica-Isla Larga War.
-Awarded Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, (minor injuries).
-Commissioned Lieutenant General in Imperial Army.
-Brilliantly commanded UEC forces in the Colerican conquest of Isla Montaro.
-Awarded 3rd Purple Heart, (broken arm).
-Commissioned Five-Star General; placed in command of all of the United Empire's military.
-Commanded the UEC's military to victory during the Colerican Civil War.

* = Second only to the Emperor, who is Commander-in-Chief of all the military.


Faria, Christian

Age: 29

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 211 lbs

Position: Brigadier General in the Imperial Army

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Green

Good Traits: Leadership, resourceful, hardened soldier, powerful.

Bad traits: Makes bad choices at times, bad judgement at times.

Preferred Weapons: M-16A2, M-4 Carbine, HK36E, CAS 03SI pistol.

Relations: Wife - Hallie (28); Daughter - Amy (7)

Brief History:
-Born on January 12th, 1975, in Kiel City, Kiel, UEC.
-Attended Keystone Bay Military Academy, graduated fourth in his class.
-Commissioned First Lieutenant in Imperial Army.
-Coordinated actions in the Eric Ledger-loyalist riots.
-Commissioned Major in Imperial Army.
-Landed in Red Sector D, Isla De Plata, as part of the land invasion.
-Field commissioned to Brigadier General, replacing Brig. General Laz Moore, who was relieved of duty.
-Served bravely in the Colerican Civil War; attatched to the 9th Kiel Infantry Brigade.
-Commissioned Lieutenant General following his bravery in combat.


Kylaer, Ruraq

Age: 31

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 167 lbs

Position: Principle Director of the Confederate States of New Colerica (former); Leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colerica (RAFC)

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blueish-grey

Good Traits: Charasmatic, commanding, leadership, intelligent, all-around hardened soldier.

Bad traits: Quick to anger, violent temper, untrusting of most people.

Preferred Weapons: AK-47, AK-74, CAS 03SI pistol.

Relations: Brother - Teumora (27); Neice - Narissa (17)

Brief History:
-Born on September 18th, 1975 in Berev, Isla Demonio, UEC.
-Briefly attended junior college, dropped out.
-Enlisted in Imperial Army.
-AWOL after attacking a commanding officer.
-Joined the RAFC, separatist group, in hopes of fighting against the UEC.
-Killed Morac Feav, former leader of RAFC, and took control of the group.
-Still wanted by the UEC, dead or alive. Bounty set at 25 billion Colerican Credits.
-Sided with the secessionists when Kally seceded. Joined the Confederacy of New Colerica. Was voted the CSNC's Principle Director. Engaged in the Colerican Civil War and tried to save his rebel nation.
-Arrested following the defeat of the Confederacy. Currently being held until upcoming trial. Expected to be found guilty of treason and multiple terrorist attacks (for his long history with the RAFC).


Tetarinn, Kayne

Age: 39

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 204 lbs

Position: General of the Army of the Confederate Army (former)

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Green

Good Traits: Intelligent, fearless leader, brilliant military tactition, has the unwavering loyality of his soldiers, handles critical situations well.

Bad traits: Never has led a complete military, inexperienced in total warfare, commanding the out-numbered and out-gunned Confederate forces.

Preferred Weapons: Beretta 92 pistol, saber.

Relations: Wife - Jennifer (33); Son - Jamison (15)

Brief History:
-Born on October 23rd, 1966 in Medaak, Kally, UEC.
-Attended Keystone Bay Military Academy, graduated top of his class.
-Commissioned Major in Imperial Army.
-Served in the Colerica-Isla Larga War.
-Awarded Medal of Valor, one Purple Heart (leg)
-Commissioned Brigadier General in Imperial Army.
-Served under General Koren in the UEC conquest of Isla Montaro.
-Commissioned General in Imperial Army
-Commanded the 2nd Corps during the Colerican-led liberation of Isla De Plata.
-Decided that he could not fight against his own homeland during the Colerican Secession Crisis.
-Offered his services to Principle Director, Ruraq Kylaer, in the Confederate army. Kylaer overwhelmingled accepts.
-Commanded the CSNC's army with great valor during the Colerican Civil War, but failed to achieve victory.
-Granted an unsual Imperial pardon, via orders of Emperor Thra. Reasons for the pardon are uncertain.
-Currently living in wealthy family estate outside Medaak, Kally.


Hamle, Rax

Age: 44

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 194 lbs

Position: General in the UEC's military, commander of the UEC's First Corps ("Hamle's Boys").

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Good Traits: Gifted military leader, great commander, respected by his soldiers, undying loyality to his soldiers, experienced.

Bad traits: Over-shadowed by the glory of General Koren, arrogant, runs into some situations too fast.

Preferred Weapons: Colt 1911 .45

Relations: Wife - Marie (40); Son - Issac (24); Son - Neek (19); Daughter - Narissa (16); Daughter - Courtney (15)

Brief History:
-Born on June 5th, 1961 in ModKa, Moreno, UEC.
-Attended Keystone Bay Military Academy, graduated second in his class.
-Commissioned Colonel in Imperial Army.
-Served bravely in the Colerican-Isla Larga War.
-Commissioned Brigadier General in Imperial Army.
-Served in UEC conquest of Isla Montaro.
-Commissioned Major General in Imperial Army.
-Commanded forces during the Eric Ledger riots and the round-up of GLA terrorists.
-Commissioned General in Imperial Army; given reins of the First Corps.
-Commanded the First Corps during the Colerican-led liberation of Isla De Plata.
-Bravely commanded the First Corps ("Hamle's Boys") in the Colerican Civil War.


Baszley, Stefanie

Age: 22

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 123 lbs

Position: Lieutenant in the Imperial Army; Brigadier General Travis' relay partner

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Good Traits: Intelligent, witty, likeable, coordinating.

Bad traits: Has never seen actual combat, arrogant, smart mouth.

Preferred Weapons: M-16A2, CAS O3SI pistol

Relations: Brother - James (26); Sister - Ashley (22); Sister - Brittany (15)

Brief History:
-Born on July 9th, 1983 in Noxsa, Keystone Major, UEC.
-Joined Imperial Army upon conscription draft.
-Comissioned Lieutenant after extensive training in intelligence sector of Imperial Army.
-Proved her worth in Colerican-led liberation of Isla De Plata by serving as a relay partner for Brigadier General Christian Faria and (then) Colonel Mark Travis.
-Served in the Colerican Civil War as personal relay partner for Brigadier General Mark Travis' brigade, the 11th Kurono Infantry ("The Damned Ones").


Stratton, Felix

Age: 36

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 185 lbs

Position: Elite Operative in the UEC's Special Forces; CIIA agent.

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Good Traits: The best soldier in the UEC's military, intelligent, experienced, calculating, innovative, hard-working.

Bad traits: Cold, 'short-fuse' temper.

Preferred Weapons: M-16A2, CAS O3SI pistol, Beretta .92, Jericho-.41's, S&W .40, USP Compact, et al.

Relations: Classified.

Brief History:
-Born on Augest 19th, 1968 in Location Classified, UEC.
-Enlisted in UEC Imperial Army.
-Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.
-Served in the Colerica-Isla Larga War.
-Imperial Citation for bravery in combat.
-Awarded Silver Star.
-UEC Imperial Army Special Operations.
-Recognized for his skills; adopted into the Colerica Imperial Intelligence Agency (CIIA).
-Classified pre-Civil War actions.
-Classified Civil War actions.
-Currently operating classified covert operations for the United Empire.
27-07-2004, 19:50
Arajur Pralad

Age: ?
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 172 lb
Position: Jaladin Master, High Senator of the Republic of Jaladin
Skin Color: Yellowish Pink
Hair Color: Greyish White
Eye Color: Dark Green
Good Traits: Logical, Quick Minded
Bad traits: Emotionless, Treacherous?
Relations: None Known
Brief History:

- Elf of unknown origin
- Taken by the Human Jaladin Republic at early age, entered into Logician academy
- Graduated High Master of Ancient Jaladin Mental Arts
- Entered Jaladin Senate
- Elected High Senator of the Jaladin Republic
27-07-2004, 20:03
Phoenix Maxwell
Hieght:6' 4"
Weight:168 lbs
Race:Human Vampire Hybrid
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Phalanix Space Defense Minister/General
Past:The first leader of Phalanix for 30 years. During that time he delt with two civil wars and many minor rebel attacks. During the second civil war he lost his wife and hasn't been the same since. Slowly his mind was ravaged with insanity and after many horible encounters he finaly regained controll of what was once his life.
Personel Quote:"All life holds for us is the pain of our pasts."
Code Name: Wraith

Joshua Knightly aka Knighly
Hieght:5' 9"
Weight:160 lbs
Race:Angelic Vampire Human hybrid
Eye Color:Emerald Green
Hair Color:
Occupation:A.S.U Comander
Past:With such a colorful past Joshua has been shot, stabed, killed, brought back to life, and turned into a vampire. Most recently he was mad into a younger form of himself by a expirimental nano-bot injection. He was involved with Kenja Shentavo untill her sire killed her. Since then Joshua has recovered his past but a the cost of what he once was. After his only remaining family member Kelly Knightly comited suicide after her husbands death (Alexander Black) Joshua was shaken so badly that he feld from his past. Now back under the name Knightly he has been labeled the most ruthless comander on the feild of battle. Though he still feels a burning hatred for one man alone. The man who took his love's life from him. Qui Shentavo. He is noted at having powerful telekentic abilitys and recently has been seen learning to create fire in the plam of his hand.
Personal Quote:"I was killed in the same nation that my my true love was killed in."
Enemys:Qui Shentavo
Code Name: Chaos

Echo Maxwell
Hieght:5' 3"
Weight:140 lbs
Occupation:Phalanix President
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blond
Past:After a sudden awakening from a ten year cryo-sleep she took over where Phoenix left off in government. She had a massive workload after the second civil war. Even though she has little past memorys she much like Joshua is currently recovering them slowly.
Personal Quote:"Jesus I sleep for ten years and have to clean up this mess."
Code Name:N/A

Alice Lancer
Height:6' 5"
Weight:140lbs without armor 200 lbs with armor
Occupation:Phalanix High Council
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Golden Brown
Past:After growing up close to Eric she fought along side him in many battles looking out for him as he looked out for her. After a sudden escape fom the Red Dragon she went missing and wasn't heard from for two years before her and Eric's fighter's homing signal was picked up on an void planet. Since then she has become a member of the secritive High Council.
Personal Quote:"I saved this bullet for you!"
Code Name: Grace

Eric Lancer
Height:6' 5"
Weight:175 lbs with out armor 230lbs with armor
Occupation:Spec op Comander
Eye Color:Changes from Silver in combat to Teal in non-com situations
Hair Color:Blue
Past:After his little visit to hell Eric was captured in Roania and brain washed. He nearly killed the woman he loved who later died several days later due to a rebel attack. He harbbors a great hate for all of Roania especaly the scientists that used him.
Personal Quote:"Life has only one thing good about it. Revenge."
Enemys:As said in his own words "All the Roanian bastards."
Code Name: Fury

Angel Redfeild
Height:5' 3"
Weight:130 lbs
Occupation: Royal Sniper 5th Unit Comander
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Purple
Past:After a sudden deployment during her first opperation to the postion of comanding a rescue mission she has shown a cool head while sometimes hitting on the local population.
Personal Quote:"So hows the war around here?"
Enemys: Anything in her scopes
Code Name: Avenging Angel

Dark Redfeild
Height:5' 8"
Weight:145 lbs
Occuaption:Royal Sniper 7th Unit Comander
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color:Red
Past:His past is one freakin long death wish. Piss him off you die. Get on his good die.
Personal Quote:"Touch me you die. No wait do anything you die."
Enemys:Everyone but his sister
Code Name:Silent Slaughter

Angel Valentine
Height:5' 3"
Weight:120 lbs
Occuaption: Nighteyes Shadow Hawk Fighter Squadren Comander
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:Green
Past:Born on one of the colonys in the Reach system Angel loved to hear about the storys from the great wars that took place on Earth in Phalanix. Her parents were worried by this and tried to shelter her from the horid truth of war. She ran away from her home at age 16 and a fighter pilot found her. When she refused to go home the man offered her a new life in the military. She accepted this once in a lifetime chance for her and signed on with the fighter units. Only days after she finished flight school war broke out in the Reach system. After the war that took over 45% of the population of the system Angel was a comander offten refered to as the female version of Loke. The Angel of Death. Later her pulsar was refited and the painted to resemble Loke. She always felt uneasy in peace time wondering when and where the next strike will be.
Personal Quote:"I made a choice that I regret. Now what I see is what I get."
Enemys:Rival Nation fighter pilots
Code Name: Angel of Death

More will come......
27-07-2004, 20:20
Emperor James A. Castlen II
Height:6' 4"
Highest Military Rank Achieved:Major General
Family:One wife (Elizabeth), three sons (James III, Charles, and Henry)
Bio and more characters coming soon.
27-07-2004, 20:25
Emperor Spike Catsendt

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 188
Position: Emperor of Maniaca and colonies
Race: Human(Caucasian)
Hair: Black and Orange, striped horizontally. You know, like a tiger.
Eyes: Black
Good Traits: Level Headed, Intelligent, Fast Learner
Bad Traits: Shaky hands, especially when sniping
Weapons: PalmPredator espionage sidearm, with hypodermic adaptor optional.
Relations: Bodyguard-Kasper Repsak,
Brother-Icarus Catsendt
Nephew-Ziggy Catsendt
Mother-Ma Catsendt
Father-Pa Catsendt
Brief History:
-Founded Maniaca when his plane crashed on an unknown continent on February the 15th, 2003.

Kasper Repsak

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 177
Position: Bodyguard, Bud, and Advisor to the Emperor
Race: Human(Caucasian)
Hair: Black and White, horizontally a zebra.....get it?
Eyes: White
Good Traits: Can jump really high
Bad Traits: Doesn't leave a good impression on people. Then doesn't care.
Relations: Emperor-Spike Catsendt
Brief History:-Actually doesn't really have a last name, just uses Repsak(Kasper backwards) for legal purposes.
27-07-2004, 20:36
May as well get this done...

Warchief Grimzag Deathjaw

Age: 30(?)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'9"
Occupation: Warchief of Dregruk
Traits: Heightened senses, beserker rage, inhuman strength
Flaws: Less-than-average intelligence, beserker rage, built like a tank, bloody-minded
Hair colour: Very dark brown
Eye colour: Stone grey
Skin colour: Slightly tanned white
Brief history: Veteran of over 500 campaigns, leader of Dregruk's Armed Forces, conqueror of Jilankeet, over 15000 kills to his name

High Punisher Hrrachen

Age: 43
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Leader of Dregruk (Politically)/alcoholic
Traits: Sharp wit, quick minded, sneaky
Flaws: Drunk, womaniser
Hair colour: Grey
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Hacker's tan
Brief history: Head of the Militaristic Revolution, dictator ever since

Mr. Giarc laGord

Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Occupation: Head of genetics company, richest man in Dregruk, sworn enemy of Grimzag Deathjaw
Traits: Multi-trillionaire, genius
Flaws: Obsessive, paranoid, pure evil
Hair colour: Jet black
Eye colour: Black
Skin colour: Pale white
Brief history: Built genetics empire at early age, had part of his face blown off in an explosion caused by Grimzag Deathjaw in his biggest facility

Don Anguillo Juillianni

Age: 47
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Occupation: Don of the most powerful criminal organisation in Dregruk
Traits: Clever, excellent orator
Flaws: Paranoid, sadistic
Eye colour: Light blue
Skin colour: Well tanned white
Brief history: Started the Juilianni Crime Family in late 20s, murdered school year enemies
27-07-2004, 20:51
Sasha Cheenin, Chief Public Servant
Age: late 40's.
Height: 5'5"
Build: Lean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Who knows?
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: 3 (2 married)
Personality: Compassionate, quick-thinking
Area lives in: Saskatchewan (capital city)
Importance: Leader of Temme

Lise MacPherson, Public Servant for Justice
Age: 15
Height: 4'11"
Build: Large
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Ethicity: French
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Personality: Compassionate, idealistic
Area lives in: Douglas (in the North)
Importance: Sasha Cheenin's PR girl, part of "Lonely Heart" thread.

Bernard Ellis, Diplomat
Age: 40
Height: 6'1"
Build: Large
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: German
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: 1
Personality: Strict, can charm if necessary
Area lives in: Saskatchewan
Importance: he's not very important except for his daughter in the threads, in Temme, he's very influential

Madison Ellis, Student
Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: German
Marital Status: Engaged (sorta)
Children: None
Personality: Compassionate, loving
Importance: Part of the Ellis family (see above), big part of the "Escaping Arranged Marriage" thread.

Chava Goldstein
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Jewish
Marital Status: Single
Personality: Spunky
Imprortance: Small part of "Escaping Arranged Marriage," best friend of Madison, will include her in another RP sometime.
The Golden Simatar
27-07-2004, 20:54
Stephen Malone

Age: 1257 years old
Height: 6'2
Race: Vampire
Weight: 175lbs
Hair/Eye Color: Short brown hair and cobalt blue eyes

Fledglings: Lady Viannor

Weapons: Two Para P14-45 automatics and 1796 pattern heavy cavalry sword

Skills: Proficient with most military small arms, and workings of military vehicles.
Ex-Ranger: Sergeant 1st Battalion 1st Regiment 4561807
Specialty while with Rangers: Medic, M203 man


-Winner of Two Purple Hearts Three Bronze, and another Two Silver Stars during his 8 year military carrer starting with ROTC

-Started ROTC at 17 when he graduated High School early. Completed the three years and recieved his commision as a 2nd Lt. in the 17th Airborne Division. Served in the 17th till he was 23. Transfered to the 1st Ranger Regiment. Left Army at 26.

-Tortured by Pablo Mendez during Operation Cherry Blossom, his body is covered with the scars of his experiance, and remind him of a moment that changed his life

-Bitten in Tarlachia (Change of Blood) by a vampire, helped by Maximus to stop the change, the change stopped but, vampire blood that had survived kept Stephen immortal and finally took over and made him a vampire (in the thread Dark Hearts)

-Though he is 1000 years old, since he wasn't immediatly turned he only has strength of a vampire half that age.

Kurt Malone (Stephen's Great Uncle)
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 30
Height: 5’11
Weight: 185
Hair: Short, light brown, short brown mustache
Eyes: Ice Blue


-One of the best mercs TGS has

-After half his life spent killing he has retired, but might come out of retirement if offer enough money

-Lives in the Town of Flint under the name John Callan

Karen Johnson

Height: 5'10
Weight: 145lbs
Race: Human Caucasian
Hair/Eye: light brown for both
Age: 37, looks ten years younger
Children: Ian Johnson


-TGS best archeologist, has done some underwater searches and with Ian discovered U-235 last of the TGS Navy's XXI Electro submarines.

-Smuggles artifacts if they risk being destroyed or put in a private collection of a fat business man.

-Her father, Gregory Lander runs the nation's largest (and possibly corrupt) mining companies though she dispises him, he still looks after her and Ian

Ian Johnson

Age: 16
Height: 6'1
Weight: 164lbs
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown Curly hair/ Green
Parents: Karen Johnson, father unknown, left her when she refused an abortion


-Spent most of his life out in the field and cares little for city life

-Education is slim, his mother teaches him herself and sends him to be educated whereever they are for a little while

-Speaks, to some degree, at least two dozen languages and dialects.
27-07-2004, 21:11
Tagged for later date. I think this shall work out.
28-07-2004, 02:58
I've updated the directory and this is a bump....

28-07-2004, 03:13
I'll post more as I write them but here we go with number 1

Joseph 'Butcher' Baker
Age: 25yrs old
Sex/race: male caucasion human
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
hair/eye color: dark red, brown
famly: unknown
country of origin: unknown, works for Al-Imvadjah
Bio: mercenary soldier with strong ties to Al-Imvad ruling family, widely regarded as psycho, but really very intellegent. Highly proficient in combat.
first appeared in A Bad Dream (OOC Thread)

John Baker
The Futuretech counterpart of joseph, from the same illustrious family. Haven't really decided much about him yet...

and while I'm at it...
The king
The King has ruled since the country's founding, his 'descendants' ruling in Futuretech. He has been known as Dictator-for-Life, The Emperor, Leader, the President, the Prime Minister, as well as other titles. I'm not going to give his real name.
28-07-2004, 03:27
I posted this in a previous thread; I'm now also going to include some significant characters who may not necessarily be government officials.

President Mike Sarzo: Founded the Incorporated States of Sarzonia on 22 March 2004. Perhaps could be better suited to the title of Senior Vice President for External Affairs and is considering becoming an ambassador upon his retirement from the Gray House.

Senior Vice President for Internal Affairs Nicole Lewis: Took over for Dave Forrest when he turned 70 and retired. Previously served as Sarzo's chief of staff. A long-time friend of Sarzo's, she has his ear anytime.

Senior Vice President for External Affairs Mark Lorber: Despite his usual reticence with words, Lorber is a fine diplomat. Keeps abreast of all military and economic situations in Sarzonia and abroad. Has a knack for quickly picking up customs of foreign leaders and foreign ministers.

Vice President for Defense Terrence "Terry" Wilson: Occasionally brusque personality rubs his employees (and his boss!) the wrong way at times, but shows a clear head in a crisis situation. Sometimes micromanages, but knows his stuff, so it's tolerated. Sometimes.

Vice President for Budget and Finance Carol Weinberg: She's the one who crunches the numbers for Sarzonia. Growing economic waste makes her position a tenuous one.

Vice President for Science and Technology Tracy Obenga: She has a strong aptitude for scientific research, particularly space-based research. Also has an outstanding knack for computers and the Internet.

Vice President for Health and Athletics Jimmy Marshall: Spearheaded the establishment of the Sarzonian Football Confederation and is widely credited for the national team's surprising success on the pitch. Naming his younger brother Bryan the national team's coach raised some eyebrows, but the team's performance dispelled any nepotism calls.

Army Chief Hal Luxton: Since the Sarzonian army has had limited action in foreign wars, Luxton is trying to figure out ways to train them for combat so they won't embarrass Sarzonia.

Navy Chief John Newman: Newman assumed the job when former Chief George Russert was fired for unprofessional conduct toward Sarzo. Has overseen the navy's rapid growth. Can get a little overexuberant when Sarzonia places orders with the Royal Shipyards of Isselmere-Nieland, so Sarzo often places those himself.

Air Force Chief Bill Lighton: Fairly recently named chief, is charged with improving a small air force to land it on an equal footing with the Navy and Army. Helped to spearhead establishment of the Space Force.

Space Force Chief Thaddeus "Tad" McGuire: Just named to the new post, showed a surprising grasp of potential faster than light travel technologies in meetings with the Metallinauts. His top assistant, Admiral Marc Casey just completed an interservice transfer from his position as Director of the Army Corps of Engineers and a promotion from the rank of Lt. General.

Admiral Marcus Patinkin: The Navy's chief at-sea officer. The only Sarzonian admiral on the high seas (fleets are usually commanded by Commodores). Has served with distinction for a long time. Usually cautious, but has a nasty streak at times.

Sarzonian National Team Coach Bryan Marshall: Coached the fledgling Sarzonian national team to surprising success in the Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football and guided the team to a dominating Baptism of Fire Cup win. A classic worrywart and perfectionist, occasionally sleeps at the office.

National Team Captain Bobby Convey: Young (23 years old), but a longtime professional who relates to his older teammates well. Often accused of spending more time on his game than on other things in his life.

National Team Forward Brian Wilson: At 20 years old, the youngest player on the national team but also among the team leaders. Was selected alternate captain by both the coaching staff and players. Since his father Dave is the assistant coach of the national team, he often thinks like a coach on the pitch.

National Team Goalkeeper Troy Perkins: At 23 years old, the hero of Sarzonian football for backstopping the national team to seven straight wins, conceding only three goals in those seven matches.
Rave Shentavo
28-07-2004, 04:44

Age: 19 we're guessing.

Sex: Female.

Height: 5"9

Weight: 120 lbs

Position: Empress of the three united empires of Rave Shentavo.

Hair Color: dark blue.

Eye Color: Left eye is blue, the right is green.

Good Traits: Highly intelligent, kindhearted, witty

Bad traits: Stubborness.

Preferred Weapons: N/A (Alchemist)

Relations: Mother: Unknown. Father: Qui Shentavo.

Brief History:

Qui Shentavo

Age: 25 in appearance at least.

Sex: Male

Height: 6"6

Weight: 196 lbs

Position: Guardian and leading council member.

[b]tatoos? Piercings[b] He has a tatoo of a tiger on his upper back on his right side. He has three piercings in his left ear.

Hair Color: White + spiked.

Eye Color: Left eye is red, the right is blue.

Good Traits: Intelligent, Witty, clever, strong, quick

Bad traits: Stubborn and quick to anger. He gets into fights very quickly, but always ends them. He beats the hell out of Joshua from Phalanix all the time, and killed many people. But other than that, he is a good guy, right Josh? Eh? *chuckles*

Preferred Weapons: Brass Knuckles or pistols.

Relations: 1.Mother: Rave Shentavo 2. Father: Daja Desuray. 3.Daughter: Nikita Nonamura *(last name changed for unknown reasons)* 4.random women.
Sigma Octavus
28-07-2004, 05:10

Name: Nemesis
Age: 17 days
Species: Robotic
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 741 Lbs
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Current status: Rampant
Bounty: 200,000,000.00 Sigs
Weapon Preferance:Brahmastra (the name of his prototype katana)



Name: Dominic Wrathe
Age: 48
Species: Vampire
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Current status: Exiled
Bounty: 500,000,000.00 Sigs
Weapon Preference: Bladed weapons

Background: Dominic grew up on the streets. He was very good at being a criminal and occasionally attended school. He was verified as a genius but could never stay in one place for too long. He quickly faded from the school systems sights and into the military's. At the age of 16, already wanted for several murders as well as dozens of lesser crimes, he was given a choice. Firing squad or military service. He went the way of the warrior.

He rose quickly through the ranks until he became a lieutenant. Through a series of bad choices, he was busted back down to private very quickly. At the age of 20, he was picked for a special assignment. He was put through nearly a year of augmentations and gene therapy to become a super soldier. The side effects of these procedures were his eyes changing color from blue to red, and his hostility rising greatly.

He was put into the Gekidoku (Deadly Poison) Special Assassination and Reconnaisance Squad and served there for many years, killing many people. On one fateful assignment, he and a squad mate of his where sent after a woman named Ella Van Muren. Little did they know, this woman was a vampire. Ella seduced Dominic into a relationship, him being completely unaware that she was his target. Eventually she turned him. He rejected this greatly, but couldn't change what he had become. In a fit of rage, he killed her by crushing her under the better part of a collapsing house.

When he returned home, he was put under observation and experimentation. For five years, he was put through every experiment that the scientists in charge of him could think of. He had been bitten at the age of 24, and found it somewhat relieving that he would look that age forever. He still hated what he was.

In a laboratory accident that has been unsuccesfully duplicated, the scientists strengthened his skin against the sun greatly. He still had to wear clothing that would shield his skin from light, but could be passed off as a civilian with odd taste in clothing. He quickly began to go out only at night, even though he could bare the sun.

He was reserviced into the military again and was eventually sent to the Shentavo Academy. There, he learned quite a bit making him an even deadlier fighter. He stayed with the military until the then leader of Sigma Octavus, Herm Chaknov, was murdered. Dom had been a friend of Herm's having saved his daughter Ellison's life when she was very young. Herm's son Erik took over and changed things. Dom didn't trust Erik, and decided he was going to leave. He stole several million sigs as well as military property and tried to escape.

He was chased by SOET across the Great Sigmala desert until he hit the border mountains. Once he was out of the nation, the SOET fell back, having orders to not pursue him onto foreign territory.

Currently, Dom travels the world, staying in various countries as he pleases. He has grown back into his nomadic lifestyle from his childhood. He is often seen at rave party's and clubs. He is a legend in the night life of many nations. He often drifts back to Sigma Octavus to check up on Ellison and his old Gekidoku squad mates as well as steal more money.

Name:Ellison Chaknov
Age: 27
Species: Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 105lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue (Black natural)
Bounty: N/A

Background: Ellison grew up without a father. She always felt something whenever she would watch the television and see Herm Chaknov and his son Erik giving speeches and things like that. She worked very hard in school, and quickly got the recognition of the government as a child prodigy at the age of 8.

During the tests she had to undergo to work for the government, it was discovered that she was Herm Chaknov's daughter. Herm quickly took her in and was a loving father. She was very happy.

At one point, very early in her life, she was kidnapped by SOLI terrorists. The soldier that rescued her was Dominic Wrathe. She was attached instantly to him, and he was often assigned baby sitting duty. He enjoyed his time with Elli, and was like an older brother. Her real brother Erik was never overly friendly, so she clung to the idea of having a brotherly brother.

Eventually, Dom dissapeared. She was heartbroken, and never got over it. Since then, he has contacted her several times.

-More to be added once the link to the original works-
28-07-2004, 05:57
Prime Minister Alexei Haton Andropov (Col)

Age: 27
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 234 lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Preferred weapon: .45 HSR Revolver

Born to parents in the port city of Haton (Note: Hattians get their middle names from the city that they are born in.) He joined the elite Hattian Paratroopers at the age of 17. After serving with distinction in conflicts in Smolny and in the defense of Hattia, he rose quickly through the ranks to Colonel and gained widespread fame for holding off a division sized enemy, along with his spotter long enough for his men to get out of the area. He then went into politics, first becoming Chairman of the People's Congress and then Prime Minister in a landslide election. Gifted with great charisma and charm, he looks ready to win the next election easily.


Viktor Popov

Age: 30
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lb
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Preferred weapon: Dual .45 pistols
Bounty: 25,000,000 USD

Born on the Hattian space station HR-5331, he was abandoned a few days after he was born. He was picked up by a group of pirates. He lived with them until the age of 9, when his adopted parents were killed in a battle with security forces. He then drifted back to his home station, making a living from stealing, and other petty crimes. At the age of 14, he demonstrated incredible skills at getting where he wasn't supposed to be. After shooting a police officer, he broke into and stole a large transport ship. After a few years of scrounging a living on the space lanes, he managed to aquire a small ship, the Lancer. After extensive modifications, it is now one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. He now survives by smuggling, murder, etc. He is wanted for the theft of a military cruiser docked at a space station, as well as many other crimes. Many bounty hunters have tried to collect the money on his head, and all have been killed.
28-07-2004, 06:19
Mario Corleone
The president of Agrigento, born in Sicilia, June 13th. Father served in the Great Azorean War as a Combat Aviator. Mother was a house wife. Attended L'Universitia de Sicilia. He served for 6 years in the Agrigentian Air Force Reserve during College. Married his long time fiance Francesca Iannazzo. Began his political career a year afte rhis marriage. Was elected Governor of Lombardo. Rose through the Federalist Party due to his great charisma. Elected President of Agrigento, finished his first term and was re-elected. Two daughters.

Roberto DiPartenza
Born in Varisca, October 9th. Served in the Unofficial South Islandian Conflict. Was awarded the Medal of Valor, and the Combat Injury Badge. Married to Joesphine Vanzano, who recently died. Current Ambassador to Iansisle as well as Presidential Advisor
Picture from Youth

Michael Vanzano
Born in Varisco, son of Roberto and Joesphine DiPartenza. Served in the Agrigentian Marine Corps. before being reassigned with the AIA. Joined the GIS special forces team and went onto lead the Elite Marine Commando Divison. Changed his name to cover up the identity of his only living relatives.

Salvatore Calabria
Current leader of the ASA Special Counter Terrorism Unit. He lacks certain "endearing qualities" that prevent him from getting the serious recognition that he probably deserves. Aside from being arrogant and headstrong he is one of the best Special Forces Operators the country has seen.

Gandolfo Luciello
Master General and Supreme Commander of all Marine Forces, he is also the highest ranking member of the Agrigentian Armed Forces and the Chairman of High Command.
28-07-2004, 09:38
((Mind, this is just a list of the major naval characters I have. I'll get about to adding the major political, social, and economic movers and shakers sometime when I'm a little less tired.))

Naval Officers

Grand Admiral Sir Richard Tri (deceased): The former First Sea Lord of the Royal Iansislean Navy. Is a cousin of the Marquess of Tri, who is a direct decedent of C.H. Tri, Iansisle’s most famous naval hero and the victor of Unsterbank Shoal. Died at the hand of William Ashtonbury during a duel in #4 Jameston Place.

Admiral the Marquess of Westergate (flag: Colossus): A solid career officer from one of the oldest seafaring families on the Shield. Currently Iansisle’s top-ranking and most competent officer; a shoe-in for First Sea Lord if they can spare him from an oceangoing command.

Admiral Sir Hunter Neville Kennington: A decrepit old man held in place as Lord Commander Home Fleet by family connections and influence at Ianapalis social events. More than senile, he’s downright incompetent.

Admiral Sir George Rice (flag: Gargantuan): the Lord Commander Gallagan Fleet.

Vice Admiral Sir Kenneth Jones (flag: Prince of Shadoran): The Commander Home Fleet, Western Marches Area. First made a name during the Battle of Salvador, where he was captured and survived two years of a Beth Gellern reeducation camp. Released upon Sopworth Igo’s fall from power and returned with the other survivors to a ticker-tape parade, a knighthood, and command of a light cruiser. His screening of the Walmington convoy and distraction of a 35,000+ ton German battlecruiser, the Barentsburg, with the 6,800 ton Antilochus showed the fine mettle of which Iansislean naval officers are made. Promoted swiftly through the ranks in the ensuing war and peace.

Vice Admiral Cedric Mayfield: The ‘official spokesperson’ for the Admiralty is really just an incompetent officer who was promoted far above his talent and needed some harmless position to keep him out of the way.

Vice Admiral Martin Hansfield (flag: Titan): The longtime commander of Walmington Station, Hansfield is renowned for his anti-aristocratic convictions. Refused a knighthood during the war. Is competent, if conservative and unimaginative.

Rear Admiral Sir Terrence Paul (flag: Tharia): The Commander Home Fleet, Northern Seas Area. Once sighted as a rising star by the Admiralty, Paul has seen his reputation destroyed and his prospects diminished by the court-martial following the pirate Harold Dubois’ escape from his base. The Northern Seas are usually seen as a dumping ground for incompetents and embarrassments.

(Acting) Commodore Thomas Ward (flag: Dalenford): A RIN reserve man called back to duty by the manpower crunch, he isn’t too happy about working in the sloop squadrons under the nose of the Revenue Service. This conservative old sea-dog wishes for a return to the good old days, where he could just lash anyone who stepped out of line with the cat-o-nine-tails.

Captain Lord Philip Clayburgh (commander: Queen Jessica): The younger brother of the Marquess Westergate. Always feels as if he’s in his brother’s shadow, especially as it took him ten years longer than the Marquess to post captain. Clayburgh, who has the bluest of blue blood, clashed several times with Vice Admiral Hansfield during their time together on Walmington Station.

Captain Sir James Solomon Redford (commander: Princess Royal): Captain Redford, a Gadsani, is looking to be the first non-Shieldian to make flag rank in the Navy since its inception in 1696. Rose steadily through the ranks despite being confined to Iansisle’s torpedo boat squadrons, a definite career drain, during the years of his first command. Has demonstrated bravery under fire, cool judgment, meticulous planning, and superb execution on many occasions. A personal friend of the Duchess of Chateau.

Captain Sir John Northrupt (commander: Odysseus): Some used to say that John Northrupt couldn’t escape the demon of Salvador. Acquitted at a court-martial for cowardly behavior in turning his ship away from a vastly superior opponent, Northrupt couldn’t quite escape his past. Subordinates routinely complained that every action he took was in some way compared to his actions at Salvador and that the battle seemed to be an obsession. At last, he participated in the rescue of the Duke of Williams and his party in Tharkold and received the hero’s welcome he should have gotten years and years ago. He earned a knighthood and the Monarch’s Thanks for his participation in that action. However, Sir John torpedoed his career by declining an assignment to command the new heavy cruiser Shadoran. It seems as though Sir John will finish his naval career as the captain of a leaky, ancient, tiny light cruiser.

Captain Sir Ronald Garland (commander: Queen Consort): Sir James Redford’s second lieutenant during the famous Gadsani’s famous first command, Garland had an enormous boost from riding Sir James’ coattails. Due to the enormous personnel crunch, Garland was assigned to a post-captain’s slot in the light cruiser Jason despite being only a commander in rank. However, Jason’s subsequent destruction of the heavy cruiser Chicago and capture of the destroyer Foote assured the young Shieldian of posting captain and a knighthood. The young officer is now assigned to one of the most prestigious positions in the RIN: captaining one of Iansisle’s ships of the line.

Captain Howard Lowell (commander: Tharia): A damn fine officer, Captain Thomas has been restricted to the Northern Seas by Rear Admiral Paul’s continuing to choose him as flag captain. Paul even went to the Admiralty to undercut orders having Thomas take command of the battlecruiser King Ian V. Wants nothing more than to escape the Northern Seas.

Commander Nicolas Mitchell (first lieutenant: Queen Jessica): A great seasman and gunner, Commander Mitchell has scant head and no blood for the political game played in the RIN. One of Captain Lord Philip Clayburgh’s favorite ways to relieve the pressure of being under Vice Admiral Hansfield’s command on Walmington Station was to browbeat his first lieutenant. The commander got himself in serious trouble trying to help out a pressed gunner’s mate named Brown. Some doubt if Mitchell will ever post captain, even in the severely crunched Iansislean officer corps.

Commander the Honorable Charles Yates (commander: Elemental): Sir James Redford’s first lieutenant during that memorable Gadsani’s first command, Commander Yates is the stocky son of a minor aristocrat. He, like Sir Ronald Garland, rode Sir James’ coattails up through the ranks to the command of a light cruiser from Iansisle’s torpedo boat squadrons. Conservative and unimaginative, but competent and brave.
The Atheists Reality
28-07-2004, 11:29

Name: Nemesis
Age: 17 days
Species: Robotic
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 741 Lbs
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Current status: Rampant
Bounty: 200,000,000.00 Sigs
Weapon Preferance:Brahmastra (the name of his prototype katana)



Name: Dominic Wrathe
Age: 48
Species: Vampire
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Current status: Exiled
Bounty: 500,000,000.00 Sigs
Weapon Preference: Bladed weapons

Background: Dominic grew up on the streets. He was very good at being a criminal and occasionally attended school. He was verified as a genius but could never stay in one place for too long. He quickly faded from the school systems sights and into the military's. At the age of 16, already wanted for several murders as well as dozens of lesser crimes, he was given a choice. Firing squad or military service. He went the way of the warrior.

He rose quickly through the ranks until he became a lieutenant. Through a series of bad choices, he was busted back down to private very quickly. At the age of 20, he was picked for a special assignment. He was put through nearly a year of augmentations and gene therapy to become a super soldier. The side effects of these procedures were his eyes changing color from blue to red, and his hostility rising greatly.

He was put into the Gekidoku (Deadly Poison) Special Assassination and Reconnaisance Squad and served there for many years, killing many people. On one fateful assignment, he and a squad mate of his where sent after a woman named Ella Van Muren. Little did they know, this woman was a vampire. Ella seduced Dominic into a relationship, him being completely unaware that she was his target. Eventually she turned him. He rejected this greatly, but couldn't change what he had become. In a fit of rage, he killed her by crushing her under the better part of a collapsing house.

When he returned home, he was put under observation and experimentation. For five years, he was put through every experiment that the scientists in charge of him could think of. He had been bitten at the age of 24, and found it somewhat relieving that he would look that age forever. He still hated what he was.

In a laboratory accident that has been unsuccesfully duplicated, the scientists strengthened his skin against the sun greatly. He still had to wear clothing that would shield his skin from light, but could be passed off as a civilian with odd taste in clothing. He quickly began to go out only at night, even though he could bare the sun.

He was reserviced into the military again and was eventually sent to the Shentavo Academy. There, he learned quite a bit making him an even deadlier fighter. He stayed with the military until the then leader of Sigma Octavus, Herm Chaknov, was murdered. Dom had been a friend of Herm's having saved his daughter Ellison's life when she was very young. Herm's son Erik took over and changed things. Dom didn't trust Erik, and decided he was going to leave. He stole several million sigs as well as military property and tried to escape.

He was chased by SOET across the Great Sigmala desert until he hit the border mountains. Once he was out of the nation, the SOET fell back, having orders to not pursue him onto foreign territory.

Currently, Dom travels the world, staying in various countries as he pleases. He has grown back into his nomadic lifestyle from his childhood. He is often seen at rave party's and clubs. He is a legend in the night life of many nations. He often drifts back to Sigma Octavus to check up on Ellison and his old Gekidoku squad mates as well as steal more money.

Name:Ellison Chaknov
Age: 27
Species: Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 105lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue (Black natural)
Bounty: N/A

Background: Ellison grew up without a father. She always felt something whenever she would watch the television and see Herm Chaknov and his son Erik giving speeches and things like that. She worked very hard in school, and quickly got the recognition of the government as a child prodigy at the age of 8.

During the tests she had to undergo to work for the government, it was discovered that she was Herm Chaknov's daughter. Herm quickly took her in and was a loving father. She was very happy.

At one point, very early in her life, she was kidnapped by SOLI terrorists. The soldier that rescued her was Dominic Wrathe. She was attached instantly to him, and he was often assigned baby sitting duty. He enjoyed his time with Elli, and was like an older brother. Her real brother Erik was never overly friendly, so she clung to the idea of having a brotherly brother.

Eventually, Dom dissapeared. She was heartbroken, and never got over it. Since then, he has contacted her several times.

-More to be added once the link to the original works-

a nuclear katana? :P
29-07-2004, 03:28
Tag, I'll work on it later.
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29-07-2004, 05:36
This is all I have for now, but more will be added later.

Name: Tarin DelTorre
Title: First Minister of Teatroia
Age: 29
Species: Human
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'
Weight: 150

Tarin comes from a long line of Teatroiani politicians, and as such is very skilled in all things politik. Despite the great responsibility on his shoulders of leading Teatroia, he always tries to convey a friendly presence to any and all that he meets. He also tries to stay at the height of the current Teatroiani fashion, not out of vanity, but as a way to try to better relate with the citizens he meets. As a symbol of rank during official functions, Tarin wears a bracelet that is connected to a gold chain which runs up the arm to a shoulder patch with his rank symbol (a la American military) which the runs to his neck line where a pin also indicates his status.

More on DelTorre and other Teatroiani characters to come!
29-07-2004, 20:43
The list has been updated....good characters, everyone.....I'll be updating my own list of characters soon.....da'bump....
Sigma Octavus
30-07-2004, 05:07
a nuclear katana? :P

No. Brahmastra was a mythological Hindu weapon. Made by Brahma, it was so destructive it would spread famine across the world for 12 years. Wherever it was used, there would be no life.
The Atheists Reality
30-07-2004, 07:34
No. Brahmastra was a mythological Hindu weapon. Made by Brahma, it was so destructive it would spread famine across the world for 12 years. Wherever it was used, there would be no life.
sounds like a n00k to me
Sigma Octavus
31-07-2004, 08:10
It really basically is. Except that there was no clear description of it anywhere in Hindi mythology. Except that it was 'launched' and it had 'five flaming arrows'. Does sound a bit like a nuke. But what the hell, that's the katana's name.
North Lalaland
31-07-2004, 08:15
President Jack Johnson
Age: 54
Height: 6'2
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Vice President John Jackson
Age: 45
Height: 6'1
Weight: 184 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black

National Security Advisor Helena D'Agonato
Age: 38
Height: 5'8
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
31-07-2004, 08:31
Photo (
Sultan Mohammed Bin Al Deeb
Eyes: Deep pools of ebony(black)
Personal information.
Mohammed Bin Al Deeb is said to be of the Quraish tribe and some rumor that his lineage can be traced back to the family of the Prophet Muhammed.
His Grandfather started the Bedou tribe. Mohammed has upheld the ideals set forth by his grandfather.
Over the course of his life Mohammed has fended off many attempts to end it.
He has had his throat slit.
He has been shot on four separate occasions.
He as a boy escaped a car bombing with severe schrapnel injuries it was then his stance on terrorism was formed.
Mohammed carries two WWII era soviet revolvers it is believed these were picked up from an Afghan warlord who favored one of Mohammed daughters.
He also carries a scimitar, not a dress weapon but a plainly made utilitarian sword forged for combat.
He is most likly to found smiling, the man encourages joy to be taken from every experience, it is perhaps the only way to explain him survivng this long.
31-07-2004, 08:39
Hmmm, I have many characters. These will do for now.


Age: Depends on time period. At any given time she is 623 yrs older than Maximus and 598 yrs older than Hondur.

Species: Human (Vampiric)

Relations: Hondur is her first fledgling, Maximus her other.

Height: 5'11"

Hair: Shoulder length, black

Eyes: Normally black, depends on the light

Abilities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, vampiric speed/strength/reflexes/healing/senses

Weapons: She almost always carries a diamond tipped, silver alloy samurai sword. Two Berettas are usually hidden within her jacket and sometimes she will carry throwing daggers.


Skadi is the closest living vampire to the original source of the Assington breed. She is an expert in close and ranged combat, and is easily profficient in most weapons. Her personality is one of distrust, there are perhaps two creatures in existence she actually deems worthy of her trust. Suspiscious of all others, Skadi comes off as cold and intimidating to most. She sports extreme self control, which helps to reduce the path of bodies she leaves behind her. Approach with caution as she is quick to draw blade, she has little patience, especially for those that irritate her. Skadi is usually seen wearing tight leather clothes and a trench coat. All black.

Skadi's Image (


Age: At any given time, 25 yrs older than Maximus and 598 yrs younger than Skadi.

Species: Human (Vampiric)

Relations: Skadi's fledgling and a rival of Maximus.

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Grey, depending on light

Abilities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, vampiric speed/strength/reflexes/healing/senses (mental abilities are stronger than most vampires because he already possessed them as a human)

Weapons: A sword identical to Skadi's. Two Desert Eagles and two spring ejected wrist blades


Banished from the presence of his sire by Maximus, Hondur remains bitter and still holds the grudge against his vampiric brother. Since his defeat, Hondur has undertaken and mastered several martial arts, in preperation for the day when he will meet Maximus again. His time away from his sire has given the vampire an insight into the real world, and not just the happenings of one city within Assington. He is quick to temper but some sense of morallity still lingers within him, even if it is supressed. After many years of experience, Hondur has become more cultured and complicated. His cloths are eratic, yet he does possess the same trench coat as his sire.

Hondur's Image (

Calis Inferno

Age: 32

Species: Human

Relations: President of Assington, brother to Calin

Height: 6'

Hair: Short, black/dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Abilities: N/A

Weapons: Known to carry a small pistol and blade at times.


Calis has been President of Assington since the young age of 25 but has proven that is inexperience does not hinder his success in the position. His term as president has been promising as he has established many alliances, layed the foundations for a strong economy and balanced the competing demands of national interests. He is known to be a calm and intelligent man that is quite diplomatic but practical. He is currently single.

Calis' Image (

Calin Inferno

Age: 31

Species: Human

Relations: Foreign Minister of Assington, brother to Calis, husband to Karolyn Von Klyne

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Very short, dark blonde

Eyes: Brown

Abilities: Reasonable telekinesis & telepathy

Weapons: None


Calin became foreign minister of Assington not long after his brother went into office. Upon meeting a Miss Karolyn Von Klyne at a diplomatic ball in Roania, Calin became attatched the young woman and the pair eventually married. Calin is much like his brother in diplomatic skill and a calm demeanour. Being the foreign minister, he travels frequently as is well known and repsected amongst his line of work.

Calin's Image (
Wandering Argonians
01-08-2004, 08:38
Name: Whiptail Longtail
Race: Dark Argonian
Age: 387 years
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Scale Color: Charcoal Black
Eye Color: Molten Gold
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet and reserved
Hobbies: Book Collector
Likes: Cajun Food, Reggae music
Dislikes: Demons, Vampires, Dishonorable Warriors
Married: Widower
Children: 4, Deceased
Occupation: Hunter
Religion: Christianity

Distinguishing Features: 5'0" tail that is used as a third arm, leg, or whip depending on the situation.

Weapon(s) of Choice:

'Wind' and 'Thunder' katanas, forged by his own hand from a blackened meteorite ore. 'Wind' has an icy sting like a winter's storm, and 'Thunder' strikes with the force of a thunderclap.

An old M1911A1 Colt, matte black with lithium night-sights. The handgrips are Argonian Blackwood, inset with a silver cross on each side.

A small, balanced knife for throwing.

Whiptail was born into the lower-class family of Longtail, remarkable for their long tails. Whiptail's father had died before he was born, killed in a slave raid. Whiptail was the youngest of seven, one of four males in the family raised by his mother and grandparents. Whiptail was frequently a target for bullying and ambushes because of his unusual tail, prompting him to train himself to fight. Eventually, he was left alone. At the age of twenty, Whiptail underwent the Warriors' Trials, passing with ease. He was a skilled blade-fighter, and left to seek adventure abroad, finding work in a dockyard in Hammerfel, a land known for its sword masters, far to the north of the Black Marsh. For many years Whiptail trained with the various masters of the land, some ten years later his schooling was complete and he left to sail with a merchant ship. Whiptail became an expeirenced fighter battling pirates during his sailing career. At age eighty, he returned to the Marsh with his bride and four children to present them to his aging mother.

Upon returning, Whiptail found his village locked in combat with the Dark Argonian tribes from within the Black Marsh, led by Rezlor Darkclaw. Whiptail's brothers had each died fighting Darkclaw or his commanders, falling in long battles against the much older and more expeirenced fighters. Whiptail challenged Darkclaw, killing him in single combat. Hailed as a hero, he returned home to the victory feast. As he entered his hut, he found his wife and four children lying dead on the dirt floor, now red with blood. Lodged in his wife's ribs was a sword from one of Whiptail's childhood rivals, the now-leader of the Hawkeen family whom he had beaten for attacking him long ago as a child. In a rage, Whiptail stormed the family compound, killing all who opposed him. The warrior-preists, the Hands of Makaal, arrived shortly after, but three fell before they could subdue him. Whiptail was exiled for his crimes, and shortly afterward the diety Makaal appeared to him, telling him the true killers of his beloved family, bringing a meteor down from the heavens, rich with rare alloys that Whiptail crafted his trusty blades from.

Even with all these blessings, Makaal still cursed Whiptail for his crimes. The first was the Night-Curse, staining his scales black like the Dark Argonians, to remind him of his crimes at every sunset, as well as granting him immortality so that he could reflect on his wrongdoings for all time. In recent years, Whiptail has made peace between the Dark Argonians and the Argonians, earning himself the title of national hero, yet he still remains in self-imposed exile, stalking vampires to atone for his past crimes.

Whiptail is a devout Christian, converting with the hope of ending his Night-Curse & allowing himself to die. Obviously, this was not the case. Even still, Whiptail seems to enjoy the Christian faith more than the diety worship of his homeland.

Name: Arakesh Quickclaw
Race: Argonian
Age: 72 years
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Scale Color: Green
Eye Color: Yellow
Gender: Male
Personality: Arrogant, Strong Leader
Hobbies: Tournament Fighting, Womanizing
Likes: Testing his Skill in Combat
Dislikes: Magic
Married: Two wives
Children: Four male, two female
Occupation: Hunter
Religion: Makaal Disciple

Weapon(s) of Choice:

Steel Katana with silver edge named 'Lathi', the Argonian word for 'Razor'.

Arakesh was born into the prominent Arognian family Quickclaw, where he recieved the highest quality of training possible, his parents enlisting the services of great blademasters such as Shadowscale Swiftblade, the Dark Argonian blademaster of the Swiftblade style. As is customary with all Quickclaw family males, Arakesh has been instructed in the family's school of honorable combat, the Infinite Mystical Claw style, from age five. Arakesh is highly trained, but lacks practical expeirence in actual combat. The arena contests he participates in are highly regulated to prevent the deaths of the fighters. As such, Arakesh has begun to hunt vampires to gain this needed expeirence. While he has earned the notice of the older fighters, Arakesh is still a novice when compared to a hunter like Whiptail Longtail.
The Water Cooler
01-08-2004, 10:12
Emperor Sohi

Age: 35

Birthday: 24th of December

Height: 201cm

Weight: 74kg

Title: Most Holy and Omnipotent Emperor of the Most Holy Empire of the Water Cooler, Lord High Priest of the Way of the Water Cooler, Lord High Executive Commander of the Military Forces of the Holy Empire of the Water Cooler, Barbarian subduing Generalissimo, Uniter of The Water and the Cooler, Leader of the Water Coolian Peoples, supreme and august bringer of terror to usurpers of the throne, Bringer of Light, Bringer of Darkness, the Shion, The Holder of the Keys to Omega, the arbiter of fate and the dispenser of cups.

Appearance: Caucasian

Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Good Traits: The trust and supreme loyalty of the Water Coolians, His leadership skills, Divinity, Omnipotents etc…

Bad traits: Of course he has none…None at all. He can tend to be a bit eccentric and rash at times.

Preferred Weapons: the Imperial Supreme sword of Justice and bringing-enemies-to-there-knees

Partner(s): First Consort – Sosun (29); Lady Imperial Concubine – Mietta (22)
04-08-2004, 01:36
Updated the list...keep the character's coming, folks... :)

Lunatic Retard Robots
04-08-2004, 02:30
LRR Characters (Both modern and future tech)

Admiral Poskar Ives

The current ranking admiral of the RSF, he took over by default after the death of the famous Admiral Ix in the Drovan wars. Born on a mining colony, he joined the RSF, and soon recieved a comission as a frigate captain, a post which he held until he took command of the cruiser Stevie Ray Vaughn (II), which he currently commands.

Age: 56 years
Height: 6 feet
Appearance: Gangly, sort of like David Bowie
Family: None that he can think of

Duke Grisha Lenni

Duke Lenni has been in command of LRR ground forces for pretty much ever. His history is somewhat unclear, but records show that he was first a tank driver, and rose up through the ranks.

Age: 454 years
Height: 5'6"
Appearance: nobody really knows what he looks like now, he hasn't been seen in a fair number of years.
Family: Unclear

Admiral Ivan Watson

The second highest ranking officer in the RSF, he served on all the classes of RSF cruisers, commanding examples of two, and recently took command of the second of the new Slowhand class cruiser, the Pete Townshend, which serves as his flagship.

Age: 193
Height: 6 feet
Appearance: Heavily bearded, slightly plump
Family: All dead

Dr. Fenchurch Forrester

Fenchurch Forrester (known as Fenny) is one of the best doctors in LRR. She works on the hospital ship RSV John Lennon as the head doctor. She excelled in school for her entire life, and entered the prestigious NWMS (Neu Wirlde Medical School) at the age of 18. There, she was recruited for the RSF humanitarian squadron after six years of education. She gained the post of head doctor of the squadron ten years later, and has held that post ever since.

Age: 87
Height: 5'5"
Appearance: Short, somewhat plump
Family: Husband (Rob), Daughter (Jamie)

Captain Isaac Zimmerman

Isaac Zimmerman was born in the suburbs of Budapest to a Jewish family. His mother worked in a bakery and his father was a clockmaker. He didn't actually do too well in school, but read a lot, especially science fiction. He had an illustrious career as a rock guitarist before joining the RSF. He served on explorer frigates, and at the age of 35 he got his first command, the Muddy Waters, which he holds to this day. He is the commander of the explorer frigate force and has been just about everywhere in the galaxy.

Age: 48
Height: 5'9"
Appearance: Short but thin, clean shaven but with an unruly haircut
Family: Mother and Father, as he is unmarried

Captain James Hendrix

James Hendrix is the epitome of an RSF captain. He stuns people with his boughts of cleverness, but more often confuses them as to weather his stupidity is real or just a feint, or just a feint of a feint. He was built in space, and has not ever really set foot on a planet. He commands the Slowhand class cruiser Ziggy Stardust.

Age: 288
Height: 5'3"
Appearance: chrome finish, blue composite feet
Family: not really applicable, the ship's closest to his family

Comander Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart is one of the top Spetznaz operatives in LRR service. She is a contrast to the regular culture of LRR, which operates on a strict code of chivalry and tries its best to stay out of wars, and which uses the fleet far more often for missions of exploration, trade, and science. She is an expert at the martial arts, and therefore is lethal with or without a weapon, although she has trained with some very exotic bladed and bludgeoning weaponry. She is aggressive, yet friendly, and has good self control.

Photo (

Lieutenant Kate Robinson

The commander of a naval infantry (spetznaz) platoon, Robinson is one of the best soldiers in the LRRMFs. She has been trained in everything and is highly skilled in fighting arts.
Soviet Trasa
04-08-2004, 03:10
Emperor Kasoar Starchaser

Gender: Male

Age: 12,307 Years of age, (middleaged for a Trasian)

Hair Color: White

eye Color: blue

height: 6.1

weight:199 lb

personality: Passive

Family: Daughter, Miria Starchaser, Brother Kiisak Starchaser and father, Kisar Starchaser (Now nearing death)

Name: Grand Admiral Joruss Mosc

Gender: Male

age: 16,405 Standard years

Hair color: Jet Black.

Eye color: Dark Blue

Height: 6.0

Weight: 189 lb

Family: Son (Deceased) Wife (Deceased) Brother (Deceased)

Personality: unknown

Name: Grand Admiral Mira Kieko,

Gender: Female

Age: 904 Years of age

Hair color: Blue (hair goes up to shoulders)

Eye color: Violet

Height: 5.8

Weight: 146 lb

Personality: Cold Personality, dosn't care about people, only compleating objectives.

Family: All Deceased.

Name: Grand Admiral Hygar Borran

Gender: Male

Age: 11,322 years

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: light blue


weight: 187 lb

Personality: unknown, need more data....

family: None.
04-08-2004, 03:35
*save a spot for me*
must think up the specs on my characters
11-08-2004, 23:16
List updated. More characters, people! :)
12-08-2004, 00:09
The Imperial Protectorate of Roseway lies on a remote planet somewhere in the Crux Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Its history is rife with civil wars and military coups, and it is said that the only good Rosewegian is one who is not currently in the same plane of existance as you are. However, one dynasty has managed to hold onto the rulership of Roseway for around a third of The Empire's allowing Roseway autonomous rulership. Thomas Rose III, an ethnic Belter of around 5'7", has been "elected" to the presidency for a lifetime term. He is a fiery orator, a well-trained administrator and a skilled debator.
The Empire is a massive multiversal conglomerate of systems centered in the engineered Crown throneworld somewhere in the massive reaches of the Imperial dimensions. Its heroes are legendary, its military godlike, and its power uncalculable. At the head of The Empire is a human known only as The Emperor, who united the warring clans of the planet Smyrnor more than three thousand years ago to form this most powerful of nations. Little is known of him, but rumors state that he is not only immortal but the three-dimensional cross-section of a much more powerful being. ((just as a note, he is: he's me))
The Imperial Senate sometimes serves as a hall of heroes, among them Jefferson Southrend, the great human general from the planet Harbin, Darkan, the Dark Templar unifier of Old Aiur, Jett King Cooper, the Kung pilot-hero, and Guoli Greathammer, perhaps most famous of the Senators, who leads the Eclipse clan of New Draenori Orcs and was among the first strategists to break through the Dhulubea line of Haile Selassian kinetic-energy weapons.
Some rising stars in the Imperial framework include Cor Helath, the Hork-Bajir diplomat responsible for the defection of the Victorian Royal Navy starcruiser Smack, Guoli Greathammer's sons Guolin and Gama, and Fithp starpilot Telmarnip of Madras fame.
Not many subsets of The Empire have the autonomy to compete in the NationStates universe: only Sampetra-based Seamore Corporation, led by the pine marten CEO Redpaw Seamore and the Ironstar Trade Cartel have the capability to open their own warp-gates and travel into this dimension. The Ironstars are a tightly knit Elvish family based in the city of Jaundice in the transitional dimension of Sanctus Rio, and are currently led by brothers Octavian, Atanamir, and Mazer Ironstar.

((Enough for now?))
12-08-2004, 00:35
pmub for my new character paragraphs
24-08-2004, 18:28
24-08-2004, 18:44
(I will be adding more to this as I develop more characters and as I develop my main character.)

Name: Peter Kellen, Heir to the Soi-Disant Empire

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 207lbs

Eye Color: grey (not dark grey, yet not light grey)

Hair Color: dark brown (almost black but not quite)

Description: Peter Kellen was born in 1984 to the current Emporer Richard Kellen II and to the late Emporess Kathrine Porthage Kellen. He had an older brother, who mysteriously dissappeared when Peter turned twelve. Always having been ignored by his father, Peter's childhood was far from 'average'. He had no friends and spent nost of his time alone in his room. When his mother died in 1998 Peter began his transformation into the tyrant he has become today. Alsways suspecting his father and his mistress, Danielle Adams, were responsible for his mother's death he has sworn to avenge her death.

Peter is the best swords man in Soi-Disant, largely teaching himself. He founded the Red Knights, his personal guard of elite soldiers hand picked by Peter himself. He uses the Red Knights a a para-military force, usually using them to kill people who have crossed him.
Reformed Velmora
24-08-2004, 19:01
The vampire Kain Shentavo has green leathery flesh and silver-white hair, with brown eyes and three cloven talons instead of hands. Sired by Ravelyn Shentavo, and only 27, Kain is a powerful vampire with a rich and complicated history few know about. His age is decieving, due to his relationship with a demonic sword and the knowledge which the demon bestowed upon him.

In his mortal years, then called Kain Brightblade, he was a ruler of Velmora, a position which he had taken up again in his vampiric unlife. A young ruler at the time, Kain ruled with compassion, if inexperiance. He ruled the people of Velmora, the Psi, a race of a human offspring, potent in the arts of magic.

But events grew complex and turbulant. A war erupted within Velmora, between the old force of Xzar and his demonic army. With the assistance of a small force of Psi, and Kain's allies, most notably Ravelyn Shentavo, a angelic vampire. The demonic force was defeated and Xzar's threat was removed and peace was restored. But, Kain paid a high price. He was mortally wounded, and was slowly becoming a demonic entity himself. Ravelyn gave Kain an ultimatum. Become a vampire and remove the demonic energies within him, but be forced to leave his nation as a result due to the Psi's misunderstanding with the vampire kind. Or, the other choice....a honorable death, and to be immortalised as a hero to the Psi people.

Kain chose unlife and gave rulership to one of his best freinds, Jarrid. Kain dissappeared without a trace, taking the Brightblade, an ancient and powerful magical sword which he had inherited, with him. The blade hid a dark and powerful secret which was to be revealed later to a high price.

Unlike most vampires, Kain did not become paler in skin, although almost all of the vampiric abilities where bestowed upon him. His skin became green and leathery, and his hair became white. His hands turned to talons, three cloven talons replaced his fingers. Kain gave up his ability to channel as a Psi could, a powerful arcane technique which the Psi treasured. Missing his nation, Kain trained and learned under Ravelyn Shentavo's wing, and gained many allies and freinds which still remain so.

Kain on his many travels, met up with Daniella, and allowed her to escape her forced marrage to another nation. It was her choice, Kain simply felt that it was wrong, and granted her a new life. Daniella soon grew attacted to Kain, and Kain felt the same.

During a conflict with a demon, Daniella assisted Kain in his combat. But at a high price. Daniella was mortally wounded....all to similar to the same fate that Kain had faced. Kain now played the part of Ravelyn, and Daniella himself as a mortal. Only the choice was left with Kain....and he knew the concequences of siring Daniella. Being a fledgling, if he sired Daniella, saving her, he would be cast out of the Shentavos. And that would mean betraying Ravelyn....and the vampire rules.

Kain sired Daniella....and faced the terrible wrath of the Shentavos. Namely...Qui Shentavo, Ravelyn and Daja's child.

Qui placed a curse upon Kain, that his bloodthirst be thrice fold, and that he would never be able to kill again. It was an angelic curse, one which was used upon the Genisis Cain in the bible. It seemed strange that both would have the same name, and that exile would be involved. Kain was stripped of his name, and he chose instead of calling himself Kain Brightblade, he called himself Irenicus. The world Irenicus meaning "Broken one, exiled". Kain was deeply shamed, but he knew if he faced the choice again, he would do the same again.

Kain now had a greater thirst...and this is when the dormant spirit within the Brightblade, a trapped and highly powerful demon, awoke to assist Kain. Kain and the demon made a bargin, a terrible but neccisery one. Kain was be sustained by the demonic return for a service. The blade now gave Kain great knowledge in order to keep him alive.

(OOC Jesus, this is going to take FOREVER. I will try and write more of his history later on, and by the way this has ALL happened in nationstates)
24-08-2004, 19:57

Name: Alicia li'Wye
Gender: Female
Race: Weyrean
Age: 64 Terran years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128lb
Eyes: Almond
Hair: Raven
Origin: Shadowside, Wye City
Occupation: High King
Weapons: Bladed staff, boomstick
Special skills: N/A
Bio: Alicia was born on 24AL, joined the li'Illorin military arm at 17,and rose to command a platoon at 21 through distinguished service during the Clan Wars. After the death of High King Alphonse, she was tracked down as the last living descendant of the High King lineage, and assumed the Staff of Kings at 22. Thanks in part to her years with the li'Illorin, and in part to a number of excellent advisors, she has thus far made a fairly decent High King. Her habit of diving head first into issues rather than thinking them through is her greatest weakness.

If you see an unremarkable woman drinking hard cider in a dingy pub somewhere in Wye, chances are that you've just met the High King.

Name: Ash
Gender: Male
Race: Weyrean
Age: 5610 Terran years
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 168lb
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Gray
Origin: Unknown
Occupation: secret: Lord of the Twilight
Weapons: anything and everything
Special skills: Skills with time dilation, illusion, and spacial manipulation
Bio: Ash is currently the last known Eternal Lord, belonging to the order that was tasked with protecting the Kingdom and the High King. After the Fall, and the Flight, the Eternal lords fell one by one until only he remined. Now, he acts as Alicia's guardian and advisor. There have been a few rumors as to something between the High king and Ash, although no clear foundation for such stories exists in public view.

Name: Ren li'Wye
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 36 Terran years
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 152lb
Eyes: Navy blue
Hair: Black
Origin: Shadowside, Wye City
Occupation: Full Spectrum Alchemist, commander of the BattleSpire
Weapons: Quarterstaff, knife
Special skills: Alchemy
Bio: Ren li'Wye is considered to be one of the most powerful alchemists in the known world. He is also the youngest person to recieve an alchemical title in four centuries. Ren combines all of the alchemical disciplines into his own style, and even adds elements of non-alchemical arts.

The BattleSpire is considered by many to be the hardest assignment that can be given. Set in the middle of the Great Western Wastes, the gargantuan spire dominates a netqwork of eight dedicated portals that link together the numerous Weyrean colonies that are spread throughout the Star Ocean. Ren's expertise in a myriad of fields has allowed him to thrive in a post that constantly demands combat ability, technical expertice, and decision making skills.

Name: N. H. Neverille
Gender: Male
Race: Weyrean
Age: 291 Terran years (middle-aged)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 168lb
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver
Origin: Tripoint
Occupation: Grand Alchemist of The Tower at Wye
Weapons: N/A
Special skills: Alchemy
Bio: N. H. Neverille is the head of The Tower at Wye, and is widely-regarded as the greatest alchemist in the known world. Neverille has made a number of contributions to the field, but is best known for his administrative skills. He has been key in instituting reforms throughout the growing Tower.

Name: Josiah Willard Gibbs
Gender: Male
Race: Weyrean
Age: 164 Terran years
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163lb
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Ashen
Origin: Southport
Occupation: Consul-General
Weapons: N/A
Special skills: ?Alchemy?
Bio: Josiah Willard Gibbs has held the post of Consul-general for over a century, and has adviced two High Kings through their terms in office. He acts as a sort of secretary and advisor to Alicia, and is usually the one to answer foreign correspondence. Gibbs originally trained as an alchemist, and made several important discoveries contributing to the further development of Leigh's theories. However, he quickly grew tired of research, and went into politics, where he ascended the beurocratic ladder three steps at a time.

Name: Roze li'dar'Farlon'ith (Roze of World's End)
Gender: Female
Race: Weyrean
Age: Unknown
Height: 6"1
Weight: 139lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, with pink bangs
Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Commoner
Weapons: N/A
Special skills: N/A
Bio: Roze is one of the people living at World's End, a dusty town at the edge of the known world. With the Desert Waste stretching away in all directions, little has changed in this town over the millenia since the Fall. The township still gets its sustenance from moisture farms. The only remarkable thing in the area is Majora's Grave -- a tomb dedicated to a general who fell during the War of the Wind.
01-09-2004, 08:21
Here are my characters of which I am using as of now:

Occupation: None really, head the VRO organization in Tarlachia (Vampire Revolutionary Organization)
Relations: Skadi (sire), John Marshall (fledgling), Hondur (brother fledgling)
Species: Human->Vampire, proven Elven bloodlines to Elves of Lothlorien Forest(mortal bloodlines-before given the Kiss) ((Still looks entirely human though, but with fangs))
Age: DECEASED. Died at 1316 years of age
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Black, short
Eyes:Black, blood red when truly angered
Build: Physically very fit, lean and muscular
Alignment: Neutral, leans more often to good
Personality: Quiet, observant, calculating, decisive
1)Glamdring (longsword tracing back to the ancient times of Middle Earth and the conflicts with Sauron)
2) Twin Elven Daggers (also tracing back to those times)
3) Occasional pistol, usually a Desert Eagle

Click HERE ( for Maximus's pic

Maximus was once a mortal with then-unknown bloodline ties to the Elves of Lothlorien Forest. In Emerald City, Assington, he became sired by Skadi, and ever since the two have come to love and respect each other. He is a triple black belt in martial arts, and an expert swordsman. His swords Narsil(destroyed by Skadi in first thread) and Glamdring (his current sword) are deadly in his hands, and few dare to face him. He also carries twin Elven Daggers, and the occasional pistol. Despite his possession of the Elven weapons (including the swords) he was unware of fate's strange twist of the fabrics of life to bring him, a descendant of Elven ancestry, to these weapons. As time passed, Maximus met up and became good friends of particular members of the Hyraphore Guild of Valient, and together they have gone through the years, providing support and lasting friendship. He has attended the Shentavo Academy, and eventually studied under Genesis Shentavo. Shortly thereafter, he began to realize his Elven lineage, and so researched and studied the magic of his ancestors. At 235 years old, he sired President John Marshall of Tarlachia (the great-great-great-grandfather of the current John Marshall [SEE BELOW FOR HIS BIO]), thus completing a vampire led coupe to take over the government. He has encountered several notable individuals throughout his life, including Ravelyn Shentavo, Kain Irenicus/Shentavo, and Whiptail. Although Maximus now possesses the magical abilities of his Elven ancestry, he still prefers getting up close and personal...

He was murdered in an intense battle against Damien Black, of the royal family in Roania. Now his legendary life lays at rest...

Occupation: NONE
Relations: NONE, the last of the Firescale Red Dragons of Tarlachia
Species: Draman(dragon-man)...eventually full-fledged dragon
Age: young, no particular age measured to his species
Height: 5'10"
Hair: (as Draman) black, spikey and medium length
Eyes: Light blue, dark crimson when angered
Build: Naturally strong and of muscular stature
Alignment: Good
Personality: Quiet, good head on shoulders, observant, can become quite dangerous and explosive when angered.
Weapons: Fireblade: prized weapon of his draconian lineage
Magic: Only those that are natural to dragons (fire manipulations, etc)

Click HERE ( for Tokram's pic

<<[Memory of Tokram successfully recorded>>:
The young child, entombed in fire-like crystals, awakened by a gigantic quake in the earth. Suddenly, the shards of crystals shattered, as the body slumped to the ground, a human like child, with draconian features.

The memories continued, this time several years in the future. The young child gazing upon the ancient book of Draconian lineage, his eyes widening upon the discovery of his own name etched into the pages, the last of his bloodline. The child's hands turned several more pages aside, and stopped when a picture depicting the six relics necessary for Draconians to morph into fully fledged dragons, full of strength and raw power. The child looks up, and looks around the cave, his eyes resting on an oddly colored patch of the wall, only visible to the truly observant. Walking over to it, he begins to tear at the hard packed dirt and stone. Finally his fingers scrape a mysterious stone case, and he slowly begins to extract it. Setting the case down, his fingers trace the dragon symbol on the cover, before slowly opening the case. Inside lies a beautifully crafted sword, a sword with a Dragon to cover the hilt, flames emitting from the mouth, forming the beautiful blade.

He stands, holding the sword carefully in his hand, as a design on the wall illuminates with the magic of the lineage. A voice whispers from the wall, its melodic tone soothing Tokram's tension: " are the must continue the the your destiny."

Time passes yet again. A man now, he battles the great guardians of the first relic, and defeats them, earning the right to possess the relic. His first step was completed. Now, to find the second relic...

Time continues to pass, as his mind floats through the difficult challenges that lay before his feet, and slowly but surely, he prevails.
<<End Recording>>:

Currently, Tokram is nearing completion of the last of the relics to unlock the full power of his ancestry, allowing him the ability to transform into a full-fledged dragon, and back to a human-like form as necessary.

Occupation: Once was President of Tarlachia, now Prince, 4th in line to the throne.
Relations: three older brothers and father
Species: Human
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Build: Physically fit, muscular
Alignment: Good
Personality: Quiet, leader in group settings, intelligent and empathetic.
Weapons: None, picks up weapons along the way
Magic: None

John Marshall served his nation with pride as President, until the dramatic change in Tarlachia, disposing of the democratic government in favor of a monarchy. This was done for the sake of maintaining internal chaos and disruption. He is notified of this change while visiting the nation of Roania. Here in Roania, the exceptionally beautiful Grand Duchess, Malissa Black is about to take control of the reins in Roania, following the assassination of her esteemed but cruel father, Alexander Black. The two met, and instantly fell in love with one another. It was love at first sight (awwwww lol). He has married Malissa Black and has relocated to Roania. His name has changed to John Marshall Black, or John Black in short. His official title is 'Consort to the Princess'.

Click HERE (*ZBWjP6GFKmjo0Dw2gQT4XN8FxFb!Su9zHhaBsKDVRIslyvrSOhWfWlZYHB91Gdkdf*2 KaKtg2xKSOk8jV2y*yU5LZ5E519GN/JohnMarshall.bmp?dc=4675462372105398953) for John's pic


Occupation: None
Relations:Some other Moonlighter Draconians scattered around the Earth
Species: Dragon: Moonlighter Draconian; moon elemental
Age: Still relatively young in dragon years
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Silvery purple color; just past shoulder length
Build: Physically fit, human-like for the most part, but with strong draconic features: tail, claws, etc
Alignment: Good
Personality: Quiet, cautious, dangerous when angered
Weapons: far

Click HERE (*hNF7t2y5igQwdio4KcW6vBkMZwpuWy5B6vzBwPFQWeJkfwGvp*pp7TLDL2gFKkeFN3gki*aP SwMg*j8uDH74DwM5JrbCWlQz6kARv/Dragonpearl2.bmp?dc=4675463092669596573) for Lumina's pic

"My name is Lumina Beam. I am of the Moonlighter Dragons, a race that has relocated to this planet from the moon Io, a satellite of the planet known as Jupiter. We were unprepared to encounter the harsh reactions many of us recieved. Now, few of us remain. I am one of them. We possess the power to harness the elements of all that is affected by the moons of the universe. Weather is but one of these examples..."

Lumina was captured by evil black-clad men in the nation of Khadrim, to be used as a sacrifice so they could summon their demon. However, Tokram and some others rescued her...

She now roams with Tokram across the Earth, seeking peace within herself and nurturing her relationships with Tokram and his allies.


Occupation: None
Relations: Elves of Lothlorien Forest
Species: Elf- of the purest bloodline
Age: 1320 years old
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Blonde-white
Build: Physically fit, agile
Alignment: Good
Personality: Quiet, observant, calculating, decisive, dangerous in battle
Weapons: Lanta (sword) Lorien elven bow

Click HERE ( RrH0*RlOMJfs5**mL2mGiljbzfiC0/Sigrun-Haldir.jpg?dc=4675487244652711106) for Sigrun's pic

Sigrun's true history is known to only few. But from what is gathered, it is rumored that he has returned to enact justice on an old enemy. Some say he is a restless spirit. Others say he is on a mission. And yet others claim that he was sent back from across the sea to finish what he had started.

No matter the myth, he is here.

And he's not going back.


Occupation: Mercenary, vampire hunter
Relations: None
Species: human-female
Age: mid-twenties
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black
Build: Physically fit, agile
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Hot-headed, dangerous in battle
Weapons: Dual Arm Blades, dual-saber

Click HERE (!YZYEEf2CrpaMV24TwbuxvybmCuhZfO8UMvUDkngmytJmQQJdIML9NBZQyHLlcu0xtQ0PM2xu!tLuy12YI1cevFvrFMhcS LXJa7eguTQoq*MPhRqXSCMRwAcDEc/deistyina.jpg?dc=4675458798536403902) for Rikan's pic

Rikan "Viper" Tansho was only a child when her parents were brutally murdered in cold blood by vampires of Tarlachia. She herself escaped and was soon taken in by a mercenary group and trained to be a fighter. She was fast and deadly in her strikes, thus earning herself the name of "Viper" with much respect. Her skills propelled her to the highest rank in the mercenary group and she turned her skills to vampire hunting.

Never once did she look back as she pursued her quest to avenge her parents death and rid the world of as many vampires as possible.


Occupation: Leader of the Celadrin Clan
Relations: None
Species: Angel
Age: Immortal being, rumored to have existed for 3 millenia
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Blonde-white
Eyes:Deep Blue
Build: Physically fit, agile
Alignment: Good
Personality: Sort of noble-like, regards himself as superior to others, but doesn't disregard them either.
Weapons: Staff with crystal embedded artfully into the top

Click HERE (!16RV0fz4TDHxDGIaBcJbLKyzsV9fnjLIrt2ZmTFy38tIwsIIm lzuhoq8outzbP7MsNUHUeeK1Sj6xb/Celadrinleader.gif) for Liam's pic

It is a new age. Long ago a clan led by the Shentavos was created, and was believed to be the only one necessary to uphold justice, freedom, and protection for the masses. The clan, over time, became broken apart and has deteriorated to almost nothing. Thus, it was decided that Liam Celadrin would lead a second clan, consisting of different members, all with their own strengths to contribute. Together, they will stand against all odds and be known as the Defenders of the Masses.

The Celadrin Clan will strive to have connections in all parts of the world, thus ensuring that no matter what, their presence will be felt, directly or indirectly...

Words of warning and caution go to all those that would stand in their way.
01-09-2004, 08:57
Occupation: National Leader
Relations: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 12-38 years old
Height: 4' - 6'10''
Hair: Blonde
Build: Who wants to know
Alignment: Meh...depends
Personality: Sarcastic, funny, persuasive, a geud spelar, intelligent, calculating, inventive, creative, strong-willed, good with leadership
Weapons: What is this, D&D? Umm...national resources? Nukes? Fighter jets?
Short Biography:

-Founded the Republic of Jack-a-nape and was made Prime Minister, later renaming the nation to "The Hard-rocking Peoples of Jack-a-nape".

-Loves Hard Rock, especially Led Zeppelin.

-Has made headbanging into a nationally-revered art.

-Founded Yo Mama with Keith of Shady Soldiers and Mark of Frugal Snap (OOC: HE WANTS TO BE BANNED!!!! BAN HIM!!!!!).

-Later became U.N. Delegate.

-Was main military leader with allied Yo Mama, Southwest Pacific, Charlesto, Warzone Airspace, and The Namro Islands forces in wars.

-Sets regional anthems, along with Mark of Frugal Snap. Currently is "Mirror Mirror" by Don Dokken.

-Prime Minister of the Hard-rocking Peoples of Jack-a-nape.

-Next founded the Incorporated States of Randomestofnationnames. Became Prime Minister.

-Mark of Frugal Snap handed over the Confederacy of Ooblog, of which Jeff became President, the Principality of Melie1, of which he became Prince, the Emirate of Poopidy scoop, of which he became President, the Protectorate of Billbo, of which he became President, the Rogue Nation of Old dirty basturd, of which he became Supreme Leader, and the Federation of Blame it on the Tetons (OOC: I hate Modest Mouse, I'm giving this nation away, any takers?), of which he became President.

-Only citizens of his nations know what he truly looks like. Why? I don't know. Convenient plot device, probably.

OOC: Again, in case you missed it, the leader of Frugal Snap, Frugal Snap 2, and Frugal Snap3 wants to be deleted and banned. If I'm not mistaken, he sent an angry letter to the mods. So, if any mods come across this post, BAN HIM! Also, I'm looking for someone to take the Federation of Blame it on the Tetons off of my hands. I do hate Modest Mouse.
The Gothic Underworld
01-09-2004, 15:44
Here's my main RPing characters. They are Modern/Fantasy characters.

Arashi Hiyuuki
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Fighting Style: Hereditary "True" pyrokinetic powers + Clan Hiyuuki "Fist" Techniques + mixed global martial arts
Description: Wears jeans, a red shirt, and black leather biker jacket, and sunglasses. Has shoulder-length brown hair, with a streak of white.
Strengths: His hereditary pyrokinetic powers are hotter than any other type of pyrokinesis recorded in history, and is especially powerful against enemies which have evil-type powers.
Weaknesses: Although he can take more damage than a normal human, he's no tank.
Treasures: His girlfriend Aisa, his sister Reiko, his Ferrari Modena, and his Yamaha racing motorcycle. Possesses the Crystal of Hope, a red-colored crystal that contains hidden powers, and 1 of the 3 Treasures of the Prime Clans of Atros.
Fave Quote: "Heh heh heh. Can't stand the heat?"
Likes: Racing, pitting his skills against worthy fighters
Dislikes: Cowards, backstabbers.
Bio: Arashi Hiyuuki is the eldest child and only son of Takeshi Hiyuuki, the Sinsei of the Hiyuuki dojo, and the future Heir of the Hiyuuki Clan. His powers stem from the hereditary "True" pyrokinetic powers of the Hiyuukis (read Reiko Hiyuuki's bio for explanation), and his flames are legendary throughout the world. In fact, the "True" flames he wields have far surpassed that of his father's, and he has already defeated Sinsei Hiyuuki in battle. The Hiyuuki Clan has been the traditional rival of Clan Hikurai, and this rivalry has reached deadly porpotions in the past, but nowadays Arashi has a relatively peaceful rivalry with Shinji Hikurai, the Heir of Caln Hikurai. Personally, Arashi is a gregarious and popular person, the star of the show. His opponents have described fighting against him in these words, " Facing Arashi is like looking into the eye of a firestorm. You'll be lucky to escape unscathed."

Limit Break 1: Dragon Rage
Arashi charges up his flames so much they appear on both his hands, and throwing the flames on 1 hand after the other, he creates a series of explosions that flash towards the opponent with blinding speed. It is said that those who can dodge this traditional Hiyuuki supermove are those destined to win lotteries later in life.
Limit Break 2: Courage Smite
Done only when Arashi is near the opponent, Arashi charges all his energy in 1 hand in an instant, and lets loose with a super-fiery punch that really hurts and scorches. Shinji Hikurai, one of the few who have taken this move which is not a Hiyuuki Manual move but self-created by Arashi, describes it as "the full force of Dragon Rage in one punch."
Overdrive 1: Courage Second Smite
Done straight after Courage Smite, Arashi uses the momentum of Courage Smite to quickly charge up again, and deal a second super-fiery punch to the opponent. This requires only 1 Limit point, but the total number of Limit points used in both Smites allows this to be called a Overdrive.
Overdrive 2: The Zero Style
A legendary Hiyuuki move that Arashi's ancestor is said to have helped saved the world with, Arashi charges at light speed towards the opponent and gives him a fiery punch, sending him up in the air. When the opponent is about to land back onto the ground, Arashi intercepts with 20 fast fiery strikes, ending it by kicking him up to the air, jumping up and grabbing his neck, then throwing him back to the ground in a mushroom cloud of fire. This move is literally devastating, and opponents tend to not stand up again after this move.

Shinji Hikurai
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Fighting Style: Hereditary "Shadow" pyrokinetic powers + Clan Hikurai "Claw" Techniques
Description: Wears leather pants, a black shirt, and a maroon leather trenchcoat. Has long silver hair. Wears gloves that has sharp claws at the fingertips, to aid fighting.
Strengths: His hereditary shadowfire power may not be as powerful as Arashi's, but it gives him illusionary powers, and he can also use his special type of fire to drain enemies' health.
Weaknesses: Like Arashi, can take some damage, but not exactly built like a tank.
Likes: Barbequing, relaxing at the beach.
Dislikes: Sore losers, weaklings.
Treasures: His sister Naomi, and his favourite Mercedes-Benz. Possesses the Crystal of Death, a ebony crystal that contains hidden powers, and the 2nd of the 3 Treasures of the Prime Clans of Atros.
Fave Quote: "Weakling. DIE!!!"
Bio: Shinji, like Arashi, is the eldest child and only son of Clan Hikurai. His father having died long ago, Shinji runs the Clan by himself, although he still retains the title of "Heir" instead of taking the title of "Sinsei" which he is entitled to. His powers stem from the hereditary "Shadow" pyrokinetic powers he is born with, otherwise know as shadowfire (see Naomi Hikurai's bio for explanation), and his flames, unlike normal fire, is black in color, and can be used for some illusory and draining moves. Has a friendly rivalry with Arashi Hiyuuki, although it was not always so, and is evenly matched with him, with their numerous spars ending in draws, with the exception of 1 time that Arashi beat Shinji. His opponents have described facing Shinji as "dicing with Death and Despair.....the powers of his shadowfire".

Limit Break 1: Shadow Slash
Standing still, Shinji summons forth from himself a "shadow" of himself, which dashes across the arena and slashes the opponent for great damage. Almost unavoidable, although it is easy to block the attack if you can react fast enough.
Limit Break 2: Draining Flames
Shinji concentrate a ball of shadowfire in his hands, then throws it at the ground. The shadowflames then slides across the floor to the opponent, eventually exploding when it touches the opponent into a skull-shaped explosion of black flames. Shinji regains the amount of energy the opponent loses through draining his power.
Overdrive 1: Shadow Swipe
Done after Shadow Slash, the "shadow" of Shinji dashes back to him, passing the opponent on the way and slashing him again. Then the "shadow" passes back into Shinji, regaining him energy it has drained from the opponent. Like Courage Second Smite, it uses only 1 extra Limit Point.
Overdrive 2: The Omega Style
A legendary Hikurai move that is in the same league as Clan Hiyuuki's Zero Style, Shinji draws forth a "shadow" of himself, which charges and slashes the opponent, then the real Shinji charges up and deal 7 hits. The “shadow” then runs up as Shinji pauses, dealing another 7 strikes, allowing Shinji to run up again and grab the opponent’s neck and pin him onto the floor. Then, Shinji throws the opponent up into the air with a burst of flame, then concentrates within himself, and finishes it off by throwing shadowfire at the ground, which explodes into 3 pillars of death, hitting the opponent for huge damage.

Michiko Hikoori
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Fighting style: Hereditary "Glacial" pyrokinetic powers + Clan Hikoori "Sleeve" Techniques
Description: Shoulder length sky-blue hair, an azure blue evening gown with matching heels and jewellery, modified with extra-length sleeves to aid the "Sleeve" Technique
Strengths: Enemies tend to be frozen in their tracks, and her form of ice-fire is good against fireusers
Weaknesses: Her fighting style tends to be the slowest of the 3, and again, she is no tank.
Likes: Relaxing in her bath, is also a workaholic.
Dislikes: Lazy people, troublemakers.
Treasures: Her wardrobe, which spans 5 bedrooms. Possesses the Crystal of Light, a light blue crystal which contains hidden powers, and the last of the 3 Treasures of the Prime Clans of Atros.
Fave Quote: "You are vanquished. Stand aside."
Bio: Michiko is the 3rd of the trio of the Heirs of the legendary Clans of Atros, and like Shinji, she is officially the Heiress of Clan Hikoori, although she is the de facto head of the Clan. Her powers stem from a unique form of pyrokinetic powers that some critics have dismissed as "false" fire, and not without cause, for her "Glacial" pyrokinetic powers are not hot, like most flames, but freezing cold. Her flames, light blue in color, causes icy damage to opponents, and some of her opponents have ended up hospitalized for hypothermia after fighting with her. Arashi Hiyuuki himself described her flames as "ice.....with the volatile properties of fire." The Hikoori Clan has traditionally been the peacemaker between the 2 warring Clans of Hiyuuki and Hikurai, but with the relative peace between Arashi and Shinji, Michiko has had no need to play the role. Michiko is currently the sponsor of the Tournament, although the host is only known by the name "Raven".

Limit Break 1: Arctic Breeze
Michiko draws deep into her inner stores of power, then blows a stream of glaical flames at the opponent, hitting him for a combo of 6 very cold hits. This takes some time to use.
Limt Break 2: Frozen Coffin
Done only when Michiko is right next to the opponent, Michiko grabs the opponent, and freezes him into a coffin of ice. Apart from great damage, it immobilizes the opponent, allowing Michiko to follow up.
Overdrive: The Forbidden Style
The last of the 3 Legend moves of the 3 Clans, Michiko runs forward and grabs the opponent, then throws the opponent up, and starts dancing a circle of ice fire around herself. When the opponent lands back down, he gets sucked into the storm of ice fire Michiko has created around herself, and takes ice damage for a total of 18 hits.

Reiko Hiyuuki
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Fighting Style: Clan Hiyuuki 'Kick' Techniques + Hereditary 'Courage' pyrokinetic powers + Own-style based on various dance forms
Description: Petite, with sparkling, mischievious brown eyes. Wears a maroon Chinese cheongsam with slits on each side of the skirt part, and stilettoes. Has long brown hair tied at the end (think Tifa Lockheart's style from FF7).
Bio: Sister of Arashi, Heir of Clan Hiyuuki. Wields the crimson “Courage” flames which among the Clans, deals the most damage of the 3 types of flames. Mischievious and playfully flirty (not to mention sexy), she is every guy's dream.

Limit Break: Flame Twister
Reiko jumps towards the opponent, sits on the opponent's shoulder, and using her legs to create a vice grip on the opponent's neck, she lifts her opponent into the air, lands on her hands, and using a breakdancing-based move, starts twisting the opponent around in a twister of fire. Finally, she throws the opponent to the far side of the arena, for a total of 7 fiery hits and a sore neck the next morning.

Limit Break: Aerial Twister
Only done when Reiko is next to the opponent, Reiko kicks him high up into the air, then follows up with a near-vertical flying kick that sends both of them into higher altitudes, then Reiko does a mid-air manuveur that ends up with her stepping on the opponent in mid-air, than in a twister of fire, she slams the opponent on the ground under her feet, which results in a fiery explosion. Total of 5 hits.

Overdrive: Reiko's Finale
A cross between Flame Twister and Aerial Twister. Reiko does the first few moves from Flame Twister, but at the end, she throws the opponent up into the air instead of to the side, and jumps up and completes the last 2 moves of Aerial Twister. Total of 10 hits.

Overdrive: Fiery Passion
Reiko throws a fireball at the opponent. If it hits, Reiko rushes over to the recovering opponent before he can regain his bearings, and by smooching the opponent passionately, orally "transfer" fire into the opponent. A devastating move, since it hurts the opponent from the inside.

Hana Nakayama
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Fighting Style: Nakayama assassination arts + Hoop-fighting
Description: Bandanna tied on long brown hair, wears a purple and yellow jumpsuit, training gloves, holds a metal hoop weapon which is lined with rubber in the inside rim for handling, 4 "wings" in a cross lined inside the hoop to aid flight, and a serrated steel edge on the outside with curved spikes. This weapon is called the Flower Edge, and Hana wields it in a manner outwardly similar to a nunchaku, but handled differently.
Bio: Hana Nakayama comes from a family famous for its assassination arts, and she has carried on the tradition of honing the skills of assassination. She has combined these skills with a self-taught hoop-fighting skills, aided by a self-designed Flower Edge hoop, and is known in underground circles as the "Scented Death", due to her perfumes of flowers and her reputation for killing. However, she has accepted relatively few "contracts" throughout her career, before being hired by Shinji Hikurai, the Heir of Clan Hikurai, to "babysit" Naomi, his sister, whom he has described as ".....unable to survive in the real world, depite her innate wisdom." Today, Hana Nakayama remains the bodyguard and babysitter of Naomi Hikurai, although her talents have often been utilized whenever the Hikurai Team needed a 3rd teammate.

Limit Break 1: Spiral Blade
Hana stops in her tracks to concentrate for a moment, then throws the Flower Hoop at the opponent. The hoop will appear to miss, then barely nick the opponent on his side. Then, the hoop's edges will catch on the opponent's body and spin around his body, causing great slash damage.

Limit Break 2: Lethal Gut
Done when the opponent is right in front of Hana, Hana spins the Flower Hoop very fast in her hand, then, still holding on to it, thrusts the spinning hoop into the opponent, causing great and fast damage like a nunchaku.

Overdrive 1: The Nakayama Secret
Through intense concentration, Hana puts her body into overdrive, letting her move with even greater speed, and creating a corporeal 'phanton' that doubles her hits. This overdrive also allow her to deal double attacks, which is where 1 hit becomes 2, for a round. After that, however, she ends up damaging herself.

Overdrive 2: Bloodstorm
Hana pauses to put all her strength into throwing the Flower Hoop, then throws it. If the hoop hits, it stuns the opponent into collapsing on the ground, then flies vertically upwards and hovers above the opponent, spinning faster and faster until the opponent gets sucked into a twister created by the spinning of the hoop. Hana then throws into the twister 5 "winged blades", which spins around in the twister and hits the opponent for a total of 30 light hits. By this time, the Flower Hoop would have flown back to Hana, and then finally she charges into the twister, dealing a heavy blow with the hoop, and dissipating the twister, while sending the opponent flying away from the blow.

Naomi Hikurai
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Fighting Style: Clan Hikurai 'Palm' Techniques + Hereditary 'Fear' pyrokinetic powers
Description: A petite girl with eyes that haunt people's souls. Wears a black latex top, knee-length spandex pants, and a satin jacket tied around her waist. Short black hair. Haunted past.
Bio: Sister to the heir of Clan Hikurai, Shinji Hikurai, one of the 3 Great Clans in Atros. Others are Clan Hiyuuki, with the heir named Arashi Hiyuuki and sister Reiko. Clan Hiyuuki, the Clan of Brave Fire, the sworn enemy of Clan Hikurai, the Clan of Shadow Fire. 3rd Clan is Clan Hikoori, the Clan of Ice Fire, heir is Nanako Hikoori, often acts as mediator between the 2 sworn enemies. Naomi, like her brother, wields black flames, which strikes fear into the hearts of enemies, and can be used for some special effects.

Limit Break: Fatal Kiss
Naomi charges to the opponent, grabs him (or her) in an intimate hug, and passionately kisses the opponent, damaging him. For a temporary period of time, the opponent is 'haunted' by black fire, which drains him progressively of his health, while Naomi regains energy to fight.

Limit Break: Dark Smite
Done only when Naomi is right next to the opponent, Naomi brings her arms back, and then quickly brings them forward, to clap hard onto the opponent's head, with a burst of fire. The result is that the opponent gets his head scorched for more damage than Fatal Kiss, but no draining effects afterwards. However, there is a high chance that the opponent will get dizzy after getting up, allowing Naomi to follow up with normal attacks.

Overdrive: Lethal Drain
Naomi shoots a shadowfire projectile at the opponent. If it hits, it freezes the opponent for a while in shadowfire, and Naomi brings forth a mirror image of herself, which rushes to the other side of the arena. Both the real Naomi and the mirrored Naomi then rushes to the stunned opponent, grabs hold of him, and in a fit of evil ecstasy, as if on a drug high, Naomi and her mirror image drains the opponent of life force. This is even more powerful than Fatal Kiss, and it deals 9 hits, finishing with an explosion of shadowfire.

Overdrive: Dark Angel
Done only as a follow-up to Dark Smite, Naomi grabs the opponent, then levitates herself and the opponent in the air. She sprouts 'angel wings' composed of shadowfire, which wrap themselves around her and her victim, then explodes, hurling Naomi and the opponent to both sides of the arena. Although devastating to the opponent, it hurts Naomi as well, and witnesses to her battle often report her panting heavily from exhaustion after this move, vulnerable if the opponent manages to get up after this.

Raven Vandell
Age: 42, to be killed by the end of the “The Call For A New Age: Heroes Of The World Unite!” thread.
Sex: Male
Occupation: CEO of Vandell Corporation. Also a kingpin of the underground mafia movement of Atros
Description: 2.3 metres tall, muscular physique, long brunette hair and clean-shaven. Wears a tight black leotard, along with leather pants. Has a cloak draped over his right shoulder to shield his "right arm" from view, and wears shoes that have been rigged with blades on both sides to assist in attack power.
Fighting Style: Bionic Combat Unit (BCU) attacks + cybernetic kickboxing techniques
Strengths: Relies mainly on his BCU, which is his right arm bio-engineered and fitted with bionic implants and equipment, his bladed shoes which, combined with cybernetic strength, can shear through tank armor, and cybernetic implants which give him sheer toughness. Very tough, almost has no weaknesses, is even way more powerful than many legendary characters like Arashi Hiyuuki, and 5CN's Lance Crusade due to his reengineering, the result of years of research. However, sheer tenacity alone against him will eventually pay off, as he is still mortal after all.
Weaknesses: Almost none. However, can still be overwhelmed by sheer numbers and willpower.

Bio: Robert Vandell was one of the success stories of Atros, once topping the list of the 20 Youngest Rich of Atros. His company, Vandell Corporation, was the biggest in region by the time he was 21, and it was said that while he slept, millions in wealth just keep on rolling in for him. Moreover, he was married at 25 to Veronica Smith, and soon after had a daughter, Sarah Ann Vandell. Life seemed good for him.

Then disaster struck. Veronica died in a car accident just 5 years after Sarah's birth. Apart from hideous grief, he was forced to raise Sarah alone, which in fact, for a rich man like him, wasn't very difficult, as Sarah had everything she needed or wanted at the snap of a finger. Life continued, and if possible, even better after Veronica's death, and both father and daughter had a very good relationship with each other. Slowly but surely, Sarah grew up, into a willowy teenager, sweet in personality and very reasonable, despite the excessive pampering her father bestowed on her.

However, good things do not last. Sarah collapsed in school at the age of 15, and doctors diagnosed her with a previously unknown, and terminal disease. Grief-stricken, Robert poured in what he had on new research on the disease, nearly bankrupting himself in the process, and worked hard to get more sponsorship. Unfortunately, while Sarah lay dying, countries and corporations all over the world dithered, unwilling to invest in research which didn't seem necessary.

At this point, the stresses finally cause Robert Vandell to snap. If he couldn't do things one way, he reasoned, he'll do it another way. The ends justifies the means, whatever the cost. He began to get more involved in the underground mafia, taking sole control in just 6 months, and diverted funds from the research into research on cryogenetic techonology, which paid off very quickly: stasis units have been patented in the Vandell Corporation's name, and Robert quickly made use of the new technology to cryogenically freeze Sarah, preserving her life for as long as it takes to research the technology that would eventually cure her. Disaster struck Robert yet again, as an accident at one of the bioengineering labs which his company owned, and which he was visiting, totally deformed his body, leaving him with enlarged musculature that he couldn't control fully. Instead of despairing, Robert immediately commissioned cybernetic technologies, which eventually resulted in his possession of his Bionic Combat Unit, which is his deformed right arm fitted with cybernetic implants and weaponry to form a weapon as yet unseen in the modern world, and various other weaponry that is now built into his body. Changing his name to Raven, he finally commissioned an airship more than thrice the size of the average blimp, which he uses as his portable headquarters, named Vengeance. It is said he is researching a new type of apocalyptic weaponry on the Vengeance, but no one knew exactly what it was supposed to be. Whatever it is, Raven has made his stance clear, that he would use whatever he created, to ransom the world for the funds needed, to one day save Sarah's life.........

Limit Break 1: Metal Storm
Transforming his BCU into a machine gun based on the recently created Metal Storm machine gun, Raven fires a hail of explosives that does 30 hits of moderate damage.

Limit Break 2: Blades of Vengeance
Raven rushes to the opponent, jumps up, brings his back foot up front and up to slash with the inside blade the opponent, then he brings his other foot up and slashes again with the outside blade of his other foot. Seriously damaging, Raven once tested this move on a tank, and the result was that the tank got sliced.

Overdrive: Finality
Raven rushes at the opponent in double-quick time, and if the opponent cannot get out of the way, Raven grabs his neck with his BCU, which then proceeds to go wild, with muscles whipping out of shape, and the result is that the BCU charges 10,000,000 volts of electricity into the hapless victim. Dangerous to the point where only true Legends can even hope to survive the move.

Sarah Ann Vandell
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Fighting Style: Bionic Combat Unit (BCU) arts + Chinese martial arts
Powers: Mutated cyborg arm + self-healing

Description: 5 ft 6, lanky, usually wears hot pants and a halter-neck top, shoulder-length bob hair and green eyes. Normal at first glance, but when fighting, her normal-looking right arm mutates into a wanton mass of flesh with cybernetic implants all over the arm. This mutation is her Bionic Combat Unit, or BCU, the result of genetic engineering and cybernetic implantations.

Strengths: Extremely powerful BCU attacks, and very tricky moves.

Weaknesses: Is no tougher than the average teenage girl who has trained in martial arts, and while water would not short out her BCU, electric attacks would, if temporarily.

Fave Quote: "That wasn't very nice of you."

Bio: Sarah Ann Vandell is the daughter of the late Raven Vandell, the chief villain who appears in the thread "The Call For A New Age: Heroes Of The World Unite!" Prior to this, she had suffered from a rare autoimmune disease that was incurable.......until her father managed to research a cure, and embarked on an ultimately fruitless adventure as a villain to provide funding to make the cure for her. For the past two years, Sarah was placed in a stasis cell to stop her disease from progressing any further, and when Raven was defeated by the Legends of Atros, Raven entrusted Sarah, and his company Vandell Corporation to Arashi Hiyuuki, one of the Legends of Atros. A nation struck by her plight contributed to Sarah's welfare, and she finally received a cure for her disease. For the first time in two years, Sarah saw the sun.

However, the time spent in the stasis cell had its side effects on Sarah: the chemicals used in preserving her life had also altered her genes, and when she recovered, she discovered that her right arm would instantly mutate at times of great distress on her, turning into a great mass of flesh she could not control fully, exactly the same situation her father found himself in years ago. Sarah promptly solved this conundrum the way her father did: commission an operation to implant cybernetic technologies into her right arms, not only enabling her to control her arm fully, including mutating it at pure will, but also building weaponry into it similar to her father's a year ago. Now, Sarah looks like every normal teenage girl, but when it comes time for her to fight, her right arm would mutate, expanding into a great mass of flesh embedded with cyborg implants, and equipped with all sorts of weaponry from a Gattling gun to metal shields.

Today, Sarah Vandell inherits the Vandell Corporation from her presumed deceased father, but would only assume full control over the Corporation when she turns 18. Until then, Arashi Hiyuuki acts as her legal guardian, and maintains control over the Corporation for her. Arashi had made a promise to Raven that he would take care of his daughter, and it is because of this that Arashi has appeared in the DPAEH, finding a school suitable for her.

Rico Anderson
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Fighting Style: Limited pyrokinetic powers + Intermediate Clan Hiyuuki "Fist" and "Kick" Techniques + Underground wrestling techniques
Description: Blonde hair and blue eyed white youth. Wears cargo pants, a baseball jersey, a skullcap, a thick gold chain, and various rings on his finger, the attire of the hip-hop community.
Bio: Rico Anderson used to be the greatest fighter in his end of the South Bronx in America, and was hailed by the local gangs as "The Undefeatable Rico" due to his strength and tenacity in fighting. He was undefeated.....until he lost to a young man in a biker jacket who later turned out to be a flame-wielder. This match sealed his fate.......for the young biker was none other than Arashi Hiyuuki, the Heir of Clan Hiyuuki, who was taking a trip to America to see the sights. Arashi, having seen much promise in the young, energetic, but restless lad, offered him the training of the Clan to complement his street fighting style, and Rico, humbled by the superior skill of Arashi, eagerly took up the offer to train up, and took leave of his family to understudy his skills under Sinsei Hiyuuki. All this happened 2 years ago, and now Rico, having progressed faster in the Hiyuuki arts than any other student, is now the No. 1 student of the Sinsei. Although, being not of the Hiyuuki bloodline, his developing pyrokinetic powers will always be limited, his skill in the Hiyuuki Arts have already surpassed that of Reiko Hiyuuki, the daughter of the Clan. He also has a thing for both Reiko and Naomi Hikurai, and is caught in something of a love triangle with both daughters of the Clans, something both Arashi and Shinji recognize with concern. (Note: Rico's pyrokinetic powers are limited to his Supermoves)

Limit Break 1: Meteor Drop
Rico jumps up high in the air, charges up what flame-essence he has, and then change direction in mid-air, straight at the opponent. If it hits, the opponent, apart from a hard kick to the gut (or head if Rico is really lucky), gets engulfed in flames, which although nothing compared to Reiko's or Arashi's, hurts really bad.

Limit Break 2: Tackle
As it says, Rico charges at the opponent and does a rugby tackle into the gut of the opponent. A purely physical move, which may not work on tougher opponents, although it can really take the wind out of anyone.

Overdrive 1: Crazed Assault
Done after Tackle, and needing an additional 2 Limit points, Rico straddles the fallen opponent, and goes crazy, smashing his fists repeatedly at the opponent.

Overdrive 2: Rico's Combo
Rico temporarily forgets his training, with a smashing fist assault of 5 hits, before remembering, and does an advanced, flameless, 4-hit "Aerial Rave" move, before finishing with a burst of flame into the opponent's face, for a total of 10 hits.

Race: Vampire
Sex: Male
Age: 1717 years as of AV3
Appearance: Long silver hair tied in a ponytail, black leather trenchcoat, blood-red shirt, leather pants, and leather shoes.
Forte: "Battle energy" mastery, and firearms. Uses his custom-made Heaven Sword, a Chinese-type jewelled longsword, and his Dragon Saber, a Chinese-type “Willow Leaf” broadsword with decorative dragon carvings. Both weapons are embedded with quartz crystals.
Bio: Zero is amongst one of the first Nobles created by a mage, whose name is lost in the mists of time. As his Brood is made especially to deal with the Vulgar Brood, Zero has mastery of "battle energy", which is a power only a few of the Nobles have. He has since forgotten his name when he was a mortal. Anyway, he was a mortal Atrosian who was tasked by the mage to assist the Assingtonian Brood, as are others of his kind, and he willingly sacrificed his mortal life for the undead life and powers of the Noble Brood.

It is not known what he did during the crisis of the Vulgars, but when it was over and the Vulgars nearly exterminated, the vampire Zero joined the Hero Louis and Shield-Maiden Adelia in the Dark Revolution of Atros as their right-hand man in the operation. When the Revolution was completed, Zero continued his service to the newly-crowned King Vampire Louis by being his Secret Service Chief. After 500 years, like most of the declining Nobles, Zero tendered his resignation to the King Vampire, and like most of the rest of the Nobles, took to the streets of the City of Darkness, the capital of the Atrosian Empire of the Gothic Underworld of Atros.

At the point of time of AV3, Zero will be summoned by his old friend, the King Vampire, to break the isolation of the Noble Brood from the Assingtonian Brood by taking a chartered flight out of Atros, to Assington. Mission: find the Assingtonians, and enquire as to recent events. He also has a secret objective given to him by King Louis. This is because King Louis had been getting visions, about the Assingtonian Brood facing a new threat, and that the Nobles would have a duty to assist the Assingtonians, and thus he sent Zero on this quest, to find out if his vision is true, and that the Nobles would have to break their isolation after many long years, to fight alongside the Assingtonians once more.
01-09-2004, 16:10
Hey Gothic Underworld, if you're looking for a region where all nations are primarily character RPers, check out the region 'Fatal Terrain'. If you want to join, telegram me and I'll give you the password to enter.

I will also extend this invitation to others who seek out fellow character RPers...
The Gothic Underworld
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Just listing some characters. More detial (and possibly characters) later. :D

President and First Consul Benedict Michael Sukothai
Consul Francis Lionel Ghanikan
General of the Army Vincent Ferrer Chalermchai, Strategos Strategon of the Syskeyian Armed Forces
Archbishop James Cardinal Sanghorn, Archbishop of Syskeyiapolis and Primate of Syskeyia
General Isaiah Divecha, Commander of Syskeyian forces on St. Peter Claver Island
Maj. Gen. Isidore Sartika, commander of the 38th Airborne Division
Rosa de Lima Benjawan, Ambassador to Knootoss
Joachim Chunghow, Ambassador to Lavenrunz

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
01-09-2004, 19:26
Laurelin Séreturiel Almaresáre

Age: 2,000 years

Sex: Female

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 78 lbs

Position: Imperial Empress of Eldanor

Race: Noldorian Elf

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Pale blue

Origin: Quendetur City

Preferred Weapons: Slender, slighly curved, short elven blade. She is also gifted with elven magic.

Relations: One cousin, who is heir to the throne until the Empress has children.

Bio: Empress Laurelin took the Imperial Throne of Eldanor after her mother, Empress Séreturiel died of grief shortly after her husband, Emperor Tulcandil was killed in a storm. Laurelin has been ruling for 50 years already.

She is generally very stubborn and always has the best interests of her people at heart, but she is still young in the eyes of elves. See her here (
01-09-2004, 22:05
King Warfare: Updated!!!
Age: Indeterminate appears 20ish
Race: Humanoid, developing Sliver features.
Sex: Male
Height: 12.5 Feet
Hair: Blood Red
Eyes: Red
Build: Muscular.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Protective towards his Slivers, Nice to Allies, Violent towards anything else, unless the Slivers Trust them.
Weapons: Divine Powers.
Special Skills: Has Divine Abilites. Is the God of the Slivers.
BIO: King Warfare was at one time the King of the BORG. He decided to do genetic testing on a semi-intelligent species there. The Slivers were the result. Soon after Testing, the Slivers revolted and destroyed the entire BORG collective. The Slivers however, thought of Warfare as God. As a result he gained Divine abilities because of their beliefs.

The Sliver Queen:
Age: Human years: 30 Sliver years: 50, Young for a Sliver
Race: Sliver
Sex: Female
Height: 12 feet, Length: 500 feet
Hair: None, has Multi-colored Scales.
Eyes: Solid Black
Build: Beutiful in her own way, yet Strong.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Motherly
Weapons: Her two Very Large Talons.
Special Skills: Asexuality. Giving Birth to new breeds of Sliver.
Bio: Queen of the Slivers. She is the entire Government. All Slivers revere her as mother.
02-09-2004, 01:55
Name: Darkwater, Killian T.
Age: 33 years
Height: 6 feet, 1 inches
Weight: 201 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Department: Intelligence, Drezden Intelligence Service Divison
Birthplace: Gregsburg, Drezden
DOB: March 21, 1971
Previous Service:
Drezden Marine Corps: 13 years
Personality Profile: Type A Competitive/Aggressive
Description: Agent Darkwater is a highly capable, if not arrogant & foolhardy Intelligence operative. Agent Darkwater is an extremely fast talker & quick thinker, making him highly suited for deep-cover intelligence work.
Preferred Weapon: Berretta M92FS, 9x19mm parabellum

Name: Greyson, Derek J.
Age: 29 years
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 220 pounds
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Department: Investigation, Black Shield Paranormal Investigations Division
Birthplace: Altonsville, Drezden
DOB: July 15, 1975
Previous Service:
Drezden Army: 4 years
Personality Profile: Type B Assertive
Description: Detective Greyson is a highly motivated individual, and somewhat new to the Black Shield division of the Investigation department. Fresh out of training & brimming with regulations, Detective Greyson is in desperate need of field work.
Preferred Weapon: Army AP, 5.7x21mm

Name: Sanders, Marcus L.
Age: 39
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 240 pounds
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Brown
Department: Defense, Major in Drezden Marine Corps, SpecOps Divison
Birthplace: Austin, Texas, USA
DOB: September 3, 1965
Previous Service:
Drezden Marine Corps: 21 years
Personality Profile: Type A Aggressive
Description: Major Sanders is the leader of a special forces squad, known as Echo squad. He is a skilled leader & highly skilled in the use of small & large arms.
Preferred Weapon: MP5A4, 9x19mm parabellum
03-09-2004, 02:09
Name: Pres. Xau Navin
Age: 46
Race/Sex: Mirrunese Male
Descript: Current leader of Mirruin. Only Mirrunese President ever to go to war in-term.

I'll add more later.
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Name: John Calvin Handstand Jr.
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Occupation: President of The Republic Of Brydog
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: White
Brief history: Son of Former President John C. Handstand Sr. He was Chief of Military Intellegence from 1977 to 1989.

More later
10-09-2004, 22:10
Jack Arnold:


Mandate:President of Jackdonia

Graduated from Jackdonia Collage in 1974
Took over South Vietnam.He is a happy ruler
01-11-2004, 06:18
*BUMP!* (for new RPers to put their characters here!)
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Just added a couple of characters to my post.
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OOC: Well, I don't RP very often, but here is a description of Meriadoc's top two executives. Being such a sports fan, this will appear much like a player's Web page or a collector card, even down to having their titles as "positions."

Louie Mars
Position: Chancellor
Height: 6-2
Born: 6/3/1957
Eyes: blue
Hair: medium blonde

Dan Harris
Position: Assistant Chancellor
Height: 5-11
Born: 3/20/1960
Eyes: hazel
Hair: black
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Important Personages of The Empire
Natalya de Greif
Empress of the Greifan Empire

Natalya, by all accounts, was born sometime at the end of the fifteenth century, the daughter of a minor, landless Pomeranian noble family. It is unsure how she came across the gift of immortality, nor what rules govern it. It would seem that her appearance drastically changes every couple of decades. This trait was undoubtedly very helpful in darker times, when women were still burnt at the stake for witchcraft. For the longest time, it was commonly believed that her dynasty was ruled by a series of Natalyas, each the daughter of the former. Today, it is common knowledge that the Greifan Empire has always been ruled by one and the same person.

Natalya took her first steps toward power in the middle of the sixteenth century, at a time when great religious wars rocked Europe. Fighting sometimes on the side of the Protestants, sometimes for the Catholics, she managed through all sorts of devious maninpulations to gain for herself vast estates throughout Pomerania and Prussia. She worked tirelessly to expand her realm, until in 1701 she was crowned Queen of The Presbyterian Greif of Pomerania and Prussia. And this seemed to be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Today, Natalya reigns over not only a vast holding on Earth, but is also the absolute ruler of the twin planets of Brass Rails and Gernalitily, ruler of over 8 billion souls. She is the third in command of the Global Dominion of Dictators Against Democracy, and a respected ally of such infamous nations as Melkor Unchained, Wretchengrad, and Der Fuhrer Dyszel. Who can say what new heights she may now attain?
Dorian de Greif
Overlord of Presgreif Terra

Dorian has been by Natalya's side the longest out of the eagle's nest of personalities who help her direct her vast Empire. It is known that they first met in Danzig around 1550; she was by all accounts a well to do condotieria then, he, a religious reformist and small land holder. Together they had many an adventure battling with the Catholic church, and he was named her first minister when she took Konigsberg in 1701. It is obvious that she gave him the gift of immortality, but their long relationship is ambiguous at best. It is certain that she took her surname from him, and though even today they claim to be brother and sister, it is still rumored that they were once lovers, and most probably even married. Today, Dorian is the Overlord of Terra Presgreif, ruling their homeworld possessions in his Empress's absence. It is hard to judge his loyalty, and some say he will one day attempt to break away from the Empire and rule Presgreif of his own accord. Being someones underling for over five hundred years can become an unbearable burden for even the most loyal of souls...
Sarah Maria Decados
Archpriestess of The High Passionist Church

The Decados family has been a loyal ally and subject of the Greif since Natalya's first wars of conquest in the mid-eighteenth century. They started out their carrier under Natalya's reign as a small family of merchants who imported rarities from China into Europe. Soon however, many of them would gain high positions in Natalya's ever growing administration, and the Decados would become a permanent feature of her court and her embassies abrode. Of all the Decados, however, the most important to the evolution of Natalya's Empire was Sarah Maria. Born in the year 1841 in Konigsberg, she studied theology at the University there, and became a professor of theology and philosophy at the early age of 22. Her life's work was the Codex Passionista, a religious work which she claimed was the "natural product of the evolution of Christianity". It was published in Presgreif in 1871, and when word spread that the work had captivated Queen Natalya, it won her instant fame throughout Europe. That same year, she was comissioned by the Queen to organize a new church which would adhere to the Codex. And so The High Passionist Church was founded in the early months of 1872, and taken up by Natalya as her domain's official state religion. Sarah became the church's Archpriestess, and having been given the gift, remains in this role permanently. It is thanks to her fanatic belief in the cause of the Passionist church, her untiring missionary work, and her brutal oppression of all those who would not adhere to the new faith that has made it what it is today: an institution of hundreds of millions of people which spreads the light of the one true God across the Empire. It is rumored that Sarah now plans to take her faith to an international level. Only time can tell where this endevour will lead her.
Yoki Hojo
CEO of The Greif-Mitsubishi Conglomerate

In the early 1950s Presgreif underwent a period of unprecedented economic growth and federal centralization. In the name of lowering taxes and securing the jobs of millions, Natalya federalized many of Presgreif's chief industries. She then went one step further, creating government owned firms which would compete in the free market in fields such as automobile manufacturing, electronics, and telecommunications. In such a way, an economic web was formed, and was named the Griffin Associates Zaibatsu. Yoki Hojo became CEO of this mega-corporation in the early years of the 21st century, and has been presented with the daunting task of taking it to the intergalactic level. It is yet to be seen whether she will live up to the Empress's expectations.
update: Asakura Hojo has recently negotiated the merger of GAZ and Mitsubishi. She is now CEO of the Greif-Mitsubishi Conglomerate
Katarina Herodotus
High Admiral of the Greifan Imperial Star Fleet
Grand Duchess of Brass Rails

Katarina is the most recent addition to Natalya's directorate. Before Brass Rails was inherited by the Greifs, her uncle Kanut ruled over that planet under the standard of Diminix. She herself attended flight school and officer training, and spent her early twenties rising through the ranks of the Brass Rails Air and Space Force. When Natalya paid her first visit to Brass Rails, to officialy accept the title of Empress Elect from the parliament, Katarina through no small effort gained an audience with the future Empress. The two became quick friends, they seemed to share a common vision, and it is known that they spent hours alone together discussing many things. A few months after their initial meeting, Natalya named Katarina Regent of Brass Rails. Since the coronation Katarina's title has become void. However she holds a second title, which has up to this point remained classified, and which she has not had the chance to fully exploit. Natalya has named Katarina High Admiral of her fledgling space fleet, and has given Katarina the task of building a great armada for her new Empire. By all accounts, Katarina has plunged into this task head first, and will go to any and all means to prove herself to her new found friend and mistress.
Update: Katarina has recently been given the title of Grand Duchess of Brass Rails in recognition of her extraordinary works for the Empire.
Florencia Herodotus
Marshal of The Iron Angel Reapers Regiment

Katarina's younger sister, Florencia has been a member of the prestigious Iron Angel Reapers Regiment (IARr) since the tender age of 16, and has recently been promoted to Marshal of the entire organization. The IARr is a unit of elite forces which has been a part of Brass Rails' military tradition for generations. Through various wars and minor skirmishes, they have earned themselves a reputation of legendary proportions. Many rumors fly about the regiment, and it is unsure what portion of the unbelievable stories are actually true. When the Greifs inherited Brass Rails, Natalya quickly took notice of this excellent group of soldiers, who at the time were only 10,000 strong, and swiflty indoctrinated them into the Imperial code. Today they are over a million men strong, and serve the Empress in many functions; as her personal bodyguard, her state police, her diplomatic corps, etc. They are the political soldiers of the Empire, Natalya's knights in ebony armor, the bearers of the word and the keepers of the faith, her shining stars. And the star which shines the brightest of them all is Florencia Herodotus.
Herod Harlequin
Lord Inquisitor of The High Passionist Church

Little is known about Sarah's first Inquisitor. No one knows where he comes from, when he met her, nor when exactly he recieved his illustrious title. What is known is that Herod is a fanatic believer in the Passionist faith, and a brutal madman who will stop at no lengths to crush any and all opposition to his church within the Empire. Where Herod goes, fear, suffering, and death follow.
26-11-2004, 08:25
Name: Emperor Phaeton Draconis
Gender: Male
Race/Species: High Elf
Age: 425 (appears 35)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Ice blue
Hair Color: Black with silver streaks
Occupation: Ruler of Akaton

Name: Count Yuri
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Vampire
Age: 500+ (unknown)
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Lord Marshal of the Ministry of Evil, Second in command of the Imperium.

Name: Major Iyanna Fayde
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Elf
Age: 175 (appears 25)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Purple
Occupation: Special Agent for the Ministry of the Occult
picture (

Name: Lady Alexandra Lucius
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Vampire
Age: 125 (appears 19)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Pale gray
Hair Color: Silver
Occupation: Commander of Archenheim City
picture (
The Gothic Underworld
26-11-2004, 08:35

Just wondering, if i want to add more characters to the one i already have, do I edit my original post, or do I post a new one?
26-11-2004, 08:38

Just wondering, if i want to add more characters to the one i already have, do I edit my original post, or do I post a new one?

Good question, as I was planning on adding more characters myself...
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Name: Jaina Caroline Granger
Rank: Admiral (Naval Forces)
Occupation: Fleet Commander, Adejaani Naval Forces; Supreme Commander, Adejaani Space Forces
Gender: Female
Age: Early 40s
Short biography: Perhaps the greatest war hero of Adejaani, she went from a humble Captain in command of a small task force to one of the most popular citizens. She once held the Presidential office but gave that up to resume her role as Supreme Commander of the Space Forces. She enjoys extremely popular support within the military and the civilian population and is extremely loved by all.

Name: Kaya Abigail Pacino
Title: (Madam) President
Occupation: Leader of Adejaani
Gender: Female
Age: Mid 30s
Short biography: Little known outside the military aviation community (in particular, Space Aviation), she is a decorated war hero, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring with full honors after approximately twelve years of service. It is not known what influences she has, nor which parties ascended her to the highest office within Adejaani.

Name: Jack Alistair Brightman
Title/Rank: Unknown (formerly Brigadier General, Land Forces)
Occupation: Unknown (formerly Intelligence Officer, Land Forces Command)
Gender: Male
Age: Late 40s/early 50s
Short biography: Singularly undesirable, with an often caustic attitude and exceptionally British, including the addition of the sharp tongue and the bitter sarcasm, stiff upper lip and coldness of character, it is unknown what role Brightman plays within Adejaani, but he is often empowered to make decisions on behalf of the nation. Whether this means he is a mouthpiece for some higher power or his own authority is unknown.

Name: Daniel George Nichols
Rank: Admiral (Naval Forces)
Occupation: Fleet Commander, Adejaani Naval Forces
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 40s
Short biography: Injured during his XO tour aboard a guided missile cruiser in the oceanfaring navy, he suffered severe burns and was almost written off. Nevertheless, he is a brilliant officer and while his burns are an impediment, as is his minor weight problem, he is one of the most sure and precise military officers within Adejaani and is more than capable.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
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Just wondering, if i want to add more characters to the one i already have, do I edit my original post, or do I post a new one?

I edited my original post.
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Good question, as I was planning on adding more characters myself...

Either edit your original post or create a new post. It doesn't matter to me. If you make a new one, I'll list it right below your other one.
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This thread really should be stickied...

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My sentiments exactly....:)....plead with the mods.....though,my list is being made extinct by NSWiki.....

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Lazarus Crowley

Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Occupation: Grand Secretary and Chief Advisor to Joesia's Supreme Overlord
Traits: Fast worker, good sense of humour, intelligent, charismatic
Flaws: Warped sense of humour, a bit naive, too trusting
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Dark Blue
Skin colour: Albino white
Brief history/Useless Info: Lazarus.. well. We're not too sure where he came from, or why the Overlord keeps him. But he does make a mean cup of coffee. He also can keep the Overlord from getting too homocidal, as well as keep most of her diabolical, insane schemes a secret to many.

Supreme Overlord of Joesia Whose Real Name Remains Unknown

Alias: Justin-Andrew Sane. Funny thing is, the Overlord's a female.
Age: 26
Sex: Sure! ...Oh. Female! ..Wait... Yes. Female.
Height: 5'5"
Occupation: Supreme Overlord of Joesia; the most insane dictator this side of Madagascar.... you numb twit.
Traits: Well. Most of what I call traits count as flaws.
Flaws: Sarcastic, warped sense of humour, cynical, untrusting of all but her closest advisors, manipulative, lacks reason, logic, and sanity... the list goes on.
Hair colour: Dark brown. But she does dye it often....
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin colour: She says she's "ivory".
Breif history/Useless Info: Joesia's Overlord gained control over five of the Phillippine Islands in 2054 AD. She then set up a way to manipulate the plate tectonics of the Earth and moved Madagascar towards the other islands she now controlled. Her biggest source of pride, however, is a machine she simply dubbed, 'The Lazarus Experiment'. Using genetic material and information, she has successfully managed to "revive" nine historical figures to aide her as advisors. Crowley was not one of these.... and we're not too sure as to what Mr. Morrison has to do with politics....

Jim Morrison

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Occupation: ...What does Mr. Morrison do? We have no idea.... making the Overlord 'happy', we suppose... (lets the Overlord fill in the rest)
Traits: He's a great musician... handsome... he's funny...
Flaws: Drinks too much... no work ethic...
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin colour: Lightly tanned
Brief history/Useless Info: Mr. Morrison was ressurrected using 'The Lazarus Experiment' in 2055. Since then, he's been milling barefoot around the Palace.

...I would put down the other advisors... but this would be too long. But they are:

Mahatma Ghandi
Erwin Rommel
Thomas Jefferson
Oliver Cromwell

..Eh, screw it.. I refuse to list the powerhouse....
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